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What happened on Jan 19..33 years ago?
This is the darkest day in the history of Kashmir.19th,day of January every year is in memory of the Kashmiri victims of the Holocaust on 19th January 1990 and continued selective killings of Native Kashmiris till date
#KashmiriHinduGenocide ImageImageImageImage
This 19th, day of January every year is in memory of the Kashmiri victims of the Holocaust on 19th January 1990 and continued selective killings of Native Kashmiris till date: Image
The cold, dark night of January 19, 1990, had stirred into life the worst nightmares of Kashmiri Pandits living in the valley. Screaming from loud speakers and crowded streets was a message for the Hindus living in Kashmir -
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I recall following a Kashmiri Muslim trekker on Instagram in 2019. He was among those who were climbing mountains when they were rescued due to overcrowding. I asked him about his experience on Mount Everest, and then we talked about a bunch of stuff.
After talking with him, I realised that he belongs to the woke population who do not practise religious practises such as offering daily namaz. The discussion was going well until a political debate entered the chat room.
He kept complaining about how, due to the BJP government, they are deprived of basic necessities such as internet access. Since he was complaining so much about not having internet, I just asked him if he had ever thought about the Kashmir pandits who don't have homes and
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🧵Thread on #KashmiriHinduGenocide

33 वर्षों के बाद भी आज भी कश्मीरी हिन्दू न्याय माँग रहा है !

आख़िर कश्मीर की घाटी में ऐसा क्या हुआ था जिससे लाखों #KashmiriHindus अपना ही घर छोड़ने पर मजबूर हुए?

Thread 👇
1️⃣ #KashmiriHindus के उपर आतंकवाद का ये खूनी खेल शुरू हुआ था साल 1986-87 में, जब सलाहुद्दीन और यासीन मलिक जैसे आतंकवादियों ने J&K का चुनाव लड़ा

नेशनल कॉन्फ्रेंस और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनी लेकिन वहां हुकूमत चल रही थी आतंकवादियों और अलगाववादियों की॥ #KashmiriHinduGenocide
2️⃣ चुनावों में हार से नाख़ुश यासीन मलिक का संगठन JKLF (Jammu Kashmir liberation front) जो “भारत से अलग” होना चाहता था उसने पाकिस्तान के साथ मिलकर घाटी में “आतंकी प्रवृत्ति को बढ़ाकर कश्मीरी हिंदुओं को कश्मीर घाटी से निकालने के षडयंत्र” के तहत अपने संगठन को विस्तृत करना शुरू किया॥
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AAP in Punjab cannot provide good governance. It will suppress all voices which will go against them. If someone can't be bought then their coverage will be stopped by funding Indian media. Kejriwal will continue to lie and no journo will pose a counter question. Check next tweet
Remember, these folks converted Delhi into a Dharna city, gave massage machines and provided funds to khalistani supporters in delhi. All kind of support was given anti CAA rioters including riot support. Today, they don't like protests anymore. Image
Before the elections, they kept shouting that the 1st decision after winning the election will be do these things but did it happen, No?

Now, my guess is that he will announce some nonsense thing just before Gujarat and HP elections but it won't be a concrete decision. Image
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१९ जानेवारी १९९०

आज पासून बरोबर ३२ वर्षांपूर्वी ४ लाखाहून अधिक हिंदूंना मध्यरात्री मस्जिद-मदरश्यामधून 'रालीव गालीव या चालीव' (ईस्लाम स्विकार करो, मरो या अपनी महिलाओं को छोडकर भाग जाओ) चा option देणाऱ्या सैतानांचा विध्वंस आपल्यापैकी किती लोकांना माहीत आहे ?

"ऐ जालिमों, ऐ काफिरों, कश्मीर हमारा है, यहां क्या चलेगा - निजाम-ए-मुस्तफा.
रालिव, गालिव या चालिव" - चे नारे देत मध्यरात्री तुम्हांला नेसत्या वस्त्रानिशी घरातून बाहेर काढलं...
•जो कालपर्यंत प्रेमळ चाचा,भाईजान होता तोच आज वासनांध सैतान बनून तुमच्या आई-बहिणीच्या अब्रूला हात घालतो..
• तुमची तुमच्या कुटुंबासोबत ताटातूट होते...
• तुमच्या आई-बहीण-भाऊ- वडीलांचे छिन्नविच्छिन्न झालेले मृतदेह रक्ताच्या थारोळ्यात पडलेले तुम्ही पाहता...
• ३२ वर्ष होऊनही तुम्हांला न्याय मिळत नाही...

काय कराल तुम्ही?

कोणत्या न्यायालायचे किती दरवाजे ठोठवाल?
३/४ ImageImageImageImage
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Sep 14 - Kashmiri Pandits observe as KP Martryr's Day or KP Balidan Diwas in memory of Pt Tikka Lal Taploo, a prominent KP social worker/leader. He was killed by cold blooded terrorists 30 years ago this day
#KPBalidanDiwas #KPMartyrsDay #KPEthnicCleansing #KashmiriHinduGenocide
But he was not alone...
No complete list/record has been ever made...
More than 1500+ Kashmiri Hindus were selectively killed by Islamist Jihadis to enforce ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits - by way of fear & threat...
To drive home the message of "Raliv, Galiv, ya Challiv"
(Convert, Die or Leave/Flee)... a message consistently used by Islamists in Kashmir in past centuries or their likeminded Jihadi's against Yezidis. Some things dont change
TikaLal Taploo was one of the few prominent namaes..
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