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Not even remotely provable, but sure.

And in EITHER case the #EngineeredSpikeProtein whether in the Virus or the Vaccine has never been introduced to the human body in our entire human history.

It (IS) a KNOWN #ScientificFact that #Ivermectin BLOCKS the SpikeProtein from...
attaching tothe Ace2 Receptor which is how it is (in the vaccine at least) able to enter your #NaturalImmuneSystemCells and overwrite #MotherNature and instruct your natural immune cells to produce and then present the SPike Protein on its' outer membrane - AGAIN - this is a...
first in human history AND it was not explained to anyone PRIOR to distribuiting it under the guise of it being the same as every other vaccine anyone has ever injected.

Therefore it is an #ExperimentalVaccine and you are no different then the #HumanizedMice for which...
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Incredible satellite footage of the volcanic eruption in #Tonga ..

#Tsunami alert going on currently as well and footage showing it’s already started hitting some islands.. crazy🤯

Mother Nature is undefeated 🌊💨
Praying for everyone being affected by this..

Cannot imagine seeing this with my own eyes.

*not my footage*
#Volcano #Tonga #HungaTonga #HungaTongaHungaHaapai #underwater #Tsunami #Tonga #Oceania #MotherNature
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You could literally reprimand people for 400K petrochemical concoctions masquerading as good products.

It's odd watching you learn in real time and then bark about it as if you're the first person to ever learn a particular lesson.

Did your deity tell you that's how it works?
You might want to add an alternative to what you are lecturing people to stop.

There is no shortage of videos on Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda which will change your life.

I've used it for decades but you can pretend it's new knowledge if you like.

Hey did you see my...
Post about Jesus and Cannabis and how he used it to perform miracles much the same way mushrooms were used to open the 3rd eye which I have been blessed to have open.

I'm developing a Module-Based course on using your #MynZai(c) and will teach people things like how Flouride...
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The Emergent Agents from the Cambrian Explosion are NOT Passive

Feedback Loops are a Dominant Part of the Evolution of a Complex Adaptive System

The #WolfPack

Agents Search the Local Environment for New Prey

Wolf Pack Cooperation Emerges as an Edge in the Competition to Survive and Reproduce

The Pack (Hyenas) vs The Lion

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Is it merely a co-incidence that everything around #KedarnathTemple swept away in devastating flood yet the 8th century main structure of holy shrine is still standing tall?

I penned down this piece 7yrs ago almost same time & the thoughts cant be more relevant than today.

1/n ImageImage
Jun13. Cloud busted & hills around were falling apart, concrete structure knocked down like castle of cards, a boulder, tons in weight & meters in height,hurtling down almost everything, not just halt but also created a natural shield to protect temple from furious Mandakini?
2/n ImageImageImageImage
#SushantSinghRajput's #Kedarnath briefed this part in climax. No less than a sci-fi, was it quantum physics or water mechanics.. or some unknown power wiped up all encroachment of human greed but kept the Holy Dham doors open seeking just a 'renovation'?

Shiva, is that you?

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We are intrinsically and inherently connected to nature because we are part of nature. This simple truth is the crux of our interconnectivity to all living beings on our planet.
The actions we take and the choices we make – not only affects our environment but all life in existence, including our own. At ORGANIC INDIA, we have always recognised this truth and our actions are led by this consciousness.
Let’s no longer Be Apart. Let’s Be A Part of what honours our connectedness to each other.

Know More:

#EveryPartMakesWhole #ORGANICINDIA #HealthyConsciousLiving #LetsPlayAPart #Environment #Sustainability #EcoConscious #MotherNature #BeTheChange
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“What is this, the End of Days?” -
Chris W., who just moved down from #Chicago , experiencing his first #KingTide in #Hollywood #Beach #Florida
@WPLGLocal10 Image
For your #KingTide planning pleasure :
Worst of the flooding in SoFlo #coastal communities likely between 1am-3am & 1pm-3pm for the next few days ....
#Hollywood #Beach #Florida
#ocean #bay #high #tide #moon Image
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95% of plastic polluting the world's oceans comes from just TEN rivers including the Ganges and Niger

My solution is we just open our borders and let them all come here, then things should just fix themselves #ExtinctionRebellion #naturelovers
In Beijing China and Delhi India the polluting smog makes the air dangerous to breathe and barely anything can be seen.

The only blue skies they see are tourist screens. What we need is less children in western countries and big anti-natalism campaigns.
Some people will say bringing modernisation and industry to the third world was always gonna end up this way, due to "innate differences" between groups.

Personally that sounds bigoted to me. There is literally zero differences, we're exactly the same.
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