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You guys. GUYS.

Hey, you guys.

Guess what?

IT’S THE RETURN OF #TabletopGails!

Hahahahaha! This week, guest co-host is MR. BISCUIT!

So, the lovely folks at @MongoosePub said they would like to ‘send a few things’ and after finding out they published new versions of a couple of my all-time favorite RPGS, I got all happy and excited.

Then we went to the #MagicPorch to get the boxes…


I suspect they may have undersold the amount of stuff they were sending!


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Okay, today on @TableTopGails, this is a very short one, but I got two surprise boxes on the #MagicPorch today and I just opened them up and both are WOW.

I don’t believe either has been shown anywhere before, so prepare for a bit sneak peek from @wizkidsgames!

First up, holy crap, this looks so cool!

It’s the EMPYRE MINIATURES GAME from @wizkidsgames!

2/ Image
I was confused for a moment, because @wizkids also makes non-clip minis, and this doesn’t say Heroclix right away, but this game IS standalone, OR can be played with other Heroclix. It is from a recent mega-event in the comics (which I haven’t read yet!).

3/ ImageImage
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Hey. Hey you guys. :)

Okay, here is the thing...there is a backlog of games that have been sent to my #MagicPorch, and I don't want to get behind so I am going to do some shorter ones once in a while to catch up for #TableTopGails!

WOOT! So this is just a couple things, but FUN!.



Woot! Image
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Okay, you guys wanna see the bizarre and wonderful and oh so cool mystery box that landed on my #magicporch today? I had no idea what this was or who sent it.

But it weighs a ton! I mean, it’s huge and heavy!

Okay, opening it up, is this leather roll, which says The NEVERS on it.

I have not yet seen the show!

I open the roll and it’s...

Really nice screwdrivers?



I have no idea!

As I said, I had no idea this was coming, what it is, or who sent it.

Just that it’s huge and weighs a ton.

Under the screwdrivers is a huge, handcrafted wooden box. With this lightbulb symbol. It’s locked.

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Dear games publishers, I have a bit of a question.

You know I love you and you have been lovely to me, but I have a question about many of your websites. Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, I would love to hear the rationale.

All friends, just curious.

I have mentioned that on some websites, even for big companies, sometimes jargon is used which noobs might not understand. I get it when that space is limited, but on your own website? Some people might not know what ‘legacy,’ ‘drafting,’ and other terms mean. HOWEVER...

On some sites there is something that is even more confusing. I like to buy games with a beautiful design, or gorgeous components. Yet I find a LOT of publisher sites don’t even show the back of the box. Just the front and a brief description.

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Okay, there has actually been a bit of a lull in #MagicPorch activity, so in today's #TabletopGails, we played two games that were among the MOST SUGGESTED by you!

WOOT! They are by two of my favorite companies, too.

This was FUN. Let's see what they are!

First is MARVEL SMASH-UP by @TheOpGames, and

Both of these games are hit series, these are the specific sets we played...both are standalone AND expansion sets.

Common factor was FUN.

2/ ImageImage

As always, if you have played these games or have questions, please feel free to jump in the thread...the designers and publishers often join in at some point and can be very helpful!

This is the Marvel version of a big hit series.

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Okay, here we go. As you know, the #MagicPorch is better than the TARDIS. Magic stuff shows up and it's always a delight.


It's not games, for once, also, as well, too!

Here's what happened. I was on Twitter (which I almost never am, as you know), and I saw someone had made and posted photos of this beautiful replica sign. It was freaky gorgeous.

And I said something clever like, 'buh?' because it was so perfect.

And the account was from a couple who are cosplayers and craftspeople/artists, who make amazing replicas from games and other sources, so perfect you want to die.

But this PARTICULAR piece was just a whole level beyond, for me because...

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Okay, can I share a wholesome story?

It’s short and a little selfish but really was lovely.

Here’s a thing. We have a dear friend who has become a brother to me, he lives in Florida and works at Walt Disney World.

We have ended up adopting him, his brother, and his mom as family, and they have done the same for us, just found family all the way.

We haven’t been able to see them of course, since the pandemic, and it sucks, but we keep in contact all the time.

This year, because we’re stuck at home, hubby and I had considered buying a big @LEGO_Group set, something from the Disney Parks. We had always considered buying one but had just never pulled the trigger. We were going to get either the Disneyland Train or the Castle.

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Okay, my #MagicPorch has gotten way too much magic stuff lately, and I'm behind showing it. But here are some of the things that lovely people have sent recently that I adore, that ALSO would make good holiday gifts. Let's go #MagicPorch!
Here’s the first thing. Many of you know I am an avid gamer and collector of retro games. So one of my favorite things from the past year is the @evercaderetro, an amazing handheld cartridge system with LICENSED versions of long lost games. I love it, and...
2/ Image long last, they finally have released to the multi-carts I have been wanting the most, both featuring games from the Atari Lynx! Twenty five classic games on just two carts!

3/ ImageImageImage
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Okay, I have another twitter warning.

This one is about pron. Serious, serious gaming pron.

Again, mute me if you don't want to see the splendor that arrived at my #MagicPorch.

Because GOOD LORD.

Okay, so, some of you may remember a couple weeks ago, I said VERY INNOCENTLY, "Huh, those Dicemaster games look cool, has anyone played them? Should I get one?"

For those unfamiliar, they look like they play a bit like MTG or Heroclix, but with dice.

That's it.

So, the lovely and wonderful @TheCraftingMuse from @wizkidsgames sends me a note, basically, hey, would you like us to send you a sample to try?


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I am so happy right now, HOLY CRAP.'s the thing. You might know my family loves games, and it's lovely that people are always sending us games to the #MagicPorch. @RocketSpouse and I met playing D&D and we recently fell in love with RPGS again, especially during quarantine.
And you know people send stuff to the #MagicPorch, sometimes little personal things like a comic or a craft, sometimes big things like a sword or an Oculus or a PAINTING most recently.
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Hey, we got something wonderful on our Magic Porch today...what could it be?

It’s @LouMalnatis Chicago pizza!
Our friend @TomStillwell, great comics writer and creator of TOYBOY, decided to send us our favorite Chicago pizza during quarantine!

A certain @rocketspouse is DELIGHTED.

Tom! Thank you!
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