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My first case as a junior lawyer was seeking compensation for custodial death. The post mortem report was crystal clear on the boot marks all over the body of the deceased. Case of the Police was liver failure since deceased was alcoholic. #JusticeForJayarajandBennicks
Deceased was lodged in prison for five years so obviously no access to alcohol. It was plain bull shit. My senior entrusted me to argue the matter as it was open & shut case. There were SC precedents on such cases. The Madras HC Judge heard me for 5 mins.
Did not even bother to hear the state side of the story. Matter dismissed. I stressed about the SC judgements & he had the audacity to smirk & say go on an appeal.
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I've taught pre-K to college & wrote my PhD dissertation on #racism. All research shows Ms Newsome is 100% correct: if your kids are old enough to talk, they're old enough to talk about racism. <thread>
Children's Community School in Phillie has resources to help parents & teachers talk w/ kids about #racism.…
Children as young as 2 use "#race" to reason about people's behavior (Hirschfeld, 2008).…
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+Upset re #COVID19 (many levels),
politics, disparities in who is most affected. Upset tho to the point of doing a video (never have) to speak up re my distress re ⬆️ anti-East Asian attacks affecting my parent's safety. I recorded this yest & didn't know if I should post.
After seeing more racist attacks w 2 Asian women in their car, a 15 yo boy bike-riding & 2 big racist events in US, I feel I had to post to not be complicit with silence. 
I'm sorry I'm not a media pro/don't know how to close caption: here's a transcript 🙏 #inclusion/2
My parents are in their 70's in BC. They have fear just walking around the block. Their best friends were verbally attacked along w rude gestures crossing the street. They want to wear a mask to do their part but are way too scared to. /3
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No mention of #NurseJustina the Nurse that paid ultimate sacrifice to save Nigerians from death of Ebola virus.Yet Nurses are still at the forefront fighting #COVID19Nigeria.Nurses deserve better treatment and placement.
#WorldHealthDay @NCDCgov @Nursinggroupadm @Nursingworld_Ng
Effective and efficient healthcare system cannot be achieved until @NigeriaGov recognises the impact Nurses are making in our country. @nannm_nigeria
As @WHO celebrates Nurses and midwives worldwide #WorldHealthDay. @NigeriaGov should use this medium to empower Nurses and midwives in the country. @RoaringNurse
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I can vouche that LEGAL immigrants, such as myself, are pissed about the double standards applied to immigration. People say, “well, you had the money to come here. The people coming via the S. Border are poor”. I never got here because I had thousands in the bank. It was a long
Process of 19 years from applications and eventually becoming a US citizen. 13 of those years were spent outside of the country, waiting for answers and filling out paperwork, etc. We were vetted. We had to supply Police Clearances, medicals, have a US sponsor, educational level
Read and write in English, etc. I don’t even care if these illegals don’t have to pay as much as we did. But they damn well need to fill out applications, and the biggest thing, is they need to be vetted. And if you’ve been a bad guy, have a crimsoned history of any kind, then
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THIS man on @cp24 is fantastic! #speakUp #stopbullying #stopbullyingnow #HamOnt School Boards, Principal’s... Quit putting it off!
KEVIN Ellis speaks about how the senseless murder of a 14 year old boy who was bullied #HamOnt 🇨🇦 and how NOTHING is being done about it. Powerful stuff! #SpeakUp #stopbullyingnow #stopbullying @yashar @TheEllenShow @andylassner (Part One)
(Part Two) #stopbullyingnow
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It was indeed awesome yesterday to have these notable voices make their contribution in the conversation regarding this worrying subject: #RapeSexualAbuse. Discussion taken down to #SecondarySchools
#PreventionIsBetterThanCure #aStitcHinTimeSaves9
After the long emotional counselling session yesterday, and having carefully gone through the anonymous designed questionnaires given to the students to fill after the presentation/conversation, I would say, #ThisIsTheWayToGo! It was a huge #success. Here are my observations...
1) The strategy of focusing more on the preventive measures, the tips/principles one can maintain in life to avert such situations in the fist place. They need not fall victim b4 they learn...but to use their senses well/good reasoning to decipher when someone is up to something
Read 10 tweets… I bet a lot of y’all have seen this and think it’s bad but I would like to expand your knowledge a bit…
When military personnel receive awards-those awards act as points in our records towards winning higher rank, or the ability to land a coveted position. Awards mean more than a gold star on your record. They can make the difference between retention as well as advancement in rank
So by doing this Trump is potentially damaging or even ruining someone’s career. But he’s also sending a message out to other military members. Do what he wants or he tanks your career, or even ruins your retirement. We all remember Andrew mcCabe…
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I'll tell the truth. #TrumpEpsteinRapists .
1994 raped & sodomized a 13 year old child per her 2016 lawsuit. ~ Jane Doe v's Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein ~
@LisaBloom it's the perfect time for Katie Johnson to tell her story. #Trump can't hurt you anymore. #justiceforkatie .
Documents from Jane Doe v's Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein 2016 @NewYorkFBI .
@NewYorkFBI must investigate #Trump threatening Jane Doe's life.
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The pilot was identified as Tim McCormack, of Clinton Corners, NY, by Paul Dudley, Linden Airport manager. Linden was the home base of the helicopter.

The pilot was believed to be the only one aboard and there were no other injuries, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a
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10 THINGS MEN CAN DO TO PREVENT GENDER VIOLENCE @threadreaderapp 1. Approach sexual harassment & forms of #gender #violence as a MEN’S issue involving men of all ages & socioeconomic, racial/ ethnic backgrounds. View men not only as possible offenders, but as empowered bystanders
If someone you know is abusing his partner – or is disrespectful or abusive to girls and women in general – try to talk to him about it. Urge him to seek help. Or if you don’t know what to do, consult a friend. #SpeakUp #BystanderIntervention
Question your own attitudes. Don’t be defensive when something you do or say ends up hurting someone else. Try hard to understand how your own attitudes & actions might inadvertently perpetuate sexism and violence, & work towards changing them.
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Something HAS to change. Democrats are systematically attacking cabinet members one at a time, they seem to have endless money funding SJW groups that file lawsuits daily, they have activists that harass. The goal is to make a persons life so miserable they quit.
Support every cabinet member.
Call/write/email your representatives to either say thank you or f-you.
We need a conservative SJW group that tracks the Dems as feverishly as the many that track conservatives.
@JudicialWatch is our only watchdog.
🚨If your State has one of the triggered Attorney Generals that keeps filing frivolous lawsuits COMPLAIN demand to know how your tax dollars are being spent. Dems are brilliant at abusing the process.
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Nirbhaya awoke India's consciousness. Unnao and Kathua might just kill its soul.

It's time to #SpeakUp and demand #JusticeForOurChild. This is a make or break moment of moral transformation.

Here's an unplanned tweethurricane that I hope will make you think and act. /1
The impunity and utter inability of the criminal justice system and sarkaar to provide security or justice to our women and children has been a slow emergency, like strangulation over six decades. #JusticeForOurChild will be a long and hard battle on multiple fronts. /2
The biggest unseen minority of India are women and children. They are systematically violated by power, mafia and income inequality. As a votebank, women's votes are traditionally influenced by males in most states and children don't have any. Causing further governance decay. /3
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How much should @LibDems focus on foreign policy? asks @libdemvoice>
Much more than we currently do in my view. For these reasons:
1. Apart from the current dispute w/ Russia, Brexit has made politics more parochial & domestic-obsessed than ever. I believe the #LibDems should focus on bringing a wider, international perspective & that would also serve to distinguish us from middle England Tories & Labour.
2. Our economy, NHS, environment (& other things the @LibDems care abt) can't be fixed unilaterally/through domestic means alone. We need cross-border, multilateral approaches. Indeed this thinking is at the ♥️ of our campaign for the UK to stay in the EU & an #ExitFromBrexit.
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The problem with who or what owns a service or utility for public use, is that it may be a pervasive censoring force The far-right cultists'
2: warping spins on the USA 'free speech' ideal have all been aimed, manipulatively, towards a reflexive censorship, double paradox,a try to
3-distract, reframe, confuse, upset, provoke, hurt the 1 thing that anybody can do which is a brake on attempts at authoritarianism #SpeakUP
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