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Echo is one of the more skilled ultrasound exams you can do. Having learnt it and now teaching it, I see the same mistakes being made over and over again. I have put together thread on beginner mistakes in echo. #tweetorial #POCUS #FUSIC #askpocus
Before the specifics, the basics (which I won't go into too much detail about):
- Optimise depth and gain
- Position your patient if possible
- Hold the probe low and rest some part of your hand on the patient for stability
- If in doubt more jelly and press a little harder
This is the commonest mistake on PLAX I see. People struggle to revert to a PLAX from this RV inflow view (which in itself is useful beyond basic echo). An RV inflow view is obtained by tilting the tail up from the PLAX point. So, to get back to PLAX just do the reverse motion.
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Post holiday season, @ICUltrasonica, @wilkinsonjonny & I are back to take you through the most most critical clinical questions on #haemodynamics that ultrasound can answer

We’re now on to question 3 of FUSIC HD

’Is the aorta abnormal?’

#FUSIC #echofirst #POCUS #FOAMus
Aortic dissection is easily missed, carries a high mortality and should be on the differential of any patient with shock, abdo pain or chest pain. Contrary to popular belief the entire aorta can be imaged via transthoracic and abdominal ultrasound. Let’s start with some anatomy
Asc aorta:
Visualised from PLAX view with depth ⬇️ & probe tilted to focus on the root. Tilting superiorly, or moving up a rib space, may help. Examine the AV and look for a dissection flap. Measure the diameter 3-4cm from the AV. The root can also be seen from A5C & A3C views
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We’ve seen how to measure VTI and stroke volume with #ultrasound
Our next #FUSIC haemodynamic question brought to you by @icultrasonica, @wilkinsonjonny and I is:

Q2. Does SV respond to fluid, vasopressors or inotropes?

#echofirst #POCUS #haemodynamics #foamed
In Q1 we saw how to measure stroke volume (SV). Q2 helps us manage someone with an inappropriately low SV. Pressors, fluids and inotropes are all treatment options. If If used correctly, they will ↑SV. If not, they won’t, and they may even be harmful.
Measuring VTI before and after each of these interventions will therefore easily show you if they have worked. But can we predict which one is likely to work before we give drugs or a drop of fluid? 1st, let’s go back to some physiology.
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What are the key clinical questions about haemodynamics that ultrasound can answer?

@icmteaching, @wilkinsonjonny and I are going to take you through the 10 most important…

starting with...

Q1. Is stroke volume abnormal?

#FUSIC #echofirst #POCUS #ultrasound #haemodynamics
Despite shock being such an important diagnosis, intensive care clinicians are rubbish at detecting a low or high cardiac output (CO) clinically.

Sensitivity of detecting cardiac index (CI) < 2 clinically in this study was 0!…
From an apical 5- or 3-chamber view we can use PW Doppler to assess the velocity time integral (VTI) in the LVOT to determine blood flow.

Essentially, LVOT VTI is the average distance travelled by ejected blood during one contraction...

It is also known as stroke distance.
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Today’s Tweetorial for you!

We look at basic cardiac #POCUS views👍 🫀

First; the Parasternal Long Axis (PLAX)

#FOAMed #FOAMcc #echofirst

Probe position shown with marker to right shoulder, left Parasternal edge; roughly at intercostal spaces 2-3/3-4🤷‍♂️

What should you see on ultrasound, and the associated sono anatomy🤔

BTW, this is the only basic position you need for this. Dipping the tail or lifting the tail then get you inflow and outflow views. This is more advanced. #FUSIC

Next, the Parasternal short axis (PSAX) - Mitral view

If you’ve lined up the aortic and mitral valves in the centre of the image on PLAX, a simple rotation of the probe through 90 degrees gives you your view🤛👍
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#askpocus case. Indigestion type chest pain with some pleuritic nature. Troponin ++. Lateral TWI. Initially suspected ACS but CTPA showed PE so treated accordingly. @askpocus @daniel_opazo @NephroP @Wilkinsonjonny @iceman_ex @cianmcdermott @nick_wroe @IMPOCUSFocus @The_echo_lady
So why was troponin so raised? Bedside echo! Not the greatest of views but enough to comment. PLAX...
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