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All roads lead to homeland. #Kashmir
Our centuries old faith. This is one of its many manifestations. Zyestha Devi. Zeethyar, Srinagar. #Kashmir
The famous Khanqah-e-Moula / Shah Hamadan Masjid. Oldest mosque in #Kashmir. Beautiful wooden architecture. Once upon a time, before the mosque, Goddess Kali's temple existed here.
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Bhutto had asked to see Mrs. Gandhi and a meeting was fixed for 6 p.m. at ‘the Retreat ‘ .. where Indira Gandhi was staying 🤔
Mrs. Gandhi and Bhutto then met for an hour in the Room alone ... while Officials waited in the adjoining room 😌
Emerging from the room after almost one hour with Mrs. Gandhi Alone in the room -Bhutto looked very pleased and said, "We have settled the matter and decided to give you some work to do before dinner."-To the Officials present in next room😉

Rest is History 😏
After that one hour meeting in room .. With Bhutto .... Indira G .. decided that the agreement would be worded in a manner that would not create difficulties of implementation for #Pakistan 🤔

So nice of Her 😎!! #End
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#Pakistan should de-link #Palestine & #Kashmir, and #Israel/#India, in its foreign policy dictionary.

The foreign policy overhaul should cover this subject smartly, rationally, and with focus on maximizing #Islamabad's gains and limiting losses. /1

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
We in #Pakistan have grown used to casually mentioning #Palestine/#Kashmir & #Israel/#India in a way that hurts our position, limits our options, and leads us to inaccurate conclusions and policy positions. It's more emotion and less logic. /2

#Palestine & #Kashmir are two different conflicts/disputes legally & politically, with separate trajectories, solutions & end results. Pal/Isr reached peace agreement & recognized each other in 1994; differ now on implementation. Kashmir is invasion/occupation/annexation./3
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National Conference's demand for restoring posts of Wazir-e-Azam & Sadar-e-Riyasat in #Kashmir is untenable. #India came dangerously close to accepting pre-1953 in 1995 when PM Narasimha Rao said Congress was willing to concede "anything short of azadi".
Narasimha Rao's offer to restore Jammu & #Kashmir pre-1953 status was surreptitiously made from Burkina Faso. Nobody got the sinister implications of "anything short of azadi" except LK Advani who raised a storm. Rao had to retreat. One of the many reasons why Rao hated Advani.
PV Narasimha Rao is least remembered for the enormous damage he inflicted by sucking up to America and letting Robin Raphel, Pakistani agent in Clinton Administration, walk all over him. It was she who was running #Kashmir affairs in alliance with jihadi separatists.
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Day 4 : Temple no 16 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples

Sh Thameshwar Mahraj Bhairav Tumlahaal #pulwama where Bhairav Puja was done with great festive and Kashmiri Shaivism style. Whats left is just a flat piece of land overseen by Sufi Mosque and abandoned temple pond.
Day 4 : Temple no 17 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples
Bhairav Mandir Village Achchan #Pulwama the doors were shut and finally in 30 years the crumbling structures are falling apart.
Day 4 : Temple no 18 #Kashmir #ReclaimTemples

Mata Pingla Devi Temple Asthapan in #Pulwama who can imagine the grandeur of Navratra and big fair is reduced to 10 by 10 small dilapted hut. And then someone asks me Whats Kashmiriyat ?
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2. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷mafia states I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all 🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
1. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷MafiaStates I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
By @PressTV
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in #Afghanistan
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👉I had once said Kashmiri muslims/separatist/xyz should understand this is the last chance Modi is giving you, change ur way or you will be tamed
👉They didn't listen now its Modi's turn
👉NIA was tightening hawala money from long back. From last six months many hawala operators n hurriyat leaders funding local terrorism arrested
👉Some Kashmiri businessmen funding terrorist arrested. Now ED is attaching its properties
👉ED has attached properties of LET Chief Hafiz Sayeed
👉President's rule applied in state
👉Jamat E Islami responsible for radicalization in state resulting in locals opting for jihad n acting as OGW of terrorists during encounter banned n its properties seized
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I was 13 when I was whisked away while stepping out of my house to buy milk. I had a small bicycle that was run over by that olive coloured Jeep.
I was beaten up before I was taken to an interrogation center where I met boys as old as16 year and 45 year old men in bad shape.
Broken fingers, rollers on their legs and bodies, few made to urinate on the electric cooking heaters, vertical suspension, pulling of nails and much more. The filthiest and scariest of all was a cell. It was a tight box where boys were literally packed. I was the youngest there.
All this happened in the camp just nearby my home. My family had no clue about my whereabouts for almost 3 days. I slept for about 5 minutes over these days amongst blood and wails. I was not beaten on the 3rd day as one boy had given up his battle with life.
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Mainstream political leaders of all hue and colour are immediately elevated to near-sainthood upon their deaths. But it is important that we look at their public lives critically and truthfully. Anecdotes of tea chats, descriptions of demure wardrobe choices aren't that.
@SaffronWatch is doing what our media isn't. #ManoharParrikar

"India is a Hindu nation"

#ManoharRarrikar the RSS man who went to Ayodhya with kar sevaks who demolished the Babri Masjid. Thousands (mostly Muslims) were killed in the riots that followed.

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#ThanthirMohalla of #GurwethKalan village is known as copper village of #Kashmir. It is situated roughly 30 kilometers away from the #Budgam’s main town. Every residence of the village has one workshop for molding, & making Copper utensils. 1/n @HappaNarinder @Iftikhar_Misgar
In 1980, #copperwork was introduced in the #GurwethVillage by 2 locals #GhulamKadirAhangar & #AbdulRahman. Even after 40 years, nothing has changed in the village. In every workshop, sits 3-4 workers, side by side, to work on the different parts of a single copper utensil. 2/n
#NisarAhmed, the president of #AllKashmirCopperDealersAssociation, mentioned 50-60% increase in demand of copper utensils, while stating that the number of craftsmen is declining. There is need to keep alive the art of Kashmir. 3/n @parawahid @syedKashaf95 @khanumarfa @shahfaesal
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At least 1,337 journalists have been killed while covering the news since 1992. Their names form The #LastColumn logo. Each time a journalist is killed, their name will be added to the logo. #pressfreedom
In this thread, we share the final work of 24 journalists who were killed in line of duty since 1992. #LastColumn @CPJLastColumn
Marie Colvin’s #LastColumn was published on February 19, 2012. Three days later, she was killed alongside French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik when Syrian forces struck their makeshift press center in Homs, Syria.
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The real face of our system. The system used everyone for their own gains & treated equally either it is a family of martyr or a militant. People always ask why #Kashmiri always demand for #Azadi & what it means to them. We the ppl of Kashmir want #Azadi from such hypocrisy.
In Jan 13, #LanceNaikHemraj was killed & beheaded on LoC in Poonch of #Kashmir, promised was made for allotting a petrol pump, setting up a memorial & school in in Mathura but after 6 yrs after the incident family feels betrayed as the promises not fulfilled. @BJP4India
In January 19, #Hemraj’s wife was served a notice to vacate her accommodation in #MathuraCantt. After a media outcry, the notice was kept in abeyance. Hemraj family builted a memorial on their own. But govt could not even get a boundary wall constructed. 2/n @adgpi @dreamgirlhema
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Let’s understand #Kashmir
The Partition of the Indian sub continent along religious lines led to the formation of India & Pakistan to fulfil Nehrus own Personal ambition to become 1st the PM of India.
Pic : 15th Aug 1947 1/N
Kashmir was never a Muslim dominated state. In the 1st millennium, Kashmir religion became an important centre of Hinduism & then Buddhism. Islamization in Kashmir took place in 13th to 15th century & led to decline of Kashmir Shaivism.
Pic:Shankaracharya & Budhhist temple 220 BC
In 1339,Shah Mir became the 1st Muslim ruler empire followed by Afghan Durani. In 1819 the brave Sikhs under Ranjit Singh fought to Anglo-Sikh war forcing the britisher to intermediate. Under the treaty of Amritsar the Raja of Jammu Gulab Singh became the new ruler of Kashmir.3/N
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#Breaking: Confirmed #India did not strike the Terrorists training camp in #Kashmir in #Pakistan, multiple Satellite imagery from San Francisco confirmed the images, from 2015 and recently after the alleged bomb strike from India Reuters reports.
#Update: A Reuters reporter visited the area short by the Terrorists training camp in #Kashmir, did not see any damage claimed by #India. Even Reuters News reached out to the Indian defence ministry office and they are still refusing by this time of writing to give a responds.
#Update: The Reuters reporter who also visited the hospitals in #Pakistan close to the bombings, said there were no reports of ever 200 or 300 of the alleged terrorists being wounded or being killed by #India, being transported to the hospital, morgue, or to a burial sites.
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#Breaking: Just in - Tanks moving in #Pakistan towards border line in #Sialkot near the border of #India right now and advanding!
#Update: Video from snapmaps of Tanks moving in #Pakistan towards border line in #Sialkot near the border of #India and are now at the Sialkot LoC area.
#Update: But still no reports of shootings going on in #Pakistan or in #India while the tanks are advancing near the #Sialkot LoC area.
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Vasundhara Sirnate and I analyzed the news reports since the #pulwamaattacks

Our analysis of various Indian media news reports...…
// Key Findings // #PulwamaAttack 👇🏾
1. There are multiple versions of events reported with respect to the Pulwama attack. The newspapers, for instance, could not even agree on Adil Ahmad Dar’s age.
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No, the war between India & Pakistan has not started yet. There is however tensions along the LOC & few soldiers/civilians r reportedly injured with no casualties. Plz stop paying attention to fake news being spread on social media. #Sialkot #IndiaStrikesPakistan #UnitedWeStrike
Karachi airports and other airports of Pakistan are functioning as usual with no flights being cancelled. And Pakistan army HAS NOT taken control of the motorway between Lahore and Islamabad. This is all fake news.
#Sialkot #IndiaStrikesPakistan #UnitedWeStrike #PakistanZindabaad
War mongers/attention seekers /fake twitter journalists on both sides of the borders are unnecessarily spreading fake news/rumors to gather few likes/retweets at the cost of spreading panic and adding fuel to fire.
#Sialkot #IndiaStrikesPakistan #UnitedWeStrike
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The first Airstrike by US against "terrorists" in Afghanistan after 9/11 began on 7 Oct 2001. Nearly 2 decades later, US is now talking to "Taliban" for a "deal". This is how effective airstrikes are against "terrorists". 1/n
WRT India's airstrike on "terrorist camps" in Pakistan, how degrading would that be to the terror networks in reality? Very little. You can't destroy much that cannot be replaced quickly. Would that work as a deterrent? No. 2/n
India's airstrike against terrorist camps in Pakistan is more for optics and electoral posturing by Modi-Doval & company. Like the last "surgical Strike" could not prevent more terror attacks on India, neither would this. 3/n
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#Breaking - Some defense sources report #Indian air strikes across the Line of Control in Muzafarabad, #Pakistan. Indian air force briefing expected later today. Pakistan said Indian jets dropped their payloads & "fled". More confirmation of details needed.
There are also reports of dual, air and ground Indian strikes in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir. No official word yet. Waiting for updates. Stay tuned.
There are also reports that 2 Pakistani JF-17s fighter jets have been shot down.
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People all over #Kashmir are expressing their gratitude in their own little ways towards the Sikh community which left no stone unturned to save Kashmirs all over India in this time of crisis.
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Reactions across #Rajasthan in wake of the #PulwamaAttack

Art & culture centre of #Jaipur @JKK_Jaipur cancels theatre/ play 'Eidgah Ke Jinnat', based on stone pelting incidents in #Kashmir . It was a part of JKK's ongoing #theatre festival #Navras @DeccanHerald
According to the Jaipur police the scheduled play 'Eidgah ke Jinnat' has been cancelled in the wake of sentiments of citizens after #PulwamaAttack . The play is directed by Abhishek Majumdar . @DeccanHerald @ashokgehlot51 @SachinPilot
The district collector of Bikaner has asked Pakistani nationals staying in Bikaner to leave the city within 48 hours. Also prohibitory orders under CrPC section 144 have been issues.

The order has created fear among 5000 Pakistani immigrants in Rajasthan @DeccanHerald
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#Kashmir 20 வருடங்களுக்கு மேலாக காஷ்மீரில் பிரிவினைவாதிகளுக்கும், பாதுகாப்புப் படையினருக்கும் இடையே போர் நடந்து வருகிறது. பல்லாயிரக்கணக்கான மக்கள் கொல்லப்பட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். ராணுவ தரப்பிலும் உயிரிழப்புகள் ஏற்பட்டுள்ளது. .
ஏராளமான பெண்கள் பாலியல் துன்புறுத்தலுக்கு உள்ளாகி இருக்கிறார்கள். சந்தேகத்தின் பெயரில் கைது செய்யப்பட்ட கணவன் பல ஆண்டுகள் கடந்தும், வீடு திரும்பாததால் ஏதோ பித்து பிடித்த நிலையில் குழந்தைகளை வளர்க்கும் பெண்கள் காஷ்மீரில் உள்ளனர்.
கிட்டதட்ட 5 லட்சம் ராணுவ வீரர்கள் காஷ்மீர் பள்ளத்தாக்கு பகுதியில் குவிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். உலகில் அதிகளவில் ராணுவ வீரர்கள் சூழப்பட்ட பகுதி காஷ்மீர் என்றும் கூறப்படுகிறது.
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'More than 80 vehicles have been vandalised and 8 vehicles have been set ablaze,' an eyewitness said.

Rioters torch vehicles and damage public property in Jammu region's Gujjar Nagar. Curfew has been imposed. The area is home to Gujjar Muslims.
Pictures of rioters in Jammu, who have burnt down vehicles and assaulted local Muslims in Gujjarpur and other areas of the region.
Targeted xenophobic attacks on Kashmiris living in India have escalated in the last two days.

Students have been thrown out of their accommodations, traders have been beaten up...

Here traders from #Kashmir in Bihar India are being assaulted by a mob
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So #Facebook & #Instagram (second time in 3 weeks) deleted my accounts. For sharing information about #Kashmir. No explanations or replies to my questions are given. Of course this is not about Facebook, nor about me, but the much more dangerous path SM is taking.
It is all about Justice & about what is happening to many people living under oppression & facing severe surveillance & suppression on the ground and even online.
It is about principals & rights. Human rights. Enshrined in statues & bragged about. Said to be universal. Said to be
I don't know ONE Kashmiri who hasn't been subjected to some form of censorship. On the ground there are far worse consequences than removed posts. Journalists (and MANY civilians) have been trashed, arrested & targeted when covering human rights violations by India.
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