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@HCSOTexas @SheriffEd_HCSO I have an important question & I also need to get this out.
I was at this hotel in Houston this past weekend. I was in the bathroom in my room. I heard a woman next door saying No No! Please! I don't want to do that! Please! No! No! Then I heard what sounded like a struggle or her getting beaten up with a dude yelling at her.
Then I heard what sounded like her getting thrown against the wall, which is the one shared with my room. So I heard it loud & clear.
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1. Capitol police are used to dealing with tourists. Street cops are used to dealing with the streets. I refuse to defame any agency. I #BackTheBlue. What happened on 1/6/21 was unacceptable, whether you believe testimony or not. We saw it. Comparing it to the BLM riots
2. Is a valid point, but it should not be perceived as a valid excuse. It upsets me when those who hate cops now want to feign support in order to prove some sick narrative. Police aren’t pawns or props for your divisive shit show. Those of you who compare what happened to 9/11
3. But ignore the fact that DC, along with almost every urban city in America was burning just weeks before 1/6, are the problem. Those of you who wear a mourning band across your shield when an officer is killed, but now want to call other cops cowards based on their version of
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Hi @townhallcom 👋

@treyterry and @ThomasGalvin did you the disservice of completely missing the story

Fault isn't w/@PhoenixPolice

It's due to @CityofPhoenixAZ @MayorGallego @yassaminansari @CarlosgAZ who have created a toxic anti-police culture…
. @townhallcom, Did you even check the stats of how many Police and 911 Operators have quit over the last year?

Did you even bother to check our surging violent crime rates?

Did you bother to see the rinse & repeat lawlessness coming from BLM/ANTIFA rioters from @marcoattorney?
. @townhallcom, there's definitely a story here on the collapse of public safety in Phoenix, but the lazy tweet fest you published isn't it

You blamed the wrong entity

You didn't even bother to research #DefundthePolice in Phoenix or interview City Council

Pathetic Reporting!
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(1) Since a lot of MAGA folk are stridently talking about Biden's comments today concerning 2A, here's my take on the subject.

Let's start with Don Jr endorsing Michael Malice's take on 1/6. (I only saw the @TrumpsAlert tweet bc Malice RTd it.)

(2) Michael Malice (who has a new book out) is known for some really effective pranking of the left from time to time, and for political commentary and satire.

His view of 1/6 below matches that of the MAGA movement.

(3) Indeed, the (supposedly) conservative answer to The Onion echoed the same view: Image
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| India vs Afghanistan Live Thread |

Although India's best chance came from Glan Martins' interception higher up the field, him dropping in the back-line to make it a back-four during the buildup has been crucial to the attack.

#INDAFG #WCQ #BackTheBlue @IndianFootball
India have been turning into a 4-2-3-1 out of possession and are defending with a consistent numerical superiority in most of the zones in the defensive and middle third, forcing #AFG to switch the ball often for finding gaps.

#INDAFG #WCQ #BackTheBlue @IndianFootball
India’s use of the wing-backs in the attacking phase drags out the central midfielders into the half-spaces, making the central zone of India’s defensive and middle third an open ground for Afghanistan to attack.

#INDAFG #WCQ #BackTheBlue @IndianFootball
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[BREAKING] Three Percenter Russell Taylor has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *SIX COUNTS* including conspiracy #SeditionHasConsequences #SeditionHunters…
Not sure why his wife is crying like a baby. It's not like she was the one getting beat over the head with a flag pole.
As you can see he is all about #BackTheBlue
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Tactical Analysis: Bangladesh vs India 🇧🇩0-2🇮🇳

The analysis talks about India's tactical play in all 4 phases of the game in relation to Bangladesh's strategies

#BANIND #WCQ #BackTheBlue #IndianFootball #BlueTigers #IndianFootballForwardTogether
India in possession: 1st phase
The Blue Tigers dominated the game with 74% possession. Bangladesh was very lenient with the press in the opposition half, hence the 1st phase of build-up was less challenging
India in possession: 2nd phase
The structural composition was key to progress the ball into the offensive half.
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It's necessary to correct the record a little bit about yesterday's Tampa City Council meeting about the #TampaCRB and the bizarre press conference that followed.
Tampa City Council began re-examining the #TampaCRB shortly after the murder of George Floyd.
The current CRB was formed in 2015 after then-mayor Bob Buckhorn short-circuited an earlier effort to create a CRB by issuing an executive order purporting to create one, and City Council followed by enacting an ordinance that tracks the executive order word-for-word.
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“Cops knew what they were signing up for. It’s part of the job.”

The same job that you could never do? No one signed up for disrespect. No one signed up to potentially die and have elected officials use your funeral as a photo op. No one signed up to have their children
be ostracized for what their parent does for a living. No one signs up to have their kid come home and say “Mrs. So-And-So says that you kill black people.” No one signs up for stress that destroys your heart. No one signs up for a professional antagonizer to abuse you.
No one signs up for depression. No one signs up for a strained marriage. No one signs up to lose family because they don’t get what you’re going through. No one signs up for their wife’s friends to openly criticize you because they’re “woke”.
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Hi .
Turn 10 ...
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Ok. So in honor of all police officers across this great nation, I’d like all of my brethren to post to this thread the best or worst call/situation you’ve ever responded to (or both)

Let’s show all of these cop haters that we aren’t robots #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter 💙🖤🙏🏼
So, here’s one of mine;

Responded to a possible jumper. Was on the alley side of the building while ESU was trying to set up the airbag. Lady on the roof ledge rocking back & forth on her tiptoes. Crowd is yelling “jump,” son is yelling up at her from a window “mom please, no!”
She tips forward & slightly pushes off. Her son’s scream resonates over the crowd. She hits a gate between the buildings & it splits her clean in half. Her bottom half lands by my feet. She was broken, trying to lift herself up. Didn’t know she was dead yet. I’ll never forget her
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1/ Found following informative #share/#RT.
"Progressive #CaboSteve, #ComradeCasar #BobbyFrancis & #SanctuarySarah are eMgaging w/a national chapter of a Muslim advocacy group-lobbying to vote against Prop B.
Does anyone..."
@ToddJeffries #TruthandFactsMatter #VoteFORPropB
2/ "...notice a trend & should we call out d wrong bad actors of that other party?"

Could this post cause suspension of users FB account, can't find anyone of that other party advocating for destruction of our ONCE #CLEAN & #SAFECITY!?

#VoteFORPropB to #SaveOurCity!
3/ One response...
"The explosion of homeless,
quality-of-life crimes, spikes in robberies & homicides will continue and worsen for the citizens of #Austin & ALL #Texans in the Capital city as long as #Austin’s local politicians remain in charge of our police."
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(1) My view on this: If true then, great.

Everyone with certain info should be an informant for law enforcement. It can save lives.

I'm really looking forward to the 1/6 court trials. Because I #BackTheBlue and some of those people caused the deaths of at least two cops.
(2) I said "at least" two cops to allow for more deaths to be reported in future.

Then while checking the spelling of a name, I found a THIRD cop is now dead.

Brian Sicknick was fatally assaulted. Howard Liebengood suicided. Jeffery Smith did too, 9 days after 1/6.

(3) I anticipate we will eventually learn what evidence suggested that these two officers suicided because of serving at the capitol on 1/6.

Tragically, LEOs in general have a higher suicide rate than the public. So do doctors, veterinarians, firefighters, & military.
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2:26pm: “I am making an urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance.”

A top Army official said he would not recommend that Sec McCarthy approve the request.

“I don’t like the visual of National Guard standing a police line with the Capitol in the background."
Two #Capitol Police officers suspended (one who took selfies with rioters and another who put on a MAGA hat and began directing them around), another arrested for their roles in the #CapitolRiots; another 10 to 15 are under investigation #TrumpCoupAttempt…
The guy who bludgeoned the fallen officer with a flagpole, declaring "Death is the only remedy for what's in that building" after the failed insurrection. (Link: )

Someone knows who this scumbag is.
ping @jsrailton @bellingcat
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I was critical of Democrats in 2016 for whining after Trump’s win.

I am critical today of Republicans for whining after Trump’s defeat.
If you opposed Democratic ugliness in 2016, you need to oppose Republican ugliness today.
As @JakeTapper just mentioned:
The President could stop this with just one tweet, but he’s choosing not to.
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MM's YEAR IN REVIEW: 2020 Photo Thread

JANUARY started out with a bang w/ @umaineCR
@MaineMayorNick @AdrienneMaine: FOUR different venues canceled our speaking event before brave Sabbatus, Maine townspeople welcomed us!…

FEBRUARY - on the road taking #AmericaFirst message to 500+ Liberty Forum patriots in Silicon Valley /2
FEBRUARY/MARCH - Detroit w/ #ProudBoys, Tempe w/ @ASU_CR #AmericaFirst, epic AFPAC in DC @NickJFuentes @JadenPMcNeil @CassandraRules @WhiteHovse #SteveFranssen /3
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🧵 12/24/2020 🧵
@DanScavino FB Posts
Dan has been busy today.

TS 5:13 pmE

360° pic reshared from WH
I did my best to capture it, but I apologize in advance. There’s a very good reason I’m not a brain surgeon😅
I believe the dates on the floor read as follows:
The curtains are also interesting.
Looks like a King & Queen crown with [Y]s

Drop notes:
513 - No outside comms.
1713 - Direct comms come in many different forms. ImageImage
TS 6:13 pmE Image
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Owen Shroyer out here with info graphics and making lots of false claims
Chanting "if they cheat, we wont concede"
Infowars leading
Left wing activist trying to walk through sidewalk barricade by InfoWars
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[Thread]About BLM ribs.Hijacking Riot Ribs with threats of violence, grifting, paying violent teens to attack people, reports of sexual assaults that have people in hiding, assault by Edreece and collab with #FarRight Context ⬇️Moving on to recent event 1/
2)There have been many threats made by current BLM ribs. They brandished and threatened with guns last Fri and threatened to "shut down"@PDXJail_Support (and did). Bradford (left) threatening journalist & Phil (right)(told some he is JP).
3)"Phil" motioning under his jacket and telling people to turn themselves in. They are filming and calling them out for taking houseless people's stuff. Video later in video shows Phil telling the story of intimidation. Full video
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Say hello to horny racist AnCap Bryan Reza!
Bryan lives in Lakewood, Colorado and has harassed participants of Black Lives Matter protests. He was identified after he started flirting with an anti-fascist sock puppet that he mistook for a neo-Nazi.…
This is Bryan's Instagram page @ datleandotjpeg, which he uses to post white supremacist memes, threaten to shoot his former roommate, post photos of his guns, and celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse. Let's jump in.
On Aug 26, Bryan shared an excerpt from an essay published on the white supremacist website American Renaissance. The essay argues for a white-led revolution in the United States on the specious idea that white people have better intellects and temperaments than Black Americans.
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This is another key piece of the puzzle. It wasn't just 1 Dem politician who's responsible for Denver Post whitewashing radical leftist ideology of shooter Matthew Dolloff. @9News had clear incentive to cover it up...and @denverpolice assisted the LIE.

Don't forget: @denverpolice, headed by police chief Paul Pazen who marched arm and arm with Black Lives Matter & presides over department that issued stand down order leading to assaults on #backtheblue rallygoers, LIED, too ==>

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Here’s video from Tig Tiegen’s @johntiegen Instagram right before Denver shooting. Patriots leaving after peaceful rally. Antifa/BLM had thrown soup cans (supposedly collected for homeless)at cops before shots fired. I’m hearing victim - patriot rallygoer- was shot point blank.
Screenshots showing one shooter (sources telling me there were two) as cops surrounded him. Am told another involved person ran from scene.

Am also told victim's friend/witness says he was shot point blank in in the eye. Face/chest covered in blood. #DenverShooting
Denver police now reporting that the shooting investigation is a HOMICIDE investigation...meaning the victim has passed away. PRAY!

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VFW Back the Blue Rally in Ft. Oglethorpe!


#gapol #ga14 #sass Image
VFW Back the Blue Rally in Ft. Oglethorpe!


#gapol #ga14 #sass Image
VFW Back the Blue Rally in Ft. Oglethorpe!


#gapol #ga14 #sass Image
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