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#US Amb to #Pakistan Donald Blome visits Azad Jammu Kashmir #AJK. The @usembislamabad posts some of his pictures in this #thread. /1
The #US Amb to #Pakistan Donald Blome's visit to Azad Jammu #Kashmir #AJK immediately caught attention in neighboring #India. This Indian newspaper interpreted the visit as part of larger signs of improving Washington-Islamabad relations. /2…
The #US is not alone in engaging with #Pakistan's Azad Jammu #Kashmir despite #India's objections. The #UAE🇦🇪 #EU🇪🇺 #China🇨🇳 #Türkiye🇹🇷 #SaudiArabia    have executed development projects in the region in the past, overruling Indian protests. /3… ImageImageImageImage
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Paid Ads in certain US news publications are new fad for anti-India propaganda.

A recent ad in the garb of ‘appeal’ on India’s human rights by Islamist fronts affiliated with Jamaat/ISI is most naked attempt so far.

A thread on the signatories:

(1/9) Image
ICNA, founded by Jamaat members in the US. Notably, ICNA via its fronts such as ICNA CSJ caters to Pak’s narratives of #genocide, #Islamophobia on #Kashmir.

Exposed in our Report: Op Tupac

IAMC has been exposed for its anti-India pursuit. From lobbying to sharing fake news for stoking communal unrest in India. Its founder Shaik Ubaid was Jamaat protégé at ICNA.

Exposed in our Report: USCIRF- an Organization of Particular concern

(3/9) Image
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Watching the spat between @Aabhas24, @UnSubtleDesi and Vasundhara Sirnate is interesting. Sirnate is not just a journalist, she was also the co-founder of the extremely #Hinduphobic, Kashmiri separatist Polis Project. 1/9
Vasundhara Sirnate along with Suchitra Vijayan founded The Polis Project. 2/9
The Polis Project called anti-Hindu Delhi riots as "anti-Muslim pogrom" and went to the extent to say Delhi Police was complicit in the violence. 3/9
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🧵 #Kashmir
Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have decided to truck nomadic families with their livestock returning to Jammu from the highland pastures of Kashmir to ensure "hassle-free vehicular traffic" on the strategic 270-km Jammu-Srinagar national highway (NH44). 50
trucks have been made available, as per a government communique, to transport the tribal families. Meanwhile, several hundred trucks are already stranded on the highway, steering resentment among fruit growers and traders in Kashmir. In protest, fruit mandis in
region have been closed down for two days as Jammu-bound fruit-laden trucks comprise a major part of the stranded fleet. All concerned top police officers have been meanwhile directed by Inspector General Police (Traffic) to take immediate necessary measures so
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Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3 Image
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3 Image
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3 Image
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🧵 #Kashmir
In another shocking incident, a father has been arrested after two minor girls registered a police complaint accusing him of raping them in the Pulwama district of south Kashmir. A few kilometers away in the same district police arrested a private
school principal for raping his students - two minor sisters. The top police officer in the district told me that investigation has been set into motion and all the angles are being investigated thoroughly. Both the accused are behind
bars. Medical examination of all 4 victims has been conducted. Whether more arrests are expected or not given the cases are part of the investigation. This is the third such incident in the last 6 days in Kashmir.
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it is often quite shocking to see that some people here exhibit absolutely no concern about threats to the lives of the people of the #Kashmir valley who perpetually live under the shadow of the gun.
Instead, they are more concerned about whether those people celebrated Pakistani cricket win despite threats, or whether did they wrap the body of martyred Kashmiri in Pakistani flag. This is the limit of callousness.
Why don’t they include #AJK into #Pakistan? Who is stopping them? Why do they want to turn the Kashmir valley’s women & children into cannon fodder by creating a selfish assumption that those women & children should first liberate Kashmir from India & only then Kashmir will be
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Government-run internet outages are picking up pace around the world. In 2021, there were 182 shutdowns in 34 countries. #India, largely Jammu and Kashmir, plunged into digital darkness more times than any other country last year.

The increasing use of the kill switch underlines a deepening global trend towards digital authoritarianism, as governments use access to the internet as a weapon against their own people. #InternetShutdowns have also become a modern canary in the coal mine.

India leads total shutdowns globally. In 2021, the world’s largest democracy shut off its internet 106 times – more than the rest of the world combined. Hardest-hit was the region of Jammu and Kashmir, which was subject to 85 shutdowns.

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Demise of Bajwa Doctrine (BD)

In 2017, Bajwa Doctrine was presented to people of Pakistan and the world as Doctrine of realism based on peace and co-existence; as propaganda theme from the platform of ISPR, DGISPR Maj Gen (Now Lt Gen) Asif Ghafoor...
said Gen Bajwa wanted to make Pakistan a peaceful country and referenced the 'doctrine' as the army chief's vision for the country. People of Pakistan were made to believe in it with massive propaganda for which hundreds of millions were spent out of public exchequer.

It promoted democratic future for the country, but it is ending with Neo Fascism and Neo Martial Law imposed in Pakistan.

Doctrine told people that USA, KSA and Qatar were not happy with Nawaz Sharif; today same is being propagated for #ImranKhan.

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“This is dangerous. What happened to J&K sets a precedent for other states.”
@AdnanAshrafMir of @JKPC_, petitioner in challenge to removal of #Article370 in #Jammu & #Kashmir. Case pending before #SupremeCourt for 1115 days. Last hearing: 2.5 yrs ago
In April 2022, a petitioner in J&K #Article370 abrogation case requested Chief Justice N V Ramana’s bench for a hearing.
His answer: “We’ll see”.
He said he would reconstitute 5-judge bench & hear case “after the vacation”, which ended on 10 July. There was no hearing
“The judges must show some willingness to hear this case or they must give an explanation as to why they can’t hear the case on priority despite (sic) 3 years,” Mir told @OfficialSauravD
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گوردوارہ سری چھٹی پٹھ شاہی (ڈسٹرکٹ بارہ مولا، مقبوضہ کشمیر)
Gurdwara Sri Chhati Path-shahi (Parampillan Town, Baramulla)
مصرمیں چرچ ھوں، افغانستان میں بدھا, امریکہ میں مساجدیا چین میں مندر مذاہب نےکہاں کہاں ہجرت نہیں کی اور اپنےنقش قدم نہیں چھوڑے! Image
ایسی ہی ایک مثال صدیوں سے مسلمان اکثریتی ریاست #کشمیر کے گوردوارہ کی ھے جسے "چھٹی پٹھ شاہی" سکھوں کے چھٹے شاہ (گرو) کی نسبت سے کہا جاتا ھے۔
برلب جہلم 1620ء میں ڈسٹرکٹ بارہ مولا کے قصبہ پرم پلاں (کشمیر) میں واقع یہ گوردوارہ دراصل کشمیری ترکھان کرم چند کا مکان تھا جہاں چھٹے گرو
ہرگوبند سنگھ جی اور بادشاہ جہانگیرنے دودہ کشمیر کے دوران یہاں قیام کیاتھا۔
کرم چند نےبعد میں گروجی کی عقیدت میں اس مکان کو انکی یادگار بنا دیا۔
عہدرنجیت تک یہ گھرجو گوردوارہ میں ڈھل چکاتھاخاصی مختصرسی عمارت تھی لیکن سکھ شاہی میں کپور اورچوپڑہ خاندانوں نےاسےبہت ساری زمین عنایت کی۔
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In #Afghanistan, #India blew $2bn on building hospitals, dams, highways, parliament and more. So, they kept us out of resolution talks but included #Pakistan

Now, we reward them with thousands of tonnes of free wheat. Now they’re killing the remaining handful of #Hindus & #Sikhs
One of our Prime Ministers got our soldiers butchered to defend the integrity of Sri Lanka. He got blown to pieces for that.
This PM is busy bailing them out of bankruptcy and Chinese debt-trap with billions of US dollars of Indian taxpayers.
And they let in a Chinese spy-warship
We give #China $100 Bn/year in imports for illegal occupation of our territory, arming #Pakistan and kicking us on the border to encroach further.
We gave another $100 Bn/year to the #Arab sheikhdoms to humiliate us on our internal issues like democracy, free speech and #Kashmir
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Kashmir Pemier League: How business mafia has captured Kashmir cause
Some influential Pakistani & Kashmiri elements who have been making profits out of the blood of Kashmiri people have now solicited services of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) to enhance their intakes.
For decades these elements have built fortunes out of Kashmir Valley’s blinded children, its sighing and groaning mothers, its devastated widows and orphans and its tortured men, old and young, who go around hiding blood marks on their bodies hidden under their garments.
As elsewhere in the corporate world, this business has also evolved over time, identifying new opportunities along the way and creating relevant tools to exploit them. The establishment of the Kashmir Premier League in 2021 was one such tool.
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(A REALLY short one!)

So #Kashmir is trending once again in the Land of the Pure today!
I thought I must share / replug some thoughts tweeted over the past few years in this context.
Here goes!
Firstly, it must be really disappointing for the 'Powers That Be' in Pakistan (Hint: They wear brown pants and run really fast!) to see that Kashmir is not the Top trend!

But then the current Propagandu-in-Chief hardly has the charisma of his predecessor, Shri Ghafoora Ji!
Heck, instead of the lame hashtag (#Kashmir), Ghafoora had managed to get 'Martial' hashtags trending when India had 'dared to' scrap Artical 370!
(Disclaimer: I know the correct spelling of Article. But this is not how the Brown Panted Propagandu-in-Chief prefers to spell it 😂)
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On August 5 Indian Parliament revoke two key constitutional provisions Article 370 & 35A that give the IOK a host of special rights.
Article 370 granted special status and limited autonomy to Jammu & Kashmir 1949
#KashmirBleedsGreen Image
Article 35 provided the state the authority to define "Permanent Residents" and grant special rights to permanent residents of J&K, including employment and acquisition of immovable property in the state. The J&K now bifurcated into 2 states and under
#KashmirBleedsGreen Image
the control of #NewDelhi
Modi called it "un-shackling of Kashmiris". The unilateral decision of scrapping the Articles is symptomatic of the authorization bent of the Modi govt.
These articles in short, say that in matters outside the instrument
#KashmirBleedsGreen Image
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Today's #terrorist attack on civilians in #Pulwama has led to death of 1 & injuries to 2.
All of them were non local workers.
It was a grenade attack.
Photo- that's a probably Grenade splinter injury (an injured Civilian)
No Terror tanzeem has claimed the attack as of now. Image
ULF has taken the responsibility of #Pulwama attack.
Coward & new age jihadis with 0 training attacking Civilians and then releasing a statement which is nothing less than a Bollywood script type chest thumping.
@KashmirPolice is there even any categorised Terrorist Umar Wani?
Seeing today's Social Media blitzkrieg of Terrorists, I seriously doubt if the ULF exists as any FORMAL terror Organization.
They might be some Radicalised Terror Interns who might be taking responsibility of attacks executed by TRF/PAFF/LeT/JeM/HuM etc.
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2nd #terror attack in #Kashmir region in last 3 days.
A #Police party was fired upon by terrorists in Alochibagh area of Srinagar. No casualties reported.
📷- in local news reports ImageImage
It's only by God's grace that we don't have any casualties.
Police party retaliated with restraint (built up area).
No confirmation on the Terror Tanzeem involved. Most probably local #Terrorists
#TheResistanceFront has taken the responsibility of the attack. They have claimed to have attacked a 'CARGO UNIT' of JKP who were travelling in a private vehicle.
If that's the case then they won't survive for long. As per TRF, CARGO is notorious. They r quite fearful of CARGO.
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Frequent high-speed internet shutdowns, cuts in telephone communication, curfews and the safety of employees are some of the things affecting small businesses in Kashmir.

#Kashmir #LetTheNetWork…
SMEs that focus on e-commerce and rely on online platforms for marketing and advertising face crippling difficulties because of the frequent internet cuts, especially when high-speed internet connections are suspended.

#InternetShutdown #KeepItOn
This leads to a huge decline in sales. Many have even had to change their business model to survive. This has been a problem for the people of Kashmir since 2012 when the first recorded #InternetShutdown happened.
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On August 4, 2019, the government suspended landline, mobile and internet services in Kashmir. The internet shutdown lasted 552 days, until February 6, 2021, making it among the longest communications blackouts ever imposed in a democracy.
During most of the shutdown, the internet could only be used in a government-run centre, and internet access was only permitted for some government-approved websites, excluding many social media sites.

#Kashmir #InternetShutdowns #KeepItOn
Access to 4G was only restored after 552 days of partial or no internet access, greatly hindering journalists’ ability to access and share information for months.
The communication shutdown resulted in severe restrictions on press freedom.

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مرتند سورج مندر (اننت ناگ، سرینگر کشمیر)
Martand Sun Temple (Anantnag, Kashmir)___8th AD
اننت ناگ (بھارتی کشمیر) میں واقع مرتند سورج مندر جو آٹھویں صدی کی سناتنی تہذیب (Sanatani Civilization) کاگڑھ تھا، کو وادئ کشمیرکی ٹاپ پر تعمیر کیاگیا جوکلاسک کشمیری طرزِتعمیر
کا نمونہ تھا۔
سورج مندر کی وجہ شہرت اس کا گندھارا، گپت اور چینی طرزتعمیر کا کلاسک اورجاذب نظر امتزاج ھے۔
یہ ھندو مندر سوریادیو (Suryadev) کے نام سے منسوب تھاجسے "مرتند" کہا جاتا تھا۔ سناتنی تہذیب دراصل ایک ایساھندو عقیدہ (Hindi Cult)تھا جنکی تعلیمات (Teachings) خالصتاً بھگوت گیتا
رامائن، اپنشد، رگ وید سے مشروط تھیں گویا اس عقیدے کی بنیاد ہی قدیم مذہبی کتب کی تحریروں پرمشتمل تھی۔
سورج مندر کو 15ویں صدی میں اسلام کے نام پر ایک صوفی تبلیغ کار محمد حمدانی کے کہنےپر کشمیری سلطان اسکندرشاہ میر نے تباہ کر دیاتھا۔
باقی ماندہ مندر زلزلوں اوروقت کی دھول سےمتاثرھوا۔
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Once again #StickyBombs recovered from #Kashmir, LeT terrorist Talib Hussain arrested yesterday, ws carrying it.

It’s a type of IED which cn be placed on vehicles attached with duct tape/ magnets,
as cheap as $25!

We hd reported abt MAGNETIC/ Sticky bombs last yr too. 👇
Sticky bombs have made their way to India after being tried and tested in #Afghanistan.

Earlier in May our soldiers had shot down a DRONE carrying sticky bombs.

Drivers r now being trained on how to spot sticky bombs, these usually have TIMERs. Recovered from Kashmir y’day!👇
Correction: Jammu!
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Thread: Danger of free-pass to Muslim fundamentalists, by journalists.

On the day Rahul Bhat was shot dead in Kashmir (in series of Hindu killings), #WashingtonPost instead published a column- "Muslims fear the worst".

Infuriating deflection but pattern did not surprise.
After Art 370 abrog in 2019, despite no mass violence nor civilian killings, NYT published, "Inside Kashmir, a living hell" + Melodrama column by Arundhati Roy.

Deliberate discourse served to global audience by ignoring ground reality of Jihadism & Pak-funded radicalisation.
Recently, some "ground reports" on Kashmiri Pandits exposed govt failure & bureaucracy incompetence. Fair pt.

But smartly edited-out real details: Who is killing & to send wht msg? Who does a fleeing minority fear around them?

Understand between their quotes, don't just pen it.
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Jammu and Kashmir High Court has taken cognizance on a letter petition against the
killing of #ReligiousMinorities living in #KashmirValley who are becoming victim of #Terrorism and failure of UT / Central Administration.
The bench initiated proceedings on the basis of a letter petition written to the Chief Justice of J&K High Court stating, nearly twelve attacks have been done on
local #ReligiousMinorities living in #KashmirValley apart from those who
came to #Kashmir for their bread, butter.
The letter submitted by @KPSSamiti through its President Sanjay K Tickoo stated that "the #KashmiriPandits/ Hindus want to leave #KashmirValley
but the Government is not allowing them to leave which can be gathered from
the press/ news reports and social media statements."
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#Longthread #Thread #Kashmir
Kashmir King who killed Sri Lanka King in 7th century BCE
Mihirakula, son of Vasukula ruled Kashmir between 704-634 BCE and belonged to Gonanda Dynasty.
Indian historians have wrongly identified him as Huna (Mongol) king and son of Toramana.
Infact, Toramana was twin brother of Hiranya, who ruled Kashmir between 16 BCE – 14 CE. Both brothers ruled alternate years before Hiranya got Toramana arrested. Toramana’s son was Pravarasena-II, who ruled between 19-79 CE.
Mihirakula was only son of Vasukula and he developed a passion for war, physical training since childhood.
Vasukula understood intentions of his son, kept himself under house arrest for 10 days and starved to death. During these 10 days, Mihirakula slowly took over the
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