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1) Happy Birthday Blessings 🎂🎉🎂 ( Sorry it's a day late!)
I want to ThankQ for giving us hope by leading us to the truth that has always been inside of us, yet we were to blind to see. You brought many to Jesus and held a revival for those of us who..cont
2) for those of us who had gotten off our path. We Needed You and Our Great President Trump @realDonaldTrump
You have woken us up and opened our eyes slowly, like peeling an onion.. Our eyes filled with tears and it was painful, however, the result is #FREEDOM!!
From the .cont.
3) Freedom from the oppression, the Evil control they had over us. #Q, you were right. Once you know the truth you can never unknow it. There is no turning back. We #Patriots stand behind, side by side, and in Front of #Potus to protect him, the chosen one of God! Cont.
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Good morning.
Today, I'm sure there will be social morons on Twitter playing their "yabutt" games, telling us how we should feel ashamed, or calling us "phobic" because we point out what really happened on September 11, 2001.
Don't let them get to you. Block and move on.
18 years ago, we were attacked by Islamic extremists, bent on the destruction of our way of life, cheering as our brothers and sisters burned in fire, cheering louder as the buildings crumbled, taking even more to their deaths.
We do NOT have to tiptoe around the facts. We do NOT have to "watch our language". Speak up and tell the truth. These extremists were screaming "Death to America", calling us "The Great Satan", and saying we need to "convert or be destroyed" for decades leading up to 9-11.
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I traveled today and up on the mountain.
During my traveling I saw you Patriots. I did not take pictures but I saw you.
I saw Q and #WWG1WGA
Stickers on cars trucks and motorcycles.
Have a great weekend Patriots.
Smile. You never really know who sees what.
Thanks to you Civil and Military for the escort. You all are truly the best.
You put your lives on the line for Americans. Most unknown. Bless you.
#ThinBlueLine #QAnon
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1. It’s a good morning, IMO. We saw 10 politicians who sure seem determined to fight FOR the American people, FOR American values and FOR immigrants who long to to share America’s promise and prosperity. We’ll see 10 more quality candidates tonight. Mueller testifies soon...
2. Judges are ruling in favor of the enforceability of House subpoenas, ruling against Trump’s unsupportable claims (with more good judicial rulings to come on the executive privilege ridiculousness, IMO). On the flip side, Trump and his administration is imploding...
3. Trump recently announced he will commit crimes in the future by AGAIN accepting foreign information/interference in the upcoming elections. Yesterday, he told us that his private conversations with his boss, Vladimir Putin, is none of our business...
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1. If state court prosecutors have sufficient evidence to prove Trump committed crimes that violate state law, then the state prosecutors can and should indict him. This undoubtedly would result in modified “supremacy clause” litigation in the state court . . .
2. Although the Constitution’s supremacy clause isn’t directly applicable (providing that, when a federal law and a state law conflict w/one another, the federal law wins/is supreme), Trump’s lawyers would argue that those same principles prohibit a state court prosecution . . .
3. against a sitting president. But the benefits of a state indictment of a criminal president would be two-fold: 1. If a state court rules that a nothing in the Constitution prohibits a state from indicting & trying a criminal president, then we’re off to the justice races...
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“Some people did something” 😢 😭

This is so very hard to watch. We must never forget... Never!
We were all just Americans that day. Nobody cared about race or political affiliations. We were united in our grief for our fellow Americans.

Part 1 of 2 videos
2nd in thread
“Some people did something” 😢 😭

If this doesn’t rock you to your core .... you don’t deserve to walk the soil of The United State of America ! 🇺🇸

America is this why NYers are scared of muslims?


2nd of 2 part video
1st half in thread
Hearing the recordings of the victims last words are more chilling then anything.. so heartbreaking. I’ll never forget.
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1. Why impeachment? Well . . . Trump tried to steal the election by committing campaign finance violations AND by encouraging and accepting Russian assistance, including his campaign chairman sharing battle-ground polling data w/pro-Russian forces. He then obstructed justice ...
2. To try to cover up his campaign’s accepting Russian assistance AND lied to the American people about his business interests and aspirations in Russia. Trump refuses to even acknowledge what Mueller found to be sustained and systematic Russian interference in our elections...
3. Trump refuses to do anything to deter FUTURE Russian interference in our elections. The implications? Russia will double-down, unimpeded, and interfer in our 2020 presidential election to AGAIN help Trump. And the Dems are just going to let the 2020 election...
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1. The first two options to deal with Trump’s obstructionist conduct of declaring that administration members will refuse to comply with all Congressional subpoenas are ineffectual. Criminal contempt relies on AG Barr to do the right thing by having a US Attorney . . . .
2. pursue criminal contempt in court. Ain’t gonna happen. The second approach, civil enforcement, will involve a protracted court battle that could drag on for months. Here’s a third option: Congress could initiate impeachment hearings & subpoena every single witness with . . .
3. relevant evidence, every single witness the American people have a right to hear from regarding the crimes/misdeeds of this president & his administration. Then, we start calling witness to testify. If the witnesses comply with the subpoena then they testify . . .
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