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I’ve been checking the chart daily since Feb.8; in the last few days, the numbers are surging more than one hundred thousand a day.

3/29: 713,171/33,597
1:35 PST

We can’t take half measures. We need a unified approach. Go all in. #StayHome… @ArcGISOnline
Half measures are a fail. Go all in. We have to be our own advocates.
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Did y'all see the @HoustonChron's 24 special section - "Coping with #Coronavirus" in today's paper?

It is *packed* with information from a slew of writers. Everything from how to make your own hand santizier, to how to setup a home office.

Come, let's explore:
We start with this @LisaGray_HouTX essay:…

"The new normal,” people say. Part of me gets that: Every Netflix show seems like a period piece from Ye Olde Days, when people mixed freely.

But mostly, nothing seems “normal,” nothing settled, nothing routine.
.@dylmcguinness walks us through what @LinaHidalgoTX's #stayhome order means in this explainer on page 2:…
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Siapa sebernanya Dr Noor Hisyam ni? Ramai taktahu sebernanye beliau merupakan Chinese Muslim

Ini adalah bebenang gitu
Beliau dilahirkan di Sepang,Selangor pada 21 April 1963. Beliau dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Flat San Peng, Jalan Loke Yew oleh keluarga Chinese miskin. Semasa tingkatan 1 beliau telah diambil menjadi anak angkat Al-Marhum Ustaz Nik Mahyuddin.
Beliau telah dihantar bersekolah di Kolej Islam Klang (KIK) yg kini dikenali dengan nama Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS). Di peringkat universiti pula, beliau telah melanjutkan pelajaran di UKM. Beliau mendpt first degree(Medical Doctor M.D) dan master(Master of Surgery M.S)
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Tread gak PENTING!

Saudaraku, sahabatku yang ganteng dan cantik, jika kita lihat, dengar, dan baca berita tentang pandemi virus Corona/Covid-19, kita pasti merasa khawatir, takut, dan ngeri. Betapa tidak? Perkembangan penyebaran virus ini begitu cepat di seluruh dunia.
Data terakhir (29/320, pk. 12.45 GMT) total terinfeksi di dunia sebanyak 679.079 orang, meninggal 31.772 orang, dan sembuh 146.352 orang.

#StayHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
Amerika Serikat berada pada urutan pertama dengan total terinfeksi 123,781 orang dengan kasus baru sebanyak 203 orang dan meninggal 2,229 orang. Sementara, Indonesia berada pada urutan 36 dengan perincian terinfeksi 1,285 orang (kasus baru 130 orang dan meninggal 114 orang).
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Pause for Thought for #alltheosmias. With smell/taste loss being a feature of Covid-19, it’s’ been a busy week here at Fifth Sense HQ (which is now at my kitchen table). Just wanted to take a minute whilst we are all physically distant from each other and send a message of
sincere thanks from all of us to all of you. There are now over 5000 of us in our social media communities. Without you, it would be impossible to support each other, share experiences, work towards treatments, develop self-management tools, contribute to important research and
raise awareness about smell and taste disorders whatever they are, however they were caused and however long for. #Stayhome, #staysafe. ❤️ #anosmia #hyposmia #parosmia #phantosmia
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here’s the video of them loading up 17.8 tons of US medical equipment to send China back on Feb 7. Trump knew by Jan. 20 at the latest we had cases. Pompeo even tweeted about it 1/?

Then I started wondering what news was going on Feb. 7 to distract us... I always try that. App failure at Iowa caucus. Trumps hissy fit at the prayer breakfast. GOP wanted Hunter Biden info.... but that’s not all... 2/?
The White House said they had killed the leader of Al-Qaeda. Trump was pushing a jobs report. Trump was taking protected land in Utah. That’s a hell of a lot for one day. They did their best at distracting us even though it’s on record. 3/?
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2. #QAnon A person(s) value:
1. vote
2. monetary value (tax contribution)

Listen to this during this thread:
(Like and subscribe @youtube #StayHome)
3. #QAnon "How does the avg person, under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction? Do people [human psyche] tend to follow the ‘majority/mainstream viewpoint’ in fear of being isolated and/or shunned?"
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March 28 COVID Update: This week & the month are going to be hard. We have to do our best to protect vulnerable populations & health care workers.

But a couple states I talked to today feel there is a real fork in the road. I will share what the paths seem to be.1/
I think this is the week when we start talking in millions and never look back. Only a few weeks ago, we were breaking a thousand cases. We have a lot more testing now so we have likely been in the millions for a while.

That is somber. 2/
Remember the lag that occurs. What shows up as reported cases could be new or could be weeks old. But the hospital beds don’t fill up for a couple weeks and casualties don’t happen for a few more weeks after that. 3/
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These are the scenes at Delhi border of poor migrant workers from UP today. It breaks my heart. What is really going on in India? What is the government doing to help our poor?
People are hungry, thirsty, crying & dying, walking home to meet their families. Government Police are beating them. Not allowing them into states – turning them away.
The government sent special jet planes to China and Italy to bring back hundreds of Indians home. It was also good PR. Are these poor, not Indians? Do they deserve this? How can the world tolerate this? We must unite to stop this.

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This term exists to prove that poverty is a bondage.
Finally found the home you need — money
Wanna marry the girl of your dreams in a simple event — money
Wanna pay bills very basic bills to support your family — money
Worried for the street hawker or neighbours who can’t observe #stayAtHome because they literally earn their daily bread per day (a measly sum regardless.) wanna help them out? — money!
Some mothers lose their kids in hospitals over tiny bill payment problems — money
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March 27 COVID Update: Coming after dinner.

A few gems today. Things I can happily reveal. Today is actually a lot about some of the best things we’re doing. The good news will lag what we see on TV. I was downbeat 2 weeks ago before most and am more upbeat today.1/
You’ve heard it 1000 times but it’s still true. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s true no matter what because of the lag time between onset-symptoms-hospitalizations (almost a month), latent government action, and our lack of preparation. 2/
So when good things happen, it doesn’t meet what we see on TV. That’s why I’ve been trying to spend so much time on “leading indicators.”

But the signs of the future are there if you look. 3/
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1/ Have you ever wondered how a vaccine💉 is made and how long it takes before it reaches your arm 💪? #medtwitter #tweetorial #NKFClinicals #COVID19
2/ How long does it take for a #vaccine to reach the general public from the initial development phase?#medtwitter
3/ Making a vaccine is not an easy task, it is a tedious process from its initial planning phase. Let’s go over what a general process looks like for vaccine development.
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I have been a COVID telemed coach for patients managing their symptoms at home all week. Most of them are doing really well! Miserable, but ok.

Common symptoms: fatigue, body aches, low grade fevers, mild cough, chest tightness, stomach upset.

Common timeline: 2 week illness
Common questions:

❓Should I get tested?

Probably not. Testing very limited right now.

❓I feel like I can’t take a full deep breath. Should I go to the ER?

This is common. Can you walk around your house and hold a conversation? If so, probably ok to stay home.
Symptoms frequently fluctuate - people feel better, then worse, then better again.

This is all general advice - use your best judgement in managing your own health.

The great thing about telemed is getting personalized medical advice. Lots of anxiety. Call us! We love to help.
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#CoronaVirusUpdate from #Italy for March 27 2020. Bittersweet news. Contagion rate is declining, even though death count is rising. Resist panic. Total +#covid19 cases = 86,498, of which 66,414 infected (+4,401 = +7.2%) 10,950 recovered and 9.134 deaths (+969). /1
Death rate reflects 15-20 days ago, while new #coronavirus contagion rate = current cases. That's why infection rate is (for me) is more reliable indicator than death rate. Infection rate reflects slowdown due to lockdown. Deaths still coming in from pre-lockdown contagion. /2
Shocking, 969 people in one day. I knew one of them. But must stay focused. Top experts tell us the sacrifice, the #stayhome measures to contain #covid19 are working. I see it in the models I am monitoring. #Mattarella confirmed in his heartwarming speech to the nation. / 3
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1/7 Friday #DefenceTeam update: CAF/DND leadership has established a daily battle rhythm on #COVID19’s evolving situation. Encouraged by extensive coordination between departments and agencies. Clear we’re in it together.
2/7 So many folks across #DefenceTeam, @CST_CSE, and other government departments working long hours to ensure effective and scalable GoC response. Thank you.
3/7 Continue to be grateful to ongoing commitment of healthcare, pharmacy and grocery store workers on the front lines of pandemic. Extraordinary courage and sacrifice that’s a credit to our country.
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Good evening!

#IsolationBaking recipe # 24

Fantastic, super easy biscuits!

I just made these for dinner - I've been making this biscuit recipe for at least 40 years and it's the best!



2 cups (270 grams) all-purpose flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons (115 grams) unsalted butter, slightly softened
2/3 cup (160 ml) cold milk
Extra flour for work surface


To measure the flour, stir the flour to lighten it before spooning it up & placing in the measuring cup. Fill to the top/mounded then, using a long flat surface like the back of a knife blade, level the flour across the top of the cup.

Place the flour in a large bowl.

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Tennis Holidays Croatia - message from our CEO regarding the Coronavirus pandemic:

Dear tennis friends, we hope you are safe and well in this time of crisis.


#StayHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #CoronaLockdown #Covid19 #CoronaVirus
Here in Croatia the situation is mostly under control, the number of people infected with Coronavirus is still relatively low.

Unfortunately, a devastating earthquake hit our capital of Zagreb on Sunday.
It was a terrible sight, especially since the historic buildings have taken the biggest hit. But, we have also witnessed amazing acts of kindness and the unbreakable spirit of humanity, which gives us hope. A lot of hope.
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A set of my thoughts and reflections from week 3 of working in a #Seattle #ICU in the time of #COVID19: (1/11)
Things are still changing at work but not as quickly now. I have adjusted to my new morning routine. When I wake up, I no longer feel the pull of habit to iron a clean shirt and make sure my shoes match my belt. Everyone wears scrubs; they all get left at the hospital. (2/11)
It feels like we entered a new phase this week. Almost everyone knows someone who has been infected, and many of us know people who are very sick or have died, some of them medical professionals. (3/11)
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My third thread on the Athenian plague of 430 B.C.E. looks at the archaeological evidence uncovered for this disastrous epidemic

This is a tale of death, but also of resilience and shared humanity (CW archaeological skeletal remains)
If you missed my first two threads on the Athenian plague, you can find the intro thread here:

And a thread on Pericles’ failed leadership during the plague here:
The archaeology of epidemics is rooted in death and burial

In many ways, our treatment of our dead loved ones is at the core of our shared humanity. Human groups develop rituals to mark the passing of those dear to us

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The Coronavirus Regulations 2020: a thread. They are here, and came into force yesterday at 1pm. Unsurprisingly given the speed at which they had to be drafted, they don't match the PM's speech last week exactly. So what do they say?… 1/24
Where does it apply? England only, Reg 1(2).

Who is 'responsible' for a business? Owner, proprietor and manager - so if an owner tells a manager to keep a business open, the manager must say no as it's their responsibility too, Reg 1(3)(b). 2/24
Who is 'vulnerable'? This is defined in Reg 1(3)(c) and includes anyone who is over 70 or pregnant. 3/24
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Okay. *rolls up sleeves* I see some politicians are talking about "accepting" #covid19 losses the way we "accept" things like flu deaths & car accidents



math person here



You are failing to understand large numbers. (A thread.)
First of all, it is true that we as society accept some human lives lost in exchange for other things. Cars, wars, etc. We argue a lot about where to draw those lines

This is unfortunate but it is also reality

But. BUT --
We as a society are TERRIBLE at understanding large numbers.

We aren't sure of #covid19 stats, but without social distancing, experts predict 40-70% infection rate

Mortality rate is 2-3% maybe? Maybe more if hospitals are overwhelmed? Still let's say 2-3%

Seems small but...
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1/6 We now have a snapshot of the severity of #COVID19 in 🇨🇦, where 6.1% of all cases require hospitalization, 2.6% of all cases are critically ill needing ICU care and 1% of cases have been fatal. #ProtectTheVulnerable #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
2/6 🇨🇦’s 1% case fatality rate means our healthcare system is not currently overwhelmed. But we can further reduce fatalities by preventing #COVID19 in vulnerable populations like residents in long-term care. #ProtectTheVulnerable
3/6 The seriousness of #COVID19 cannot be overstated. Older adults and those with medical conditions are at highest risk BUT younger people are not immune. #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve #StayHomeSavesLives
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Hi everyone, I'm a ventilator! I have just one job: to breathe when your loved one can't. I'm life support. But it's a big job, and I can't do it alone... [a #COVID19 thread by me & @ChrisWorsham]
Not everyone with COVID will need me- only those sick enough to die at any moment. Unfortunately, that is a lot of patients during this crisis. Most projections suggest we will have a lot of critically ill patients, and ICUs are already feeling the burden.
Unfortunately, it takes a long time to get through severe COVID infection, sometimes even weeks. Patients are truly that sick the whole time- 1/3 may still die (using a lower limit of ARDS mortality). It is truly critical care.
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@frogcycle has a DAILY chart of the exponential curve of the #CoronavirusPandemic right here👇cc @MollyJongFast @gtconway3d @DrEricDing…
@RealDonaldTrump and the @GOP are willing to sacrifice your family for their GREED. Protect your family and friends #StayHome
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