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#poll If there was a Snap General Election, who would you vote for?

(For other parties, please vote them in comments)

Please RT once Voted! 😃
1997: Blair 13.5mn votes
1997-2015: Blairites/ Others lost 180 seats & 5mn voters
2017: Corbyn 12.8mn votes/ Gained 32


add first time voters (75% of those who vote, vote for Labour)

Subtract 2% of the population, 80% of whom vote Tories!

Labour Landslide on the cards!
Lab’s share of vote could be 14.5+mn

Once we take into account first time voters- 16 or under at 2017

first time voters -never voted before, disenchanted by Blair years whilst

removing Tory support -loss of voters due to old age

=> Lab will gain 100+ seats from Tories alone
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This State has always been synonymous with the interests of the English Norman-Westminster/City of London Regime via the issuance, control and taxation of ‘money’ and the violent separation of the people from the natural means of meeting their needs...
..Shaken slightly between 1945-1979: it regained control with the neoliberal project and the systematic proliferation of conservative metaphors. Its Achilles Heel is the obfuscated and inverted fact of Spend and Tax (by Tax to Spend myth) with its supporting toothless bogeymen...
..‘Deficit' and ‘National Debt’. Only awareness of these major MMT insights could subvert this process to be utilised explicitly for the public good - to address the naturally evolved physical, emotional and intellectual needs of us all...
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THREAD: Well, yesterday's thread went unexpectedly viral. Massive thanks to all those who shared it - and for such a positive response. I want to deal with some of the questions it prompted here. Hopefully this won't prove as long as yesterday's - but y'know, famous last words...
1) Negative responses more or less broke down into three categories: a) Ad hominem attacks (folks - what do you think you achieve with that? Nothing) b) Those who wanted answers to things the thread already answered c) Questions on things it didn't fully answer. Fair enough.
2) These questions revolved around both Brexit and Corbyn himself. So that's what this thread will focus on. To begin with, Brexit.
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[Thread] When the minimum wage was introduced by a @UKLabour Government in April 1999, it was seen as a major achievement. Trade unions had campaigned for it, as a basic minimum for all workers. Unfortunately, in many sectors, it became a ceiling, not a floor. (1/9)
Over time, the minimum wage has not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, heating & food. Recent research by @jrf_uk shows that two thirds of children & working age adults in poverty belong to working households. More workers are dropping below the poverty line weekly (2/9)
.@LivingWageUK have, over the years, worked out a model for a ‘real’ living wage, currently set at £8.75 across the UK & £10.20 in London. The number of jobs that pay below that wage has now hit 6.3 million, marking an increase of more than 300,000 on last year. (3/9)
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Here's a THREAD on the #USS Trustees, powerful individuals whose role has been insufficiently examined, and who have been operating without the full benefits of public scrutiny.

#USSstrikes #USSstrike #WeAreTheUniversity #StrikeForUSS #DemocratiseUSS #DemocratizeUSS

As the #USS dispute goes on, it's clearer than ever that the institutions that govern our pensions have been failing us in multiple ways. They are secretive, non-transparent, marked by conflicts of interest and revolving doors. We need to open up and #DemocratizeUSS.
Of the 5 “independent” Trustees of #USS, 4 have a background working for investment and financial services companies, the 5th used to work for Rio Tinto, the mining company, running their gold mines in Papua New Guinea.

Let's have a look at them.
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