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March 2022 was an emotionally low month.

The Kashmir files had released & it stirred all bolted emotions.

This is how I reviewed the movie last year after the first watch.

Day1 I felt nothing , but then it slowly started working like a slow poison & I barely slept that month.
all bottled up emotions **
1. Finally Saw #kashmirifiles and I wasn't shocked, trust me hardly any tears and no sleepless nights for me, I think we have had our share of sleepless nights already in past since 1990.
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#KashmiriFiles is hated because the film's premise is that liberals don't want to talk about the exodus of Pandits from #Kashmir in 1990.

Now cornered they claim:

1) Islamophobia
2) @BJP4India benefits
3) Propaganda

They never talk about the exodus.
The #KashmirFiles should shock people. The reality was a lot worse.

#India has to talk about it.

If the BJP tries to capitalise on it? Big deal. Point out their cynicism, not deny people #justice.

Will it increase communal tension? Yes, it probably will. So, talk about it.
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AAP in Punjab cannot provide good governance. It will suppress all voices which will go against them. If someone can't be bought then their coverage will be stopped by funding Indian media. Kejriwal will continue to lie and no journo will pose a counter question. Check next tweet
Remember, these folks converted Delhi into a Dharna city, gave massage machines and provided funds to khalistani supporters in delhi. All kind of support was given anti CAA rioters including riot support. Today, they don't like protests anymore. Image
Before the elections, they kept shouting that the 1st decision after winning the election will be do these things but did it happen, No?

Now, my guess is that he will announce some nonsense thing just before Gujarat and HP elections but it won't be a concrete decision. Image
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From India West California Newspaper
Kashmir Files’ Reveals Tip Of The Iceberg
March 21, 2022

The movie released in India called ‘The #kashmirifiles is a brave attempt to reveal the atrocities committed by the Pakistan sponsored Jammu Kashmir Image
Liberation Front and other Jihadi proxies and with conformity of a significant number of local Ijlamists in the Valley of Kashmir.
The atrocities were executed against the indigenous Hindu minority living in Kashmir during the 1990 and led to the genocide & forced exodus of
nearly 500,000 Kashmiri Hindu Pandits from the Valley.
However, what the movie reveals is like peeling the first layer of the onion.
The genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus, in modern day & age,did not begin in 1990 in the valley.
It goes way back to wen Pakistan army attacked the
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Why Aamir Khan is more Dangerous than Zakir Naik?
Aamir is a very intelligent operator. Unlike Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, he played it very well from the beginning. He made super-patriotic movies like Sarfarosh, Lagaan and Mangal Pandey and gained the acceptance and trust of
patriotic Indians. Then he surreptitiously & subtly started inserting his agenda into his movies.
Take the example of Rang De Basanti. Everyone who saw it hated George Fernandes and BJP govt for making a quick buck with corruption in Defence deals. This is exactly what
Sonia Gandhi tried to prove with Tehelka scam using likes of Tarun Tejpal. And who knows how much ISI would have loved to see the people who defeated them in Kargil War getting maligned in their own country as corrupt people who made money in soldiers coffins.
Aamir then started
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The stories shown in movie #kashmirifiles are true ones. Although, for the sake of movie they are clubbed together. The man who was killed in rice drum was B. K Ganjoo, a telecommunication engineer living in Chota Bazar. He was literally killed while hiding in rice drum.
The terrorists located him on the signal of a women in neighbourhood. After killing Mr. Ganjoo terrorists said “let the rice soak in your blood and let your children eat it. Ah what a tasty meal it will be” as remembered by his wife.
As the terrorists were leaving Mrs Ganjoo asked them to kill her as well but the terrorists replied “No, someone should be left to wail over his dead body”
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माझा नवरा कधीच कोणत्याही मुस्लिम व्यक्ती कडून काहीही विकत घेत नाही. काहीही खात नाही. एक एक वेळ असं झालं आहे कि मुस्लिम हॉटेल होत आणि दुसरं कोणतंच हॉटेल चालू नव्हते तर तो उपाशी राहिला पण नाही खाल्ला. मला नेहमी म्हणतो माझ्या कमाईतला एकही रुपया त्यांना गेला नाही पाहिजे.
ते जोपर्यंत अल्पसंख्यांक आहेत तोपर्यंत भाईचारा वैगेरे सगळं असत. जेव्हा बहुसंख्याक होतील तेव्हा काश्मिर पंडित प्रमाणे हाल हाल करतात. मला तेव्हा वाटायचं जरा जास्तच कट्टर आहे हा. काय गरज आहे एवढं कट्टर वागायची. पण आज पिक्चर पाहिल्यावर लक्षात आले कि तो असा का वागतो.
खूपच सुन्न झाले पिक्चर बघून. असं वाटत होत जोरजोरात ओरडवे, आक्रोश करावा. खूप guilt वाटलं कि आपण काहीच करू शकलो नाही. सर्वधर्मसमभाव च्या नावाखाली आपण किती गोष्टीवर व्यक्त होणं टाळतो.
देवा काय गुन्हा होता त्या लोकांचा? इतक निर्दयी का मरणं दिलस त्यांना?
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Duschinski, Haley (2014), "Community Identity of Kashmiri Hindus in the United States", Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans, Rutgers University Press, 1/10
#KashmirFiles #KashmiriPandits #KashmiriHindus #KashmirGenocide #KashmiriPanditsGenocide1990
The mass migration of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir Valley began in November 1989 and accelerated in the following months. Every family has its departure story. 2/10 #KashmiriPanditsGenocide1990
Many families simply packed their belongings into their cars and left under cover of night, without words of farewell to friends and neighbours. 3/10
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Duschinski, Haley (2014), "Community Identity of Kashmiri Hindus in the United States", Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans, Rutgers University Press,
#KashmirFiles #KashmiriPandits
1989 നവംബറിൽ കാശ്മീർ താഴ്‌വരയിൽ നിന്ന് കശ്മീരി ഹിന്ദുക്കളുടെ കൂട്ട കുടിയേറ്റം ആരംഭിക്കുകയും തുടർന്നുള്ള മാസങ്ങളിൽ അത് ത്വരിതപ്പെടുകയും ചെയ്തു. ഓരോ കുടുംബത്തിനും അതിന്റേതായ വിടവാങ്ങൽ കഥയുണ്ട്.1/10 #KashmirGenocide #Kashmir_Files
പല കുടുംബങ്ങളും തങ്ങളുടെ സാധനങ്ങൾ കാറുകളിൽ നിറച്ച് രാത്രിയുടെ മറവിൽ സുഹൃത്തുക്കളോടും അയൽക്കാരോടും വിടപറയാതെ പോയി.2/10 #KashmiriHindus #Exodus
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