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This is an open letter to the >60% of you who know that something's not quite right but aren't speaking up yet.

You *know* that things are so messed up, and yet, you keep quiet. Some only have a sense and may have seen things that are incongruent with what we've been told.
Reasons vary from job/financial security, fear of losing community, hoping that all this will eventually blow over, and a desire to believe the narrative as told by mass media, among others.​
I know you're out there thinking, how can ​I​ make a difference while still maintaining the façade of conformity?
Here's the thing, not Speaking Your Truth, you are in effect,​ contributing to the Mass Formations we are now witnessing (yes, there is more than one).
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🧵 #FearFraudFascism #StandUp GOP stole a Supreme Court Seat! Tried to steal the Presidency via coup! Attempting to steal Congress w/ voter suppression laws & now are attacking fundamental freedoms- a woman’s right to choose!

The Court’s legitimacy is on the line.

For 50 years- Roe was settled law. “Stare Decisis”- was what many of these Republican Justices pledged to follow. They lied.

So what’s next:
⚖️ Marriage Equality?
⚖️ Loving v. VA?
⚖️ Brown v. Board?
The story here is that in an unprecedented move 5 Republican justices will overturn 50 years of legal precedence and destroy women’s rights and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court in the process.
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🪡 @threadreaderapp unroll 🧵


I do what is RIGHT, over the easy.
I will do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to defend #USConstitution and #BillofRights

I am aware many will be impacted. The 8 #MiamiDade police officers, the
Correction Officers at MiamiDade Corrections Department. Miami Management, Inc., KWPMC and Brickell on the River North and South Tower Association.

#4thAmendment #violation
I can't stay quiet!
I will #StandUP #SpeakUP and share my #PrimaryResearch
My rights weren't read.
Yes, and, I felt compelled to share I am a US Citizen Civil and Human Rights advocate.
I also asked to watch the State of the Nation address at 9pm since they had me at condominium driveway handcuffed inside different police vehicles from 7:20pm until
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Good for @Spotify standing up against #bullying. This is an important gesture on #BellLetsTalk day.

Unfortunately @NeilYoung has decided to leave. It’s his right to control his own music. It’s not his right to censor another entertainer and artist, @JoeRogan

My tribute to Neil:

Hey hey, my my
#FreedomOfSpeech can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my.

🎶 🎼 🎵

Out of the blue and into the black
If you give them this, they’ll takeaway that

And once it’s gone, you can never get it back
Hold the line, #freedom’s under attack

🎶 🎼 🎵
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The fact that tRump is not in jail just showsour failed system of govt and justice.

There is not one single "average" American who believes if they stole $6.2 Trillion! or funneled money illegally through fake charities or lied publicly while people died wouldnt be in jail.

The fact that Biden picked up right where Fauci, err, sorry tRump left off, would make him an accomplice and an average American would be rounded up and thrown in jail without bail as well.

Fellow Americans we can't have it both ways ANYMORE.
We're killing ourselves by allowing EITHER party to get away with these crimes.

It is time we all #StandUp and refuse to allow elections until they are ALL disqualified from running.

FUCK them. This is our time to demand #PublicService.

$6.2 TRILLION and look at the shithole
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Omicron could well be excellent news. Even Delta is very manageable with early treatment. Omicron looks to be even more so. And that could allow us to exit the pandemic as a large fraction of the population acquires immunity with mild disease. But there are caveats.
1. We know little yet of Omicron. It might not match our initial assessment.
2. Our leaders are intent on continual (re)vaccination of every last person irrespective of risk, medical need or epidemiological value. No reason to think that’ll change. Early treatment is key, yet DOA
3. We’re pushing a novel—likely functionally enhanced—virus around evolutionarily. No one can predict the outcome with confidence. ADE and original antigenic sin are still on the table. Our recklessness could drive SARS2 toward those with innate immunity (e.g. the healthy/young)
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Define your line now, not later.
Speak your convictions before, not after.

Be able to sand by them, do not give yourself an out by not speaking it now.

I know the 1930's Germany comparisons get old, but understand there is a non-zero chance things head that way.
So define for yourself now how bad it would have to get for you to consider the comparison to be apt.

Once you've set that line ask yourself if it would be too late to say anything at that point or not?
If so, speak up now.

Given it remains an open possibility & I know I'm not going to add to those atrocities I feel compelled to speak up now before the Overton Window shifts to a point where I cannot speak or worse.
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Waited to post this as I needed to calm down first. I popped into a local pub on Friday evening as I didn’t feel like cooking so thought I’d grab dinner on my way home. It was fairly busy but I found a table and ordered food and a drink.
Whilst I was sat on my own reading on my phone a group of men came back into the pub from outside. I guess they’d been smoking in the beer garden. I didn’t see them come past but they were being pretty loud. Turns out they were on the table behind me.
This was their conversation, as close to verbatim as I can remember.
“They put too much crap on there. Why do I care if you have A Levels? I wanna know if you know how to suck dick. If you ain’t gonna swallow I ain’t interested.”
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today i saw a commercial for @RocketMortgage and their dedication to helping veterans here at home..@JDFarner is the Ceo..I reached out desperately to rocket mortgage and every company who claims to support and want to help veterans and veteran housing crisis and was disappointed
As most of you know my veteran family has been fighting not one but now two garbage mortgage companies trying to keep from losing our home. We have don everything they have asked and time after time thrown on forbearances that dont actually help and in fact worsen the problem
My husband has has given 12 years to a country that has turned their backs onus, and its the same nightmare horror story for a now rapidly growing number of veteran families trying to just save their homes and not become the next vet family on the streets.
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Women of many of us are OK with the 'new shuffle'?! There are a huge list of reasons I'm angry with the whole 'shuffle' but this? THIS?? Women are ALREADY disregarded and tossed aside by this UCP but this (AND our Nurses)?!
Not ONLY do we, AB WOMEN, NOT HAVE a FULL Minister (of the Status of Women) but the Assoc Min, is overseen by a white, religious fantic, and Kenney-worshipping MAN!

ARE we ok with this??


I know I am so NOT ok with this disgusting

DISGUSTING show of the misogyny live and well in our AB Province and UCP! We already know the MASSIVE impact financially (among others), this pandemic has had on AB Women. Are YOU sick and tired of this complete BS too?? I personally don't have the knowledge
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This needs to be seen! If YOU don’t speak up to defend these people soon it will get ugly. Unelected bureaucrats creating law! #STANDUP
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Four years is a long time. It's more than enough time for a President to prove who they are. And every day, Donald Trump proved himself a danger to our Republic. And every scandal, every battle, we were there to fight back. As America votes, we recall those biggest fights here:
Modern candidates prove their commitment to honesty and transparency by releasing their taxes. Even now, Trump works like a dog to hide his checkered financial history from us. So much for the swamp.
The lies started on his first day. Now they come so rapidly you can't even document them all. But we always #StandUp for truth.
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Killed By The Government In Your Sleep Is A Problem, #BreonnaTaylor. Why did I mention Breonna Taylor to the students at LSU? Because the government shouldn’t be able to kill us in our sleep.

Young people who are going out to date, meet someone, and fall in love —
should not get shot in their homes while they sleep by the police. And it should make us mad as hell that the cops are still free.

Johnathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove shouldn’t be free. They should be in jail for murder.
We should use as many opportunities as possible to lift up this sisters name. Until they are.

We should consistently use our voices to speak out against injustice. Social media is a tool.
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BLM = A Massive Global Conspiracy....a look at BLM and Shaheen Organiser - Weekly. You won't have a voice tomorrow....! Speak up...when you have the opportunity. They are coming after us, THEY WILL FRAME US, they will kill us, slaughter us, rape us, behead us........ ImageImageImageImage

Bhagwan Krishna said, do your part. I urge you to do your part. Stand for the dharma.
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4 years ago today I decided to jump off the cliff to sue Roger Ailes at Fox News for harassment. I had no idea what would happen.… (1/8)
Scariest day of my life. Thank you for everyone who has supported me and believed women! And look where we are! A cultural revolution (2/8)
that will never be turned back. From my case to #metoo to so many finding their voices. From the first day my mission has been to (3/8)
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My fight with cannabis and the law. I stand up because I have seen far too many people suffer! My grandad died of cancer!! I no cannabis could of helped in some way. But I was too young to understand.
It could of kept him comfortable from pain, it would of given him an appetite
when he couldn’t eat. It would of stopped him from being sick! When the chemo got to much!!
Cannabis could of helped!!
My uncle!!! Died just before he was 50!!! He has left 3 amazing children 2 beautiful grandchildren and a wife my auntie that loved him so dearly cancer again
Cancer again!! Cannabis could of helped him!! My nans sisters husband. Died of cancer.. cannabis could of helped him!! My nans sister.. my beautiful aunt died of cancer.. cannabis could of helped..
Me... I have mental health! I suffer so very much inside! It’s invisible no one
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A detailed #thread on the important #schemes launched by Sri #NarendraModi led #BJP Govt.

Sri @narendramodi ji has launched many #welfare schemes. These #schemes varies from welfare of #Farmers, #housewives, #labourers, #students to small #shopkeepers etc.
@PMOIndia @BJP4India
1. PM-KISAN: This scheme promises to pay all poor #farmers (small and marginal farmers having lands up to 2 hectares) Rs 6,000 each every year in 3 installments through Direct #Bank Transfer. It would reportedly benefit around 14.5 crore farmers all over #India.
2. Pradhan Mantri #Kisan Pension Yojana: To address the problems of farm sector distress, the Modi 2.0 Cabinet has approved a proposal to provide small and marginal #farmers with a minimum Rs 3,000 per #month fixed #pension, costing Rs 10,774.5 crore per annum to the exchequer.
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[Day6: #ScienceComedy FAQs & hot-takes]

It’s my last day, friends! Let’s talk all things #SciComm Comedy today (standup, comedic storytelling, improv, sketch, humor writing, & more).

I’ll dig into using it for reframing “the expert” & empowering underheard perspectives in #STEM
CALLING ALL #SciComm #STEM #Research #Academia doing #Improv comedy, add yourself in this thread so we can find each other all over the 🌍

eg, some NYC #STEM improv tweeps (more are on insta & FB):
ROLL CALL: #SciComm #STEM #Research #Academia doing #Sketch or #character comedy, add em in this thread so we can find each other all over the 🌍

Some NYC folks I ❤️ who do video sketches:
@shodell’s Your Brain on Blank
@RollieWilliams’s @InconvenientTS

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[Day4: Strengths & Limits of #SciComm forms, media, & spaces]
It's theory vs practice day!

There are loads of resources out there for #BestPractices. Today, let's discuss the strengths & limitations YOU've found in trying #STEM #storytelling, #comedy, #SciArt, #digital, & more!
I'll start w/ my favorite resources: @edbeltane & @OliverEscobar's "Public Dialogue & Delibration" & #WendyFaulkner's "Dialogue in #PublicEngagement" handbooks.

How do participant #communication styles impede/help your purpose, eg. #dialogue vs #debate?…
These have been crucial in my understanding of #experiencedesign when creating events or experiences for diverse #scicomm audiences & participants.

There's a purpose for panels and debates. But also a reason why they fail in "changing minds" or creating power-balanced convos.
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We are neither political, nor patriotic, and we are both political and patriotic...
..We are not political because we are not interested in politics, certainly not politics as usual. We are not patriotic because a real patriot isn't supposed to question capitalism...
...We are political because we are interested in structures of power and rule and how they are affecting our lives. And we are patriotic because we believe in the idea that is America and we believe it belongs to the world...
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Dear #3rdWaveFeminists and women of America: Once upon a time (in my lifetime), women were the property of their father and then their husbands. Upon marriage they ceased to be Miss Mary and became Mrs John Doe. They had no help if their husband beat them. It was their ... 1/
... their fault. They were not allowed to work outside the home without their husband's permission. They could not get credit in their own name and so, therefore, could not buy property, own a car, or go to post-secondary education. Birth control ... 2/
... was only prescribed, by some doctors, if husbands agreed. Men could legally rape their wives. Women spent their lives either pregnant, giving birth, or cleaning diapers and then raising children that men werent expected to do help with and called 'hen-pecked' if they did. 3/
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[Transformation&Representation] Before diving into today’s topic of transformation and representation. I would like to run a series of polls. Please feel free to participate!

1. Are you currently working in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) field?

2. If you are in STEM (student or employee or any STEM involvement), are you a minority? (Minority here is defined as any group that is underrepresented, includes race, gender, disability, sexual identity or orientation etc)
I am really passionate about this topic because I am a minority in my field. I am a minority because I am a woman. I am a minority because I am an African researcher. I am a minority because I am of colour. #womeninSTEM #POCinSTEM #AfricanSTEM
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