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Three yrs ago last month, Det Myles Cosgrove shot & killed #BreonnaTaylor. LMPD fired him.

Last week, Carroll County Sheriff's Dept (CCSD) gave him a new gun & badge.

Think you know how bad this story is? Think again ... 🧵⬇️ Image
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CN rassistische Polizeigewalt, Mord

Wieder ein Mord. Wieder ist das Opfer Schwarz.

Ein Video zeigt den grausamen Mord an #TyreNichols. 5 Polizisten prügeln auf ihn ein, bis er komplett unkenntlich ist.
Vorsätzlicher Mord. Die Bodycams schalten die Cops aus. Die Tonaufnahmen passen überhaupt nicht zu den Aufnahmen, die eine Straßenkamera gefilmt hat.

Es sollte eine Verkehrskontrolle sein und endete im Mord an einem Menschen.
Wir sind in Trauer, aber wir sind auch wütend. Die Polizei besitzt das Gewaltmonopol. Und sie nutzt es. Immer und immer wieder. Seit 2015 hat die Polizei in den Staaten 8166 Menschen ermordet. Doppelt soviele Schwarze, obwohl sie nur 14% der Bevölkerung ausmachen.
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#TyreNichols should still be alive.
#BreonnaTaylor should be alive.
#GeorgeFloyd should be alive.
#DuanteWright should be alive.
#FantaBility should be alive.
#TamirRice should be alive.
#LaquanMcDonald should be alive.
#SandraBland should be alive.


#AtatianaJefferson should still be alive.
#StephonClark should be alive.
#FreddieGray should be alive.
#BothamJean should be alive.
#PhilandoCastille should be alive.
#MichaelBrown should be alive.
#EricGarner should be alive.
#AltonSterling should be alive.


All these people in mental health crises I reported on should still be alive today. They or their families called police for help.
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A pregnant Black woman in South Carolina is serving 4 years in prison for chanting at police at 2020 protests — convicted of "breaching of the peace."

Brittany Martin has lost 12 lbs in prison and was hospitalized twice for pregnancy complications in July, family says. 🧵
Breaching the peace is usually punished by up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

But prosecutors in Sumter claimed Brittany Martin's comments were "high and aggravated" — punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Her attorney says the distinction was not made clear to the jury.
Brittany Martin was sentenced to 4 years after telling police: "You better be ready to die for the blue. I'm ready to die for the Black."

January 6 Capitol rioters got less harsh sentences:
▪️Median sentence: 45 days
▪️As of January: 1 in 3 took plea deals for 1 year or less
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I pray every person rejoicing today @TheJusticeDept announcement in the #breonnataylor case understands our #vote delivered these charges. NO WAY it would have happened under prior admin. None. Elections matter. We matter. Are you ready to #vote ?
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So, listening to Black people’s music causes white people to be violent?

I guess Harry Truman jumped in the DeLorean and time traveled to 1982 and heard the Gap Band sing ‘You Dropped a Bomb on Me,’ which inspired him to order a 5 ton bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima.
Louisville police must’ve been listening to Biggie’s ‘Get Money,’ “kick in the door waving the .44,” before they kicked in the door and murdered #BreonnaTaylor 🤷🏾
What rap song was Stephen Paddock listening to before he murdered 60 people and shot 411 others in Las Vegas?
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Today is #PalestinianPrisonersDay - Join us as we commemorate it with Arts Against Imprisonment starting NOW:

Zoom registration link here:… #FreeAhmadManasra Image
Rana kicks off the event: "Last year, we saw a historic prison break in Palestine. This led to collective punishment of #Palestinian prisoners. However, the prisoners fought back in collective action"

Watch live:

#PalestinianPrisonersDay Image
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This week we released #UnravelingAntisemitism, a new visual work of art and discussion guide inspired by our 2017 “Understanding Antisemitism” paper. Today we’re breaking down the historical moments captioned in the poster, beautifully collaged by @katzcomics
The Roman Empire saw Jews as a backwards tribe, unwilling to accept Jesus and assimilate into imperial culture. The state made it illegal to convert to Judaism, illegal for Jews and Christians to intermarry, and illegal for a Jew to hold office or testify in court. Christianity in the Roman E...
Medieval rulers often barred Jews from owning land/joining trade guilds. Jews became overrepresented as tax collectors/money lenders for Christians w/ power. Everyday Christians often blamed Jews for harsh interest rates/taxes. That's where stereotypes of Jews and $ originate. Anti-Jewish Laws in Medieva...
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1/ We initially launched #WeHaveHerBack to call newsrooms out on the problematic media rhetoric around women candidates in the 2020 election. And after weeks of bad coverage around the Olympics, we are reminded of why we started this campaign.…
2/ It only takes a quick headline search about women in leadership to see that we still have a long way to go.

We believe ALL women leaders across industries deserve to be treated equitably, which includes the way the media engages with and covers their work.
3/ Whether journalists are covering @itskerrii, @naomiosaka, #MeghanMarkle, or #BreonnaTaylor, they have a responsibility to make sure that stories about impacted women are told in ways that are fair and equitable and that mitigate harm...not intensify it.
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Attn: Attorney General Merrick Garland this is #LMPD. #BreonnaTaylor
Sexually assaulting kids.…
Lying under oath about sexually assaulting kids.…
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Why we need to talk about policing of ALL Black folks, not just men:

The #SayHerName hashtag (by @sandylocks) was a call for attention to Black women murdered by police i.e. #MaKhiaBryant and how our expectation that this issue only affects Black men misses the full picture.
The African American Policy Forum released a report entitled Say Her Name: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women in 2015 to highlight this overlooked issue. Later that same year, #SandraBland died while incarcerated and still ruled a suicide.…
.@washingtonpost has been tracking police killings since 2015 and found by 9/2020, 247 women had been killed by police, 48 (19.4%) were Black women. What names do you hear most often or see in a hashtag? Killings of Black women receive less attention.…
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When I look at the news today, the violence, as much as missing my mom today was super painful, I am glad she is in a better place, at peace. I thought of her constantly. So many things I wanted to discuss with her. But she was too good for this world. Now nothing can hurt her.
My mom and I used to often chat about the state of the world. She was both progressive and conservative. Many immigrant and South Asian women lack self compassion in order to manage the lack of support, the biases while still needing to get it all done. Mommy was a perfectionist.
In recent years we talked of racism. She was starting to recognize her internalized so-called “model minority” biases as I had needed to do myself. We talked at length on #DrSusanMoore when she read my LinkedIn repost of this 🧵 @TamorahLewisMD

“I never thought of it that way”
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VIDEO THREAD: Last night, riot police confronted about 50 protesters who continued marching for #BreonnaTaylor into the evening.

A Lieutenant told an activist the response was provoked by two rifle-wielding participants who told a car to turn around. I did not see that incident.
"Under Kentucky state law, this is an unlawful assembly, and we command all persons so assembled here to immediately and peacefully disperse. If you do not do so, we may dispense chemical agents, and you will be arrested," LMPD repeated as riot cops pushed the crowd back.
Most of the crowd put considerable distance between them and the officers.

Media and a handful of local UPG militia members like the one in this shot stayed on the frontline and mocked officers for the use of strobe lights etc.
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VIDEO THREAD: Hundreds of activists marched Saturday afternoon in Louisville, Kentucky to renew their demand for police reform and that the officers involved in the killing of #BreonnaTaylor one year ago be charged with murder.
Armed security was provided by the local "United Pharaoh's Guard" (UPG) militia who had also invited boogaloo boys to join.

The only strife I saw was toward the beginning of the march when one organizer told boogaloo @CabooseGa to move aside: "No disrespect, but y'all white!"
Activists put their hands up and chanted "hands up, don't shoot!" as they passed cops wielding rifles as they monitored the march.
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Reminder that before Breonna Taylor was killed, Attorney General Daniel Cameron spoke at a Donald Trump rally promising to stand with him. #BreonnaTaylor
Daniel Cameron visited Trump at the White House in 2019. #BreonnaTaylor Image
At the White House, Daniel Cameron got a personal signed tweet with Trump’s “complete endorsement.” Trump signed the tweet with the words, “Daniel, you will do great!” #BreonnaTaylor ImageImage
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1. Police in England did this to a woman protesting the abduction & murder of a woman by a police officer
2. It is especially shocking to many because both the murdered woman & the woman in this picture are white
3. Fuck the police everywhere
📷 Photograph by @jackhillphoto A woman on the ground wearing a black face mask with three p
I explain more here in analyzing the Jan 6 insurrection in the US: “She never imagined the Capitol Police would shoot her because the police rarely shoot white women, unless it’s a cop who shoots his wife at home.”…
The police protect the State and property.

There is a hierarchy of protection: the further we are from wealthy, white, cisgender, heterosexual, able bodied men we are, the least likely we are to be protected.
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Last year on this day, #BreonnaTaylor was killed by police. A large protest shut down I-94 in #StPaul as people responded to the news that Louisville Metro Police Department officers will not be charged for fatally shooting Taylor.…
Also on 9/23/20 in response to the news of the involved officers not being charged, hundreds rallied at the Colorado State Capitol and marched around downtown #Denver.…
Organized by young women three months after #BreonnaTaylor was killed by police and a month after #GeorgeFloyd, thousands gathered in South Minneapolis to protest Taylor’s death and the lack of accountability for police. 🎥…
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I’m here in Louisville, Kentucky where activists are gathering to commemorate the life of Breonna Taylor, exactly one year after her death at the hands of police.

I’ll be covering the activism and vigils taking place throughout the day.
Armed activists including Boogaloo Boys and the local United Pharaoh’s Guard (UPG) militia are standing at the corners of what is called “Injustice Park” by local activists as security. ImageImageImage
Boogaloo boy @MagnusPanvidya from Michigan explains to media the presence of armed “Boogaloos” at the Breonna Taylor vigil today.

They support the events, and don’t anticipate any specific threats or adversaries.
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This night one year ago was #BreonnaTaylor’s last time going to bed.

She went to bed with dreams for her life. She went to bed with goals for her career. She went to bed with love in her heart.

She went to bed assuming she would wake up the next morning, like every other day.
She had steak for dinner, followed by a movie. Normally she would’ve gone to her boyfriend’s apartment, but this night they chose to stay at hers.
Breonna had post-it notes with handwritten goals on them all around her apartment.

She had just bought a car, and wanted to pursue home-ownership and starting a family.
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Now that 24/7 Trump media cycle is over (I think?), let's look at all the many critical stories corp media ignored for profit since 2016.

1) Flint doesn't have clean water or convictions nearly 7 years later
2) We're aiding Saudi Arabia in genocide of Yemen

3) The PPP small biz program was raided by multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates who are...not small business
4) Trump and his Interior Department AGGRESSIVELY starting fracking and mining on Native American reservations across America

5) PFAS, a cancer-causing byproduct from the manufacturing of Teflon & non-stick cookware, is rampant in water bodies across America
6) We've been at war in Afghanistan for 20 years (Washington Post exposed generals were FORCED to spend millions per day--didn't matter what for)
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I’m sure you’ve heard about GiveSendGo by now. They may raise $$$ for a few “good” causes. Not only did they raise &500,000 for Rittenhouse....remember Melissa Carone (actress that lied under oath)...she’s made $16,800 at least so far. 1/
They’d also raising money for Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys. And yes this is currently still active. Christian crowdfunding supporting a known white supremacist.
And surprise surprise...looks like Derrick Evans is finding his legal defense fund there. You see he was just arrested & had to step down as a representative after filming himself storming the Capitol. 3/
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@KamalaHarris said racism was a national security issue. She was absolutely correct and we're seeing that play out both in today's coup attempt and the complicity of many police caught on camera aiding and abetting the coup. But there's a more obvious indicator....
Arrests... 127 arrested after #BlackLivesMatter protests over #BreonnaTaylor in Louisville. Good found a way to snatch and physically harm more than that... Image
Over 165 people protesting #jamesblake being shot 7 times in the back by a cop were arrested in Kenosha. In only a day or two of protests Image
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No cameras captured the final minutes of Breonna Taylor’s life. We used crime scene evidence and testimony to reconstruct what happened and show the mistakes that led to her killing by police. With @singhvianjali @NatalieReneau @DrewJordan_NYT Thread 👇
Our investigation began when we obtained over 1,000 crime scene photos of Breonna Taylor’s apartment. One immediate revelation then was the police fired several more bullets (32) that initially claimed (~18).
My colleague @singhvianjali - who’s an architect and @nytgraphics reporter - used the photos and SWAT videos to precisely model Taylor’s apartment. We then catalogued each bullet hole, trajectory and possible corresponding image.
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brett hankinson, johnathan mattingly & myles cosgrove
murdered #BreonnaTaylor!
darren wilson murdered #MichaelBrown
vaughn, taladay, & santiago murdered #DanielPrude
justin henderson murdered #ShamikleJackson
joseph weekley murdered #AiyanaMoNayStanleyJones

michesl brehlo and Cleveland PD murdered #MalissaWilliams and #TimothyRussell via #137shots
shannon kepler committed First Degree Murder of #JeremeyLake not manslaughter . . . not even close
shaun lucas murdered #JonathanPrice shooting Price 4 times.

The names of the cops that murdered #ElijahMcClain while he was walking home are
nathan woodyard, jason rosenblatt, and randy roedema. They remain free.
#CarlosAdrianIngramLopez was murdered by samuel routledge, ryan starbuck and jonathan jackson

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