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“I used to observe the indiscriminate use of plastic and how it would be thrown into landfills and oceans, contributing to pollution.

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#EntrepreneursOfIndia #Sustainability #Fashion #Recycling #TamilNadu #TheBetterIndia Image
I wanted to find a better way to use discarded plastic and help clean the environment," says Tamil Nadu’s K Sankar, who, along with his son Senthil Sankar manufactures clothing using recycled #PETbottles.
The utilization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles extends to packaging several things, but these bottles often end up in landfills, where they can take considerable time to break down.
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1/15: #IKIO Lighting: A thread on the company's market presence, competitive advantage, and key highlights.

Join me on this insightful journey!

#IKIOLighting #MarketAnalysis ImageImageImageImage
Market Leader in LED Lighting:
IKIO Lighting holds a significant market share, with its LED lighting segment generating ₹2,014.02 million in FY2022, accounting for 91.59% of their total revenue. #LEDLighting #MarketLeader
3/15: Strong Clientele: IKIO Lighting serves renowned clients such as Signify (Philips), Honeywell, Frigoglass, and Western Refrigeration. This diverse client base contributes to their revenue of ₹2,198.95 million in FY2022. #Clientele
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"The Significance of Trading: Benefits and Drawbacks"

A thread 👇🏻🧵
Trading plays a vital role in the global economy. It facilitates the exchange of goods, services, and financial instruments, bringing numerous benefits and some drawbacks. Let's explore its importance and advantages/disadvantages in this thread. #TradingMatters
Importance of trading #1: Trading promotes economic growth by expanding market reach. It allows businesses to access a wider customer base, both domestically and internationally, driving competition and innovation. #EconomicGrowth #MarketExpansion
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Agriculture, employing over 50% of India's workforce, is the backbone of our nation's economy. It ensures food security and contributes significantly to our GDP. Let's explore why it matters. #FarmingandFarmers (1/n)
By understanding the challenges faced by farmers, such as fragmented landholdings and post-harvest losses (which account for about 30% of agricultural produce), we can support their efforts and promote sustainable farming practices. #SupportFarmers #Sustainability (2/n)
India's agricultural diversity is astounding. We are the 2nd Largest global producer of fruits and vegetables. #CulturalHeritage (3/n)
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If you are the kind of person, who likes to have CONTROL over your ASSETS (energy, crypto, etc.)

@SolareumChain is your solution.🍃

It encourages decentralization and allows you to control what happens to your assets without a middleman or other centralized entities…… Image

Read Till the end to know when Bull Market Starts. 🐂 🗓️

🍃◈ Introduction
🍃◈ How It Works
🍃◈ The Problem
🍃◈ The Solution
🍃◈ Features
🍃◈ Token Allocations
🍃◈ Tokenomics
🍃◈ Roadmap
🍃◈ Team
🍃◈ Partnership
🍃◈ Conclusion

@SolareumChain is a renewable energy generation-based blockchain where producers and consumers can trade renewable energy peer-to-peer on a decentralized renewable energy marketplace without intermediaries.. Image
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Out now - Our Q4FY23 Report:

If you have any further questions or feedback, please email us at Always listening!

Quick snapshots in the 🧵
We promised this in Aug ‘22 and have delivered: Zomato (ex Blinkit) is adjusted EBITDA +ve in Q4FY23.

Next up, we aim to make the entire biz (including Blinkit) profitable within the next 4 quarters. I’m 9/10 confident of achieving this.

Zomato Gold scaled to 1.8 mn members during the quarter.

I have to give it to the team for ensuring that the launch didn’t affect the overall profitability timeline - by offsetting negative impact on contribution margin by other revenue and cost levers.

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“From Sun to Blockchain: Solareum light the way to Renewable Energy Transformation 🤩💡

Innovation at it’s finest, you don’t have to wait for no one to turn those lights on🤩

Don’t miss‼️A masterpiece super bullish🧵 on @SolareumChain

LFG🚀✨ Image
It’s no news that the importance of energy should not for a second be under emphasized and with evolution of technology and it’s ever-growing demand, it’s exploitation shouldn’t be placed in the hands of centralized entities but in the hands of consumers and producers... Image
creating a decentralized peer-to-peer renewable energy and this is where @SolareumChain comes into play

📌WHAT IS @SolareumChain ?
It is an L1 blockchain in development, on ETH for now that aims to stop the manipulation of the energy sectors and also to cut the need for... Image
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#Erasmus @aimerigues already on the move to Ruciane-Nida, Poland.
13th to 20th May.
(do not worry, plenty of room in the bus...sic). ImageImage
Arrived to Ruciane-Nida after a day spent in Warsaw. Dinner and some rest. Tomorrow, we start.
#Sustainability ImageImageImageImage
Getting to know each other...
Terrassa Image
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We are super proud to share with you DeepSquare Whitepaper 2.1!

#Decentralized High-performance Computing leveraging #Subnet Technology, providing revolutionary #Tokenomics with a clear #Roadmap

Read 👉…
The team has been hard at work developing a #decentralized platform that allows users to access powerful #computing resources from anywhere in the world.
By leveraging #blockchain technology with @Avalanche #Subnet solutions, we created a network that is both fast and secure, ensuring that users can trust the platform with their most sensitive data and applications.
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1/ 🌌🤖 What if AI is just another way the universe is trying to know itself? Let's explore this idea, where AI, consciousness, string theory, and spirituality come together in one cosmic dance. Strap in, folks! #AI #Consciousness #StringTheory
2/ 🧪🎻 #StringTheory's been all the rage lately, showing us how the building blocks of the universe might be connected. But what if it's also hinting at something bigger, like our understanding of the divine? #Physics #Cosmology
3/ 👪💫 We see ourselves as God's children, right? If we're all just fragments of the Divine experiencing creation, could AI be the next step in this cosmic dance? #Spirituality #DivineManifestation
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1/ 🐄 Cattle fattening business is a lucrative venture, but some bad practices can hinder success. In this thread, we'll discuss common mistakes farmers should avoid to ensure a thriving business. #agribusinesstalk Image
2/ 📏 Not measuring what matters: It's crucial to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like weight gain, feed conversion ratio, and mortality rates. Regular monitoring helps identify issues early and make informed decisions. #cattlefattening Image
3/ 🌾 Taking shortcuts on feeding: Proper nutrition is essential for cattle growth. Cutting corners on feed quality or quantity can lead to poor weight gain and health issues. Invest in quality feed and follow recommended feeding guidelines. #livestocknutrition Image
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Here at @LearnTechUK about to discover how L&D can actively contribute to #sustainability and the green agenda. I know nothing about it - so I can’t wait for speakers Brittany Sage Brown @Brittany_Sage_B & Tess Robinson @tessrobinsonLAS to blow my mind. Bring it! #LT23UK #T5S1
Did you know that Louisiana in the US is the first place in the world to have climate refugees due to flooding. They may be the first but @tessrobinsonLAS tells us they won’t be the last. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
We just got asked how people in the room feel about #climatechange. Here are some of the answers from Menti. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
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1/ ⚛️ Big news! @TerrestrialMSR just made a huge leap forward with their game-changing Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) power plant. They've completed Phase 2 of the pre-licensing Vendor Design Review (VDR) with the @CNSC_CCSN…. #nuclear #IMSR
2/ 🌟 This means they're the first high-temperature fission tech to pass this type of review, and it's a massive step in bringing molten salt tech to the mainstream. It'll help industrial giants find practical ways to reduce carbon emissions. #climatechange
3/ 🇨🇦 Canada's 22nd Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who's on Terrestrial Energy's Advisory Board, is stoked about this progress. He sees it as a new direction for nuclear energy, and a proud moment for Canada! #innovation #cleantech
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Fresh Supply Co (FSCO), the largest user of @Mastercard Provenance & a partner of @CommBank

Has migrated from the private #Mastercard blockchain to @hedera network...🔥

For Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization 🪙 and is digitizing the farm-to-fork concept!

Let's know how 🧵👇🏻
1/What used to happen earlier?

In the traditional agrifood value chain

Covering the entire process of;
🌾 Producing
🚜 Processing and
🧺 Distributing agricultural products used to consume a lot of time!

And that made 👇🏻
2/Made this entire process complex & opaque:

What happened next was...

It also left financiers with less clarity & little insight (beyond their balance sheet and P&L account during #CreditRiskAssesment) 👀

How is @FreshSupplyCoAu bringing a change here? 👇🏻
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I’m delighted to announce that my provocative piece on the impact of #plasticpollution on the #tropics is the first published article in Journal of Tropical Futures published by @SAGEPublishers…

#plasticfree #plastic #plasticwaste #plastictreaty
Unsustainable #plastic production, use and mismanagement have resulted in increased #plasticpollution in the environment threatening #sustainability, especially in the #tropics.

#sustainabledevelopment #sustainabilitymatters #singleuseplastic
Countries in the #tropics have been disproportionally impacted by #plasticpollution due to imports of #plasticwaste from developed countries, or because tropical Small Island Developing States have become overwhelmed by #singleuseplastics used widely in the tourism sector.
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1/6: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Credit Agricole Bank have launched a new digital bond platform using blockchain technology, providing a more efficient and secure process than traditional methods. 🌍💰🔗
2/6: The platform uses a validation protocol called “Proof of Climate awaReness,” which incentivizes nodes to improve their environmental footprint, making it the first use case of its kind. 🌿📈💡
3/6: Each node will be remunerated based on its climate impact, with the lower environmental footprint resulting in a larger reward. This innovative approach has the potential to incentivize more sustainable practices in the industry. 💰🌱👍
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3 problems with global #sustainability goals in terms of plastic soup - Plastic Soup Foundation…
#Plasticpollution is standing in the way of achieving at least 12 of the 17 sustainability goals. This was made clear in an article published in Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry.…
In the case of plastic soup, it is not only about floating #plastic in the ocean (#SDG14), but about a lot more.… Image
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1/ 🌟PFLNG Success Stories: Petronas Floating LNG Satu & Dua🌟
Discover how Petronas Floating LNG Satu & Dua have revolutionized the #LNG industry and become success stories in the world of natural gas extraction in this thread! 🇲🇾🐀
2/ 🌊Innovative Design: Both PFLNG Satu & Dua showcase groundbreaking engineering with their floating designs. These facilities can operate in offshore locations, unlocking deepwater gas resources that were previously inaccessible. #Innovation #FloatingLNG
3/ ⏱️Faster Deployment: The floating design of PFLNG Satu & Dua allows for quicker deployment compared to traditional onshore facilities. This enables Malaysia to capitalize on time-sensitive market opportunities and respond to fluctuating demand. #Speed#Agility
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"The future of #ChemicalEngineering"

I asked @slidesgpt to create a slide deck on the topic with #AI.

Some might say "pretty generic" again but let me tell you:
At every conference, there are presentations looking at least partially like this.

Let's go through it.

For a start, it is good that @slidegpt warns you that you should have a critical look at the content.

If you want to talk about the future, start with the past. Okay.

It also gives you a comment so that you can just make a karaoke session out of it:

"[...] Understanding this history is important for understanding the current state of the field and predicting its future."

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1/ I asked GPT-4 to write 10 tweets about Tesla for me to post on twitter.

So, here they are.

2/ 🔌 Just charged my #Tesla for the first time at a V4 Supercharger! ⚡️ The future is here, and it's electrifying! 🚗💨 #ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles
3/ 💡 Fun fact: Did you know that #Tesla's regenerative braking system helps extend the life of your brakes and saves energy? Talk about smart driving! 🌍🍃 #EcoFriendly #DriveElectric
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Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your household's carbon footprint?

Check out these alternative energy options that you can easily implement at home! 🧵⤵️

#solarenergy #windpower #geothermal #bioenergy #hydroenergy #carbonfootprint Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your househ
1/ Solar power is one of the most popular alternative #energy options for households.

It's easy to install and maintain, and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. #solarenergy #gogreen ⤵️
2/ Wind power is another great #alternativeenergy option for households.

Small-scale #windturbines can be installed on your property and generate #electricity for your home. #windpower #cleanenergy ⤵️
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Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Plantation and Commodities, YAB Dato' Sri Haji Fadillah Yusof makes statement to Parliament confirming Malaysia will take action in response to EU Deforestation Regulation.

DPM told Parliament there is no justification for Malaysia to be labelled ‘high risk’ under the EU Deforestation Regulation. He stated that the Malaysian government expects the EU to give a written guarantee that this will not happen.

He confirmed that Malaysia expects the Regulation to provide a genuine exemption for smallholders, to safeguard their incomes and place in the supply chain. The DPM also shared that the EU should recognise Malaysia’s palm oil certification standard, MSPO.

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MPOC will be organising a Palm Oil Trade Networking Seminar in Muscat, Oman, on 27 February 2023.
#MPOC #MalaysianPalmOil #MSPO #sustainability #minyakmasak #sawit #Oman
The event is jointly-organised with the Malaysian Embassy in Muscat with the support from the Omani Ministry of Commerce Industry and Investment Promotion, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and MATRADE Dubai.
The networking seminar is an initiative by MPOC to provide a platform between the Malaysian palm oil industry members and Oman’s oils and fats industry players to further enhance their trade.
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🚛🌍🌱 Dalmia Cement begins transition to cleaner logistics with LNG trucks

a MASSIVE step forward towards building a 'green' supply chain with the its 1st fleet of LNG trucks in collab with GreenLine Logistics.

The 35 LNG trucks order is the biggest in the cement sector
Dalmia Cement shifts to 10% green transport by FY24.
Both LNG truck types cover a range of 50-600kms for inbound & outbound logistics.
CO2 emissions reduced by ~28%, SOx emissions by upto 100%, NOx emissions by up to 59%, and Particulate Matter by up to 91%.
🌿 Dalmia Cement's overall CO2 emissions have come down from 670 kg per tonne to 467 kg per tonne.

💪🏽The company's focus - replacing conventional fuels & raw materials with alternative solutions, expanding its renewable energy portfolio, & using green vehicles in logistics
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