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FLASHBACK: This 1977 @BBC Interview Of @TheSlyStallone About Why He Made "Rocky" Is As True Today As It Was When He First Said It.
#Hollywood Has Turned Their Back On Making Good Movies!
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No country in the world has benefited as much from the European debacles as the #US. During the Napoleonic wars, the massive mobilization of peasants left the fields deserted and the powers at war were in urgent need of food.
In the US they rushed to fill the gap and spent years
selling everything salable to war-torn #Europe.

Profits were so high that they laid the foundation for prodigious economic growth during the 19th century. There was another indirect benefit: the poverty and famines left by the war forced millions of #Europeans
to emigrate to the #USA, a basically depopulated country, which received some ten million outcasts in just under twenty years.
With the European emigrants came new technologies, new ideas, and a workforce that was abundant, cheap, and willing to do anything. A bargain!!.
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Today we are making film/web3 history by launching @ThatKevinSmith's new movie #KillRoyWasHere on @LegendaoNFT using @SecretNetwork unique #privacy technology.

Why is this so significant? Let's do a deep dive 👇👇
For the first time ever, a feature-film (…) is premiered world-wide and with open-access (for anyone who mints), not in your local cinema, or a streaming service, but on an open-access platform
Once you mint it, you own it. You have unique and first access to the film, other unique content (every NFT is different), and to one-of-a-kind IP from the film (your own KillRoy). It's yours and you can do whatever you want with it (including selling it, starting tomorrow)
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Here is a round-up of #PrideMonth with The Hindu.
We take you through all the inspiring stories we've come across this month and how different cities in India and the world celebrated #PrideMonth2022.
#PrideMonth | A 24-year-old woman in #Gujarat's #Vadodara city married herself by undergoing traditional rituals of a Hindu wedding.
#KshamaBindu, who identifies as #bisexual, claims that her marriage will be the first instance of #sologamy in India.
#PrideMonth | What does meaningful inclusion look like? How can corporations prove their allegiances to the great, grand cause of #queer liberation? A nondescript bakery in a sleepy #Juhu lane in #Mumbai shows us.
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Carole Lombard

#Hollywood Image
Jean Harlow Image
Irene Dunne Image
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1)It's a little long but please be sure to read.I worked hard for this text. It'll take you five minutes to read it. If you support me and the followers increases,I will continue.🙏🌼
2) Why do the #Zionists want to reduce the population of the planet?
First of all,we must know that our life is in the hands of God and he is the one who gives us the vital force and everything is in his hands. So no one can decide about our life Image
3) If there is an excuse for not having enough food,it's completely false. There are many lands that are still untouched. Agriculture has advanced,so there is no excuse.
I even read somewhere that the way the Netherlands prepares food can feed ninety billion people
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In the early 20th century, an #Indian Raja could snap his fingers and turn the fate of a #Spanish flamenco dancer into an Indian queen... as did the besotted ruler of the princely state of Kapurthala in #Punjab. A modern retelling of a #Cinderella story set in Spain. 1/11
How exactly did Anita Delgado, a Spanish dancer trying to eke out a living to support her family, become Maharani Prem Kaur? It all began when Maharaja Jagatjit Singh was in #Madrid to attend the wedding of King Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1906. 2/11
Like any tourist, the Maharaja wanted a night on the town and he walked into a nightclub. Here, Anita Delgado and her sister, both flamenco #dancers, were performing the curtain-raiser act that night. Delgado was just 16 years old but Jagatjit Singh was smitten. 3/11
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•They created our government, our education system & the media we get our info from. They taught us our history as they had determined it to be.

•They created our healthcare system, made the doctors like gods, got us dependent on their drugs & told us what food to eat.
•They created #Hollywood to get us addicted to their culture, tell us what clothes to wear, what music to listen to & make us feel inferior.

•They created our money system, trapping us in debt & putting us in unfulfilling jobs so we can pay for the culture we’re addicted to.
•They created professional sports to enslave & emasculate men to live vicariously through these overpaid gladiators & take them away from their families. They created female celebrities to push unrealistic beauty standards on women so they’d feel less than & inferior.
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The Crimes of Julian Assange:🧵

Publishing a US Army manual on "standard operating procedures" for Guantanamo Bay, showing a policy of hiding some prisoners from Red Cross inspectors & holding new prisoners in isolation for 2 weeks to make them more "compliant" for interrogators
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 2/

Publishing Collateral Murder: the infamous video footage from a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed at least 9 men, incl. a Reuters news photographer and his driver, and wounding 2 children.
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 3/

Publishing more than 90,000 documents related to Afghanistan and more than 400,000 documents from the war in Iraq. Documenting how the US had underreported civilian deaths by at least 15000.

#WikiLeaks #FreePress #assangecase
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It's Tuesday, which is the 55th day of the #Russia-#Ukraine war.

Slightly fewer missiles overnight, but Russia has tended to enjoy striking in the mornings recently - real terror tactics. Though perhaps they need to conserve weapons.

The real theatre of operation is in Donbas
The siege of #Mariupol' continues. The remaining #Ukraine resistance sent this video this morning. Clearly the message is "bloodied but unbowed"

They insist women and children are sheltering in the Azovstal steel works but pleas for safe passage ignored


Russia says a full scale assault has been launched on the metalworks in #Mariupol'

The Defence Minister for the "Donetsk Republic" says reports of women and children there is a fake.
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اپریل 1889_____لندن، انگلستان
ہالی وڈ کے Financially سب سےکامیاب کامیڈین اور سٹار چارلی سپینسر چیپلن کا حیران کر دینے والا سفر
"لندن میوزک ہال آف انٹرٹینرز شو" میں اپنی والدہ کیساتھ 5 سالہ چیپلن کی شرکت نے اسے اداکاری کا موقع دیا جہاں ایک اداکار کی آواز خراب ھو
جانے کے باعث چیپلن کو ایکٹ ختم کرنے کیلئے شفٹ کیا گیا۔
چیپلن کے والدین برین ہیمبرج کے باعث اس وقت ہی انتقال کر گئے تھے جب وہ چھوٹا بچہ تھا۔ چیپلن اوراسکا چھوڑا بھائی اپنی ٹوپی میں صرف چند Pannies کیلئے ایک عرصے تک لندن کی گلیوں میں گھومتے رھے، ڈانس کرتے رھے۔
جلد ہی اس کی یہی گیند
باز ٹوپی، باہر نکلے ھوئے پاؤں، مونچھیں اور واکنگ کین اس کا ٹریڈ مارک اور اس کے بعد اس کی میراث بن گئی۔
918 میں چیپلن نے 1 ملین ڈالر کے عوض 8 فلموں میں اداکارہ کا معاہدہ کیا۔ بےشک چیپلن امریکہ میں 42 سال رھا مگر وہ ایک امریکن شہری کبھی نہ بن سکا۔
1918 میں ہی چیپلن نے میری پکفورڈ،
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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1A día de hoy ¿cuál dirían que es el caza ligero por excelencia? ¿El F-16? ¿El Gripen? ¿Y si hablamos de un aparato que era la mitad de la mitad?

Para mí, este es el caza ligero por excelencia, una pequeña historia del Folland #Gnat (y su hermanastro indio HAL #Ajeet)
2El padre de la criatura era el ingeniero William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter, quien había trabajado previamente en numerosas aeronaves de la firma Westland, como el #Lysander, el #Whirlwind o el #Welkin Image
3incluso trabajó en el proyecto para mejorar el #Spitfire corrigiendo cierta inestabilidad del diseño original

Tras ciertas desavenencias con la dirección de @westland, en septiembre de 1944, Peter se despidió y se llevó consigo los trabajos para la propuesta B1/44 Image
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1/ Join @harmonyprotocol on #DayONE where we'll be speaking to the #Web3 community & introducing #Harmony project highlights, showcase our ecosystem, talk about #crosschain with great food & MORE 💙

Speakers announcement DAY - 1
[THREAD] 👇 #HarmonyONE Image
2/ Aaron Li (@polymorpher) will be showcasing 1Wallet with Smart One-Time-Password Authentication! 🤯

Check out the project here 👉…

#1wallet #DayONE Image
3/ Dave Cassidy the founder of 'Next Hollywood' will speak about decentralizing Netflix 😍

Read more about the proposal here 👉…

#NFT #Hollywood #Web3 Image
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#USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, Lt Gen John Shaw at @ascendspace on Russian DA-ASAT test: We are still characterizing this event. We expect the debris will grow over time. #Perigee, #apogee event will widen. "It will become a threat that we will have to deal with." #ASAT #Russia
Shaw: This isnt' the beginning of such activity. #Russia conducted a similar test in April, though it didn't target a #satellite. Russia is showing "disregard of the sustainability of #space."
Shaw likens tracking objects in #space to book version of #JurassicPark: Scientists had automated sensors to track dinosaurs & algorithm to count the expected number of dinos. Problem is, it didn't account for the population of dinos rising. ...
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🚀 GPT-3: A launchpad for next-gen startups 🚀

In this thread I will talk about the successful #startups built on top of #GPT3 around the 🌍

🎨 Learn and understand the new wave of GPT-3 and the ecosystem surrounding it!
1. @copy_ai

🎨 Copy AI allows you to create human-like content at lighting fast speed by leveraging the generational capabilities of #GPT3

It is by far the most successful attempt towards eliminating the writers block 🙌

🔗 Try it out:
2. @askviable

🧑‍💻 Viable is making customer feedback more meaningful and actionable using #GPT3

🧠 Viable lets you ask the question in plain english and provide relevant qualitative data along with summarised actionable insights.

🔗 Try it out:
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Now we expect BOLLYWOODIANS to come out and be transparent abt their AFFAIRS. An Indian actress who works in #Hollywood movies, claimed that a jacket she wears was gifted to her by her EX. Interestingly KING KHAN was clicked wearing similar jacket. COINCIDENCE!😇 CAN OF WORMS!😄
Bollywood can not afford to be TRANSPARENT like #SameerWankhede’s wife. Lol
Oh! She claimed the actor gave it to her after staying with her for a night. How sweet! And she never gave it back. 😊👇 Initially I didnt believe in this story but then few posted pics of King Khan and……… 🤷‍♀️
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The #Halloween season is upon us, and as you can see, we are in a festive mood here at GOPC. This week, we are devoting our #GOPCThread to highlighting some of the spooky, creepy, and hunted locals across the great state of🎃hi🎃
Vacant & in disrepair, the apparition of #USA’s oldest 19th century theater haunted downtown #MtVernonOH for decades. Thru a restoration fueled by #taxcredits & persistence, the @woodwardopera rose from the dead & is a part of the downtown renaissance 👻 #GOPCThread
To the north in @MansfieldOhio lies the @OSReformatory, abandoned in 1990 and purportedly haunted by the spirits of its past occupants, the ex-prison is a major tourist destination and a favorite filming location for #Hollywood films, tv & music videos 👻
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केंद्रीय माहिती व प्रसारणमंत्री @PrakashJavdekar यांच्या हस्ते आज @Festival_Cannes येथे व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे उद्घाटन होणार

या पॅव्हिलियनमध्ये भारतीय चित्रपटांचे प्रदर्शन होणार #IndiaAtCannes

सेमिनार/बैठकांना उपस्थित राहण्यासाठी

आज 6 जुलै 2021 रोजी सुरु होणाऱ्या व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियन #Cannes Film Market 2021 मध्ये सहभागी व्हा

व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे @Festival_Cannes येथे दुपारी 3 वाजता भव्य उद्घाटन

परिसंवाद आणि बैठकांना उपस्थित राहण्यासाठी नोंदणी करा
केंद्रीय माहिती व प्रसारणमंत्री @PrakashJavdekar यांच्या हस्ते @Festival_Cannes येथे व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे उद्घाटन होणार

थेट पहा 🎥

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I&B Minister @PrakashJavdekar to inaugurate Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes, today

With this, the virtual pavilion will be showcasing Indian cinema. #IndiaAtCannes

To attend seminars/meetings👉…


Join the Virtual India Pavilion of #Cannes Film Market 2021, starting today 📅 6 July 2021

Grand Inaugural of Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes will begin at⏰3 PM

To attend the seminars and meetings, register at 🔗…

To begin in a few minutes..

I&B Minister @PrakashJavdekar to inaugurate Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes

Watch Live🎥


Stay Tuned for live updates
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I have decided to talk about my struggle w/ #breastimplantillness to educate about the gaslighting women are going through who have implants, struggle w/ autoimmune/health issues but haven’t connected the dots to their implants. Implant illness is real but still underrecognized.
We are inserting foreign medical devices into our bodies that are toxic, full of heavy metals & can leak into our bodies & accumulate mold. Then we can’t figure out why we’re inflamed, tired & ill. Our body sees it as a foreign invader & starts attacking itself to get rid of it.
This is the dirty secret of Pharma & the beauty industry. Even health & wellness influencers have fallen into this trap, preaching body harmony while they attack their own bodies. Make no mistake, this is creating a pandemic for women’s health issues & real pain & disease.
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1/. Tonight I happened upon the grave of William Friese-Greene, “inventor of cinematography”

Born William Greene, he added his wife's name

In 1889, Friese-Greene patented his 'chronophotographic’ camera, which could take ten photographs per second, using celluloid film. #Oscars
2/. Any money Friese-Greene earned he ploughed back into his inventions, going bankrupt 3 times & dying in poverty

His son, Claude, continued to his father's work, shooting "The Open Road", offering a rare portrait of 1920s Britain in colour. #Oscars2021
3/. Just 50 years later, a very different type of documentary about travelling through Britain was made

"Black Safari" is about a group of African explorers who go on a safari by boat along Liverpool-Leeds canals to explore "darkest heart of Lancashire" #Oscars #OscarsSoWhite
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and declaring that I believe
@POTUS45 is the


according to the #Prophecy of
#Jesus #Christ in the #Bible


#Pray #Repent #Retweet!!!

For the #Kingdom of #God is at hand!!!




#Pray #Repent #Retweet!!!

For the #Kingdom of #God is at hand!!!

🙏😇💪🇺🇸 Image

👉… 👈


#Pray #Repent #Retweet!!!

For the #Kingdom of #God is at hand!!!

🙏😇💪🇺🇸 Image
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