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This is wild. The police association/union in Lafayette has filed for a restraining order to stop the killer cops from being identified and to prevent the tax payer funded body cam footage from being released in the murder of #TrayfordPellerin. ImageImageImage
Judge David Smith in Lafayette Louisiana has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the Lafayette Police, State Police, or any other agency from releasing the footage of #TrayfordPellerin’s murder at the hands of Lafayette police.
This is called government cover up. If tax payers fund body cameras, then the footage on them belongs to the people. This footage is suppose to show the public what took place in critical incidents like this.
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Don’t tell me they aren’t racist. He didn’t use an image of white men with guns because he doesn’t fear armed white men. He fears Black people.

Higgins in a former cop now congressman, and the whole country should be discussing his threats.
His comments make him a threat to the safety of the citizens of this state who legally carry a firearm.

These are the type of comments that lead to a KyleRittenhouse, or #JaceBoyd killing unarmed Americans.
He’s doing this talk instead of addressing the cops who killed #TrayfordPellerin in his part of our state. He is a disgrace, and his comments need not be deleted from the internet but this potential domestic terrorist needs to be known.
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Mayor @JoshGuilloryUSA your executive order using COVID-19 TO BAN protest in downtown Lafayette is unconstitutional.

If white Louisianan’s can protest wearing a mask in front of the governors mansion — ImageImageImage
Black citizens in Lafayette can protest your inaction in the murder of #TrayfordPellerin.

If you’re not careful you’re going to invite the country to your back yard. We saw what happened to Trayford Pellerin.
1. Release the body cam footage.
2. Name the cops who killed Trayford.
3. Change your cities use of force policy.

This is what you should be prioritizing. Not banning citizens from coming downtown to protest. We see you, and these intimidation tactics are unconstitutional.
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Alright, the Players in the @NBA just set the example.

College football players in the @SEC you’ve got the power to stop the machine that is college football.

No more practice until we see change happen. If you all unite, one team at a time — we force their hand.
They love to watch you play football, but if you get away from that campus and encounter a cop that doesn’t know you — it can end for you in seconds. Just like #TrayfordPellerin. You and your girl can be sleep in bed and they kill her like they did #BreonnaTaylor.
If they love football so much, make them see your humanity.

When we stop their sports, we impact their money.

People will criticize you, people will tell you what you’ll miss.

You will gain the change we all seek. Liberation has a price. #KeepPushing
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This is the face of a murderer.

Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people last night in Wisconsin.

He walked right past cops with this gun. He drove to another state.

He’s still alive. Why? Because he’s white.
And America can see a white man with a gun and not feel threatened.

Yet #TrayfordPellerin was killed by cops this weekend and we don’t even know if he had a knife in his hand. The cops shot up the damn store, and people wonder why Black people are mad.
They get it. Clear as day they get it. I need to get off here for a few minutes before I say things I shouldn’t.

The cops told the armed bigots they appreciated them being out there. The police who think like this are thugs with badges. They have them water.
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I’m just a Black man in America, trying to make sure as many Black men, women, boys, and girls live to see tomorrow.

Our fight to build a more just society means we have to care about/fight for people we’ve never met.

We do this for our descendants we will never meet.
I never met Alton Sterling, but I’ve fought for him.

I never met Sandra Bland, but I’ve fought for her.

In fighting for them, we are paying a debt we hope our great grand children won’t have to pay.
Who are the people you’re fighting for now, so your descendants can live a life more free than you?

I’m fighting for #BreonnaTaylor and #TrayfordPellerin. For #DannyBuckley and #JacobBlake.

So children not yet born inherit a world much better than this one. #KeepPushing
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Police killed #TrayfordPellerin in Lafayette. Police also endangered others.

Attorney Ron Haley and I went to the scene where police killed #TrayfordPellerin. Mayor Josh Guillory in his press release said police were trying to protect the people in the store.
How Mayor, by shooting inside the building? Shooting in the glass? Shooting in the drawer where the store attendant stood on the other side?

Lafayette is a place where the leadership and the police think they can get away with this and no one will care.
The leaders there are republicans who are pro-police, not pro-people. The mayors statement supported law enforcement and ignored the humanity of Trayford.

From what we can gather, Tray was just going home.
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Getting into a car is not a capital crime.

The police cannot continue to act as judge, jury, and executioner.


Passing a counterfeit bill is not a capital crime.

The police cannot continue to act as judge, jury, and executioner.


Sleeping in your home is not a capital crime.

The police cannot continue to act as judge, jury, and executioner.


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“Let me live” the words of Calvin the step dad of #TrayfordPellerin.

I had to walk away after this moment. To talk to this family today and feel their hurt was a lot. When these tragedies happen the news fails to let our humanity show. These are people, who are hurt today.
Their lives changed forever and their government did that.

They pay taxes, they live peaceful lives, and the government killed Trayford someone they loved.

The whole family is hurting. His mother Michelle could barely speak through her grief. The government did this.
Understand that and our power to demand more of our government than murder.

To listen to Calvin speak about alternative measures that don’t result in the death of Trayford says it all.
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Today I sat down with #TrayfordPellerin’s mother Michelle, his aunt Choicey, and their attorney Ron Haley. My heart broke for them. Their loved one was killed by the government, and it didn’t have to happen. ImageImageImage
Whenever I come into a community it’s important to me to talk to the people on the ground fighting, so we talked to Christopher Bernard a local activist in Lafayette and @scomoney a local rapper/advocate.

It’s important that our stories are told by us.
It’s important that we humanize our people. It’s important that we begin to connect our fights. The only way to take down a system is to build our own.

Lafayette we hear you. #Justice4Tray

#KeepPushing #LetsGoHigher
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