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It must be exhausting to be #MeghanMcCain and be so privileged yet be furious with everything and everyone all the time. A couple years ago she blocked me on Twitter because of something I wrote about her in a column. Imagine being that laser-focused on your personal rage.
I felt empathy for her when her father was dying. My own father, younger than hers, had been dying for two years and it leaves you in a kind of altered state. But literally everyone, even people who dislike her, were seriously kind to her and she was still spoiled and awful.
I think what irks me about #TheView is how it has allowed #MeghanMcCain to weaponize her white girl privilege and use it daily to slap the rest of us and also, subtly, promote the narrative that women are basic bitches at core.
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@PeteButtigieg I am a gay man (like you). I went to law school (like @ewarren). I live in NY (like @SenGillibrand). I am from the midwest (like @amyklobuchar). My father was a veteran and died of a glioblastoma (like @SenJohnMcCain). I am a jew (like @BernieSanders). /1
I support Israel (like @KamalaHarris) I am Spartacus (like @CoryBooker). I want to see an end to Islamaphobia (like @ChelseaClinton). I support stricter gun laws (like @fred_guttenberg and @davidhogg111). I believe in child care for all (like @ewarren). /2
I believe in reforming criminal justice (like @CoryBooker). I believe in being a bipartisan (like @amyklobuchar). I believe our system is sexist (so much love to @HillaryClinton). I believe that if I could just go on #TheView and talk to @MeghanMcCain she would listen /3
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Now we know what we already knew. The sad reality of the left. The truth cuts like a knife 🔪 but we need it no matter how painful. #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool #TheView #NathanPhillips
When someone tells you who they are, believe them.
Patriots, I have said this all along the left and MSM are working in tandem to get rid of the president. DON'T LET THEM! Stick together.
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Like Obama, the liberal MSM or #FakeNewsMedia will give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a pass and not vet her. Don't be fooled. She is an empty dress in heels...carbon copy of a person. #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #BarackHusseinObama #WalkAway #Socialist #BernieSanders
The left is all about looks and nothing on substance. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows nothing and will be a nothing burger. She can take her style of politics to Venezuela and rest it there.
Next up for this girl or woman will be a talking head on #FakenewsCNN, #TheView or some other #FakenewsMedia outlet. You don't have to have substance these days. #Socialist
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All must remember Whoopi Goldberg is a comedian and not a journalist, not that it matters. She is not after the truth but ratings. She is an unhinged middle-aged black woman who is still on the Democratic slave plantation and wants to keep other blacks there. #WalkAway
Blacks like Whoopi don't want other blacks leaving the plantation so they will do and say anything to appeal to the emotions of blacks and get them to remain slaves to a system designed to hold them back. #WalkAway
#TheView and its host fall into two categories the black slave and the white liberal slave who serves as the gatekeeper for the slave master. The liberal slave befriends the black slave and makes them think they are equal but down without despises the black slave. #WalkAway
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We will Join the Class action Lawsuits if my account isn't IMMEDIATELY Removed from any & ALL lists/algorithms that Restrict ANY of my RIGHTS on Twitter

@Jack you have been legally informed & have 14days Notice by law
Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Judge Jeanine off The View after Pirro correctly stated,

"when people who shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of American citizens"

Democrats don't care when illegal aliens murder Americans
Dear @WhoopiGoldberg,

Since you had a tantrum & kicked Judge Jeanine Pirro off #TheView when she talked about illegal aliens murdering Americans

Kate Steinle & Edwin Jackson were killed by illegal aliens. Kayla Cuevas & Nisa Mickens were killed by MS-13
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1. #ABC cancels #ROSEANNE because of a bad joke that she apologized for....

It’s against their.....values...

Let’s talk about the “values” of ABC....
2. #ABC embraces #KathyGriffin in an obscenity-laced tirade on #TheView, who TOOK BACK her “apology” for her disgusting severed head photo of our #POTUS and threatened 11 yr old Barron Trump with a “beat down”…
Kathy Griffin’s “art”
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