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After Disturbing the 🎞️ OTT Industry,

JioCinema is set to charge 🤯 Rs 2 per day !!

Here are the Plans & Data you should know

[A Thread] 👇 ...

#jio #ipl2023 #MIvsRCB Image
1] - 🏏 IPL is going to be over, What Next?

As expected,

JioCinema is set to charge Rs 2 per day !!

Let me Explain in detail 👇
2] - JioCinema has already achieved 5.5 billion views in 1st week of IPL.

Now they are moving toward their next big step. So it was clear that

JioCinema's priority is to expand its user base & offer the IPL for free to achieve this goal.

As Hotstar did but it was paid. Image
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Just Watched #TheKerelaStory
Out of plex.. My 👇🏼
It is undoubtedly the boldest movie India ever produced
What amazed me most is the clarity n unapologetic approach it carries through out
the root cause the theological aspect of Islam is the focus here (1/n… Image
There is a scene where protagonist asks "jab Sharia law bana tha tab toh mobile nhi tha phir ladies ko mobile rakhna mana kaise...? "
Then she a pregnant lady is r@%ped
the r@%pist, her husband justifies it by quoting certain law
(2/ Image
Chopping hands for lipstick, ruthless killings,sex slavery.. every thing it shows is not just limited to visuals only
the movie doesn't shy away from discussing the theological aspects.Unfulfilled dreams of Aalamgeer Aurangzeb the nexus and global agenda, Sharia law,J!h@d..(3/ Image
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This movie is scary. As a parent, even scarier.

@adah_sharma has done a fabulous job.

The ease with which Hindu girls at an impressionable age can be brainwashed is frightening.

Hinduism's natural openness and acceptance can and is being used against it.…
@adah_sharma It is 1:35 AM in the morning. EO and I just got back from watching the #KeralaStory. I don't know where to start. There hasn't been a movie that has scared and distrubed me as much as this movie has, in a long long time.
3There has also not been another movie that I have connected to, like I have done with #TheKeralaStory .
Perhaps being a father helps. Being a father of daughters, helps even mor.
#TheKashmirFiles spoke about the past. This one, talks about the present. 3/n
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The anatomy of religious conversion. That’s what I went to see in “The Kerala Story”. Why would Hindus willingly forsake a way of life that offers so much freedom to explore, encourages them to pursue knowledge & self-awareness but doesn't condemn non-followers to hellfire? (1)
As the movie showed, it’s the trusting, vulnerable, rootless, & utterly unsuspecting ones. This is one of the boldest movies ever made, and just like in #TheKashmirFiles it’s a film that needed to be made urgently, however flaw-ridden it might be. (2)
The scenes could have been way better imagined, the dialogues could have been crisper and it was jarring to hear Hindi being interspersed with Malayalam in family conversations. Yet, the overall premise of the movie is powerful enough to make one tolerate the inadequacies. (3)
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Hope almost everyone’ve watched #TheKashmirFiles movie. Well, it was just the beginning of the entire documents lying below. Now wait to watch the remaining files. This yr 4 films’ll be released. Hindus should watch them & also encourage others to watch all 4 films
+ ImageImage
1) #TheKeralaStory Showing the truth about 32000 missing girls from Kerala. Releasing in May

+… Image
2) #TheDiaryOfWestBengal Showing what’s happening under @MamataOfficial Govt - Release date unknown
+… Image
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Are you ready to face the truth about the real-life stories of thousands of Kerala Hindu women? Brace your seats. #TheKeralaStory is Coming on 05thMay2023. Last year it was #TheKashmirFiles this year TKS. Bravo @adah_sharma You dared to portray, despite knowing #BoycottBollywood Image
will impose "unofficial ban" on you. Finally Hindu's genocide stories are told to the world.
Here’s the trailer 😞 very hard hitting
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As you read this, the history comes in front of your eyes.
On the evening of March 23, 2003, gunmen wearing military-style clothing showed up in the remote Nadimarg village of Shopian and asked the Kashmiri Pandits there to assemble outside.
The gunmen lined up the Pandits and then opened fire, killing 24 Pandits including several women and two infants.

Before, the massacre, the hijadis first went to the police picket, set up to safeguard Pandits of the village. Presently, 9 policemen had been posted here, while 20
constables had been withdrawn before the assembly elections. These nine cops were supposed to look after the protection of 55 families in a radius of 15-20 km

At the time of the attack only 5 cops were present. These poorly motivated policemen meekly surrendered their weapons,
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India right now is enjoying the centre stage of the world

India to hold G20 soon

India to held it first strategic dialogue with NATO

The voices of India getting permanent seat in UNSC are getting stronger

India is doing what it decides rather than seeking permission
India have allies that it wants & friends that it desires

India is right now among the fastest growing economies of the world

India is among the top GDP earning nations of the world

India right now is among the top countries who successfully managed Inflation this time
In the times of war & elevated dollar, India is one among the least impact nation

India is figuring out the trade in local currency & did it possible with nations already

India exports are increasing at fastest pace than ever

India will achieve 5 trillion economy this decade
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#thekashmirfiles - Life in Jammu in 90s part 5
Happier times.
-> Post 96-97, things slowly started getting better. Elders made peace with the situation and started feeling disgusted by Kashmir. Every day someone was shot dead, their bad karma was taking over...1
->Mom will cry a lot if any Army men were killed by these morons, she still feels gloomy if our Army brothers die protecting Kashmir. Few Pandit & Sikh families who stayed back were mass massacred from 1993-2005 ..2
->We felt safe in our new homes, but never missed any news on Kashmir, my dad was still posted in Kashmir. We were always worried about him...3
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2003 Nadimarg massacre , climax scene of #thekashmirfiles.

-> Nadimarg is not very far from my native village Frisal.
->Armed Islamic militants came dressed in counterfeit military uniforms to Nadimarg, near Shopian in the Pulwama district.[5][6] The attack took place between 11 pm and midnight.[7]
->Victims included 11 men, 11 women, and two small boys who were lined up and shot and killed by the gunmen.[8] The victims ranged from a 65-year-old man to a 2-year-old boy.[3]
src-> wiki
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#thekashmirfiles - Life in Jammu in 90s part 1
In march It had been a couple of days since I saw TKF, I was feeling anxious and barely slept a few nights. One night I woke up at 3am, vomited out our Jammu ordeal on paper and that felt like catharsis.
So here goes my story.
-> One random day in march \ April in 90\91, dates are blurry - but what I remember was mom waking and dressing us up at midnight, and while we were still sleepy and it was pitch dark outside our taxi starting from Anantnag
-> I, my younger brother, Mom Dad, and 2 cousins (~ 15 & 17), we all in a small 4 seater trying to adjust, carrying 1 small VIP attache few documents in it, 2-3 small bags & some of mom's gold jewellery.
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To those who think whole community was painted as villians in #thekashmirfiles.
Sir I recently visited my home town , met the neighbours which have grown up with my mother. he said - "please visit and stay with us during summer months" - when I asked him about target killing - he indirectly said " they want to come back and settle so locals feel irritated"
he even said , why don't you ask your uncle to get rid of his land here - what is use of keeping it as it is.
So basically visit as tourist - don't ever think of settling back here & sell your land. This is sentiment across Kashmir - so you call this mentality innocent ?
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#Breaking: #IFFI Jury says they were “disturbed and shocked” to see #NationalFilmAward winning #KashmirFiles, “a propoganda, vulgar movie” in the competition section of a prestigious festival— organised by the Govt of India.
🎤 Over to @vivekagnihotri sir…
Correction: #KashmirFiles didn't bag any
#NationalFilmAward, but its director/producer @vivekagnihotri did for #thetashkentfiles
#IFFI53 #TheKashmirFiles
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7 characters play a large part for Kashmir’s & Bharat’s sufferings.

Patriot Kak, Dumb Gandhi, Blind Sardar, Wicked Abdullah, Traitor Nehru, Cunning Mountbatten, Confused Hari Singh.

We forget that Jammu was Jambu, that gave its name to Jambudvipa, that became ImageImageImage
the name of our entire land.
What began as Kasyapa-pur and Jambu, and is today a truncated Jammu and Kashmir, is thus at the very core of our civilisational identity.

#PanditRamchandraKak is long long forgotten hero, but it is time to recollect and also question Nehruvian
Kashmir history.

On his Jayanti, let us learn little more about the Prime Minister of J&K during 1945 to 1947 who was also an archaeologist and brought out many books including Ancient Monuments Of Kashmir in 1933.

Ramachandra Kak, being a Kashmiri Pandit knew well how SUFI's
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Radicalisation & terrorism in Kashmir is a collaborative work of past 70 yrs between ISI+ Islamic terror orgs+ Abdullah+ Muftis+ Hurriyat etc. @INCIndia + commies have acted as ‘partners in crime’. New collaborators are @ArvindKejriwal & Khalistani groups.
The @narendramodi govt has been working with a strategy of integrating broken Kashmir with Bharat. Abrogation of article 370, infusing patriotism, exchange of govt officers, cultural infusion etc are brilliant moves. If this succeeds, @RahulGandhi’s Congress gets exposed.
Gandhis, Muftis, Abdullah lose their multi billion dollar empire. So this terror-nexus is provoking terrorists to succeed in creating a Genocide like situation. Desperate @ArvindKejriwal wants to increase @AamAadmiParty’s political footprint so they chose to play with fire.
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BJP dolts as usual are seeing the mirth in Bhagwant calling Harvard - Hayward. Obviously they’re clueless as to what AAP is doing - hijacking all teachers & professors through the lure of foreign junkets, fellowships and reciprocal sweet deals with foreign universities for
Obliging. They’re doing in 1 month what Modi hasn’t done in 8 years: understand and capture the narrative setting machine through nepotism disguised as capacity building. The joke is on you - not on Bhagwant. You’ll get retweets - he’ll get to write history.
This seems to be a huge lacuna with the BJP - what Rahul Gandhi is to Electoral Politics, Modi is to Institutional Politics - clueless, doctrinaire and always on the back foot. This is the reason #TheKashmirFiles had that like “Sarkar unka hai, par system hamara hai”
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#TheKashmirFiles’ movie banned in Singapore

The film can cause enmity between different communities, authorities in the country said.
#TheKashmirFiles, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, is based on the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the erstwhile state in the late 1980s and early 1990s due to militancy. It was released on March 11.
“The #TheKashmirFiles film will be refused classification for its provocative and one-sided portrayal of Muslims and the depictions of Hindus being persecuted in the ongoing conflict in Kashmir,” the #Singapore authorities said in a statement.
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Right now on a recording for @TimesNow with @RShivshankar , @_sabanaqvi jumped in alleging that I’m misquoting.

Due to lack of time I couldn’t rebut but will clarify in this thread.

She may respond should she have enough substance. Watch out as I populate the thread.
She alleged that I was misquoting the report as people from USA are not so gullible to talk about wrong issues

The Report clearly talks about Stan Swamy and questions why UAPA being put on him.

Fact of the matter is that NIA did file charge-sheet with evidences.
The charge-sheet did talk about his strong connection with CPI-Maoist through the letters exchanges between him and other Maoist Comrades?

Do u doubt those letters @_sabanaqvi where he clearly talks about offensive against so called "Fascist Government" through Dalits & Muslims?
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A thread👇🏻
On one hand,we are celebrating birth anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar ji,who was against the inclusion of #Article370 granting special status to Jammu & Kashmir.

But look what is being said going against the wishes&values of Dr.Ambedkar ji!…
And we’ve been hearing various statements by @NCPspeaks President @PawarSpeaks ji on #TheKashmiriFiles & it’s not surprising at all.
In fact,they are totally in line with NCP’s decades old track record of appeasement policy & politics and polarising the society on communal basis.
Here’s a recent example of what was said by him when his own Minister @nawabmalikncp got arrested for money-laundering linked with the activities of underworld criminal Dawood Ibrahim.…
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It's no wonder that Sanjay Kak, a dear friend of terrorist Yasin Malik, published this piece on #TheKashmirFiles in Al Jazeera of all places. He is a Delhiite who was neither born nor raised in Kashmir and has never experienced the fear of targeted killings and persecution.
4000 families still live there? Out of hundreds of thousands that left? That's a win? You don't even mention how they're still under attack and being killed today? Have you forgotten the 4 bullets pumped into Bal Krishan Bhat's body just last week?
Your talking about your relatives, your kin, Mr. Kak. How many should be in Kashmir today and how many faced exodus? You want to quibble about 200,00 or 500,000? What number means something to you? What number equals exodus? Inexplicable bean counting.
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Hitting out at the BJP, Nationalist Congress Party chief @PawarSpeaks accused it of creating a "poisonous atmosphere" in the country by spreading "false propaganda" about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley through #TheKashmirFiles.…
@PawarSpeaks "Such a film should not have been cleared for screening. But it is given tax concessions and those responsible for keeping the country united are encouraging people to watch the film that stokes anger among people," Pawar said.…
@PawarSpeaks "Pakistan-based terror groups were responsible for the attacks on Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims," he added.…
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#Kejriwal's dissing of #TheKashmirFiles movie is strategic and calculated.

He knows that outrage about the reality in the movie will not result in additional votes for #AAP.

But attacking it, he may garner votes from a certain segment. Hence the drama.

Remember that Kejriwal has no conviction, ethics or permanent stance other than grabbing power. He will say or do whatever is needed for that.

He will sing Hanuman Chalisa one day and cultivate jihadi elements who riot on the streets on another.…
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Endorsing a genocide? How dare you @raqib_naik.

I'm a Kashmiri Hindu whose family members were killed, faced ethnocide & ethnic cleansing.

I want those terrorists that perpetrated that violence to face consequences––only them.

That is what retribution means.

Delete the tweet Image
If you're a journalist & wanted clarification of my tweet, why didn't you contact me?

Instead you tweet the libelous claim that I endorse genocide of Kashmiri Muslims––many of whom are friends & neighbors––and tag hospitals where I serve people of all faiths & ethnicities.
^@HinduAmerican has shown that Naik is a consultant to @IAMCouncil & likely conspired with other groups to attack Hindu service orgs with claims they are funding genocide in India.

@raqib_naik gives us an excellent example of gaslighting that Kashmiri Hindus have long faced.
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Twenty eight senior journalists issued a statement on Wednesday appealing to all Indian constitutional bodies to "uphold their constitutional mandate" and take action against the increasingly frequent attacks against Muslims in the country.…
The appeal, titled, 'In the Face of Orchestrated Hatred, Silence Is Not an Option', begins by highlighting that the country, in recent years, has seen a "concerted amplification of hatred" as well as an "attendant advocacy of violence".…
The signatories are prominent journalists and include @thewire_in's three founding editors – @svaradarajan, @bombaywallah and @mkvenu1.…
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