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So today is me & Connie’s anniversary!

On today last year, I just went to the school board meeting to speak because Dadrius Lanus asked me to come. For years we had pushed to change the name of Lee High School,
Connie was shopping while people were sharing their heart on the issue.

Y’all know how the rest of the story went. Connie walked out. We changed the name of the school to Liberty High School, but she’s still on the board.
I never imagined that night at the meeting the video would go viral, and millions would watch it. I was simply showing up in my community because I care. Your love and support over the last 365 days has blown me away and given me deep joy.
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In December, they said we had no chance at all. Three weeks ago, they polled us at 6%. We got the phone calls, we heard the chatter, we just kept pushing. Head down and working hard to connect with THE PEOPLE.
We won over 140 precincts in New Orleans. We shook up the political establishment and if we had one more week of runway we’d be in a runoff today, heading to an upset.

The Senators had over $1 million a piece helping them via their campaigns or independent expenditures.
We raised $500k in small dollar contributions and we were inches away from an upset last night.

I know the typical person that ran for office disappears for a few weeks, and doesn’t publicly talk about the race much.
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Thank you to each individual who believed in this campaign. Thank you to every person who gave their resources, time, and positive energy in our direction.

Last night we came 1500 votes short of knocking out a sitting state Senator that’s been elected 20 years.
No one thought we had a shot. The polls said we were at 6%, we finished with 21.3% of the vote. That’s due to my amazing team, thank you for everything you sacrificed and have to this team. I appreciate you. We earned every single vote we got.
We had almost no institutional support, but we had a belief in progressive values and that THE PEOPLE deserve more.

To my family, thank you for sacrificing in ways most will never know so I can stand and fight for what I believe in.
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To every outcast. To everyone they told find a different approach. To every person whose been told being you wasn’t enough, or being you was “too much”.

Stand in the light, speak the truth, and #KeepPushing we’ve got work to do. Don’t let the naysayers stop you. Image
I thank God daily that He’s allowed me to be true to me even in the moments no one else understood who I was. Everybody won’t understand you, or your why. That’s ok. Do you and let the chips fall where they may.
If your intentions are pure and your heart is right, you’ll see the promise. I love y’all, and I mean it. #LetsGoHigher
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America can continue to lace injustice with fancy words & sympathetic speeches.

Black people have known America’s justice system to be a lair from inception.

We know injustice when we see it. We ain’t stupid.

Kentucky & this nation have denied #BreonnaTaylor justice.
You can dress it in Black skin, with a degree, & a suit. Or you can put a hood on & burn a cross. Black people know America all too well.

Any system that allowed the slavery of other humans to exist is corrupted from the start. The founders built a nation to protect them.
It must be our dedication as Black people to never relent in our pursuit of a more just America.

We didn’t pick America, they picked us.

Therefore we have a right to fight. For #BreonnaTaylor and the countless others unjustly killed by the government.
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We are at war. Republicans don’t play fair.

Republicans are liars and cheats. We are watching them on video lie, back to back. Why? All they care about is power.
So people like Sen. Dianne Feinstein and those who feel like we shouldn’t go all out for the Supreme Court are a problem. We need to recognize that even most of our Democratic senators a rich, privileged, white folks who don’t have the same risk at stake.
If you are Black, everything we’ve fought for is on the line right now. It’s that serious.

We’ve got to stop pretending republicans give a damn about bi-partisan politics. They don’t. They want absolute control and power.
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We need to make elected officials uncomfortable until Election Day & beyond.

People in public service need to have an understanding that we aren’t going to let them just rob us anymore. That if we are uncomfortable with the choices they make on our behalf,
that we will make them uncomfortable.

The stakes are high, and I’m committed to standing up to fight for the future. Our children deserve better than what we are seeing. Change doesn’t just happen, we make change happen. #KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
Shoutout to @rolandsmartin for having me on his panel today. Gratitude brother.
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How we respond to the fall of our people says more about us, than it does about their actions.

I’ve been lied on, lied to, and even had people to lie for me when I didn’t ask them to do so.

I’ve seen people make memes of me, ridicule me and had friends sit in silence.
So when I see other Black people being discussed in a negative way I ask myself a few questions.

How does my voice help or hurt Black people in this moment?

Is this a public issue or should it be private?

Should this even matter to our community?
If my voice isn’t needed, it doesn’t hurt Black people directly, or it’s a private issue, I stay out of it.

Unless you are bringing harm to my people, I’ve got better things to do than sit in the comments dragging other Black people.

America does enough of that.

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Don’t play All-star of NFL champ games in states w qualified immunity.
When we talk about being strategic in our fight if the @NBA & the @NFL want to really support Black Lives, tell states you won’t play the all-star game & championships in states with qualified immunity (IGTV)
Start hitting these cities and states in the pockets. If a state is going to protect killers hit their pockets.

Any major company or industry can do the same thing.
We’ve got to make these people pay for supporting killer cops and creating laws that protect them when they kill citizens. #KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
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Don’t get caught up on Joe Biden or Donald Trump, it’s deeper than that.

When a cop kills you, the president can’t arrest the cop or file charges. Your local mayor, chief of police, and district attorney control that. It’s levels to this.
Which is why we have to vote in every election.

Give me your ear for a second and let’s go deeper. Don’t assume we all know this, because we don’t. Yet we can spread this truth and enlighten those who seek it,
and maybe motivate others to #KeepPushing while we work to make this change happen. #LetsGoHigher
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Nat Turner was an American hero. The Deacons of Defense were necessary. The Black panthers were necessary.

Too often I’ve watched Trump have known racist support him. He’s taken some with him to the White House.
Black people, stop running from the “radicals” in our community. There is nothing radical about loudly demanding justice, equity, and progress for our people. There is nothing radical about calling our America’s bull. There is nothing radical about self defense.
It’s American as apple pie.

If we as a people are going to defeat those who seek to keep us oppressed we need ALL OF US. The rich and the poor. The old and the young. The loud and the quiet. The activist and the scientist. The teacher and the entertainer. We need US ALL.
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Police killed #TrayfordPellerin in Lafayette. Police also endangered others.

Attorney Ron Haley and I went to the scene where police killed #TrayfordPellerin. Mayor Josh Guillory in his press release said police were trying to protect the people in the store.
How Mayor, by shooting inside the building? Shooting in the glass? Shooting in the drawer where the store attendant stood on the other side?

Lafayette is a place where the leadership and the police think they can get away with this and no one will care.
The leaders there are republicans who are pro-police, not pro-people. The mayors statement supported law enforcement and ignored the humanity of Trayford.

From what we can gather, Tray was just going home.
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Today I sat down with #TrayfordPellerin’s mother Michelle, his aunt Choicey, and their attorney Ron Haley. My heart broke for them. Their loved one was killed by the government, and it didn’t have to happen. ImageImageImage
Whenever I come into a community it’s important to me to talk to the people on the ground fighting, so we talked to Christopher Bernard a local activist in Lafayette and @scomoney a local rapper/advocate.

It’s important that our stories are told by us.
It’s important that we humanize our people. It’s important that we begin to connect our fights. The only way to take down a system is to build our own.

Lafayette we hear you. #Justice4Tray

#KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
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Judge Duke Welch probably should’ve recused himself from Tara Wicker’s tax case.

You see Judge Welch’s son is Trae Welch. He is openly supporting Tara for mayor. Trae has made several post about supporting Tara on social media. One of which he even mentioned my name.
So since you invited me to the conversation Trae, maybe your Pop’s should’ve not ruled on your friends case.

There are rules to qualify to run for public office. Filing your taxes is a rule. It doesn’t say your taxes have to be paid in full.
Simply that you must have filed the last 5 years of income taxes. You either filed them, or you didn’t. There really isn’t any grey area on the issue.

Judge Welch thinks that the courts shouldn’t kick people out who didn’t follow the rules.
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The reason the @SEC isn’t cancelling football is money.

Masters ain’t never really cared about the health of their inventory.

Let that sink in.

The Black athletes that dominate SEC sports are not truly valued. These commissioners, AD’s, and coaches care about the dollars.
If players want to see their power. Just collectively say you won’t play.

You hold the power. I don’t care what they tell you. They can’t make their money if you opt out.

Football will be there after COVID numbers drop.
These schools don’t know if the players have underlying health conditions that could put them at greater risk.


The schools do physicals to make sure athletes can play sports. Not to see if they have health issues.
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America Fears Black People. So Don’t Just Spectate, Participate.

People always ask me how did I get into activism or advocacy. I was just a concerned citizen. I spoke up because I cared. I didn’t always have the right words. Or the right attitude. (Watch all 3)
I just knew I cared enough to not just sit back and spectate.

Are you a spectator or do you care enough to do something?

Either way, I hope you find whatever pulls you into the fight deeper. The more of us armed with the data, the more change we will create.
Stand on the truth and let the chips fall where they may. It’s not your job to be concerned about how people feel about the truth about America. It’s your job and my job to tell the truth. The truth will give liberation to us all.

#LetsGoHigher #KeepPushing
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America is Pro-white. So I’m unapologetically Pro-Black.

We can look at the street signs, and school names after confederate generals who lost a war and know America is Pro-white. Being Pro-Black isn’t anti white. It’s necessary to shift the systems and structures of inequity
created in this country.

If we want to change it, we’ve got to start showing up. Speaking up. And organizing in such a way that our power is increased, and in turn progress and equity for ALL people increases.
Never be afraid to speak the truth about America. That’s the only way to fix what’s broken. #KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
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Progressives if we aren’t satisfied with the Presidential ticket here’s my message to you.

Organize for the future.

To the progressive movement, STOP counting out Back voters in the Deep South.
Build relationships with people all over this country. And let’s take over in 4 years.

Sitting out elections is lazy.

I don’t respect it. It does our work no good.

None of the leaders we’ve seen are perfect.

Guess what? Neither are we.
When it’s our turn, we will make mistakes. Not the same as the old guard, but we are not without flaws.

Our hopes, values, and ideas matter. The future is ours. If and only if we put in the work.
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Killed By The Government In Your Sleep Is A Problem, #BreonnaTaylor. Why did I mention Breonna Taylor to the students at LSU? Because the government shouldn’t be able to kill us in our sleep.

Young people who are going out to date, meet someone, and fall in love —
should not get shot in their homes while they sleep by the police. And it should make us mad as hell that the cops are still free.

Johnathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove shouldn’t be free. They should be in jail for murder.
We should use as many opportunities as possible to lift up this sisters name. Until they are.

We should consistently use our voices to speak out against injustice. Social media is a tool.
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Let The Ancestors Stand Up In You Every Day Black Students. I spoke to a group of incoming freshman at LSU this weekend. As I was preparing to leave, I left them with these words.

We live in a world that has denied Black people, opportunity just because of our skin color.
So when we speak to the future, we don’t need to teach them to shrink. We need to teach them to be their full Black self, in every room they walk in. I fully support and encourage Black students to attend HBCU’s, but whatever place of higher education you choose.
Let the ancestors stand up in you. Walk in boldness. Walk in your full Black humanity, with dignity and pride —because we are indeed we are are ancestors wildest dreams. #KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
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Grateful to God is an understatement. Thankful for each of you and your many showers of birthday love today.

My whole life I’ve been the person who spoke out of turn. The one who just couldn’t listen to something wrong and be silent. Image
They said I was disrespectful as a child. Some think I’m disrespectful now.

In these 35 years I survived attempting suicide. Broke the generational curse that took my mother’s life 2 months after I was born. The struggles of life have a way of refining us. Image
My being here is proof to me that God’s plan is bigger than my thoughts. So I’ve learned to trust things will work out how they should — if I do what I should.

On this journey I’ve hurt people and been hurt. I learned from both. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. Image
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Yesterday they removed Lee’s name from the School. New Signage Coming.

Back in 2016 when they opened this new 50 million dollar school, several of us in the community showed up to push for a name change. The board kept the name Lee High.
Change doesn’t happen over night. I wish it did. Yet life has taught me, we must be dedicated to the work of change. Liberation isn’t free. Someone has to pay the price for our freedom. So we push, we fight, we sacrifice.
We do it for days like this. A day where we can be ensured that no Black child will enter that building with the name of a bigot on the wall or their jersey.

They may hate us or fighting these fights, but we are on the right side of history. So #KeepPushing.
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55% of Blacks in America live in the Deep South.

Imagine if that number was 65% or 75%.

We could reshape the entire landscape of the southern region of America.

We could build equity in government.

Do we believe in us?

Envision a #NewBlackSouth
Consider how Black people migrated from the south to flee Jim Crow. We built major American cities.

We can do it again.

If we want better education, let’s take over the education system of several states.

If we want to end qualified immunity, let’s take over state gov.
We have to determine that asking others to see our full humanity can’t be our perpetual fight.

We can build a new south led by #NewBlackLeaders.

This isn’t radical or racist. We aren’t evicting white people from the south.
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Here’s why Bill Clinton took a shot at Kwame Ture/Stokely Carmichael.

We can’t allow anyone outside our community to decide what leaders from our community should act like. That’s another layer of white supremacy.
Southern white politicians do this like no other. Bill is a grand example. He did it with a bite of the lip. We don’t need his pat on the hand to say good job. To be clear, we have Black leaders with this same thinking and they are equally problematic.
The voices who told our people to embrace a future where we are in charge is exactly the energy we need right now.

We don’t need another Abraham Lincoln. We need more PBS Pinchback’s and Oscar Dunn’s.
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