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Despite distorted malicious narratives of foreign funded liberals;
walking-rubbing shoulders with lakhs of people for days in Prayagraj, I witnessed the unchanged basic ethos & undeterred faith in #KumbhMela .
🙏🏻@myogiadityanath for flawless arrangements.…
The Samudra Manthan & the struggle between Gods & Demons for Amrit signifies the struggle between knowledge - wisdom & ignorance,
when control over pancha gyanaendriya, pancha Karmendriyas is achieved, the Nectar begins to emanate in the human body called Ghat/ Kumbh. #KumbhMela
सितासिते सरिते यत्र सङ्गते तत्राप्लुतासो दिवमुत्पतन्ति ।ये वै तन्वं विसृजन्ति धीरास्ते जनासो अमृतत्वं भजन्ते॥-Rigveda, Khilsukta

He who bathes at the sangam attains Swarga, the courageous individuals who sacrifice their body in the #TriveniSangam attain moksha.
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#KumbhMela2019, the unreported story — part 1

City, blocks, roads
Tents, shops, toilets
Ghats, boats, jetties
Security, fire brigades, policing
Music, exhibitions, performances
Akhadas, enclosures, restaurants
Helicopters, buses, water ATMs

And that’s not a story?
#KumbhMela2019, the unreported story — part 2

22 pontoon bridges
40 fire fighting stations
40 police stations
40 watch towers
63 police outposts
84 parking areas for 500,000 vehicles
116 roads, 300 km in mela area
150 water tankers
200 water ATMs

And that’s not a story?
#KumbhMela2019, the unreported story — part 3

800 km water pipelines
1,000 CCTV cameras
4,200 premium tents
15,000 sanitation workers
20,000 dustbins
40,700 LED lights
122,000 toilets

And that’s not a story?
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This post set us thinking.
#kumbh2019 #प्रयागकुंभ #Prayagraj is much more than these.
Made famous as 'siberian birds' - these are actually named Palla's Gull. They are NOT from Siberia @PrayagrajKumbh @uptourismgov @incredibleindia.
Now we are starting a new series - #kumbhbirds
This is one of the rarest birds of North India and it is a very splendid sight to see. This is found only near river banks.
Spotted at #Kumbh2019 #KumbhMela2019 #kumbhbirds
@ornithology @upecotourism @BirdWatchingMag @BirdWatchDaily @uptourismgov @PrayagrajKumbh @incredibleindia
Found mainly in the jungles some of these are often found near cities and often unnoticed by people. They are also called 'seven sisters' as they are often found in groups of seven.
#kumbh2019 #kumbhbirds
@shantanug @UPGovt @kumbhMelaPolUP @upecotourism
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Apah Suktam - from Rig Veda (10.9) आपः सुक्तम् - 

आपो हि ष्ठा मयोभुवस्था न ऊर्जे दधातन।
महे रणाय चक्षसे ॥१॥
1.1: O Water, b'coz of your presence,the Atmosphere is so refreshing & imparts us wth  vigour &strength.
1.2: We revere u who gladdens us by your pure essence 1/n
Milords, is praying for water is communal?
यो वः शिवतमो रसस्तस्य भाजयतेह नः ।
उशतीरिव मातरः ॥२॥

2.1: O Water, this auspicious Sap of yours, please share with us,
2.2: Like a Mother desiring (to share her best possession with her children).
#Milords, Our forefathers were communals?

तस्मा अरं गमाम वो यस्य क्षयाय जिन्वथ।
आपो जनयथा च नः ॥३॥
3.1: O Water, when your invigorating essence goes to one affected by weakness, it  enlivens him,
3.2: O Water, you are the source of our lives.

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Kumbh Calling. Will be at Kumbh for the first time in life, traveling solo so no chance of getting lost, but let's see what I find & what finds me. If you are in #prayagrajkumbh for next 4 days, connect on. #travel #KumbhMela #kumbh
My Kumbh journey begins with Triveni Arti - live music, everyone singing along #travel #kumbhmela #Prayagraj
Baba Munna Giri of Ramanandi Juna Akhara, who lives on a 2.5 X 3 feet asana, even sleeps on that. A dhuni is always next to him. #travel #kumbh #prayagrajkumbh
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The world's largest religious gathering is a $150 billion business…
India’s Kumbh Mela 2019, the world’s largest religious gathering taking place in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh is expected to make the local state government as much as $150 billion in revenue.

#KumbhMela2019 #KumbhMela
Millions of pilgrims both from within the country and around the world visit the festival to take a holy dip at the confluence of three Indian rivers -- the Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.
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कुंभ में ध्यान रखने योग्य कुछ बातें -
1) एक दम स्नान के समय पहुँचने की योजना न बनायें। एक दिन पहले पहुँचें।
2) अगर अपनी गाड़ी से आ रहे हैं तो उसे निश्चिन्त हो शहर के बाहर आधिकारिक पार्किंग स्थलों में पार्क कर के संगम तक चल रही निशुल्क शटल सेवा का लाभ लें।

#KumbhMela2019 1/n
करोड़ो लोगों का आना जाना है, सुरक्षा से कोई समझौता अनेकों का काल बन सकता है, इसलिए @Uppolice के साथ सहयोग करें। ट्रैफिक इत्यादि की सुचारू व्यवस्थाएँ हैं। थोड़ा अगर चलना भी पड़े तो इसको इस महायज्ञ में अपनी आहुति समझें।
#KumbhMela2019 2/n
अनेकों रैन बसेरे बनें हैं, अगर दो से अधिक संख्या में आते हैं तो कहीं भी रुकें,केवल सोना ही तो है, अनेकों सार्वजनिक शौचालय हैं , निवृत्त होइए। नाक भौं सिकोड़ने से पहले सोचिये की प्रयास किस दिशा में हैं।
असंख्य भंडारे हैं कहीं भी भोजन कीजिये।
#KumbhMela2019 3/n
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Spirituality, politics and tourism: India's Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious festival, begins Tuesday. Here are some glimpses from the eight-week festival at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. by @AlasdairPal @dansiddiqui #KumbhMela2019 1/5
Authorities expect up to 150 million people, including a million foreign visitors, to bathe at the confluence of the river Ganges, the Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati. via @ReutersTV 2/5
Pilgrims, led by naked, ash-smeared ascetics will plunge themselves into the cold waters during the first Shahi Snan, or Royal Bath. Devotees believe bathing in these waters absolves people of sins and brings salvation from the cycle of life and death. 3/5
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