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#XRPHolders 🆚 @SEC_News Thread:

@HesterPeirce was interviewed by @ThinkingCrypto1 and said that she was trying to get people at the @SEC_News to stop thinking about the token as a security but instead on how the token was being packaged and sold.
I tweeted out, in disbelief, saying “that’s only been the law for 75 years.”

The Supreme Court in #Howey didn’t conclude that the oranges 🍊 were Securities, but it was the “scheme” and the totality of circumstances surrounding the transactions between the parties that was held
to be an investment contract. But it’s not just the #Howey case that has made it crystal clear that the token itself IS NOT a security.

#BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #Gold, #Soybeans, #copper, #coffee and any other product or commodity can be marketed, packaged, sold and distributed
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Why top #Football teams are going #Crypto
A growing number of #Football teams are now venturing into #crypto for obvious reasons, with a #COVID19 battered global economy,
#football teams have had their stadium gates closed amid the compliance of lockdown measures in taming the virus leading to billion of dollars in losses
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TODAS as mensagens divulgadas na “ #VazaJato ”, objeto da “operação #Spoofing ”, são produto do crime de invasão de dispositivo informático, na forma qualificada (Código Penal, artigo 154-A, parág. 3.º). Portanto, TODAS têm origem ilícita e não deveriam produzir efeitos
Doutrinadores e tribunais admitem uso de provas ilícitas para beneficiar réus. O #STF deu um passo largo nessa direção, ao levar em conta essas mensagens no julgamento da alegação de suspeição do juiz Sérgio #Moro
Há discussão importante sobre a integridade e confiabilidade dessas mensagens, mesmo abstraindo sua origem evidentemente criminosa. Diversas vítimas da invasão de comunicações objeto da “ #VazaJato ”/ #Spoofing negam o conteúdo de ao menos parte das mensagens
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0/1 Da nun auch in #Echterdingen auf den #Fildern zunehmend geschwurbelt wird, werden wir in diesem Thread immer wieder von dort berichten Aktuell trifft man sich montags & donnerstags, meist in sehr kleiner Zahl. Daran hat auch ein Auftritt von Wolfgang #Greulich nix geändert. ImageImage
0/2 Auch auf den #Querdenken-Demos in #Echterdingen sind vorwiegend die gleichen Gesichter zu sehen wie in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden. Auch dieselben Redner geben sich hier wie dort das angerotzte Mikro in die Hand. Das Mobilisierungspotenzial scheint trotz Promi-Support mickrig. ImageImageImageImage
I/1 18.3.21
Wie gewohnt war auch die #Querdenken-Demo in #Echterdingen komplett von #fakenews & #Verschwörungsideologien geprägt. Den Anfang machte Frank, der sowohl mehrfach in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden, als auch bereits in #Echterdingen sprach & hier wohl die Demos mitorganisiert Image
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#RunRunes hizo una recopilación de las noticias más importantes del momento sobre el #coronavirus hasta la tarde del #15Mar. Te damos detalles en este #hilo🧵…
1⃣Cerca de 65 millones de chinos han recibido la vacuna contra anticovid
2⃣Fallece noruega que desarrolló trombosis tras ser vacunada con AstraZeneca
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TODAS as mensagens divulgadas na “ #VazaJato ”, objeto da “operação #Spoofing ”, são produto do crime de invasão de dispositivo informático, na forma qualificada (Código Penal, artigo 154-A, parág. 3.º). Portanto, TODAS têm origem ilícita e não deveriam produzir efeitos
Doutrinadores e tribunais admitem uso de provas ilícitas para beneficiar réus. O #STF deu um passo largo nessa direção, ao levar em conta essas mensagens no julgamento da alegação de suspeição do juiz Sérgio #Moro
Há discussão importante sobre a integridade e confiabilidade dessas mensagens, mesmo abstraindo sua origem evidentemente criminosa. Diversas vítimas da invasão de comunicações objeto da “ #VazaJato ”/ #Spoofing negam o conteúdo de ao menos parte das mensagens
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‘The Axis of Resistance Media Network’
Designating #Iranian-linked media outlets can limit their activities, but a more holistic strategy is needed if Washington hopes to effectively counter the regime’s regional propaganda machine. 1
Reminder—#Iranian operatives sent threatening emails to Democratic voters while posing as members of the pro-Trump white nationalist group the Proud Boys. 2
One of the entities behind this disinformation campaign was the Islamic Radio and Television Union #IRTVU, which supports and in many cases created the bulk of the television channels and other media outlets run by #Iran’s proxies abroad—
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Pousser les extrémistes hors des grandes plateformes comme #Twitter n'a jamais vraiment été une question de "déradicalisation" des plus convaincus.

Il s'agit beaucoup plus d'entraver les capacités de recrutement et de propagation des discours de certains groupes.
Quand les figures djihadistes, complotistes ou suprémacistes migrent sur #Telegram, elles perdent systématiquement une partie de leurs "followers" les moins convaincus, elles perdent la capacité d'atteindre facilement de nouvelles recrues...
Et elles perdent la capacité d'accentuer la polarisation dans certains écosystèmes informationnels... Tout cela est loin d'être négligeable et a pour effet d'aider à casser les dynamiques d'expansion de certains groupes.
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#Datacracy | @mozilla is not happy with India's new IT rules claiming there aren't enough checks and balances in place


By @pabsgill Image
@mozilla @udbhav_tiwari @pabsgill Internet giant @mozilla, the company behind Firefox browser, has always been a big propagator of the open internet. And, they are not pleased with India’s new IT Rules for social media platforms, OTTs and digital news content.

#Datacracy @udbhav_tiwari
@mozilla @udbhav_tiwari @pabsgill According to @mozilla’s public policy advisor, @udbhav_tiwari, the sudden move will have ‘disastrous consequences’ for the open internet.

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#Datacracy | #Whatsapp, #Signal and #Telegram face a catch-22 situation as India’s new social media rules threaten encryption

@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom…

By @pabsgill
@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @pabsgill Encryption is a safety blanket for many. It is the night light to keep nightmares away. But, that may no longer be the case with India’s new social media regulations.

@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @Tarunpathak
@KhaitanCo @SFLCin @IndusLaw @CounterPointTR @SA_LawFirm @internetfreedom @pabsgill @Tarunpathak It claims that it does not care about what messages are being passed around, but if an incident is found to have been instigated through social media, they want to know who started it all — they want to find the ‘first originator’.

#SocialMedia #Datacracy
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0/ Leider sind nun auch die wunderschönen #Fildern & #Filderstadt #verschwörungsideologisch verschwurbelt. Aufgrund seit Anfang Februar 2021 stattfindender Demos lokaler #Pandemieleugner werden wir hier die gute Berichterstattung der @StZ_NEWS zur Situation vor Ort ergänzen. Image
I/1 Seit 5.2.21 wird nun auch in #Filderstadt im Ortsteil #Bonlanden jeden Freitag öffentlich auf der Straße geschwurbelt in einer Mischung aus stationärer Kundgebung & Spaziergang. Bei der 1. Kundgebung am 5.2.21 & miserablem Wetter waren 20-30 #Querdenker & #Schwurbler vor Ort. Image
II/1 #Filderstadt #Bonlanden 12.2.21
Bei der 2. #Demo waren es auch aufgrund der Mobilisierung via Telegram bereits einige #Schwurbler & #Querdenker mehr - dieses Mal begleitet von ca. der gleichen Zahl an kritischen Gegenprotestanten (unangemeldet) & entsprechenden Diskussionen. Image
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Für den folgenden Thread habe ich mir das #Telegram-Netzwerk von #Querdenken Deutschland angeschaut.


Querdenken Düren ist nur zwei Klicks von der ewigen Kaisertreue entfernt! Image
Ausgangspunkt für die Erforschung des Netzwerks sind knapp 100 lokale Querdenken-Gruppen/Kanäle.
Zunächst habe ich mir angeschaut, inwiefern diese Gruppen miteinander über Telegram vernetzt sind. Allgemein stehen die verschiedenen Gruppen eher in einer losen Verbindung miteinander. Trotzdem finden sich zwei interessante Muster. Image
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1. Hello again! I've been thinking for a while to write this thread and this is time!
My thoughts about #crypto ecosystem, what it looks like to me and what can happen in the future! It's gonna be huge thread, so fasten your belts!
2. I previously wrote a thread about #ren, and how it is similar to silk road 1500 years ago. And it feels like we are building cities. But not as traditional cities, we are building cities on internet.
3. In those cities we have our own #currencies, our own #governance, our own #banking systems, our own economical features, our own communities. And with the development of internet, we don't need land or place for social gatherings.
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ARD Panorama über "Die Waldorfbewegung und die Corona-Krise". Eine kritische Reportage zu #Querdenkern und #Verschwörungsideologen an #Waldorfschulen, basierend auch auf Recherchen von @AnthroBlogger. Der Waldorf-Bund ist nicht amüsiert.

Thread. ⬇️…
Der 8-minütige Beitrag ist in der ARD Mediathek zu finden.

"Manche negieren die Krankheit, glauben an Strippenzieher im Hintergrund. Andere haben den Freiheitskämpfer in sich entdeckt. (...) Sehr deutlich ist dieser Riss bei #Waldorfschulen zu sehen."…
"Auf Demos gegen staatliche Maßnahmen sind auffällig viele aus der Anthroposophen- und Waldorf-Szene dabei."

Ich berichtete seit Beginn der Pandemie über die Teilnahme von Waldorf-Esoterikern an Querdenken-Demos in mehr als 30 Städten.…
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#Telegram se ha convertido en un elemento clave en la difusión de mensajes políticos.

¿Qué podemos decir de los canales Telegram oficiales de los partidos políticos con representación en el @Congreso_Es?

16 partidos que suman 130.403 suscriptores.

Abro breve hilo 👇 Image
Llevo meses haciendo un seguimiento muy básico del número de suscriptores a los 16 canales de los partidos políticos.

El 10 de Junio del 2020 sumaban un total de 135.482 suscriptores, y el 8 de Febrero del 2021 130.403.

Es decir, han bajado en 5.079 suscriptores Image
Aunque, como hemos podido ver en el anterior tuit, durante el período de tiempo analizado de 8 meses ha habido un descenso en el número de suscriptores, en el último tramo analizado (13 Noviembre a 8 Febrero) se ha dado un ligero repunte de 137 suscriptores. ImageImage
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Why it’s time to #DeleteWhatsApp and switch to #Signal (@signalapp)

This older video is an excellent technical discussion about why #SMS and #iMessage are inferior to #Signal (@signalapp)

#Telegram is also less safe than #Signal (@signalapp).……

You may also find the comparison @ThreemaApp put together helpful when evaluating which messenger to choose.…
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With all my sincerety, I want to tell my Dutch friends something about the events of #Eindhoven and #Amsterdam or any other place that faced civil unrest due to #avondkokkerellen

This might be a bit long, so bear with me. This is an important story.
I come from a country who has a history of large protests against oppression and authoritarianism in the last two decades: Turkey.

The largest and most memorable one being the #Gezi protests,which started as a peaceful act against the demolition of a single park in Istanbul.
There was this park, which was planned to be demolished and converted to a some Mall or something (yech). So the youth living in Ä°stanbul didn't want the green places (which is already few in number) to be destroyed, so they stood guard in this park before bulldozers came in.
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A proposed change in WhatsApp’s #privacy policy has dominated headlines and prompted users worldwide to rethink their choice of messaging apps. Since then, WhatsApp has undertaken multiple efforts to clarify how the change affects users. #thread
WhatsApp has over 400 million monthly active users in India (one-fifth of their global user base) and handles over 1 billion messages a day globally
WhatsApp Business claims to have 50 million users globally
#WhatsApp also decided to push the change to May instead of February, to assuage user privacy concerns and stem the flight of users to competing apps like #Signal and #Telegram that saw millions of signups last week.
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[Thread] Es folgt ein tiefergehender Blick in Gunnar Kaisers #Telegram Gruppe. Ich habe eine Grafik erstellt auf der nachvollziehbar ist, welche Kanäle Kaiser teilt und wie diese untereinander vernetzt sind. #schwurbler #rechteNetzwerke
Der Thread hat den Zweck deutlich zu machen, dass 1. die fehlende Abgrenzung von Personen wie #GunnarKaiser ein Problem im demokratischen Diskurs darstellt und..
..2. wie hoch & alarmierend der Grad an menschenfeindlicher Agitation ist, für die diese öffentlichen digitalen Räume genutzt werden #Antisemitismus
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[Thread - 1/14]

Si è parlato molto a seguito dell'aggiornamento dei ToS di WA del tema della privacy e della migrazione in massa verso altri lidi, #telegram e #signal in primis. Ma se il secondo è un'ottima scelta, il primo per certi versi è peggio, per diversi motivi ⤵️

Una delle obiezioni verso WhatsApp è che, essendo closed source, anche se E2EE tramite (quasi lo stesso) protocollo di Signal, non puoi verificare la presenza di backdoor. È un'affermazione fallace
in quanto:
- rimane una delle applicazioni più analizzate
- I server di telegram sono, parimenti, a sorgente chiuso. Con l'aggravante di avere chat e gruppi non crittografati sui server

Da questo punto di vista dovessi scegliere una piattaforma, forse sarebbe Matrix/Element
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Whatsapp's new privacy policy has triggered a debate among masses about its alternatives from Privacy/Security standpoint. Clearly, @telegram & @signalapp are popular candidates leading to Q's on which one being more secure. Lets discuss key security differences in this thread
Secure by default: Both, Signal and Telegram support End to end encryption (E2E), however, the Signal has E2E is enabled by default, where-as in the case of Telegram a secret chat has to be initiated to enable E2E on the conversation to conversation basis
Data Storage: Telegram chats are stored on cloud unless secret chat is enabled. This means the encryption keys are stored on the server and technically telegram can decrypt conversations. Signal stores messages in a local SQLite database.
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Imagino que muchos habréis pensado estos días "¿pero esto qué es?" al ver que #Whatsapp os plantaba un "Hemos actualizado nuestras condiciones de uso".

Dentro hilo 🧵⬇
Primero, los antecedentes.

#Facebook compró Whatsapp allá por 2014 por la friolera casi 22.000 Millones de dólares.
Con la compra, se volvía un gigante aún más grande de internet. Dos años antes, había comprado Instagram.
El propio #Zuckerberg reconoció ante la comisión antimonopolio de los EE.UU que compraron Instagram para evitar competidores en el terreno móvil, que en aquella época no era lo más relevante pero ya despuntaba.…
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#WikileaksItalian per sicurezza ha aperto 2 profili su #Parler a Nov (non più raggiungibile) e uno da poco su #Gab..
Ovviamente saranno operativi SOLO nel caso di una sospensione da parte di #Twitter e/o #Facebook

non si sa mai, sparire è un attimo...
+ Mastodon Italia decentralizzato consigliato da @giordi63
1 toot su #Mastodon Italia dedicato a @jack...
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Bueno como veo mucha gente pasándose a #telegram voy a colaborar con un hilo de particularidades que están muy buenas.
Obviamente por el tema de planes de datos y contactos, no se puede abandonar whatsapp, pero si todos se pasan a telegram puede que lleguen...
Los chats son muy personalizables, y el tamaño de letra no está restringido solo a 3.
Al fondo que elijan pueden ponerle difuminado o que tenga un efecto de movimiento si gustan.
Se pueden programar mensajes, tanto en grupos como en chats privados, y los grupos tienen esas ventajas.
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