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Exclusive: Alberta wants Ottawa to commit to $30b to spur construction of large-scale industrial carbon capture projects - key to blue hydrogen and helping lower emissions in the oil sector. By ⁦@KellyCryderman⁩ and me. #cdnpoli #ableg #cdnecon…
Aside from ⬇️ emissions, Nat Resources Minister O’Regan told CERAWeek CCUS is key for jobs for workers moving from oil & gas. “We think that lowering emissions by having them work on CCUS projects is going to be really important.” #ableg #cdnpoli #cdnecon…
The IEA also says carbon capture will be key to energy transition/lower emissions, and costs have fallen significantly. Bonus! Here’s a pic I took of Lindsey Graham visiting the Boundary Dam CCS plant in SK in 2015 as part of a bipartisan US group. #ableg #cdnpoli #skpoli Image
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1) Conservative Premiers & #cdnmedia are blaming PMJT for vaccine delays & want to see Pharma contracts.

Some are accusing PMJT for taking vaccines from poor countries (COVAX) which is not true.

#abpoli #skpoli #mbpoli #qcpoli #onpoli #qcpoli #cdnpoli…
2) Vaccines coming thru COVAX were always meant to benefit Canada & poor countries. We're also one of COVAX's top donors so that poor countries have access to vaccines.

PMJT "...encouraged premiers to tell their constituents ... that weekly disruptions in supplies are to be
3) expected, but that he has been assured by the CEOs of both Pfizer and Moderna that they will meet their contractual obligations to Canada to provide a combined 6 million doses by the end of March."
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Conservative apologists say that Saskatchewan isn't a very racist or misogynistic place because overall people here are good. And yet our top political leader killed a mother with his truck, and didn't spend a day in jail for it, nor for his drunk driving charges.
Then he went out of his way to avoid meeting with a peaceful protester asking for his government to address a suicide crisis, from the same parking lot the Premier happily met Yellow Vest oil terrorists in. This was after the Premier tweeted a Confederate flag.
If we wanted to disprove the idea that Saskatchewan is a backwater, it would go a long way to have elected a doctor or an organic farmer to lead the governing party, instead of one with Ministers who vacation in the US during the pandemic, while their party takes oil $$$.
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OK #ableg #mountainsnotmines #defendabparks I read up on the Ram Coal Corp leases near Nordegg.

Another thread on one of many coal companies aiming to set up shop in Alberta, putting our mountains, water, and nature at risk.

Today's focus: Water 1/10

⏬🚨⏬THREAD ⏬🚨⏬
Here's a map of Ram Coal Corp's leases and their "Aries" project. All on former cat 2 land where open pit coal mining would have been prevented by the now rescinded 1976 coal policy

200+ sq km of leased land for coal exploration, only 15km from the N. Sask river. 🏞️
Remember @albertandp plan to protect the Bighorn Wilderness that the UCP were angry about and scrapped?

"There was a tremendous amount of economic concerns and questions that were not answered." - Jason Nixon

Economic concerns like....coal mines?🧐… 3/10
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Premier Moe should not be retweeting Toronto Sun/CTF garbage. Eighty percent of those who receive the rebate absolutely do save money. The issue is whether people are applying to receive it, which they must do. /2 #cdnpoli #skpoli
2/ Many people seem to miss the rebate line (45110) on their federal tax-return, which they must fill in in order to receive the *fully* refundable tax-credit. Or, they aren't filing a return at all, which they must do to receive it. /3
3/ Even if a person has no income or no taxable income, file a tax-return and claim the rebate. It is fully refundable, meaning that it doesn't matter if income is earned or there is taxable income. /4
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Moe pace of vaccine would be top 10 worldwide in Sask. was a country.

He says Sask. only trails PEI within Canada.

He says Sask. will run out of vaccine shortly at its current pace.
Moe says Sask. will have to adjust its vaccine plan in the short-term due to fewer doses being sent to the province.

Moe: “Life will get back to normal when the majority of the population is vaccinated.”
Shahab says even with reconciling active case backlog Sask. will lead country in active cases and seven-day rate.

He calls this “very concerning.”

He says current restrictions are enough to slow spread if they are followed.
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1/4 I understand the #FakeNews print edition of #EpochTimes was delivered to mailboxes across Canada

It's important to know what to be concerned about, who's behind it & why they'd target #CDNpoli

See thread

#ONpoli #BCpoli #ABleg #SKpoli #MBpoli #polQC #NBpoli #NSpoli #NLpoli
2/4 See military history

1992 Li invents #FalunGong/Taoism…

2000 Tang invents #EpochTimes/Mercer-Bannon $$…

⚠️Li ruled Tang Dynasty/history repeats/#Uighurs⚠️

Li & Tang today
3/4 If you read those links in their entirety, you'll see it's no small propaganda op. We're talking about a nearly identical repeat of history, by decedents of the original Chinese Tang Dynasty via parallel political/military conditions that cover everything from Iran to Uighurs
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Senator Batters seems unaware that even the US is releasing second-dose reserves for first shot use because States are finally ramping up. Matching supply and demand is not like buying a litre of milk at the corner store. One would think a senator would...well... #cdnpoli #skpoli
Considering that Senator Batters does not have to defend an incumbency in an election, this must be about Conservative colleagues and future candidates. In other words, she's campaigning from the Upper Chamber.
And that campaign is not based on anything cerebral; it's based on engendering Trudeau-hate. Pathetic.
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An employee came to me last week and asked to move to 80% time. Her husband, she said, was taking on some extra responsibility and they were having trouble keeping the kids on track during remote learning.

I said no.

#sktech #skpoli #cdnpoli #COVID19SK #covid19
Women in the workplace have been disproportionately affected by COVID, erasing decades of gains. And it's easy to see why when women typically earn less (even for the same jobs) than their partners.…
Every reason my employee gave was valid and rational (we hire great people), but the base assumption was wrong.

The assumption was that we should expect the same thing of our work lives now in terms of productivity and time commitment that we did with pre-COVID.
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Shortstaffed. Crowded. Crumbling infrastructure. Four residents to a room.

There needs to be an inquiry into Extendicare Parkside long-term care home. Now.

Almost every single resident and staff member at Parkside has tested positive for #COVID19SK. Many have died. (1/7)
And let’s be clear: the conditions that caused this didn’t come out of nowhere.

Workers, residents, and family members have been pointing out the failure of the Sask. Party government to address urgent needs and dangerous conditions for a long time. (2/7)
The issues at Parkside have been → years ← in the making.

Let’s look at the government’s own CEO Tour Reports of this facility, starting back in 2013. (3/7)
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Dec 11

Tonight's thread on #Canadian #COVID19 deaths, & long-term/personal care/retirement homes

We will have 1000s of deaths before New Year's. Vaccines will take months to protect most at-risk.

Please protect your fellow #Canadians.

If you can, #StayHome
Dec 11

1 of every 34 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since Feb

1 in 71 in BC
1 in 112 in AB
1 in 153 in SK
1 in 44 in MB
1 in 36 in ON
1 in 22 in QC

1 of every 5 Cdns with C19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 3,107 new LTC cases in last 7d
Dec 11


#COVID19 is in top 5 largest mortality events in Canadian history.

The only larger death tolls: World Wars I & II, 1918-1920 flu & AIDS

This week 746 Cdns died of C19. 1000s more will die before New Year's.

Please prevent more deaths by staying home.
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Australia a police state?!? Scott Moe tried a line like this today as well, to which I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nah. Life is basically back to normal and everyone’s at restaurants and bars and hanging out with friends and family. #ableg #skpoli
In fact I just got off the phone with my 91-yr-old grandmother (in remission from breast cancer) and she had to go because he ride was there TO GO TO THE DAMN GROCERY STORE. Sure. Yeah. Absolutely terrible job they’ve done, so that my grandma can go out shopping 🙄 #ableg #skpoli
The thing my grandma is most upset about with covid is she feels bad she might have not socially distanced properly every time she asked people to pat their dogs. She’s 91, “if I’d known I was going to live this long when my last dog died, I would’ve got another one.” #ableg
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Dec 8

1 of every 34 #Canadians with #COVID19 has died since Feb

1 in 71 in BC
1 in 113 in AB
1 in 161 in SK
1 in 53 in MB
1 in 35 in ON
1 in 21 in QC

1 of every 5 Cdns w/ COVID-19 in long-term, personal care & retirement homes has died

There are 3,225 new LTC cases in last 7d Image
Dec 8

#Canada #COVID19

Case fatality rates since start of epidemic Image
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Thread on 🇨🇦 #Covid19 data for Dec. 02/20:

Ontario reports 1,723 new #coronavirus cases, 35 more #Covid19 deaths Wednesday; 656 pandemic patients hospitalized, 183 in intensive care… via @cbcnews #cdnhealth #onpoli /1
Québec registers 1,514 #coronavirus cases and 43 additional #Covid19 deaths Wednesday; 740 patients hospitalized, 99 in intensive care… via @JdeMontreal #cdnhealth #qcpoli /2
Manitoba reports 277 new #coronavirus cases,
14 more #COVID19 deaths Wednesday. Hospitalizations hit new high at 351, including 51 patients in intensive care… via @cbcnews #cdnhealth #mbpoli /3
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Back by sort-of-popular demand....
A quick cross-country round-up of 🇨🇦#COVID19 data for Tuesday Dec. 1, 2020.
Thread. 1/
B.C. announces 656 new #coronavirus cases, 16 additional #Covid19 deaths on Tuesday; 336 pandemic patient in hospital, with 76 in intensive care… via @cbcnews #cdnhealth #bcpoli 2/
Alberta reported 1,307 #coronavirus cases and 10 #Covid19 deaths Tuesday; 479 patients hospitalized, 97 in ICU. The number of active cases in the provinces hits 16,628.… via @cbcnews #cdnhealth #abpoli /3
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And another week begins....
Ontario reports 1,746 new #coronavirus cases, 8 additional #Covid19 deaths on Monday; 618 pandemic patients hospitalized, 168 in intensive care; province completes almost 40,000 tests; 4.4% positivity rate… via @CBCNews #onpoli
Québec records 1,333 #coronavirus cases, 23 more #Covid19 deaths Monday; 693 patients hospitalized, 94 in ICU; province conducts more than 27,000 tests, positivity rate 4.9%… via @JdeMontreal #qcpoli
Manitoba reports 343 new cases #coronavirus cases and 11 #Covid19 deaths Monday. Record 342 patients hospitalized, 43 in intensive care… via @CBCNews #cdnhealth #mbpoli
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The Premier and his government have once again been back-tracked on their response to the surge in Covid-19 cases in Saskatchewan. Only a few days ago Premier Moe stated no new measures were being contemplated. #COVID19SK #skpoli
Last Friday the Health Minister announced masks would be mandatory in certain communities but not others. Today the mask order is now mandatory for all of Saskatchewan. The inconsistency and lack of clarity is constant and disruptive.
The premier also acknowledged today that previous measures have been confusing. Unfortunately, that continues to be the case. Families, communities and businesses need certainty in order to follow the rules and keep people safe. Constantly shifting the goal posts is not helpful.
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Here are measures effective Nov. 19.

Mandatory masks province wide.

Long-term care visits restricted.

Private gatherings now 5.

Party buses/limos prohibited.

Work from home encouraged.

All are in effect for 1 month. #skpoli #covid19sk
Premier Scott Moe: “Our numbers in this province are not good.”

“Each and every one of these numbers represents a Saskatchewan person.”

Moe says “some will die.”

Calls it a “slowdown” not a lockdown.

Moe says the hospitalizations and ICU are going in the wrong direction.

Dr. Shahab calls it a “first sustained wave” and that it’s “rapidly accelerating.”

Says on average every case has 5 to 8 close contacts.

Calls this trend “not sustainable” #covid19sk
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Nov 13 update

#COVID19 cases, deaths

#Canada, provinces
•Comparison to country peers (high income, pop >20M)
•Longterm care, retirement homes
•Weekly, daily % changes (7-day avg)

See thread

Data: @covid_canada @NoLore @RyersonNIA @CIHI_ICIS @OurWorldInData
#COVID19 DEATHS/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 10+4%
MB 9+7%
AB 4+5%
ON 4+3%
BC 2+3%
SK 1+19%

#COVID19 CASES/100K (+% daily growth rate)

QC 711+3%
MB 697+6%
AB 575+4%
ON 359+3%
BC 327+4%
SK 251+6%

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I had a flat tire the other day. A younger male hopped out of a truck with Ontario licence plates and asked if I needed any help. If there was anything he could do

"Go back to Ottawa, you are being devisive and unhelpful" I bellowed channeling my inner Scott Moe 🤣
He even gave me money. Can you imagine the audacity?

I mean I took it and bought supper for my family but it will be a cold day in hell before I'd give him any credit. Am I doing this right Scottie?
If you can't tell this is all sarcasm pointing out how absurd Goofus has been in dealing with the Federal government. Its hurting the people of this province far more than any meddling coming from Ottawa. Why hasn't the Sask Party spent the money the Feds gave us?
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What does a healthy, properly staffed & resourced, non-clusterfuck covid-19 testing and tracing system look like?

Let me show you using this overlay of Saskatchewan's publicly available data up until a month ago:
I've scaled the values so they overlay more nicely, to make it easier to see which ones go up first and when they come back down.
First - cases and test positivity go up as new cases are discovered
Next - the tracing backlog gets bigger as contact tracers get to work
Third - Active cases accumulate as even mild cases take a week or two to resolve
Fourth - Tests go up as contacts get informed to get tested
Fifth - If contact tracers get ahead of the outbreak cases and positivity drop
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On the #skpoli election, I have been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and reflecting today trying to decipher what happened and why the SK electorate once again went overwhelmingly to the conservative Sask Party. No easy answers here but a few thoughts: #SKVotes2020
1. The economy: there is a consistent trend in this province that economic stability and moderate growth is an economic success story.
The job numbers are relatively healthy and the close relationship that the SK Party maintains with large and small businesses in the province has helped a great deal in cementing their image that they're the best party to 'run' the economy.
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Yesterday we posted about the number of schools with confirmed Covid cases in them. Do you know where to find that information? NOT from @SKGov. (A thread 1/4)
Instead, families and community members are forced to rely on leaked letters from the SHA and journalists are forced to press school divisions for confirmation of rumours of Covid cases in schools. (2/4)
Other provinces have mandated school boards to publicly disclose all Covid cases (with steps taken to maintain patient privacy) - why won't Saskatchewan? (3/4)
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❗ WARNING: LONG THREAD, but it's important ❗ In 2017, the #SaskParty cut #STC, leaving thousands of people across our province stranded. 🚌

Since then, I've heard so many stories from folks who have been left in bad situations because of this dangerous cut: (1/6)
🏥 seniors who can't get to medical appointments
👍 rural and Northern people who are forced to hitchhike
🚗 low-income folks who struggle to afford a car
🌾 farmers who can't get parts sent out (2/6)
♿ people with disabilities who lost their independence
🚌 small businesses that can't get affordable shipping
🏫 young people away for school who can't get home #sasked (3/6)
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