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#Saskatchewan #COVID19 update from last week:
• hospitalizations set a new high mark with 403 (⬆️49)
• ICU total rises to 25
• 20 more deaths (half under 80, including one 20-39 and two 40-59; total now 1,275)
• test positivity steady at 13 per cent
#skpoli #COVID19SK
The previously reported high for hospitalizations was set on Feb. 3 with 384. That came when we were seeing a daily count. The 403 number is the tally on Wednesday at noon, so the total could have been higher on a different day. One of the flaws of weekly reporting.
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Sask. ERs are collapsing. The safety of care is severely compromised.

This thread is what ER are nurses are reporting.

“We have maxed out every viable option.”
“We have reached a tipping point.”

Many leave each shift in tears, fearful for their patients, exhausted.
Saskatoon ERs, April 13:

129 ER patients (RUH, SPH, SCH) & 66 DON’T HAVE A BED (fluctuating numbers).

Children’s mental health had a child wait 3 days in ER

SPH waiting room in a hallway & pts in old waiting room
Regina Pasqua ER had a physician last week go to the waiting room and plead with people to go see their family docs.
Last night (April 12), Pasqua had 14 admits no beds.
The General Hospital ER is typically working 5 RNs short on nights.
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1/6 Contrary to Dr Shahab's vague comments about plateau last wk. but well acknowledged by our medical profession, recent data indicate Sask is entering it's 6th COVID wave fueled by BA.2 variant:

1. SK lags behind E provs (and the US) which are well into this 6th wave. #skpoli
2. Wastewater viral load levels are up signif (700%+ for S'toon). PA's and NB are also⬆️.

3. Hospitalizations are ⬆️,ICUs are over capacity.

4. Outbreaks in LT Care homes ⬆️ by 175% last week

For many, especially the vaccinated, the virus is mild.
For others who cannot/have not been protected, and for the vulnerable, it can be deadly.

Of 44 deaths in SK the past 2 weeks, seven were under the age of 60 with two people 39 years or younger. So very tragic!
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There are many people in Saskatchewan, the current government foremost among them, who want to make a dash to nuclear power to solve the climate change problem. #skpoli
It's lazy thinking, and typical of this province to let the government go down a path of making huge malinvestments, because after all, it's easy spending someone else's money. There's a better way. #skpoli
"He turned on the insert gas fireplace. It burned with a pale blue flame with faint orange highlights that is nearly invisible in daylight, but it was 6:00 pm, mid winter Saskatchewan, and the fire was lovely in the dimmed living room. Demand for H is high and so are prices.
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Sask's pro nuclear crowd is fond of citing the safe running of nuclear energy that powers the metropolis of Toronto. How big is Bruce? #skpoli
It was the world's largest fully operational nuclear generating station by total reactor count and the number of currently operational reactors until 2016, when it was exceeded in nameplate capacity by South Korea's Kori Nuclear Power Plant. #skpoli
Power plants and war zones are incompatible. The cost of securing one has to be figured into the levelized cost (LOLC) of the power they produce. #skpoli
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There is one reason only why the Sask Party is committed to building nuclear reactors: they want to preserve the monopoly they have on the production and sale of electricity through a highly centralized system. Saskatchewan has the highest power bills of any province. #skpoli
Monopolies, be they private or public ones, suffer the same deficiencies: they become rent seekers, they don't invest in new technologies and ultimately don't give their customers what they want. SaskPower is nothing less than a taxation arm of the province. #skpoli
When Scott Moe campaigns on a promise to reduce your electrical bill by 10% for one year, you can be sure you are not getting the true cost of that electricity. The small nuclear reactors he is proposing are far costlier than alternative means to generate electricty. #skpoli
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Let's get personal. Today I had firsthand experience in a Regina emergency department after what has been a painful week. I had a lot of time to think and I want to share a few of my observations. /1
I've been advocating for wait times that are out of control under this government for years now. But I've been lucky I've had mostly good health, and have mostly only dealt with them secondhand. Today, I felt like I was becoming a statistic the longer I sat and waited. /2
It was really hard not to feel like a number as the hours went by. The doctors and nurses were run off their feet. Whenever I had an interaction with them, I could feel their warmth and concern - they treated me like a human being. But the waits made me feel invisible. /3
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And now we have two 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 I’m sure all of the liberals are feeling well 😂😂😂😂😂 you didn’t know that indirectly you actually voted for NDP 😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡. You really lost integrity
@JonathanWNV @liberal_party @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra @IndiaNewsNetwk
Keep the pressure on, Candice Bergen! You got my full support!! That’s his new mantra for everything and everyone but himself. Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR - @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP
He doesn’t like hearing the truth and has to spin it if he can. It's hilarious. Conservatives maskless and liberals all masked up 😂Trudeau is just a weasel. Now he is caught. @ndp back a TRAITOR @CanadianPM is a bent @liberal_party / @NDP @JonathanWNV @cafreeland @OmarAlghabra
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1) This is on Conservative Premiers who, from the start, gave succor to anti-masking protesters & other lawbreakers.

"In asserting that federal emergency powers are not needed in Alberta, Premier Kenney is misconstruing

#ableg #cdnpoli #skpoli #onpoli…
2) the real reason for this proclamation of a national public order emergency. The emergency is not just the blockades and occupations, which were always just a symptom of what really ails Canada as the COVID-19 pandemic nears the two-year mark.
3) In my view, the real emergency is a governance and legitimacy crisis for government. An emergency which was created by the very sort of lawmaking practices exhibited by the Premier and his executive in addressing COVID-19, only further exacerbated the absence of any
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1/7 Lifting mask mandates and other public health measures while so few children are vaccinated puts them disproportionately at risk.
Mask-wearing reduces the risk of indoor transmission, especially in schools and other group settings. @AdrianaLaGrange…
2/7 Public health officials are best placed to determine when immunization rates are high enough and conditions appropriate to lift protective measures like mask mandates.
3/7 We should be doing everything possible to reduce the risk of virus transmission in schools, and avoid the potential for further disruptions to in-person learning. @Sflecce #onpoli
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1/20🧵 I have some pretty big news to share #Thread #CDNpoli

I finally have all my specialized test results & it's much worse than anyone hoped or predicted. My life is going to be cut rather short due to physical complications with cancer & political complications with #Covid19
2/20 🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In the past 2 months, my lung cancer tumor has already grown. But yesterday we finally learned why I was falling & what injured my leg & back to make them so painful & too weak to walk anymore

I don't just have lung cancer. There's more...
3/20🧵#CDNpoli #Cancer #COVID19

In addition to the lung tumor, my left leg & hip are riddled with cancer. It began in my right leg too. All lymph nodes have cancer. Two spots in my spine have cancer (T5 & T12). Cancer in my left rib & right shoulder. 3 tumors in my liver as well
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One of the foundations of a democracy is trust in gov. It doesn’t mean we support the gov or don’t criticize the gov. It doesn’t even mean you have to ever support them. But the state has to have legitimacy for state policy to be trusted by the public #skpoli #cdnpoli
Democracy requires consent. But if the public thinks that governing is not about doing what is best in terms of making policy that has some basis in evidence, trust erodes. And if trust erodes too much, you have a crisis.
And if the state starts favouring-overtly or otherwise small groups or treats some groups radically differently than others—ignoring its own laws. The crisis deepens.
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Premier Scott Moe repeated falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccine at a press availability today. He claimed vaccines do not prevent transmission/infection against the Omicron variant. Experts say that is "completely false" #skpoli…
Moe cited data in Sask., where confirmed case rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated people are similar. He was it was "not debatable" that the vaccine is not preventing transmission or infection, though it still prevents hospitalization
An epidemiologist and virologist I spoke with said multiple studies consistently show the opposite. Vaccines are not as good against Omicron, but they do still provide benefits in reducing transmission and infection, especially on a population scale.
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School divisions have been left in the unenviable position of having to make public health decisions that fall far outside of their expertise. There is no consistency or transparency.

Families and school staff deserve to know how many cases are in their school.
There should be thresholds that trigger certain measures, and every stakeholder should know what those thresholds & measures are.
Instead of a predictable, transparent set of measures, our government opted for no plan. They opted for chaos. They opted to keep us in the dark. 2/7
This will not be our last wave, but let’s work together to make sure this is our last wave without these things:

🟠 N95s for students and staff
🟠 Transparent public documentation of air quality reports for each classroom. Clean air must be our minimum standard for schools. 3/7
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#SKPoli 2021 Year in Review!

There’s no particular order, but I’ll start in January.

Here we go! (a thread)
After holding off new measures for as long as possible—in spite of urgings from the CMHO to do more, Moe was finally forced to cancel Christmas after letting things get out of control. It was too late. By early 2021 we were leading the country in case rate with deaths piling up.
Regina City Council suggested banning O&G from sponsoring municipal facilities/events, in line with their goal and messaging to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Moe, always demanding the feds to stay in their lane, jumped on Twitter to threaten funding cuts if council proceeded.
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Do you wish that government listened to the regular voter? Is there something you would like to see done differently? Are you passionate about policy? If so, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party (SLP) invites you to submit ideas for the Saskatchewan you want to see!
As we prepare for our 2022 Policy Convention, we are encouraging interested residents of this province to submit policy resolutions. We want to know what matters most to you to ensure you have the opportunity to be heard.
Although crafting policy is serious business, it doesn’t mean there is no fun involved! Speak with your family, neighbours, friends, and colleagues; host gatherings to discuss what you would like to see a provincial government accomplish.
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Private surgery in #saskatchewan will transfer public dollars into private pockets. It will add a layer of costs.

Increasing capacity of our public system would be more efficient. #covid19sk #skpoli @drkyle @ShellyRiffel1 🧵/ 1
Setting up private surgery within public health system is likely a step towards full privatization where patients would pay directly for for-profit surgery in contravention of the Canada Health Act. #covid19sk #skpoli @hinz_tamara / 2
This potentially explains Moe's bizarre flirtation with separation / separatists. It's not about a distinct “Western Canadian” or #SK’s “distinct culture,” it's about defying federal jurisdiction in order to advance their privatization agenda.#covid19sk #skpoli @SUNnurses / 3
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Are you having a hard time keeping track of what the Education Minister has been up to?

I don’t blame you.

After downloading all his responsibilities to divisions, he’s now meddling in public health decisions that aren’t good for his local politics.


#skpoli #sask
Back in August, while the Minister took the summer off, case counts began to skyrocket. The SHA created a back to school plan to better protect children for the fall term.

The Minister opted to ignore it.

#sasked #skpoli #sask…
Not wanting to face potential criticism, the Minister downloaded all of the responsibilities, leaving decision-making to the local school divisions to work with their local medical health officers.

#sasked #skpoli #sask…
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Yesterday, I posted a thread about why I joined the NDP. I expected to catch some criticism over it, and was surprised. Criticism was very mild, at most. And mostly from the left, interestingly. It got me wondering, how does it connect to the larger struggle in #skpoli? A 🧵
The right in this province has defined itself by reactions. They tend not to put "Legislative security" or "Summary budgeting" on the back windows of their trucks. It's all about "F Trudeau" or Calvin relieving himself on a Ford logo.
So how does the left define itself? That's the tough part. It kinda doesn't. For all of its issues, the Sask party is excellent at building a coalition. They rally around common foes, or common grievances. They don't deal with subtlety.
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So how has the political conversation and climate in #skpoli become so broken? Well, that's a big question. There are a couple of factors. I'll discuss them here, and how I think we can address some of them. Unrolled at the end. 🧵...
The first, and most significant factor is social media. There is an insidious online pipeline that leads people into hateful and extreme comments/views. (extended video below. It is an essential watch for...literally anyone taking part in online forums.)

People post articles, and they start spamming comments about Trudeau, or Liberals, or NDP, or whatever grinds their gears. But there's something worth noting. They never, ever engage with the content. They just attack the person. Usually by instantly attacking them with a label.
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Yesterday, I made a fairly big claim, that the Sask Party has become completely ideologically driven. How did this happen? What can we do about it? Come with me for an exploration of the issue. I'm enjoying these threads, so join me for another #skpoli 🧵. (Unrolled at the end)
The Sask Party was originally founded to try to coalesce opposition to the then-dominant NDP, and to rebuild the badly damaged conservative brand in the province (Highly topical Grant Devine thread upcoming).
The Canadian west had been on a steady walk towards the political right for the last 50 years, so it was a logical step. And for what it’s worth, conservatism isn’t automatically bad. The ideal healthy political climate has a balance between progressivism and conservatism.
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A few nights ago I struggled to sleep. Insomnia is definitely common among health care workers as we struggle to process the past 2 years of #COVID19.

Very little sleep, so I got up early yesterday morning to write and send @PremierScottMoe a letter.


Dear Premier,

This HCW writes you this am as we are coming down off of #WAVE4 of COVID-19, the deadliest, the most excruciating 1 for SK yet.

I am beaten down, barely functioning & exhausted in every way.

Yet somehow I am still fighting, so I write you this letter today.

I live in Prince Albert & I have worked here as a Public Health Nurse for 16 yrs.

The former PAPHR, that’s your home health region & I bring this up because I care what happens to the people you represent. Those people are my real life clients in health care.

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Today Premier Moe gave a State of the Province address that completely ignored the health crisis that his government created.

The state of our province today is that Saskatchewan has the highest active case rate and the lowest vaccination rate in the country.
🧵[1/6] #skpoli
The state of our province today is that ICU patients are being medevac’d to Ontario while the Armed Forces are being flown in to provide care.

The state of our province is that more than 800 people have died from COVID, including 117 people lost in October alone.
🧵[2/6] #skpoli
All of this is happening because Scott Moe is putting politics ahead of Saskatchewan people’s lives, and all of this was ignored in Scott Moe’s address today.
🧵[3/6] #skpoli
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shame on you Scott Moe. shame on you.

stop talking. get over yourself. DO YOUR GD JOB.

imagine the audacity of a man, waxing poetic with pure political rhetoric, when the entire province he's in charge of is collapsing.

hundreds of people dead or dying. many more will die.

that blood is on your hands, Mr. Premier.

shame on you.
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