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George’s name was on everyone’s lips. Ahmaud’s story was on every timeline. Not just the right or left- but the middle. But is it just me or is it, unless Black, an Activist or a Racist- Most of the middle have little clue who #BreonnaTaylor is. /1
The combined factors of MisogyNoir mixed with the sick need for sensationalism mean that not being a man & not having footage of her death has led to invisibility. We keep saying her name but they keep NOT knowing her & not caring. THAT’S why her killers are still free! /2 Image
So we need to make them care. We need to stop adding her as a PostScript- it’s a clever way to get her name out there but people are lazy & apathetic so most aren’t going to do the work of looking her up. So let’s do the work for them, or rather let’s do the work for Breonna! /3 Image
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Today about 500 armed activists with the all-black "Not Fucking Around Coalition" aka "NFAC" gathered to march in #Louisville for #BreonnaTaylor.

As they were getting ready, one member accidentally fired a shot, injuring three. This was captured in my livestream.
After the shooting, the #NFAC formed a perimeter around the scene at Baxter Park. They allowed police and EMS in to tend to the three wounded, who were taken away in stretchers. I've seen it reported that the injuries are "not life threatening."
Police recovered the firearm that apparently was accidentally discharged. I don't believe the individual was arrested.

It looks like a Henry-style lever action rifle or shotgun, but I'm not 100% sure of the model.
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Here at Baxter Park where the Not F**king Around Coalition has assembled before marching to Jefferson Square Park.

People have driven as far as Oregon to be here for #BreonnaTaylor. #Louisville #BlackLivesMatter
I count at least 100 NFAC members but more are still lining up. #BreonnaTaylor #Louisville #BlackLivesMatter
A sizeable crowd...
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@coreyandreasen @mraspinall Stop using the word attack- it’s not an attack

Breonna Taylor was attacked
Elijah McClain was attacked

This is a fragility narrative that is designed to promote an innocent quality and design a narrative that these women just accidentally made a choice they made consciously
@coreyandreasen @mraspinall Education is not about me centering women who know better and reconstructing a world where I project innocence on them to allow them to engage in fragility

I reject this narrative you are forming where education is centering their needs and priority
@coreyandreasen @mraspinall No one was “torn down” again that is another fragility narrative. They were told the truth

No one prioritized their growth and you all believe they should be centered while being problematic- a demand for free labor and if you don’t do it you aren’t committed to “education”
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@KYPatriot17 @kyoag
#SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter
1. 'Maniple Springfield Police Demartment'
Execution Orders for Democide [1 amd.] of Targ.Ind./ MartyrSaint Breonna Taylor

2. 'Aria Haragt [Killing] ÅverÝĘL Bar HaShem JYAH/Aria Haragt Ebela aNuNaĆt ImageImageImageImage
@KYPatriot17 @kyoag 10h [DonaldTru[mp/e the I/thing/paych]

Aria Democide Breonna Taylor Louisville @LMPD Maniples Joshua Jaymes Jonathan Mattingly ['CoverTom' on James Mattis C.S.S./@CENTCOM for OH Ops Whistleblower Assassination Obfuscation] Cosgrove, Hankison

Petition [dT////]
infrared surveil~ ImageImageImageImage
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Subscribe to my podcast where I talk about preparing for the coming civil uprising by building and taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. We discuss who the enemy is and the most effective ways to fight them.…
What’s been happening in Portland for a week is now happening in Miami. Noura’s been organizing numerous protests since #BreonnaTaylor’s murder. Police targeted her and had her arrested for no reason.
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THREAD: Friday's @ProgNewsDaily features 90+ stories & clips - uncorrupted, progressive #journalists with #integrity, who can’t be influenced or editorialized by advertisers.

Top Articles:
1) @richimedhurst: Bernie/Biden #TaskForces Yield Nothing…
2) Inside #Facebook's dysfunctional approach to #CivilRights - @JuddLegum

3) How the #House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a #Pandemic, Approved a Huge #Military Budget and More War in #Afghanistan- @theintercept

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4) What the #Trump Campaign Is Up To on #YouTube (Hint: It Involves Aliens, BinLaden and Ivanka)- @propublica

Top Videos:
1) Joy Ann Reid's #bodylanguage Analysis- @kthalps w/ guest @nandovila

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The foremost reason this #BreonnaTaylor movement is so miltant, persistent and creative in its civil disobedience is that it is unapologetically being led by Black women of a certain age, income level and background who have suffered the brunt of neoliberal policy consequences.
This isn't a Black bourgeoisie led movement of pastors, elected officials, civil rights types, etc.).

This isn't seeking a middle-class remedy because they largely don't belong to that group and those remedies have typically crushed them.
When you're the ones being evicted from public housing due to gentrification you scoff at $750 a month rent being described as "affordable."

#BreonnaTaylor has radicalized this group beyond @louisvillemayor Greg Fischer's usual policy offerings.
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When you get a chance - PLEASE take a look at today's @ProgNewsDaily that asks tough questions the corporations who bought our government don’t want you to be asked - like:
- “Who got PPP money during COVID - and who didn’t?” @propublica…
- “WTF happened with this Russia #BountyGate story nonsense” - @TheGrayzoneNews
- “Just how badly is the Federal government treating Native Americans?” @democracynow

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- “Are black votes vanishing from hacked #touchscreen #voting machines?” @whowhatwhy @jennycohn1

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As I watch Rachel Maddow read excerpts from Mary Trump's book, I am reminded that if we valued women, at all, Donald Trump would not be president at the exact moment we most need competence.
If men were sanctioned for preying on women - Trump wouldn't have become prominent.

If Americans cared when women report that a powerful man has attacked them - Trump would have been hounded from the field.

If the words "grab them by the pussy" mattered - Trump would have lost.
Imagine if Trump had come up in a world in which abusing/harassing/assaulting women was not seen as scoring. Imagine if, as a businessman, he moved in a world in which these things were deal-breakers. Imagine if, when the Access Hollywood tapes came out, he'd been shunned.
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The Monday, July 6 edition of @ProgNewsDaily features 80+ articles & video breakdowns from #Progressive, #Independent #journalists & #political #analysts who offer a perspective not found on network or cable TV...(cont. below)…
nor other traditional “mainstream” outlets.
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Today’s Top Stories:
* Lawyers: #BreonnaTaylor case connected to #gentrification plan- @courierjournal
* #Mississippi Election Commissioner Complains That 'Blacks' Are Registering to Vote - @TheRoot

* #JeffreyEpstein Associate #GhislaineMaxwell Reportedly Prepared to Out 'Big Names' to Help Case - @Complex

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Analysis: Part of the #BreonnaTaylor fallout is a deeper questioniing of how (white) Democrats govern #Louisville.

I can't escape this '18 interview @louisvillemayor Greg Fischer did w/ @GOVERNING about the foundation of #compassionatecity & his call to public service.

.@louisvillemayor says two things led him to public service.

1. His mother serving meals to the poor.

2. His father being kind to a Black shoeshine man named "Sam." #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter #Louisville #LouMayor
What is so telling is that is underscores the shorfall of white liberals, especially in the context of political demands by African American constituents. #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter #Louisville #LouMayor
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1/ “I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for that reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” - James Baldwin

Reflections on #4thofJuly2020

There is an attempt to cultivate fear that the movement pressing for racial justice,
2/ trying to fix our justice system, & remove symbols that reinforce white supremacy is REALLY trying to "destroy America" or erase its history or past. Fear is a powerful force. It stifles imagination, raises defenses & prohibits empathy. It causes us to hear things not there.
3/ When we say "systemic racism" or "America's original sin" or critique the paradoxically themed "Independence Day", other things are heard. Here's a quick rundown.

I recently had a conversation with a self described "middle aged, very conservative white guy."
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Read this thread for a summary of our Board Chair @JonesDjon4316's July 2nd Call To Action "Three Little Words", inspired by @thelauracoates.

View the full article at

#July4th #IndependenceDay #Juneteenth #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #BlackVotesMatter
Just Three Words.

“Give me Liberty!”

Just Three Words.

“We the People!”

Just Three Words.

“In The Beginning.”

Just Three Words

#BlackLivesMatter Sometimes three little words can carry a meaning so heavy that the National Guard must be called out to try to quiet them
Today, three little words have awoken a consciousness in America that will forever change the direction of our country...Black Lives Matter! Black Voters Matter! #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotersMatter #BLM #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor
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I can't lie this week has tested my belief in journalism as a vehicle to deliver basic information or as a crucible of truth to people.
The idea of working exclusively with dogs either training, exercising or rescuing them is much more appealing than trying to get people to see beyond their zealotry that they seem committed to believing no matter the facts on the ground.
Pin this on #Trump supporters, but I'm thinking as much about the #AllEyesOnKentucky folks or those who follow @shaunking's words on the #BreonnaTaylor case more than @TessaDuvall & @dctello reporting.

Wholly and willfully and gleefully ignorant to things.
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Hey #MedStudentTwitter #neurology residents, another #EndNeurophobia #MedEd #tweetorial to celebrate joining the @CPSolvers team!


cc: @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ @CrystalYeoMDPhD
@DxRxEdu @MedTweetorials
But first a moment of silence for

Grateful for❤️ for #EndNeurophobia but hope you read rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from on the path to being an antiracist ally.

to learn more, follow/learn from #BlackMedTwitter #BlackintheIvory
listen @thepraxispod @thenocturnists
read @dribram
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🇺🇸 GRAVE: Em #Louisville, ao menos uma pessoa morta após homem abrir fogo contra manifestantes acampados em protesto pacífico após a assassinato de Breonna Taylor pela polícia em março [CENAS FORTES]…
Ontem a imprensa local noticiava que “grupos armados patriotas” organizavam, via redes sociais, um contraprotesto em oposição à manifestação demandando justiça pela morte de #BreonnaTaylor. "As tendas precisam ser destruídas", dizia uma das mensagens 😨…
“Novamente, temos uma mensagem simples para os manifestantes que planejam vir ao centro de #Louisville neste fim de semana: ñ precisamos de vocês aqui. Nosso foco é facilitar protestos pacíficos”, disse o prefeito @louisvillemayor na 6ª-feira sobre potencial ato de supremacistas
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Meeting outside of @WholeFoods to avoid disrupting the farmer’s market. People will be there w supplies! Come join!!
Teacher @japaspanglish on her way to the rally!!! It’s starting y’all!! Come join us!!!
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Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest…
“Breonna Taylor’s life is just as important as George Floyd’s.”

Community organizer Mel Reeves speaks at Powderhorn Park in #Minneapolis, adding the only reason that the case of 23-year-old Elijah McClain is now getting attention is because of mass protests.
“Our Black women are the pillar of our community and we have to start treating them like it.”

Tajir Adams (sp?) speaks about the intersecting oppressions against women & against #BlackPeople endured specifically by Black women.
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Good morning, and welcome to Election Day in Kentucky.

I’m at the KY Expo Center, aka Jefferson County’s sole in-person polling site amid this pandemic.

Follow along with the @courierjournal throughout the day for updates. #AllEyesOnKentucky #KYPrimary
If you need a recap of everything that has led up to this day, check out this thread from Ben Tobin, who is not related to me, Not Ben Tobin.
Here’s a look at the stream of voters coming in this morning. Most have masks on and can check in at one of seven spaced-out tables.
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I am happy to announce that I was offered a tenure track Assistant Professor position for the fall 2020. I had to decline the offer. Even though I have no other current offers on the table. 🧵 1/7
The offer included no moving expenses, no start-up funds, no conference travel and they refused to negotiate salary. Honestly, the deal breaker was that they refused to pay me at the same salary as the two most recent hires in the dept (who are both white). 2/7
This is a public university, so all the salaries are available online. The goal has been a TT job offer. But what about really terrible offers? All the job market advice says that we are supposed to negotiate. That most PoC and white women do not negotiate. 3/7
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Breaking News: Brett Hankison of the three officers involved in the murder of #BreonnaTaylor will@be fired today.
Once Hankison gets the final letter he has 10 days to request final appeal with merit board. Merit board general rule is to set hearing within 60 days of appeal request.
Also Hankison will have to be removed from the Merit Board if he’s not an employee. He refused to get off the board previously. It is my understanding he was served this morning.
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@realdonaldtrump’s lack of emotional growth has left him a #petulant, ill-mannered toddler, in the body of a 74-year old, desperately seeking the approval of his surrogate father in #Moscow. Defacing the Ashe monument is a perfect expression ...…
... of what #trumpism is after almost 3.5 yrs of his occupation of the Oval Office. Lacking any semblance of a coherent ideology or intellectual foundation, the movement offers its rank & file nothing more than #racism, #spite, & #insults instead of ideas.
W/ Confederate ...
... monuments being defaced & toppled across #Virginia, the #trumpist motivation & justification was no more complex than ‘they did it to our statues, we need to get one of theirs.’ That’s it! @potus* is a damaged human (see @gtconway3d & @TomJChicago, @duty2warn, et al) ...
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You know, the same thing happened to me as #BreonnaTaylor?

But when the FBI broke down my door and told me to get on the floor, I told them to "eat shit." And here I am, alive.

(Here's the story, again)
So in 2012 around 6am, I heard loud banging at my front door. I went downstairs and as I approached the door, they kicked it in and 10ish people stormed in.

It was dark and I thought maybe I was being robbed. So, I didn't cooperate.
When my eyes finally adjusted and I could see the yellow FBI letters I said, "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong house. Show me the warrant."

A lady FBI agent (yay feminism) held an AR type weapon at my head and said they would shoot me if I didn't get on the ground.
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