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THREAD: Vigils across America demanding action against #Pakistan for its inhuman treatment of Hindus & other minorities. The @chingariproject calls on all communities to join this movement to bring an end to abduction, forced conversion to Islam & rape of young girls in Pakistan.
Every day, in #Pakistan, 3 girls from the minority communities are kidnapped, forcibly converted and "married" off, often as 2nd and 3rd wives of Muslim men.
Many of these girls are as young as 12 and the men they are married off to, in their 30s and 40s. 2/n
Vigil participants in #Tampa #Florida, shared details of the atrocities committed on #Hindu, #Sikh and other minorities in #Pakistan. Many onlookers said that while they aware of Pakistan's toxic role in Afghanistan, few had heard about the crimes being committed within Pakistan.
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“This is a very disappointing start,’’ said Ellen Freidin, CEO Fair Districts NOW, a member of the coalition, whose partners include Common Cause Florida, League of Women Voters of Florida, Florida Rising, UnidosUS and Florida Conservation Voters.

They pointed to botched handling of redistricting in 2012, when #DonGaetz, then Sen Pres proclaimed the process was “the most open transparent & interactive process in FL history” while he & other leaders were engaged in a shadow process where political consultants to drew maps/2
Maps drawn by political consultants mirrored those submitted under name of FSU student who denied being associated w/process. Plaintiffs argued that was proof that GOP consultants had orchestrated a shadow system to infiltrate the redistricting process. /3
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I would have already filed my embezzlement case I have with my trust fund in Mississippi but unfortunately I had to have a woman in Pennsylvania stalk me for 4 years and have me charged with a false stalking charge. She set me back now I have to worry about my stalker
Because she's put my life in danger. I'm in fear for my life I'm scared to leave my home. I'm scared to leave my home because I think people are going to kidnap me & kill me. I live in fear every day because two police officers helped a woman from Pennsylvania stalk me for 4 yrs.
Every time I want to start working on my draft for my complaint for my embezzlement case I have I get in fear and think about how if I don't start my civil rights case this woman from Pennsylvania is going to kill me. I'm seriously scared for my life and I will not put myself in
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Thread 🧵 will contain #Redistricting Committee info, contacts, links & any schedules I find.

We must actively participate in Democracy if we want it to survive the pressures from those who teeter on the fringe of fascism.

Speak! Don't allow them to gerrymander your voice away!
National Conference of State Legislatures:… ImageImage
The Constitutional mandate to redraw electoral district lines follows the decennial Census, as we learn where we, the people, live.

Click on the map to view redistricting info for federal & state legislative districts in each state. Image
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As a gay man, the parallels between the early years of the AIDS epidemic and our current #COVID pandemic r many. Then, as now, there are hostile govs making the situation worse. Reagan never uttered the word AIDS until pressured by the death of his friend, Rock Hudson.
His administration was populated w/homophobes who were indifferent to gay men dying from a disease transmitted primarily thru sex. There was widespread public fear/hostility, too. Many hospitals isolated AIDS patients, even demeaning them as they died.
Most of all, there was so much public stigma directed at people w/HIV-AIDS. So much fear. So much ignorance. Gay men, the primary early victims, were left to suffer alone. Even now, those at risk from #COVID r mocked.…
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BREAKING—Mask mandate ban reinstated—CNN reports, Judge in #Florida reinstated a stay on mask mandates in schools, blocking face mask requirements in schools for now, after lawyers for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis filed the emergency appeal.

Kids are now endangered again! #COVID19
2) Pray for all the children in Florida.…
3) Luckily vaccines coming for kids 5-11.
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Dr #LindaMarraccini believes its ok to deny medical care because of 💉. She is in S #Florida . Calling on all DECENT businesses to DENY her access to their businesses. Dont let her enter. Dont let her buy. We are all told they have the right bcuz its a private business right! 1/
So dont let her patronize your services. She should not be welcome. She claims its not safe for her patients. So if it isnt safe, then she is a risk walking around the rest of us. Dont let her in. PUSH BACK! You cant keep letting bullies take our culture and freedoms! 2/
There can be no exceptions made that allow discrimination, most ESPECIALLY in HEALTHCARE! None. There is no acceptable reason for this. .@GovRonDeSantis did NOT protect us. And I am tired of the praise without proper reactions and accountability put on the Governor. 3/
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Here is the overview of my Affidavit of my Probable Cause with my arrest for Stalking that I have with Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Police Department.
I was arrested on a false charge for stalking December 11, 2020.
Later on January 20, 2021 the Stalking charge was dropped!
That same day I was charged with two counts of harassment.
Here is my Probable Cause Affidavit to my Stalking arrest I have with the Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Police Department.
The whole affidavit is full of lies and doesn't prove that I actually stalked the woman. ImageImage
I met the woman in Pennsylvania that put the false stalking charge on me May 23rd, 2017 on Facebook.

We were friends on Facebook and I spoke to her on Twitter as well. She befriended me and sold me her book, she wrote, through a link to Amazon.
She lied here big time! Image
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‼️Luna💝! Heartworm Positive 3Yr Old Pup Was Found As Stray & No One Came To Get Her. She Has Rescue Interest & Needs Pledges For Medical Treatments & Care. Please Help Her Out. T.Y❣️
#Miami Dade Animal Services
3599 Nw 79th Ave Doral #Florida
☎️(305) 468-5900
ID: A2273842
🌟Pledges are for the rescue & care of the pet. Anyone wishing to pledge can do so by posting the contribution amount on this thread. You will be notified with a link to the rescuing group if one takes place. T.Y.❣️
🌟Adoptions must be made in person at the shelter & are subject to approval. Transport is not available by the shelter. Please contact the shelter directly with any questions & be sure to have the Pet’s ID#. T.Y❣️
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Angel💝! Shelter says he’s a scared boy, but no aggression. The sweet pup🐶has been there for 40 days & time is up for him. Please help find him a loving home🏡T.Y❣️
#Miami Dade Animal Services
3599 Nw 79th Ave Doral #Florida
☎️(305) 468-5900
ID# A2221197
Age: 1.8Yrs
🌟Pledges are for the rescue & care of the pet. Anyone wishing to pledge can do so by posting the contribution amount on this thread. You will be notified with a link to the rescuing group if one takes place. T.Y.❣️
🌟Adoptions must be made in person at the shelter facility & are subject to approval. Transport is not available by the shelter. Please contact the shelter directly with any questions & be sure to have the Pet’s ID#. T.Y❣️
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Just surveyed ~400 pro remodelers. Top 4 themes: 1) Big remodels all the rage; 2) Many remodelers are booked until 2022+; 3) Product lead times & labor shortages still bad (see chart); 4) Homeowners fixing & staying put, not selling. Commentary from across country to follow…
#Texas remodeler: “I can’t grow with 20 week lead times on basic products. I started asking my suppliers what products are easiest to install. I don’t have enough labor to spend more time installing a touchless faucet than absolutely necessary.”
#Texas design-build firm: “My clients are essentially flipping their homes, but they aren’t selling. They want something fresh & new.”
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My next few posts will be about South #Florida, the most populated region in my state. Miami-Dade Co. also had a large surge in drug #overdose deaths in 2016 and has remained above 200 per year ever since.

This 135 drug #overdose death surge is within the same timing as the 248 death surge in the Jacksonville Florida area (shown in my last tweet) from 2015 to 2016. This surge also correlates to the rise of illicit fentanyl overdose spikes in the US.
The data from Miami-Dade is actually mind boggling. This county is the most populated in #Florida but has managed to maintain one of the lowest overdose deaths per 100k ppl in the state over the years.
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“In recent years, we have seen synthetic opioids, such as illicitly manufactured fentanyl, drive many overdose deaths with cocaine- and methamphetamine-related deaths also increasing at alarming rates.”

#OverdoseAwarenessDay tomorrow.…
“As a Nation, we need a strong response to America’s overdose epidemic and an investment in prevention, #harmreduction, treatment and recovery services, as well as strategies to reduce the supply of illicit drugs.”
“… by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim August 29 through September 4, 2021, as Overdose Awareness Week.”
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🔥 1 person with #DeltaVariant transmitted the virus to 50% of the classroom within 2 days
PS: Framing the findings in a way that suggests that the teacher is an unique threat is categorically wrong. The virus doesn't raise its hand and doesn't need a hall pass to infect another host.
PPS: releasing the COVID-19 origins report to deflect attention away from the bombshell reports about #DeltaVariant transmission in schools won’t work
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Want to know some of the deeper political forces behind the disturbances at so many #Florida school board meetings about masks & COVID? Read my thread & this @JRMcKinnon story 👇 /1

In December 2020, @sarasotaschools member Bridget Ziegler & two former school board members elsewhere created "Moms for Liberty" group for "parental rights" using new FL Parents' Bill of Rights, as @JRMcKinnon explains. It spurred anti-mask protests. /2…
.@sarasotaschools board member Bridget Ziegler's husband is @SRQCountyGov Commissioner & #Florida @GOP Vice Chair who was in DC for Big Lie Stop the Steal rallies on January 6. /3…
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Friends. I have joined ivermectin groups on Facebook. They are literally shitting their pants in grocery stores. Image
My doctor said…

Lolz. There are teachers up in here asking questions to randos about how much ivermectin they should take from a box WITH LITERAL ANIMALS ON THE BOX. ImageImage
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Yesterday, #Texas reported 297,696 active #COVID19 cases and 215 COVID deaths.

Yesterday, #Florida reported 779,088 active #COVID19 cases and 6 COVID deaths.

WHY is @GovRonDeSantis's censorship of real COVID death numbers not a national news story?
If Florida had proportionately as many COVID deaths yesterday as did Texas, then about 556 more people in #Florida died from #COVID19 than state government reported.

@GovRonDeSantis is hiding the FL COVID death toll, just like the Chinese communist party did...
Obviously, bodies are piling up at #Florida mortuaries and crematoriums.

You know how people in the Wuhan region of China approximated the true #COVID19 death toll? - They counted burial urns visible on flatbed trucks driving into Wuhan crematoriums.
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‼️Damon💔! Both injured & sick pup is giving up after multiple shelter pleas for a rescue have failed. Please pledge for him folks, he’s out of time & hope🥵T.Y!
#Miami-Dade Animal Services
3599 Nw 79th Ave Doral #Florida
☎️(305) 468-5900
ID: A2269614
🌟Pledges are for the rescue & care of the pet. Anyone wishing to pledge can do so by posting the contribution amount on this thread. You will be notified with a link to the rescuing group if one takes place. T.Y.❣️
More info on Damon💔..please tap on photo to expand details. T.Y.🤞
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The city of #Orlando is asking residents to limit their water usage––not just for a few days, but "for weeks" (plural).


Because the liquid oxygen used to purify their water supply is being diverted to #COVID19 patients during the ongoing surge:…
Healthcare systems don't live in a vacuum. When a pandemic is permitted to spiral to the extent that it has in #Florida (in no small part due to mismanagement by poor political "leadership"), the demands placed on hospitals will be felt by other essential infrastructure, too.
On the topic of whether the direness of the current situation could be predicted: this is purely anecdotal, but we were supposed to be in #Florida this past week. We canceled our trip in early August for reasons that are now obvious (yet were regrettably foreseeable, even then).
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Miami Dade Florida

Family deserts dog at HIGH kill shelter! He’s dazed and confused!
He will be KILLED soon and he can smell it!!!
FULL He's in the rear side of L which is closed to the public side.
He was just staring at the wall
#A1635084 I am a neutered male chocolate Labrador Retriever.
The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old and I weigh 25 pounds.
I was turned in by my owner and I am Image
available for adoption. 2021.08.17
Please see below - adoptions are made in person at at the shelter
Miami Dade Animal Services
3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166
Call 305-884-1101 or e mail
#blacklab #miami #florida #labradorretriever
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Every day, hospitals across the nation report the number of deaths due to #COVID19. A total of 1119 COVID-19 patients lost their battle with COVID-19 inside a U.S. hospital yesterday.
#Florida, #Texas, and #California account for nearly half of all #COVID19 deaths that took place inside a hospital yesterday

Despite getting a later start, the rate of increase for California is accelerating; daily in-hospital deaths may surpass Florida & Texas within 3-4 weeks
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🧵Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID. This is the third thread dedicated to pregnant women worldwide who lost their lives during the pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
Unvaccinated women are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID.
🇺🇸31 y.o. Greyzie from Jacksonville Florida was 31 weeks pregnant with her second child when she became ill with COVID prompting an emergency c-section. Her baby Evie survived, but Greyzie passed away. #SoulsLostToCovid 1/30…
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