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Alright, it's time for our fourth and final thread on the 1934 Anne of Green Gable movie. Y'all ready? #LainaWatchesAnne
#LainaWatchesAnne So when last we left Anne, she'd almost drowned and then decided to forgive Gilbert Blythe because he saved her life and the movie basically forgot the book existed. We also learned a year had passed since the hayride. The time passage was SUPER clear.
#LainaWatchesAnne By the way, we're a bit over an hour into the movie, which is an hour and eighteen minutes long. Are you... sensing a problem here?
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Ready for our third 1934 #LainaWatchesAnne thread? Today's gonna be a doozy.
#LainaWatchesAnne The day after the slate smashing, Anne is churning butter outside by the tree bench where Diana is sitting and making I think a beaded necklace or bracelet. It's a bit hard to see.
#LainaWatchesAnne Diana says she should have told Anne that Marilla didn't like Gilbert and that it's not his fault.

Brace yourself for this one because I don't think you're ready for it.
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Alright, I've got a bit of time before I need to go do a thing, so how about our second #LainaWatchesAnne thread?
#LainaWatchesAnne So it is the next morning, and Anne is picking at her breakfast. Props that they do show here Anne having trouble eating when she's so anxious about Marilla not letting her stay, and having Marilla be concerned about it.
#LainaWatchesAnne Marilla tells Anne to go wash up as Mrs Barry is coming up the path.

Reminder that Mrs Barry and Rachel Lynde have been combined into the same person in this. Still weird.
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Are you all ready to do something fun? We are going to be talking about an Anne of Green Gables adaptation today. #LainaWatchesAnne

The 1934 Anne of Green Gables by RKO Radio Pictures!
#LainaWatchesAnne Yeah, I bet most of you weren't expecting THAT, huh?

(Except @AnomriaReid. You get a pretend cookie.)
#LainaWatchesAnne But first some history.

The first Anne of Green Gables adaptation was a silent black and white film starring Mary Miles Minter who honestly seems like she was a super interesting person. Her wikipedia page was really neat to read.
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I don't have a chapter today but perhaps if you all wouldn't mind a little rambling, I'll talk about my feelings re-reading this and some of my overall thoughts and things along that line. I don't have any notes, so we're free-forming this today lol #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne First of all, in the course of whatever research I was doing at the time, I found a Heritage Minute which I think is really cool
#LainaReadsAnne (Heritage Minutes are these things we have in Canada, they're like minute long short films that teach you about Canadian history. They play on like CTV and stuff. They're actually really cool.)
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