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The House of Commons has chosen 12 members who will sit on Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs #INAN: 6 Liberals | 4 Conservatives | Bloc 1 | NDP 1 | Role is to study Indigenous legislation and issues. #cdnpoli #HoC #parl43 #FNMI #Parliament #indigpoli
1/ @gary_srp is Liberal from Scarborough—Rouge Park, ON and has previously served a role on this committee. He is Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations. He has 0.9 Indigenous population in his riding. #cdnpoli #onpoli #HoC #INAN
@gary_srp @Carolyn_Bennett 2/ @JaimeBattiste is Liberal from Sydney-Victoria, NS. He is the Chair of the Liberal Indigenous Caucus. There are 10.8% Indigenous people in his riding. He is from Potlotek First Nation and is the first Mi’kmaq elected to the House of Commons. #cdnpoli #nspoli #HoC #INAN
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Thoughts on back-to-work legislation: When right-wing governments demand back-to-work legislation, whose interests are they looking out for? Seriously, do Liberals and Conservatives think back-to-work solves the outstanding issues? #canlab
Today, the conservatives in #skpoli demanded back-to-work legislation. So did conservatives in Quebec. And conservatives in Ottawa. Liberals in Ontario and Nova Scotia and BC have used BTWL in the same manner.
Often when govs, legislate workers back to work the issues fester. Liberal and Conservative answers? Impose some sort of arbitration. Harper used final offer selection, which means that the arbitrator has to pick which sides final offer was the most workable
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Caught Premier Scott Moe on BNN with Catherine Murray. Catherine Murray stated, unequivocally, that "Western Canada" is experiencing alienation. She does not speak for "Western Canada". On to Scott Moe.../2 #cdnpoli #skpoli @BNNBloomberg
2/ Premier Moe demanded amendments to Bill C-69, which he claims has not been passed. How can he be so uninformed? Bill C-69 received royal assent on June 21st after going through the legislative process. /3
3/ He demanded market access to SK's 150 national customers. He finally admitted that TMX is underway but complains about "Bill" C-69 being the No More Pipelines bill. There are no applications for more pipelines. /4
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Premier Pallister is on Power & Politics after meeting with PMJT. He referred to "divisive strategies" used by the PM during the campaign. What? No example offered. Mr. Scheer's lies about Liberal policy are apparently not worth mention. /2 #cdnpoli #mbpoli #abpoli #skpoli
2/ He mentions that TMX is an issue that needs to be addressed. TMX is underway, but Conservative premiers can't bring themselves to acknowledge the fact. He alluded to people saying "leave it [oil] in the ground" - a statement the Liberals have never made. /3
3/ Mr. Pallister references Saudi oil and Canadian children. What? The implication is that when the Irvings import Saudi oil (about 10% of total imports) Canadian children lose out. This is completely nonsensical. /4
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Peter Downing of #Wexit strongly denies that his movement is pushing anti-muslim rhetoric, and is looking at legal options against those that claim it does. /1…
Let’s see what happens when we search “muslim” or “Islam” in the main group. /2
There’s more, of course. /3
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1. Before he was elected, @FordNation promised he would see the Basic Income Pilot through...

Once elected, he killed it.

Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

He's going ahead with it anyway

#cdnpoli #ONpoli
2. Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, NB Premier @BlaineHiggs he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

While he will go ahead with a Made in NB carbon pricing scheme, he is still involved in the court case.

#NBPoli #CdnPoli
3. Before he was elected, AB Premier @JKenney promised cuts wouldn't go beyond a certain point and that he'd respect city charters.

He waited until the #Elxn43 vote was held to drop a buget in which he betrayed those promises and many more.

#ABPoli #CdnPoli
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Reading Adam King’s piece yesterday in The Conversation made be think about @BernieSanders’s workplace democracy plan and what a similar plan might look like in #cdnpoli…
@BernieSanders First, many of Bernie’s plans are uniquely American. #canlab does not have to worry about public medicare (already exists!) or right-to-work laws (don’t exist in #cdnpoli). Bernie’s plan is so radical in part because the situation for workers in the US is so bad.
@BernieSanders And some of Bernie's plan has been in place in #cdnpoli provs for decades: first contract arbitration; right of public workers to strike (#skpoli since 1944); banning replacement workers (#bcpoli & #qcpoli since 1990s); stopping companies from shifting ownership to avoid a union
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Sure, we all liked the Dukes of Hazzard as kids, but I'm wondering if our premier is aware of the very real racist connections to the Confederate flag on top of this car and to General Lee himself.

And if so... why post this? #skpoli
The auction is part of the Parkside Demolition Derby on Saturday. I get that they're trying to raise money for mental health... but... *facepalm*
Know why this bugs me?

Last week my black colleague in Saskatoon walks home from work. Says “hi” to a woman she passes on the sidewalk.

“Know your place n****r. You think you can walk beside me?”

Woman called her “fucking n****r” three times. In broad daylight. Caswell Hill.
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So you want to change the world for the better?
A Saskatchewan version:
Step 1: turn 18 because you can't vote otherwise. Spend the first 18 years of your life without political influence unless you're an unusual character involved in party politics, student council and activism.
If you're not 18 this year, you're probably too late to take the lazy vote-only route. You have to take the lead like Greta.
Step 2, you write the local newspaper to express your concerns about there being less than #ElevenYears left to make at least 6.5% / year reductions to carbon emissions if we want to have a hope of surviving the climate crisis.
Your edited letter appears next to a columnist
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You’ve probably noticed shares from Prairie Freedom Movement, or their offshoots/websites. They’ve installed pro-separatist billboards in AB, SK, and MB.

Their messaging includes anti-globalist, anti-UN, & anti-Islam sentiments. #cdnpoli #abpoli #mbpoli #skpoli

Their support for #yellowvestscanada is obvious. /2
PFM shared numerous live feeds from the #unitedweroll convoy /3
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Question period stats with Ryan Meili asking something from a member of the public asking about Weyburn council decision and what’s being done. Min. Merriman says council is meeting today at 3. Next meeting is next Monday. #skpoli
Meili now asking if premier will declare Jan. 29 a day against hate and intolerance as was asked for by Muslim leaders who were in Sask. last week. Premier Moe says no place for Islamophobia, racism or hate of any kind. Says govt. has Jan. 29 day under consideration.
Moe says speaking out against hate and racism should happen every day. Meili asks why premier said he was not concerned with cabinet ministers attended yellow vest rallies where anti immigration and Muslim sentiments have been shared.
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@JustinTrudeau did not direct the Attorney General to intervene in the #SNCLavalin case, so therefore he respected the independence of the AG which was confirmed by JWR @Puglaas in her testimony.


The #CPC passed the Director of public Prosecutions act in 2006, clearly the AG retains political discretion to override decision's by the director (DPP) on whether to prosecute.

#Bcpoli #Abpoli #Skpoli #Ontpoli #Cdnpoli
When the Attorney General decides whether to initiate and conduct a prosecution on behalf of the federal Crown, Crown counsel must consider two issues:

#ButtsTestimony #Geraldbutts #SNCLavalin…
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And of course, that's the point. The #skpoli government has almost no chance of winning this legally. But the issue stays alive and well for the next election: There Carbon tax legal battle looks set to haunt politics for foreseeable future… #cdnpoli
And sure, there is always a legal argument to be made that sounds plausible. And lots of government lawyers will work extremely hard (with lots of billable hours) to argue this or that about s. 91 and s. 92. But the federal #cdnpoli gov’s ability to tax is fairly clear. #skpoli
But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the #skpoli gov sees this as a win-win-win scenario. Win in court (unlikely) and great, no tax. Don’t win in court, but keep anti-carbon tax issue alive for 2020, great (for them, less for the environment). #cdnpoli
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Senator Batters, Elections Canada noticed when your party tried to cheat - well, did cheat - in the 2006 election. They noticed the whited-out and photocopied fake invoices used to solicit reimbursements from the taxpayer. All organized at campaign HQ. #cdnpoli #skpoli
Fortunately, too, CRTC noticed Senator Batters' party trying to use anonymous robocalls to intimidate the Saskatchewan Electoral Boundaries Commission with a view to trying to gerrymander for Conservative benefit. Fine, $78,000.
Oh, and BTW, the Harper Conservatives legislated against Elections Canada encouraging Canadians in Canada to vote, to exercise their franchise. They just don't want voters to vote. But they will tout their support of some kind of imaginary democracy where voting is discouraged.
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1. Thread - Why I know Saskatchewan new trespassing law is racist bullshit. I live on a small farm where my husband grew up, at Meeting Lake, between 2 cabin developments. In 2009, when we moved back out here, I made ALOT of enemies by launching a war #skpoli #reconciliation
2. On cabin owners and campers from ATVing on our land and in our yard. PEOPLE FROM THE CITY WE DON'T KNOW. It had become a heavily traveled, they threw garbage everywhere, there was poaching. I put up no trespassing signs and chased people out. FOR YEARS. #tresspassing
3. By doing this, I became the single most hated person in the area. People glared at me. People screamed at in me community meetings that I was "ruining their holidays and had no right" Someone threatened to run me over with their QUAD after I caught them in my garden. #skpoli
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1 of 80) Please bear with me, because the following is filled with plenty of foul language & I'm taking off the professional mask to speak with you as a human being. I've had enough & I've hit my limit, putting up with all the #MeToo bullshit in #CDNpoli, #ONpoli, & #CDNmedia
2) For the past 2 years, you've been ruining my #FamilyDay because the lot of you picked this holiday to shove an alleged child molester down my throat. It's the ultimate in sick behaviour & your choice of holiday is astounding, to champion the cause of #ChildPorn in #CDNpoli
3) What's worse is that forcing me to say those words actually makes me appear like I'm out-to-lunch. Your outrageous acts of gaslighting, censorship, & obstruction, have made it impossible for anyone to tell the most important #MeToo story in #CDNpoli currently
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