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Truth (Take it/leave it), behind the scare event for the lockdown. 1st, the TRUE virus is the Vampiric society that must be purged, who drinks blood (andrenochrome), do SRA on children WW, cannibals. These are the DARK AI virus: ET races/minions. 2nd, if any innocent lives have
gone thru the hospital for like severe flu/fever since Jan, that leads into pneumonia or what not, it was the virus that got activated via those who did Flu shots (w/c were tainted by the Cabal/Nazi CDC/WHO), OR due reset in Naica & Fire/water vorteces this past Jan-Mar
activation I was guided to execute; w/c unfortunately some did not make it due to the spike in Hz due to thats the timeline they have chosen to exit (some souls know when they can't sync to the New Hz of Mother Earth); while other deaths, fr other
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A young lawyers life thread
Firstly before I move on further i woulf like to thank @HNiaziii @WomenInLawPk @NidaUsmanCh and all the others who raised their voice because for the first time we feel represented. It's been a year in this profession and a difficult one at that
I have worked at round about three firms by now only being able to get paid at one that too due to a project but the respect I have for that employer is simply on the basis that he told me when it ended that he didnt have the money to pay me and I should look further which is
One of the best things one can do, to be HONEST. Dont make us work from 8 Am - 11Pm with out food or well one office lunch for 6 days a week and then say we are not a benefit to you and dont deserve pay. Research and going through numerous amounts of docs is LABOUR.
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#NursingFaculty Let’s start a #ChangeChallenge We know racism exists everywhere. Tag organizations & ask the question “How is racism operating here?” This question is not shaming- the answers can facilitate policy & practice: #antiracism change @RushUNursing #BeTheChange
1 of 8 “1) Communication and Dissemination: How can we support the naming of racism in all public and private spaces? What tools and strategies are needed to start community conversations on racism”
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Feels like an opportune moment for an evergreen Police Brutality Thread Alert 🚨... #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #SayHisName #ICantBreatheAGAIN
Circa October 2014: Racism and Darren Wilson Supporters: Not a Coincidence. | via @docrocktex26…
Circa October 2014: "He Reached for My Gun," and Other Fantasies Invoked by Police Who Kill Unarmed Black Men | via @docrocktex26…
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Before we attempt to claim #CincoDeMayo as an independence celebration that revolves around food and alcoholic beverages, let’s explore the origins of this holiday and the importance of honoring its intention.
In 1860, the Mexican government declared bankruptcy, the result of decades of internal conflict which devastated the economy and the country.
When Mexico announced a suspension of debt payments to France, French Emperor Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, sent troops to Mexico in an attempt to force payment. Mexican debt payments weren’t the only benefit of French invasion for the French, however.
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Sharing: Last night went to bed around 8 but woke up to see my clock at 10pm. Felt like my entire body just ran a marathon and didn’t know or can recall anything fr the day, and mind was boggled. But then suddenly recalled another lightworker mentioned abt timeline jump. It was
The weirdest feeling. So yes I went thru a quantum jump, onto my new timeline. Not sure why we go thru it, but I think it’s part of the negative timeline collapsing, to merge with higher realm. So ppl will eventually go thru it on their own path, when one has transformed into
Their light body and on their higher purpose. It’s part of how the collective will heal/re-emerge as peaceful/loving IS-BE, and really WE become the creators of NEW EARTH, with every DNA upgrades/quantum leap. #TrustTheProcess #HealDarkFearHzWithin #BeTheChange
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1. March.


I've been told we his faithful in the Lord, will receive our marching orders in March.

I have been given them early and am authorized to impart.

The orders are for Woman and Men.

This is come you early that you might begin preperation.
2. One of the greatest times in history!

Is being told through this generation!

Through us!!

#TheGreatAwakening is incredibly dynamic. Possessing more facets of truth than the greatest most precision computer cut gem.

It encompasses all aspects of humankind.
3. Are you ready to receive and embrace the greatest adventure God has ever created?

Are you ready to #BeTheChange & #BeTheDifferance ?

Are you sick and tired enough?

Have you had your fill of hell on earth?

Yeah. Me too!
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1/ Before I start getting bombarded by feminist groups for promoting Title IX Attorney’s wouldn’t you like to know my views or opinion before you rush to judgment about what I believe? For the conspiracy feminist’s the answer is NO I have never been accused of anything
2/ resembling a Title IX or rape charge. However, through my personal experiences I can identify and understand the pain caused for families and students have surrounding #falseallegations, inherent problems and frustrations working with uncooperative #Education & #HigherEd
3/ officials, the ludicrous Kangaroo disciplinary hearings our youth are put thru, the frustration of trying to explain to someone without lived experience what you or child needs help with or support with that does not exactly match up with what is in the four corners of the
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1/ From the bottom of my heart… I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the current state of affairs in my country. Some of my erstwhile Comrades are plotting to use violence saying it has been a long time coming and long overdue.
#PeaceMaker #TogetherWeCan #teamZimbabwe
2/ Let me hasten to give reproach & quip; Violence begets violence. One’s freedom of speech should never infringe on other people’s rights. One might wonder what has brought on this melancholy, so let me give you dear reader, a brief overview. #TogetherWeCan #TikabatanaTinokunda
3/ Zimbabwe attained its independence after a second guerrilla warfare dubbed the Second Chimurenga war. At independence in 1980 government was occupied by war veterans who were still dealing with war trauma, of which some to date never got counselling. #TeamZimbabwe
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Real Patriots do NOT harm the innocent, they do not dox, they address someone directly/privately.

Before doxxing who you 'think' an account it, you may be wrong (just because a larper claims it, doesn't make it true), and you may be putting women and children's lives at risk.
AND if you have an issue with someone, address them directly, don't post publicly. Cyberbully tactics are getting people harmed. Do you really want to be responsible for a murder attempt on someone's life? For views/impressions? #DeadlyBehavior #Karmic
Decode yourself... do not rely on people who know nothing & connecting dots inaccurately.

Some are risking their lives...

I understand people are frustrated, people want to see the oppression end, more harmony, abundance, respect #BeTheChange
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Mark it Stop. via @YouTube

There have been many times, tonight being one of them, when I have asked an innocent question and my wee guy has overreacted...or so I thought. When he does this, his response is usually along the lines of “too many questions”
which I have never been able to understand, until seeing this video. Tonight the question was, “are you having fun?” It wasn’t a demanding question such as “have you brushed your teeth?” or a thoughtful question such as “what do you want for dinner?” or even a detailed question
such as “how was your day?”. It has made me wonder, how many questions am I asking in a day?

“Did you sleep well?” “How are you?” “Have you got your shoes on?” Before we even leave the house, how many questions have I asked? Then we get into the car, “Are you strapped in?”
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If there were a #Qanon #EndingHomelessness action, who else would be willing to assist? This is something I have quite a bit of exp in facilitating, incl accredited education, jobs training, employment placement, healthy seed to table food, mental wellness, music/art sanctuaries.
No vet, nor mothers with children especially (while not excluding anyone in need) should every face homelessness in a country with so much! We can #BeTheChange we wish to see in the world!
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1/ A letter to a sleeping world -

My fellow citizens of Earth by now you must be wondering what is happening on this planet of ours and what is occuring with all the geopolitical chaos we are now seeing.

For many years now you've heard people coming out of the shadows to
2/ speak about information that most people would class as "conspiracy theory" (A term coined by the CIA to discredit whistleblowers and truth tellers). You may of heard about the "illuminati" and the "New World Order", although we call them The Cabal - The word basically
3/ means it is a secret faction of sorts.

Now let me be very clear here, this ancient death cult exists and has run cvilisation for centuries, in fact it's origins go back thousands of years to ancient Babylonia. Although more recently the control they gained through the
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The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and equity. Rebellion is necessary against society;
people who will claim to know you (fixated on their memories of you with the belief that you can never be better than they hope and will be ready to dissuade you from dreaming where they have failed).
It is implemented by looking in their face and telling them "I understand who you want me to be but I'm going to show you who I actually am".
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5.1 million votes were affected through voting machines changing votes from Beto to Cruz with no paper trail to back up what happened...

Texas needs a revote...

Border patrol conducting crowd control in Latino areas discouraging voting...

Massive disenfranchisement...
Between Florida and Texas the Senate would be controlled by democrats this is huge!...
Please retweet and get this information out!!!
Want the proof the voting machines were corrupt Texas is corrupt?...
Notice the circle in red under Democratic party whose name is that Ted Cruz!?!!!

WTAF is going on with our election process?...

If it can happen there it can happen in your state everyone should be outraged!!!
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📺 If you’ve ever seen the show “How I met your mother” you're familiar the game “Have you met Ted?” where Barney tries to introduce his friend Ted to a girl.

😎Well, we're going to play a variation of that game.

🌊So, have you met your SC Democratic Candidates?

➡️This thread will introduce a new candidate at least once a day, & give you the opportunity to get to know the people that want to represent you though their media.

➡️Check out their platforms, then volunteer, donate and VOTE! They need you to do your part!

📣Ok, First up: Have you met @JamesSmithSC ?

➡️He's a husband, father, Veteran and a proven leader.

👊🏽He'll fight for Veterans, Healthcare, Education, & the Environment.

☑️Check him out and donate here:

#BeAVoter #AGovernorForAllOfUs #SmithNorell
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