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In addition to being a massive educational failure due to huge gaps in the curriculum. ACE Curriculum (Accelerated Christian Education), the curriculum currently used at Legacy was created exclusively for the use of “Segregation Academies” in the Deep South. #legacyofabuse
The authors of the curriculum are white supremests. They glorify the confederacy and southern slavers as “godly.”
Indiginous people are called pagans and sav***s.
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A question everyone should be asking: WHY has #cdnmedia failed to report on one of the biggest political scandals in decades. O’Toole & #CPC colluded w/ #Conservative premiers to delay implementing covid measures until after #elxn44vote. People died as a result #CovidInquiryNow
The very next day after #elxn44vote, #JasonKenney shuffles Shandro, #ScottMoe flies under the radar & the UCP sends an official request to the Trudeau gov’t for help. (Because of jurisdiction the feds must be invited). Something UCP could’ve done weeks ago. #CovidInquiryNow
I’d just like to underscore this point. The letter sent by Ric McIver the day he replaced Shandro, is extremely revealing. A “State of Public Health Emergency” was declared on Sept 15, but no formal request was made to the Trudeau gov’t until immediately after #Elxn44. #ABleg
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🧵 Far-right, anti-choice #Conservatives in public office.

This is Michael Barrett, #CPC shadow minister for “ethics”. Barrett routinely sends profoundly dishonest mail-outs to his constituents, which only occasionally get challenged by the targets of his disinformation #cdnpoli
Barrett is cut from the same broad cloth as #PierrePoilievre, Derek Sloan & other #Conservative members across 🇨🇦. All of them helped into power by far right anti-choice organizations like Campaign Life Coalition & “RightNow”. #cdnpoli #CPC
Both CLC & RightNow are far right disinformation dispensing anti-choice groups whose members oppose abortion even in the case of rape & incest. Their extremist positions even target #Conservatives with less extreme views. #cdnpoli
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It’s absurd to equate ideologically driven propaganda with journalism, but @JohnIbbitson & @globeandmail will try.
Failure to see the direct line between the same rhetoric & tactics that led to #TrumpInsurrection & what 🇨🇦’s political right has been doing, is willful blindness.
#JeffBallingall #HamishMarshall & others on #CPC’s team, like #RebelMedia, not only use mirrored messaging, propaganda & disinformation as seditious #Republicans, there is eerie coordination in their playbook, manufacturered conspiracies & who supports them. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
From members of #CPC, including #ErinOToole, on the disinformation dumpster fire that is #Parler (aka #NaziTwitter) to provincial #Conservatives obvious chummy relationships with crypto-fascists of the #GOP, draws clear & obvious lines between 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸’s political right. #cdnpoli
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Take a look at this vile lie being spread by #ErinOToole #JeffBallingall & #CPC. Look at this & tell me the political right isn’t colluding to overthrow democracy. Btw, the strengthened election laws are designed to limit #DarkMoney funding. #cdnpoli #TrumpTreason

H/t @samifouad Image
I’m attaching this old thread on Jeff Ballingall, since people need to know just how dangerous to democracy the #CPC has become.
#cdnpoli #ONpoli #ABleg #MBpoli #Saskpoli #BCpoli #QCpoli
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Thread: Noticed a pattern in the recent spate of parachuted Conservative candidates for the upcoming Federal Election. It seems that they all share strong pro-life views. Just a coincidence? Decide for yourself. #Ableg #Cdnpoli #Canpoli #Onpoli #BCpoli #Mbpoli #Saskpoli 1/5
George Canyon – Parachuted to Central Nova Scotia. Strong Religious background. Has performed at many churches and pro-life events. 2/5 #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
Nelly Shin – Parachuted to Port Moody-Coquitlam in B.C. from Ontario. Strong anti-abortion stance. 3/5 #BCpoli #Cdnpoli #Canpoli…
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