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The @HouseForeign Subcommittee on Asia's hearing on Human Rights in South Asia is about to begin. WPCION will offer live updates on this thread.
Opening statements; Entire world is focused on Kashmir
I regard this as the most dangerous geopolitical flashpoint in the world
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Hearing in Human rights in South Asia has begun: @PramilaJayapal is attending tho not a member. As are two other members. Focus thus far on Kashmir and Assam.
So the attack begins. @IlhanMN calls Modi govt as a Hindu majoritarian project! Her questions appear motivated. Calling for self determination for Kashmiri people. (Who briefed her. One guess)
That @IlhanMN is playing to the gallery is obvious. People clapping.
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House hearing on South Asian violence with special focus on #Kashmir today at 2pm EST. Please watch on @cspan. @AartiTikoo will be speaking as well.
Watch the House hearing live now:
Three Hindu women on the panel, two of them Kashmiri Hindus and not one of them uttered a single sentence about Kashmiri Hindus. That is the sad reality of Hindus in the world, today. Their lives simply do not matter.
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Tomorrow, the US House Subcommittee on Asia, will be hosting a historic hearing on Human Rights in South Asia. One witness will be @AartiTikoo, a war-monger, Islamophobe, rabid Indian nationalist, and denier of human rights violations in #Kashmir. IMP THREAD (1/23)
This past March, @AartiTikoo was cheering military violence against Kashmiris on both sides of the border, and for pushing a policy that could lead to nuclear war. (2/23)
@AartiTikoo will be there to cheer on India's brutal clampdown on #Kashmir. She has recently praised PM @narendramodi, and thanked him for "strengthening Indian democracy." (3/23)
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Can the family of a Pakistani PM visit #Bangladesh & spend a week visiting as guests of the state & be celebrated by the Bengali upperclass? How many years does it take to forgive & forget mass rape, murder & economic subjugation? Is 70 years the magic number? 1/n

Is our culture that forgiving? Sure guests should always be honored but what if those guests belong to a tribe that took away EVERYTHING from our forefathers? Perhaps those celebrating are the same people who remained their junior partners in crime. The British Raj was brutal 2/n
Millions of our fellow countrymen perished for no fault of their own. Still diplomatic norms dictate we show respect for int’l guests, as no one is innocent really. But do we have to sing & dance in the streets when our hearts feel lingering pain caused by their actions 3/n
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This thread deals with the devious & dubious role of former PM of J&K, Mr Ramchandra Kak during those tumultous years of 1940s, when J&K was at the crossroads of its future engagements & the big picture that was emerging in #India

#Jammu #Himachal #Kashmir #Accession #Dogra
As u all r aware that #JammuKashmir had 2 major parties viz National Conference headed by #SheikhAbdullah & Muslim Conference by #YusufShah.
RC Kak was the person who exploited the differences b/w them for the "God Knows what" benefit

#Kashmir #Jammu #Himachal
The major reason of rift among these larties was the #Lahore Declaration by #Muslim League in 1940. NC was secular by nature and had good equations with #Nehru and #Congress, while MC was communal & was completely in favour of acceeding with #Pakistan

#Jammu #Himachal #Kashmir
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Operation Timber Sycamore - How the West funded and trained ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.…
Operation Timber Sycamore - the hidden story of how #DeepState created ISIS - the brainchild of former CIA Gen David Petraeus who is Deep State's pointman in #India involved in #VGSIDDHARTHA suicide, #Kashmir conflict, meddling in Indian elections.…
CIA linked up Qatari & Saudi Secret Services with arms manufacturers in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia with the backing of #NATO which controls arms exports from #Balkans via EUFOR supplying weapons to ISIS for #DeepState's objective to topple Syria.…
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#WeekendReading Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Kartarpur Corridor - ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan

While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum…
According to leaked information of a high-level meeting, the United States and India’s failure to reach a long-expected trade deal on Sept. 24 has sparked fears of a full-fledged India US #TradeWar.…
A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre #NRSC of the Indian Space Research Organisation #ISRO was found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
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#China #India #ModiXiSummit 2019.
Few Things not Talked, But are Conveyed & Understood in Unspoken & Informal Communication Arena !?

Twelve (12) Points;

1. #Kashmir ; No mediation Please
2. #CPEC through PoK ; NO GO Please
3. #Terrorism ; Radical Islamic Terrorism
4. #Pakistan ; Go, Went & Gone.
5. #POK ; Next. When ?
6. #Trade ; Need for Balance.
7. Mutual Trust, People to People - Contact & Connect.
8. Convergences on #WTO, Climate Change, Globalisation & Terrorism.
9. Respect each other's Sensitivities, Core Concerns & National Interests.
10. Resolve Boundary Issue/Question/Dispute & Complete LAC Exchange of Perceptions. Peace & Tranquility at LAC.
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This is a very powerful, and bleak, argument by @pbmehta on the widespread failure of India’s liberal institutions to protect #humanrights in India. As @TheEconomist did last week, the Supreme Ct comes in for very particular disdain for abdicating responsibility. #Kashmir
“So we don’t yet have a contest between democracy and authoritarianism. What we have are protests against individual transgressions — sedition, lynching, NRC, Kashmir. These are still seen as individual transgressions in a system that is still, overall, legitimate. “
“After all, if we still have the luxury of acting as if the system is legitimate, the system will hoist us with our own petard of legitimacy.”

A powerful must read about the state of Modi’s India, both the broad silence & the nature of the struggle to protect rights, one by one.
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#SadarPranam to you on #VijayaDashami @ShashiTharoor ji.

I find ur perspective highly flawed.If the steps that NaMo gov took would have been taken by RajivGandhi,we won’t have been even discussing #Kashmir this way

I’m explaining in thread below. Pl respond in full capacity.1/n
2/n Post 1971-war,India was on upper hand & Sheikh was a desperate man who could have done anything for”Power”. 1975Accord could have easily included #370abrogation but Indira G failed

Snippet: N. Khan,The Life of a Kashmiri Woman:Dialectic of Resistance and Accommodation. p 103
3/n The accord gave Sheikh CM’s post & also bonus of #370 . Sheikh’s elevation gave his opponents a chance to increase insurgency.

#Kasmiriyat was coined to define Kashmiri Nationalism (Source: Shrinagar Times,23Sept,1975)
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Massive military operation to locate ‘hiding militants’ has been underway since last ten days. The Paras have spread across the mountainous terrain fearing that there might a big group of militants trying to move towards the Tral town in south #Kashmir.…
Gangbal is a mountainous area, with a large fresh water lake located in between Gurez and Ganderbal districts. It also connects to the mountains surrounding Srinagar and south #Kashmir. The lake is a favourite of foreign tourists for camping and trekking.…
It takes three to four days of trekking through rough mountainous terrain from LoC in Gurez to Gangbal. This route connects to the peripheries of Srinagar and around seven hours of trek leads to Tral town. #Kashmir…
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बंगाली पत्रकार अर्क राजपंडित यांची ही फेसबुक पोस्ट आहे. मला अगदी उत्कटतेने वाटतं की ही पोस्ट भारतातील जितक्या भाषांमध्ये अनुवादित होईल आणि जितकी जास्त शेअर होईल, तितकी ती असंख्य लोकांपर्यंत पोहोचेल. कारण हे होणं अत्यंत आवश्यक आहे. #Kashmir 1/n
मला पूर्ण कल्पना आहे की जम्मू काश्मीरच्या परिस्थतीची तुलना महाराष्ट्रासारख्या पूर्ण राज्याशी करणं संयुक्तिक नाही. परंतु हे केवळ काल्पनिक कथानक असल्याचे भान वाचकाने ठेवावे. आपण हे विसरून चालणार नाही की काश्मीर हे भारताचं अविभाज्य अंग असून तिथेही लोकशाही लागू आहे. 2/n
धनत्रयोदशी च्या काही दिवस आधीची रात्र. सर्वत्र अंधार आहे. रात्रीच्या मिणमिणत्या प्रकाशात अगदी अंधुक असं दिसतंय. रस्त्यावर गाड्या ही तशा तुरळकच आहेत. गिरगांवातील गायवाडीत स्मशान शांतता पसरली आहे. 3/n
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After raising protest in a letter to President Trump, now American lawmakers have acted legally against India over the #Kashmir issue urging for US intervention. What makes the report more startling is that the doc was submitted just days after #HowdyModi…
On 12 Sept 2019 Senators Chris Van Hollen, Todd Young, Ben Cardin and Lindsay Graham wrote a letter to President Trump raising concerns over #Kashmir issue. Congressman Eric Swalwell said Kashmir is not just about India but has worldwide military, economic and moral consequences.
In a first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India over #Kashmir US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has added an appeal to end what it calls a “humanitarian crisis” in Kashmir in its report ahead of the annual Foreign Appropriations Act for 2020.
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Dear #Kashmir , a thread (6)
Orange is my favourite colour. No other colour comes close. I am not too sure where the obsession began. I am pretty sure it stems from the Chinar leaf 🍁 (or as Canadians like to refer to it as Maple leaf) it will always be a Chinar for us 1/?
All the best things are orange. The fruit 🍊 pumpkins 🎃 (no, not pumpkin spice lattes, that trash is weird). Kashmir, nothing beats my Dadi’s Kahwa straight out of a samawar. In the summers when it’d be sweltering I’d still ask her to make me some. She’d always look at me 2/?
Like I am daft. Sipping Kahwa in the summer watching the sun burn into the most beautiful orange, amber and pink. That was my summers. I didn’t appreciate it enough, forgive me. Kashmir I useless cry, remember, curse and cry some more while you enter #Day60 of a completely 3/?
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While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is the ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum.…
Presence of Pak based #Khalistan supporter Gopal Singh Chawla at #KartarpurCorridor ceremony with Pak Army Chief expose designs behind the decision. The Gurdwara was adorned with posters of #Khalistan2020 Referendum none of which were removed even in presence of Indian ministers.
In July after strong objections from India, Pakistan was forced to remove pro #Khalistan leader Gopal Singh Chawla from its #KartarpurCorridor panel.
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Reverberations of #PLF2019 ringing in my ears, this ideas-packed edition, curated by @KanchanGupta and @ARanganathan72, is easily the best #LitFest I've attended.
That it is located in the land of Sri Aurobindo, @integralyog, gives it the Force of #nationalism.

A thread...
#PLF2019 is not a Left-wing #LitFest. But it isn't Right-wing either.
When I heard the various sessions, I knew that more than all other platforms of debate and discourse, it is here that India is articulating its Indian intellectual traditions.
But what is Indian? Why strike out and create a new category at #PLF2019?
Because, the Indian mind...
1. Cannot be captured and constrained into a single Left-Right box.
2. Is all-embracing, all-respectful.
3. Goes beyond toleration and epitomises acceptance.
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China mentions #Kashmir

#Turkey and #Malaysia mentions #Kashmir

#Bangladesh mentions the 1971 genocide

But PM Modi didn't utter a word on





#Kurdistan or

declare to recognize #ArmenianGenocide

#India's idealism is frustrating
How can India argue for its place at #UNSC when we remain silent on major issues?

इतने ही तटस्थ हो नाव लेकर गंगा में काहे जाते हो

बैठो घाट पर और चिलम पियो

Yes, Kasmir is an issue

Make it an issue

Talk about #HinduGenocide in Pakistan

Talk about #Balochsitan #OrdinanceXX
PM Modi is the leader of India

His words matter

His anger will be discussed

His warning will be heeded to

Scrapping #Article370 is huge step in India but in global geopolitics, it is just a much-delayed step

Drop the hesitation...
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Here is my rant of the day:
Why is @FeminismInIndia a sham ?

1) I was raised by a #feminist father. He went out of his way to make sure I get the best education possible even though we are refugees in our own country. Yes, I am a victim of #terrorism in #Kashmir.

1 of n
2) I was never treated differently than my brother. You know why ? Because we are #Kashmirihindus and we treat everyone equally.
3) I presided over yagnas because I was the eldest child of the family. My gender had no bearing on that.
4) I was sent to a gurukul style school

5) I was sent to schools that taught me Shrimad bhagwat Geeta in addition to #kalaripayattu (ancient Indian martial art) for my protection.
Why ? Because my father din want me to fall prey to #islamicterrorists of #kashmir and get raped or murdered. He wanted me safe.

3 of n
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Hundreds waited outside the police station in Shopian to get info about their relatives, friends and neighbours last week.
Gulzar Ahmad Wagey has not seen his 11-year-old son for 22 days,he was picked up by security forces in the last week of Aug #kashmir…
“I do not know why he was arrested. Saheb (Superintendent of Police) assured us that he will let me meet him,” said Mr. Wagey as he waited outside the Shopian headquarters. He later said the police had agreed to release his son.
Bilal Ahmad, resident of Shopian said that his neighbour Abdul Rauf (50), a government employee was missing for the past 40 days.
"We come here everyday to get information about him but have not succeeded so far. They are sending young men to jails outside the State," he said.
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Diplomacy has failed are the words i often hear.
Pakistan,India,Diplomacy and Warfare. How and why they are related in general and during this Kashmir crisis. What is the last extent of Diplomacy? and where are we heading towards in #Kashmir
A thread👇
Diplomacy, the established method of influencing the decisions and behaviour of foreign governments and peoples through dialogue, negotiation, and other measures short of war or violence.
By the 20th century,the diplomatic practices pioneered in Europe had been adopted throughout the world,and diplomacy had expanded to cover summit meetings and international conferences,unofficial diplomacy by non governmental elements,and the work of international civil servants.
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The Violent toll of Hindu Nationalists.…

⚠️ real life.

Do not watch if you can’t handle the violence.

This is the reality of right wing Hindu Nationalists.…
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Dear #Kashmir , a thread (5)
My love, I broke. I am broken now. I tried assimilating the pieces the best I could. That is why I haven't written to you in so long. Forgive me, but also you have to start documenting your apologies to your subjects. You know my love for you can 1/?
perhaps outstretch oceans, but I am a girl that weighs *ahem* pounds who doesn't keep up with her gym so her muscle strength is below average. Physically, I am not strong. I'd lend you whatever I have, but B I asked you one thing, keep your children safe. On September 17th 2/?
A 15 year-old boy named, 'Yawar Ahmed Butt' committed suicide after he was beaten by a Bastard country's (India) Bastard, dog-breath army. The papers used the word 'allegedly' what a cruel word to use when talking about a 15 year old boy that is dead. 15. YEARS. OLD 3/?
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7 weeks today since #Kashmir special status revoked by Indian govt. Landlines returning to life, but mobile phone and internet services still blocked. Fearing violence, parents aren’t sending children to schools. @soutikbbc…
Except for pharmacies, most shops closed. Some open, only in the evening. Police say militant outfits have been distributing pamphlets warning people against opening shops, banks, fuel stations.…
Locals allege security forces are spreading fear by illegally detaining men and boys. The BBC spoke to 17 families that alleged a child from their home was locked up for several days. Some said they were beaten. @shaluyadavbbc…
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