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In addition to being a massive educational failure due to huge gaps in the curriculum. ACE Curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education), the curriculum currently used at Legacy was created exclusively for the use of “Segregation Academies” in the Deep South. #legacyofabuse
The authors of the curriculum are white supremests. They glorify the confederacy and southern slavers as “godly.”
Indiginous people are called pagans and sav***s.
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If we are so worried about groomers, when are we gonna stop old famous men from dating children?
If we are so worried about groomers when will we stop adults from telling children their clothes are too sexual for them to look at while they learn?
If we are so worried about groomers when will we stop adults from flirting with children when they are in compromised positions?

Ie. The dentist's chair.
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So what’s in these reports? Here are some pages of the reports about Legacy and what’s in them. These reports were written by Min of Education staffer, Mike Walters. 🧵
While Mile Two/Legacy has tried to trick the public with the ole “but we’ve changed” schtick, we can see from the admin reports they are still suspending students for what they do at home, or on the weekends. Completely against the policies in The Education Act. #legacyofabuse Image
Then there’s that big ole surplus Legacy Christian Academy is running up. That’s right, Legacy is running a major surplus, and has been for several years. Funny thing though, the surplus they end the year with, 75% disappears by the start of the next school yr. #LegacyOfAbuse ImageImageImage
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The people of this province should be asking Min Duncan, why was the Administrator at Legacy Academy removed in January and given a promotion, after he told former students it was his belief the school should be shut down. #legacyofabuse Image
1/2 staff who were conducting these “fluff” inspections (🚫3/year) since 2011 when QIS schools received your tax 💰is still employed. One has retired. If the Admins report from 22’ has the same problems as your inspection from 11’, the gov has turned a blind eye deliberately.
One of the last conversations a former student had with Legacy Admin Mike Walters, he called it a “culture of accepted deviancy” stated they should be “shut down immediately” & he had “submitted reports about the issues to Min of Ed”. #legacyofabuse
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Two years ago, a former student of CCA/Legacy posted on FB asking why Aaron Benneweis had never been dealt with at the time. The current pastor of Mile 2, Brien Johnson responded to this post #legacyofabuse ⬇️🧵
Here, current Pastor Brien claimed police and proper authorities were contacted. This is false. Through FOI, we received complaints made to Min of Ed, the school did not let Ministry of Ed know this had taken place. Brien also states the police were notified ⬇️#LegacyOfAbuse
This is also false. None of the staff of the church or school Director or Principal filed a police report at the time when they found out about this. They didn’t talk to any other female students to ensure there wasn’t any other victims. They covered it up. #legacyofabuse
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It’s been 500 days since I made my criminal complaint to @SaskatoonPolice about the pre-rebranded @miletwo_church, Christian Centre Academy & Christian Centre Ministries. 🧵#LegacyOfAbuse
As a student group, we decided to go public to the media in August w/ the help of @WarickCBC. This decision was based on length of time the Justice system takes, and the fact there were/are minor children still around ALL of the named defendants in the lawsuit. #legacyofabuse
I made my complaint in June of 2021, and 17 former students also made complaints before the end of 2021. Grace Academy (John O former cca head) operated that whole school year. Once public, we found out there was criminal complaints against John O in 2015 & 2017. #LegacyOfAbuse
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Inexplicably, the govt gives three Christian schools at the center of abuse allegations another chance including Grace Christian School. They already had no building after being essentially evicted by the church they were using. 1/8…
Despite dozens of abuse allegations including several against the director of Grace Christian School (formerly at Legacy Academy), they assigned a government hired administrator to try to make it work so this school could remain open WITH public funds. But it gets worse... 2/8
John Olubukun refuses to work with these government administrators even though the govt is literally bending over backward to keep this school open. Remember, they don't need to have many certified teachers or any regulated teachers. John himself is NOT a certified teacher. 3/8
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1/9 One thing #SKpoli hasn't talked much about is how the history of private Christian academies like Legacy Christian Academy (aka. Christian Centre Academy) are rooted in school de-segregation in the United States. Just Google "Segregation Academy."…
2/9 School de-segregation in the southern US spawned the private Christian school movement. Tuition was kept intentionally high to keep out people of colour & minorities. At LCA - the Sask Party subsidy equals $750K annually. #skpoli…
3/9 A lot of articles have been written in the US about how private Christian academies are funded by sympathetic right-wing governments through "vouchers" - essentially a government cheque handed to parents to provide a subsidy for private school. #skpoli…
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Well, I avoided it for a while but I finally brought myself to read through the “child training” manual written by Keith Johnson, former pastor of the church now called Mile Two.

Trigger warning: predictably it is incredibly distressing and problematic.

The entire method centres around coercive control to produce meek and obedient children who will never question an adult (this is slightly besides the point, but this is absolutely the perfect recipe to groom children for sexual predators)

Remember: only the devil gives options.
Susanna Wesley (according to Wikipedia, the ‘mother of Methodism’) is praised for apparently disciplining her children “until their will was broken.”

Consider me a liberal humanist because yes, I am shocked and horrified.
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A🧵about Sk Minster of Education Dustin Duncan’s latest CBC morning interview regarding #LegacyOfAbuse .
1.) when asked why the ministry denied having any complaints, Duncan doubled down, with a confusing spin on timelines. He was lying, and doing it badly.
2.) He and the @SaskParty @SKGov created the conditions where kids can be physically and sexually abused at school, forced to work on political campaigns, and exorcised for being queer, and his solution was to give himself MORE power.
3.) These new powers allow him to install an administrator at Legacy Christian Academy, Grace Christian School, and Regent Christian Academy. These schools are just now required to report when a criminal proceeding has been started against them.
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