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OK, I’ve read FBI Director Wray's Response to the IG Report, and am highlighting changes as described, and as I interpret them, in the following thread. /1…
2/In the intro to his response to the IG report, FBI Dir Wray thanks the OIG then CYAs: “Report concludes that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation & related investigations/certain individuals were opened in 2016 for an authorized purpose & w/adequate factual predication.”
3/Wray admit “Report also details instances in which certain FBI personnel, at times during the 2016-17 period reviewed by the OIG, did not comply w/existing policies, neglected 2 exercise appropriate diligence, or otherwise failed 2 meet the standard/conduct the FBI expects....”
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The focus of the #IGReport was #FISAabuse the IG identified “at least 17 significant errors or omissions” in the #FISA warrant used to spy on @CarterWPage.

Although many media organizations are trying to focus on the IG’s finding that the @FBI was within its rights in opening the initial counterintelligence investigation, it should be noted that this was not the focus of the IG’s investigation.
However, Horowitz did note that he had material concerns about the @FBI’s legal ability to open an investigation into the campaign of a presidential candidate:

The #IGReport highlighted several different areas of misconduct and identified a number of errors.
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The @FBI ran 4 informants and “a few” undercover agents against Trump campaign aides @CarterWPage and @GeorgePapa19, according to #IGHorowitz.

FBI told the OIG it was snooping on Page and Papadopoulos because of their contacts with #Russia. (Thread 👇)…
But the @FBI also had one of the informants reach out to a high-level Trump campaign official who was not investigated. That official appears to have been #SamClovis.

The informant has been identified by @EpochTimes and others as Cambridge professor #StephanHalper.
@FBI All conversations Halper had with Page, Papadopoulos, and Clovis were monitored by the @FBI, the OIG said.

#IGHorowitz made the revelations in a Dec. 9 report on his review of a #FISA warrant taken out by the FBI against Page and other aspects of the related FBI investigation.
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OK, ICYMI I’ll do a quick thread breaking down AG Barr’s Statement on the IG’s Report of the Review of 4 FISA Applications & Other Aspects/the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation. 1/…
2/ Please note the report was issued by the Justice Dept OIG, lead by IG Horowitz, and only focused on actions by the DOJ including its investigative arm, the FBI. The larger Intelligence Community, such as the C_A, were not reviewed.
3/ After thanking the IG for investigating, Barr states: “The IG’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.”
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While impeachment hearings continue, the OIG just cleared the conspiracy of the Russia investigation origins.

Yes, mistakes were made, but no conspiracy against Trump.


#Russia #Trump #CrossFireHurricane…
It's important to note criticisms:
"neither the AG Guidelines nor the DIOG contain a provision requiring Department consultation before opening an
investigation such as the one here involving the alleged
conduct of individuals associated with a major party
presidential campaign."
"FBI had an authorized purpose when it opened Crossfire Hurricane to obtain information about, or protect against, a national security threat or federal crime, even though the
investigation also had the potential to impact constitutionally protected activity."
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#RussiaHoax Case WAS Set-Up By US DOJ/Intelligence, i.e., Bruce & Nellie Ohr To Start With & Their Involvement With #CrownGate & #CrossfireHurricane #SpyGate

Not a “Conspiracy Theory” if it’s true even if “Barr’s hand-picked Prosecutor can’t back it up”…
#CrownGate 👑 British Privy Council Intelligence, Technology & Banking Interests Are Behind The Attempted Coup De’ Etat of President Donald J. Trump:

“Beginning: Secret 6/5/16 Dinner With Ohrs at Their McLean, Virginia Home” @JohnBarnwell888
“The ‘Secret Dinner: 6/5/2016’: Ohrs started planning this ‘dinner party’ on or about 5/6/2016. The ‘dinner’ was between the Ohrs & Privy Council Prosecutor Alison Saunders & her entourage.”

“This meeting was 4 days before the infamous #TrumpTower meeting.”
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#Triggered “Witness” Seems to be Describing the Previous Administration of Obama-Biden-Clinton’s Collusion With Foreign Governments Before During & Since 2008 & 2012 Elections▫️

Wonder Why There Was No Similar Alarm Then▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @DagmarUnger
Remember: Barack Obama when he asked Dmitry Medvedev to tell Mr. Putin to go easy on missile defense until after the 2012 election.

Here's a fact: Obama promised Medvedev more flexibility after the election. And then canceled missile defense systems for Eastern Europe.
Six out of Eight Attempts to Setup Trump Officials To Make It Look Like They Were Working With Russians Were Setup By Obama #DeepState Originating With @FBI Informants, MI-6 Assets or People Paid By #FusionGPS
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@GenFlynn was targeted because of the @realDonaldTrump Coup events

2019 -Year of the BOOMERANG

Q Clock/Map 11.23.19 #WeWillRise

The Clock Is Ticking
Future Proves Past

ThanQ @PhillyQ_ please follow
Q Drop Thread Completed 11.22.19
(In Case you Missed Anything)
Busy News Cycles Worldwide
See Something, Say Something
Stay Strong, Stay Vigilant, Stay United
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Leaked Documents From Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Indicate Complex Money Transfers From Foreign Sources Into “Slush Fund” Owned & Operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Family, Heinz Jr. & Hunter Biden▫️

Money was transferred & then Burisma was no longer under investigation▫️
#QuidProQuo With Ukraine Involved John Kerry & Joe Biden -
Not President Donald Trump▫️
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#FakeNews Courtesy of @nytimes

Trying to Change Narrative & Rehabilitate Recalled US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the @StateDept Employee, Who Requested US Journalists Be Monitored in Ukraine▫️……
Yuri Lutshenko went to meet Obama Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, he says he was stunned when the ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute”

“Us-Ukraine corruption & collusion goes all the way to the Obama White House as John Solomon Reports:
Spying Allegedly Ordered On Following Citizens/Journalists:

Jack Posobiec, Donald Trump, Jr., Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michael McFaul, Dan Bongino, Ryan Saveedra, Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, John Solomon, Lou Dobbs,Pamela Geller, Sara Carter▫️
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@SebGorka @GenFlynn F I N D T H E L E A K E R S

General Flynn was just doing his job

@TrumpWarRoom knows
@SebGorka @GenFlynn @TrumpWarRoom Who's the #SpyHunter?

"This is not about politics
This is not about party
This is about an effort
Against the strategic interest
of every citizen in this nation."

@SebGorka @GenFlynn @TrumpWarRoom Was Obama setting up @GenFlynn
was @GenFlynn setting up Obama?

@TrumpWarRoom knows
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European Reporter Reveals Trump-Russia-Collusion Hoax Has Its Origins with Soros-Funded Ukrainian Activist Group▫️

Origins of #CrossfireHurricane ...

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn #DigitalArmy…
“5/30/2016: Nellie Ohr sent email to Bruce Ohr & DOJ staffers after which the Soros-derived information was used to begin the DOJ surveillance of the Trump campaign code-named #CrossfireHurricane
“Ukrainian Anti-Corruption law enforcement officials have tried to share their information on collusion between Obama officials, the Clinton campaign, Soros NGOs & Ukrainian government with US DOJ, so far unsuccessfully.”

“When Ukrainian Anti-Corruption prosecutor general...
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OK, another ICYMI follow up. John Brennen put out a clarion call (tweet) just recently for all of his #DeepStateCorruption imbedded minions to use the recently altered Intel Community whistle blower requirements to file complaints en mass. So tonight on @TuckerCarlson ....Cont 👉
I hear, according to the #FailingNYT, that another "whistle blower" is 'considering' filing another complaint against @realDonaldTrump. This looks to me like a redux of the #CrossfireHurricane strategy used to bring about the failed & illegally conceived Mueller investigation. 👉
How many more preplanned & completely contrived so called 'whistle blower complaints' do they have lined up? And are these #DeepStateSeditionists planning to roll these so called complaints both strategically & anonymously just to keep #POTUS45 under constant attack & handicapped
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THREAD on why you should read @joshscampbell's astonishingly timely #CrossfireHurricane as soon as you possibly can. (I just did!)

If you stop here, the key part: Read the Book! /1
@joshscampbell Core to @joshscampbell’s story is an FBI all about country & desperate to avoid politics. That’s easy as a principle; it’s harder as a practice. & FBI’s 2016 investigation into what we now know was widespread Russian intrusion into our election & democracy put FBI to the test. /2
@joshscampbell Back in 2016, some at FBI made some good calls, & some made some bad ones (in my opinion). But what @joshscampbell makes clear is that those calls were made in good faith: that is, in a genuine effort to protect national security & avoid intruding on national politics. /3
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1/👉BOOMERANG DNC party failed attempt 2 connect Trump w Russia '16 election

👉Chalupa did illegals things 2 get info on Manafort/Trump

👉Even tried 2 enlist help of #Ukrainian President 2 help @HillaryClinton
by targeting @POTUS campaign Mgr Manafort…
2/👉Chalupa sought info on Manafort's dealings in #Russia 2 push issue in Congress
👉Amb Chaly says her request->"inappropriate solicit of interference in the US election"
👉Amb Chaly surprised of her capacity w DNC & interest in Manafort's case
👉"It was her OWN CAUSE" Terrorism
3/👉Chalupa's intent was 2 initiate hearings on Manafort or #Ukraine 's Pres answer reporter ? about Manafort during speech Wash DC
👉Acknowledgement by Ukraine->AMERICAN tied 2 DNC sought help w '16 election
👉Corruption coming out SO SERIOUS 70% need deals
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Recall that we were told documents were going to be declassified in order to release #FISAreport.. and now this from @FBIRecordsVault FELEG (Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group) who all met in Washington June 2016.…
Oh to be a fly on the wall of what these dream teams came up with.
#CrossFireHurricane? @nick_weil
A little birdy just reminded me that good old Clapper was chirping in June 2016.…
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Senator McCain wasn’t the only one concerned by the Steele Dossier...
"There is some material circulating," Burr whispered cryptically. "It has some disturbing things in it. I just want to make sure you're tracking."
"We are," Comey said.…
@Comey interviewing @joshscampbell about his new book #CrossfireHurricane - talking about all things @FBI and public service
@Comey tells @joshscampbell that he’s been interviewed as part of the @TheJusticeDept IG report - he isn’t aware of any bombshells in the report. He’s “highly confident” he won’t be indicted - says “show us the facts”
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European Reporter Reveals Trump-Russia-Collusion Hoax Has Its Origins with Soros-Funded Ukrainian Activist Group▫️

Origins of #CrossfireHurricane ...

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn #DigitalArmy…
“5/30/2016: Nellie Ohr sent email to Bruce Ohr & DOJ staffers after which the Soros-derived information was used to begin the DOJ surveillance of the Trump campaign code-named #CrossfireHurricane
“Ukrainian Anti-Corruption law enforcement officials have tried to share their information on collusion between Obama officials, the Clinton campaign, Soros NGOs & Ukrainian government with US DOJ, so far unsuccessfully.”

“When Ukrainian Anti-Corruption prosecutor general...
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Halper Attempted to Infiltrate Trump Campaign - Search of public records reveals that between 2012 and 2018, Halper received a total of $1,058,161 from the Department of Defense UNDER OBAMA for “Research Projects”▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn…
Stefan Halper’s Reportedly a Longtime CIA/FBI Informant, Supposedly the Official Who Admitted to Congressional Investigators FBI Had Contacts Within the Trump Campaign as Part of Operation #CrossfireHurricane Which Also Targeted Gen. Flynn▫️…
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There is so much coded in this!, out in the open!
"Sybmolism will be their downfall"!
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2. #QAnon New vid surfaces frm 11/15/2016: Journalist Ellen Ratner met w Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy for 3 hrs and he informed her Russia had
-nothing- to do with DNC @wikileaks, the emails came frm "someone" inside the DNC or Clinton campaign.
3. #QAnon The above clip comes from the 62 minute mark of the above YT vid, but the journalists quickly change subject back to politics in general, without asking the obvious question: WHO? #SethRich #Q……
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⚡️⚡️⚡️HOLY SHIT!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Admiral (Ret) #MikeRogersKnows
☝🏻@TrumpWarRoom knows



Who's sabotaging who?

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