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COVID 19 Update May 22: The most dangerous current effect of the pandemic may be denial.

Denial this was bad. Denial it has killed significant number of people. Denial it might come back even stronger.

Most of all, denial that social distancing actions had a big impact.1/
This is going to be a different thread. If you want to skip it, I have a ton of data to share but it will wait until tomorrow. 2/
Yesterday a well-known TV host opened their program by going directly after me. Not just me but Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo and Zeke Emanuel.

I have thick skin & I’m also fair game. This won’t be about defending myself. 3/
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COVID Update May 21: Something is happening in the world that we should pay attention to.

Sadly we are ignoring it and the many warnings it represents. 1/
Finally, there is a country that may do a worse job and have a worse outcome than the US— Brazil. 2/
And it’s not getting better but is likely to get worse and worse. 3/
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My son Zach & I want your feedback on our first episodes of #Inthebubble. We are new at podcasting but hope to be informative, hopeful, very honest, helpful & unifying (and I secretly hope funny at times).

What do you want more or less of? 1/
Our first episodes featured guests:

Chelsea Clinton
Mark Cuban
Seth Doane
Juliette Kayyem
Tina Fey
David Frum
Chris Hayes
Ron Klain
Amy Klobuchar
Phil Murphy
Kumail Nanjiani
Vivek Murthy
Beto O’Rourke
Anthony Scaramucci
Nate Silver
PLUS A Kids episode

Favorites? Least?
Our next guests include:

Jose Andres
Judd Apatow
Larry Brilliant
Sinead Burke
Pete Buttigeig
Arne Duncan
Al Franken
Jason Kander
Jennifer Rubin
Adam Scheffer
Kara Swisher
Shannon Watts
Leana Wen
Gretchen Whitmer

And we have more lined up. Who do you want to hear from?
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COVID Update May 18: Monday I try to provide a state of the union on COVID.

Categories today: New York/rest of US, State Openings, Science, Congress, Public Discource 1/
The state of things in New York is Getting Better.

The trend in hospitalizations & deaths is obviously great news. New York is still adding 2000 new cases/ day— too May to effectively contact trace if they open up. 2/
The state of the rest of the country: Headed in the Right Direction As of The End of April

That’s as far as we can tell, because of the lag in data. Outbreaks seem concentrated around hot spots— meat processing & nursing homes still. 3/
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COVID Update May 11: Mondays I am going to give my sense of the state of the union of COVID-19. Where we stand.

5 categories: the virus trends, fed & state response, science, economy, & the analysis of the week. 1/
THE VIRUS: The state of the virus is “impossible to know.”

Months in, we are nearly blind. We know how we did weeks ago— we reduced transmission & leveled off cases. But except in the Northeast, & a few other states, we never decreased cases. 2/
What we can surmise— we have 1.3 million cases & a positive rate of 15%. When the positive rate under 10%, that will mean we have a handle on case count growth and are starting to test closer to enough people. 3/
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COVID Update May 10: In honor of all the moms, like @ASlavittsMom, Sunday’s tweet thread brings you #thebestofus Mom edition. 1/
Start out with a treat from @YoYo_Ma. It’s a good stop & listen moment. 2/
This is a pretty extraordinary gift. Under other circumstances we’d never get to see something like this. 3/
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COVID Update May 8: The political strategy of Trump turning “public health official” into the equivalent of “climate scientist” is underway. 1/
The view from Trump advisors not directly involved in the rising death toll is that the “CDC” (i.e., EPA) wants to burden Trump’s chances of driving economic activity in the 8 states he cares about.2/
The effort to discredit these folks is on. With the same playbook used in climate science.
-First, CDC guidelines are being ignored.
-Now expect to hear more from “counter-scientists”, discrediting the “doom and gloom” people who want to keep the economy down. 3/
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COVID Update May 3: On Sunday my updates are different from the rest of the week. I try to recognize a small part of what #thebestofus are doing. 1/
Our front line workers deserve hazard pay. But also first class treatment. Good on @FourSeasons. 2/
These are scary times for many. That means there are giving opportunities for others. 3/
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COVID Update May 1: It’s May 1, 2020 and everyone who wants to be tested for COVID-19 should be able to get one. 1/
The more I see the more I understand this is because the government is relying on the private sector to do what it wants, not intervening aggressively. 2/
The private sector could “add more capacity, but why would I when it won’t be needed after 18 months” I am told.

They have to be told, not asked. $25 billion has been committed to testing. Now the companies must be directed. 3/
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COVID Update April 30: Today an hour with the head of vaccines at WHO. Much more if I can fit it in without too many tweets.

Coming soon with a couple potential small interruptions. 1/

Which has declined more since its baseline? Driving, walking, or transit and each by about how much?

Extra credit: How long was April— closer to 30 days or a century? 2/
Let’s sum up April before I get to the vaccines. I anticipated April would be one of the worst months in American history. 58,000 Americans died from COVID-19 (likely at the low end). And more are sick who we will lose ahead. 3/
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COVID Update April 27: Today, along with 15 others, sent a detailed proposal to help the country move forward. I will share it, but also the why & the just for fun, how work like this gets done.

Rest of my TV for the night got cancelled so hopefully no interruptions. Soon. 1/

Off of its peak, what % have hospitalizations dropped in New York State?

Extra credit: Contagion or Outbreak, which is better? 2/
Contact tracing— so in early March, I sent a note to someone at Google & called a board member there to ask if their phones could be used to help people trace their whereabouts to help limit the spread of COVID-19. 3/
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COVID Update April 23: Today I talked to a dozen health care experts of widely differing views on what we should do & started chasing my biggest question.

Follow if interested. I will try to start before @chriscuomo on @cnn at 10:15 Eastern, but won’t finish until after that. 1/
Quiz while you wait if you like?

The US is doing more tests/capita than Italy— yes/no & by how much?

For extra credit, Italy recommends injecting disinfectants into the body? 2/
There is a lot of “expert chatter” about opening the economy” instead of waiting for adequate testing & readiness. 3/
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COVID Update April 21: My focus on the Senate Bill, what it means and what’s next. The next bill. And I talked to my hero today about one of our greatest challenge. And he’s even more my hero now.

Will be out with this starting in 30. Follow if interested. 1/
A quiz while you wait if you want:

The first criteria for a state to open up is 14 days of declining tested cases.

1- how many states meet this criteria?
2- what is the longest streak of declining cases?

So the answer is:



11 - 1 state, 10 - 2 states (and Georgia and Florida are not among them).

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COVID Update April 18: States are assuming they must figure out how to ramp testing capacity & manage contact tracing with little support more than they’re getting now.

How are they doing? Coming in a few. A short one I promise. 1/
I know last night went too long. So tonight will be better. Plus I worked out for the first time in 2 weeks so I’m feeling very good about those 20 minutes. Plus stretching. 2/
There’s a new project called COVID exit strategy. The aim is to help states & the public see which steps toward protecting the public to open the economy have been taken.

Brought to you by the amazing @rypan. 3/
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My 18 yo son Zach was listening to me talk to scientists, national security people, governors & members of Congress about COVID-19. “Dad, we should start a podcast,” he said.

So we decided to make #inthebubble from our family to other families.…
I wanted to start by talking to someone who reacted publicly when the outbreak came to the US. @mcuban decided to pay his employees for the duration even if the NBA was not in session. My big question for him “how do we help the country through this?”…
I was having a conversation with @amyklobuchar about her husband John who was very sick with COVID-19, what Congress needed to do & to ask her the most awkward hypothetical question in history. She let me record it!…
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COVID Update April 14: The day— what Congress should do next. The food supply & the drug supply. Ventilators, hospitals & Trump. The numbers.

A day in my life. How was yours today? Coming very soon. 1/
My quarantined life: Morning is Brodie, coffee & the day’s COVID-19 report. It was snowing sideways when I took Brodie out & the curve was flattening. 2/
Unless there was a reporting anomaly, yesterday was the lowest growth in new cases in 12 days.

How come every time I see potential good news, I want one more day before I can commit to it. 25k new cases down from a high of 35k. 3/
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COVID Update April 13: Trump is making a decision about how he wants to proceed & so I called someone who knows how he operates better than anyone I could think of— @Scaramucci.

(Full convo will be on #inthebubble soon). Insights here soon. Follow if interested. 1/
First of all, let me start on how things look. I get a report early in the morning summarizing case growth & bunch of other global & US data.

It’s a tale of 2 halfs of the country. 2/
I talked to a doctor in Orange County, CA and heard from someone who talked to another one there that there were only 3 new cases yesterday.

California has 21k confirmed cases with 40 mm people. (52/100,000 if my math is right) 3/
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COVID Update April 12: Special Sunday thread tonight.

Have an online memorial service to attend— the best friend of @ASlavittsMom. Then probably a toast first.

If you haven’t see my past Sunday threads to decide if you want to follow tonight. 1/
While much did happen I reserve Sunday for some of the things during this period that represent #thebestofus.

It’s a hashtag started by @PiperPerabo & my mom (@ASlavittsMom). It’s incredible stuff but if you’re looking for news you can skip until I tweet later. 2:
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COVID Update April 7: Today a governor at ground zero, talking to Congress about their package, a national testing strategy, “surveillance” plan— the new buzzword. And 50 people called me about baseball.

Coming up in 10 (seriously!) minutes. Follow if you like. 1/
My question for @GovMurphy was primarily what do you need and how are you doing it. And how are you working with both Trump and the Cuomo who he is dependent on.

He agreed to let me record the whole thing for #Inthebubble, including strategizing I would normally put here. 2/
The conversation will go up tomorrow morning and I will promote it a lot because it’s a rare conversation at a rare point in history.

As the state with the second worst death toll, he needs help from all quarters as you’ll here. 3/
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COVID Update April 5: It was a busy day on all fronts. But today is Sunday. And last Sunday I didn’t tweet the news, but did something different that I will do again.

Coming soon. Follow if interested. #IntheBubble 1/
Someone who goes by @ASlavittsMom (my mom in Chicago) decided to see if we the unsung people could be recognized with the #thebestofus who are helping us all get through tough times. 2/
This guy’s drawing a line in the sand. 2/

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IF YOU ARE NOT NY: NY needs you now. And you may need them later. It’s time to help our biggest city. 1/
After 9/11 firefighters & first responders bravely headed to NY at great risk & at a time of real uncertainty. 2/
Today our doctors, nurses, techs, resp therapists, cleaning crews & social workers in NY have already done beyond the hours, risks & trauma of a frontline war they didn’t sign up for.

They can’t do it forever.3/
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COVID Upate April 4: Spent the day talking to hospitals at ground 0. Learned about new problems that will emerge everywhere.

And on a program for vulnerable populations rolling out in NY that can be done everywhere.

Amazing stuff. In about an hour. Follow if interested. 1/
3 of the next major hot spots in are NYC, New Orleans & Detroit. I decided to talk to all 3 today— hospitals, Congresspeople, health commissioners. To figure out how to help and to send the early warning signals to everyone else.

It’s like talking to civilians fighting a war.2/
The NY Public hospitals have 3500 beds & are right in the middle of the war zone. I heard from the WH that they had the biggest challenge on vents & vents were sent there.

They in fact told me that vents r not their biggest problem. What he told me are not in the news as much.3/
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I talked to Senator @amyklobuchar & she said it would be ok to record our call & post it on #inthebubble. A “mini-episode.”

We talk about her family’s experience with COVID-19 & what Congress needs to do.…
I like being able to get inside people’s own bubble information directly to you.

If you’re a Spotify kind of person, this link’s for you. Thanks for coming on Amy.…
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