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#MahaPeriyava #Navarathiri
Many years ago, Sri Maha Periyava was on His way to having darshan of Sri Nandeeswarar at Parangimalai, St Thomas Mount in Madras. En route He had darshan of Trisulanathar and Tripurasundari and then rested for a while under a fig tree (as He always Image
walked, whatever be the distance).
He felt thirsty and so called out for one of His shishyas. But, since they were resting at a distance, no one heard Him. Then, there appeared a Little Girl with water in a 'sombu' (a small vessel) and offered it to Him. He drank it and when He
wanted to return the sombu, She was not be seen around any where. He asked every one, but no one had even seen Her. Then He sat in meditation for a while and realised that the Girl was none other than Ambal herself. He called the village head and other people and told them to dig
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#MahaPeriyava #Navarathiri This is an incident that happened many years ago. It was a time when the construction work of Uttara Sri Nataraja temple was going on in accordance with Kanchi Paramacharyal's orders in the Satara town of Maharashtra. People thronged daily to have
darshan of Sri Maha Periyava who was camping in the town. It was three o' clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. A 30-year-old youth prostrated before Periyava and got up. Tears were seen in his eyes. Noticing it, Periyava asked him with affection, "Enpa, Who are you? Where are you
from? Why are your eyes watery?" Without replying, he started crying. People nearby consoled him and made him sit before Periyava.
"Where are you from Appa?" Periyava asked him.
"Palakkad, Periyava."
"You are coming all the way from Palakkad?" asked Periyava immediately.
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#Navarathiri #MahaPeriyava
Kanchi Mahaperiyava had asked Shri Joshi to make a Kuthu Vilakku (lamp) of gold and bring it to Him. For some reason Shri Joshi could not go to the Matam and instead sent it through another devotee Shri Ramanan. Shri Ramanan submitted the lamp to Him
when he went to have His Darshan. It was around 8.30 pm and He was sitting in the Mena. On seeing the lamp Periyava took it in His Hand and tells those who had assembled near Him:
“During all days of Navarathri, Ambal comes physically and sits exactly at 8 pm on the Meru in
Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram. So, take this lamp, light it and place it near the Meru! Since the Meru will become hot due to the heat of the flame, prepare a ball of sandhanam (sandalwood paste) and place the lamp on top of it!”
So, please do visit Kamakshi Amman temple
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#MahaPeriyava This narration is about the experience of my grandfather with Periva. It was my father who revealed it to me.
A brief background: My grandfather Dr. Narayanswamy was a physician who practised with the great medical practitioner Dr. Rangachary (in whose memory is
Ranga Road in Chennai) during 1920s. At that time, my grandfather was living in Mylapore close to the Kapali Temple. My father was then a student of P.S. high school. My father used to recall that Dr. Rangachary used to take my grandpa in his Rolls Royce car to the government's
general hospital. Although my grandfather was an allopathic doctor, he was proficient in homeopathy too and saved many critically sick patients through homeopathy. In the years he lived in Mylapore, my grandfather had very little faith in religious rituals. He never performed
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A devotee from Madras was travelling in the Bombay Mail train during his pilgrimage to have a darshan of Sri Raghavendra Brindavan at Mantralaya. He was sleepy. When the train stopped at a station, he thought it was his destination and got down hurriedly. He had a
look at the name board of the station only after the train left the station. It was Gundakkal!
“Ada Devuda! I have got down here”
SriMatham devotee Joshi and his friends, who arrived on the same train, came across the devotee, who was standing confused. Maha Periyava was staying
in Hagari at that time. Joshi and his friends were proceeding to have his darshan then.
“I got down here sleepily,” said the Mantralaya man.
“It is not drowsiness. You have alighted here only in a clear state! Come, let us go to Hagari and have darshan of Periyava,” said Joshi.
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There was a village named Nerunjippettai near Mettur. Sri Maha Periyava visited this place in the year 1928. The village chief Sri Sundaram Reddiar and the then MLA, Sri Gurumurthy were devoted to Periyava and they, along with other elders of the village, used to
often go and have His Darshan. One can, then, imagine their joy when Periyava came to their village! One day the village folk and devotees were sitting around Periyava and chanting ‘Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!’, and there came the chanting of ‘Govinda…Govinda’ from a
distance. Hearing this, Periyava enquired, “Where does this Govinda chanting come from?”
“Nearby, there is a hill by name ‘Paalamalai’; on its top there is a temple called, ‘Sri Siddheswarar Temple’. People who go there for darshan, keep chanting the ‘Govinda’ nama while climbing
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Dr. S. V. Narasimhan was the chief advisor to the West Bengal government. He came to pay his respects to Periava.
Periava: Buy a big building in the centre of Calcutta and start a Sama Veda school for Bengali children there.
Dr: Right now, the South Indian Bhajan
Samaj is in a rental building
and it is in a central place of the city.
Periava: Very good. Buy that building. Let the Bhajan Samaj stay there.
Dr: That will cost a lot of money, Periava. I don’t have that kind of
Periava: How much will be the cost ?
Dr: Nearly 50 crore
rupees. (The Dr desired to fulfill the wishes of Periava and at the same time did not know how to generate that kind of money)
Periava: You go to Madras right now. There, meet Annathurai Iyengar who will give you 50 rupees, which is equivalent to 50 crore rupees. Periava was
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#MahaPeriyava All human beings must express their gratitude to their fathers (pitrs) and to the gods- they have a debt to pay their fathers, rites to perform for the gods. We must serve our fellow creatures to the best of our ability and extend hospitality at least to one guest a
day. This is atithya or what Thiruvalluvar calls "virundu", also known as manusyayajna. Then there is Brahmayajna to perform, the word "Brahma" here denoting the Vedas. Brahmayajna means chanting the Vedas and making others chant them. This is a duty carried out by a few on
behalf of all. One of the rites common to all is bhutayajna, demonstrating our love to all creatures, feeding them etc. Pitryajna, devayajna, manusyayajna, bhutayajana are rites all are duty-bound to perform in one way or other. If each individual does his work according to Vedic
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#MahaPeriyava Once a devotee asked Mahaswamigal, why do we keep food for Crows during Mahalayam? Are our ancestors taking forms of Crows? Why do they come as this low standard bird? Why not a high standard bird? With a gentle smile Mahaswamigal answered, "We call the Crow Kaka in
Tamil. Do we address any other creature by its sound? Do we call a Cat 'Meow?' Because a Parrot says 'Kiki' do we call it a 'Kiki?' A Crow is called by its sound that makes it special. Ka means Kaapaathu or Protect me. So, when you keep food for a Crow and say 'Kaa kaa' you are
asking your ancestors to protect you. You say a Crow is lowly because it is freely available and it eats anything! But let me tell you, a Crow is beautiful. Why? It wakes up at 'Brahma Muhurat', 'Amrit Vela'. It caws and wakes you up. Even Cocks may not wake up on time many days
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#MahaPeriyava Once some learned people were conversing with Sri Maha Periyava. Even though the topic was on a high level Vedantic matter, Periyava’s talk and the language was so simple that even an illiterate could understand it easily. It was different from the lectures normally
delivered by Pundits. At that time, a young man from Australia came there to have His darshan. The young man was doing research on the comparison of various religions and he could speak small sentences in Sanskrit. After the normal enquiries, Periyava asked him what he wanted.
“How should I be? How should I live? What is way of life? What is the way to perform good deeds in life and to get good results?” The young man piled his queries, politely. After a few minutes silence, Periyava said, “All that is okay. But why come here (Kalavai was the place)
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#MahaPeriyava Sadasivam was a bachelor from Salem. He stayed in a small room in a hotel. He had immense bhakti on the Mahan. A very large homam (fire sacrifice ritual) was conducted in the year, 1990 at Kanchi Matham, Salem. Approximately sixty Vedic experts and Pundits from
outstations had been invited for the occasion. The homam was held continuously for eleven days. Sadasivam’s duty was to ensure that the flowers needed for the homam were supplied without any hitch. The homam was completed in a religious manner. The next thing that the organizers
had to do was to start for Kanchi, along with the teertha pots and the maha raksha (homam ashes that serve as protection) and submit them to the Mahan and get His blessings. Three notables accompanied the Vedic Pundits in three vans to Kanchipuram. Sadasivam, who was responsible
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#MahaPeriyava It is a must read for all Periyava devotees.
Once Maha Periyava undertook his divya darshana yatra with His entourage to Sri Saila kshetra which is known as the 'Dakshina Kailash'. When they reached Kurnool, Acharyal was given a grand reception at the borders of the
city. Sri Maha Periyava was accommodated in a bhajan mandapa where He gave a discourse on Sanatana Dharma in Telugu to the large gathering of devotees. At the end of the lecture, He gave the devotees His blessings and prasadam and continued on His yatra. After they passed a
distance of seven or eight miles, a fertile Zamin village was sighted. All the people in the village with their family and children came to the boundary of the village and welcomed Maha Periyava with purna kumbham. Thereafter, the Zamindar of the village prayed to Sri Maha
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“My daughter is almost past the marriageable age. For the past four years, I have looked at every horoscope possible. Not one horoscope matched the girl's horoscope. The moment the horoscopes of the prospective groom and the girl were handed over to the astrologer,
he would purse his lips in displeasure. 'The young man's horoscope is excellent,' he would say. But it does not match our Kamala's horoscope.” Said the father of the girl to Maha Periyava.
"Do you now have the horoscope of any prospective groom?"
"Yes. The boy is of an excellent
background, good looking. Everyone is happy. But we have not gone to the astrologer yet. We are in fact scared to do so".
"Do you have the girl's horoscope?"
"Give me both".
The two were placed before Periyava. Periyava picked up both in his hands and looked at them for a
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It was a hot summer season. Severe water scarcity prevailed in the villages. The rivers and ponds had all dried up. In many homes, even their wells went dry. Whatever water was available, the villagers shared it amongst themselves.
On the request of devotees of a
village where there was severe water scarcity, Sri Maha Periyava had come to the village and was giving darshan. Everyone in the village came for darshan. A very old person had come. The others who were there gave him way, out of respect, to have Periyava's darshan. It was
evident that he was an important person in the village.
He paid his obeisance, and stood up.
Periyava asked him "What is your age?"
"Me? I am quite old now - eighty two years", replied the old man.
"Sowkiama?" (Is all well with you?), asked Periyava.
"No, Saami. Where is the room
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Which is the World’s oldest Tape Recorder? by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya Mahaswami
Once way back in 1940s/50s someone was conducting an interview with Kanchi Mahaperiyava. That gentleman recorded the interview in a Tape recorder.
@KanchiMatham @AnuSatheesh5 @Vadicwarrior
Periyava then posed a question:
“Does anyone know which is the oldest known tape recorder?”
Nobody was able to answer. Then Mahaperiyava asked another question:
“How did #Vishnu #Sahasranamam come to us?”
Everyone said Bhishma Pitamah gave it.
All agreed.
Then #Mahaperiyava posed another query:
“When all were listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam, who took Notes at #Kurukshetra thousands of years back?”
Again silence.
Mahaperiyava started replying to everyone.
“When Bhishma Pitamah was glorifying Lord Krishna with Sahasranama i.e,
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#MahaPeriyava One day few village leaders had come for Sri Maha Periyava’s darshan. The Ganesha idol in their village temple had been stolen. So, they had come to Periyava to request for a new Ganesha idol that they could install in the temple. They informed Periyava about this
and waited for His response.
“Is there a lake in your village?"asked Periyava.
"Is there water in it?"
The villagers looked at each other and replied, “It has not been cleaned by the Panchayat, and so water is very less”
“If there is plenty of water in the lake, it will be
useful for all people and cattle, is it not?"
The villagers replied in unison, “Yes.”
Periyava replied, “First clean up the lake.” He also gave then prasadam indicating that they had the permission to leave. The villagers at first did not understand that once they had received
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A wealthy man, had great devotion to Periyava. He came to Ilayanthangudi for darshan. He brought two wooden boxes full of apples and placed them before Periyava. Periyava glanced at the boxes and then went inside.
"I have bought these apples for Periyava. You
bandicoots of the Matam don't devour and empty them" he told the helpers there after Periyava left. Periyava did hear these words but He did not give a hint that He heard those words. Some Nari kurava - gypsy, families had pitched a tent in the place and were staying at that time
On the evening the apple boxes came, Periyava sent word for the boys of the Nari kurava families and gave each one of them an apple, and that in front of the wealthy man! That man’s face showed his distress. "I too am a peruchchALi--bandicoot, in the Matam", said Periyava. The
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#MahaPeriyava The time when MahaPeriyava did Kasi Yatra, end of January 1934 He camped at SriSailam. That was a night of the lunar eclipse. He set out to conduct the full moon puja in the thatched shed constructed for the purpose, after taking His bath in the Patala Ganga. His
idea is to spend the night there, take bath in the morning and then return. He had permitted some of the children from the Veda Patashala to accompany Him on this yatra. The extra affection He had for the children came to be expressed in many ways on that occasion. While He had
permitted His entourage to come with Him traversing on foot, the rugged paths through the jungles, and some of them to travel by different kinds of vehicles, He made special arrangements for the children to be brought by trains, though it involved circuitous routes, to places
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Once Kanchi Paati was talking to Sri Periyava. During that time, a rice merchant was passing by the entrance of Sri Matham, calling out people for buying rice from him. Maha Periyava interrupted Kanchi Paati who was talking about an interesting topic and said “Did
you hear him? He is telling something to you.” Paati replied “He is asking everyone around and not specifically to me. He is saying
Arisi Vaangaliyo… Arisi Vaangaliyo” (Buy Rice…Buy Rice)
Sri Periyavaa again told to Paati, “I am not sure if you understood! But I understood very
well. He is asking you only”
Paati sharpened her ears and heard again and said, “He is selling rice only.”
Periyava replied with a smile, “I only hear him as asking “(H)ari Siva ngaliyo (அரி சிவா ங்கலியோ) He is not asking Arisi Vangalaiyo, only to remind you of the names of the
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Kavi Samraat Sri Viswanatha satyanarayana garu is considered one of the greatest stalwarts in the telugu literary world. This article originally authored by his son viswanatha pavani sastry relates to the poets experiences with the great acharya. This incident
happened in the late 1950's. It was the home of sri viswanatha satyanarayana.
A man came and asked the poet a copy of 'swarganiki nichenalu' (ladders to heaven).
He replied "they are sold out"
"When will the book be reprinted?"
"God knows"
"Please sir, I urgently need a copy
of the book!" the person pleaded.
"What is so urgent in reading the book?"
"Kanchi swami asked me to read it"
"Yes sir, recently when I went to kanchipuram for darsan of acharya I asked for his opinion on the fake swamijis. Acharya commanded me to read your book. He told
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#MahaPeriyava A college professor used to come every day for darshan. But he never sought to talk with or introduce himself to Periyava. Perhaps the darshan itself gave him limitless joy! After 4 -5 months, one day, looking at him, Periyava asked, "How come you came here now?"
Surprised he said, "I am coming here daily?"
PeriyavA asked him the same question again. The professor returned home in a state of understanding nothing of the question. As he entered his house, a letter that was lying on the floor came in his sight. He took it and read.
'Very urgent. Forthwith you go to such and such college in such and such place and start your work there.' How was the message of the letter known to Periyava beforehand? Whatever, the professor got ready for the relocation with his trunk and bed.
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My brother-in-law's daughter Jaana and I often used to go to Kanchi and have darshan of Periyava. We would submit different offerings each time we went there. On one occasion, it occurred to us to string a beautiful arugampul garland and offer it to him. With arali
flowers forming the border, we prepared a large arugampul garland and went on the next morning to offer it. By the time we reached Kanchi, it was eight in the morning. Periyava was sitting, conversing with everyone around him. We kept the garland pack and a packet of sugar lumps
in front of him. He took it and kept it aside in a corner. He did not even open the pack to see what it contained. We were having darshan of him. A woman came around ten o' clock. She had in her hand an intricately designed silver Kavacham for Ganesha. As instructed by the sage,
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#NahaPeriyava #Happyjanmashtami2022 #HappyKrishnaJanmashtami
Sri Maha Periyava’s Message on Gokulashtami.
“Bhagawan Sri Krishna, in the Gita, says that when the entire world is sleeping, Jnani is awake, to convey the meaning that the enlightened soul is always present in the
light of Superior knowledge, which is not visible to the non-enlightened, ignorant world. When it is absolutely dark everywhere and if a light appears, we welcome it. In a desert, if water and shade is found, it gives unlimited joy. The lightning that appears between two dark
clouds, is much brighter. Sri Krishna Paramathma, was born in the midnight of Krishna Paksha Ashtami, in the month of Avani during the Dakshinayana. What is one year for us, is one day for Devas. Our Utharayana is their day time. Dakshinayana is their night time. Therefore, the
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#MahaPeriyava #KrishnaJanmashtami #special
It was Gokulashtami. Kanchi MahaSwamigal had gone to the backyard for His morning duties at 4am. His Kainkaryam Sri Srikantan told me, "Mami, I will open the door secretly for you. You should put the necessary kolams and Kutty Krishna's
feet on the floor as quickly as possibly and run from here, Ok?"
I said Ok.
He said, "If you want, I will close the backyard door. Let me know the moment you are finished with the kolams and then I will open it again for Him". He was talking like as if the Sarveshwaran will not
know about our plans! I put the kolams, the Kutty Krishna's feet came out so beautifully that day. I drew the Feet from the backyard door right up to the room where He does the poojas and also near the kitchen. And then quickly I came out, afraid that Srikantan might admonish me
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