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Yesterday I presented on climate change impacts to our Sustainable Oceans graduate class. A thread on what we covered & discussed. (1/n)
We started with the #SROCC report. If you haven’t already seen @JohnFBruno’s thread on this, check it out, it is a great summary!… (2/n)
Then we read reports/case studies from three west coast tribal groups, and discussed them. We included the @aaas #HowWeRespond case study on the @TheYurokTribe:… @tiffanylohwater (3/n)
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Here are my early thoughts on the @IPCC_CH #SROCC
The difference between RCP8.5 (high CO2, “business as usual”) and RCP2.6 (aggressive decarbonization) is striking. Under 2.6, we change for 30 years, then stabilize. Under 8.5, the changes keep coming and every year gets harder and harder.…
I hadn’t thought much about deoxygenation of the ocean until #NCA4. This is an area of research to watch. I suspect many observed temperature impacts on ocean life are actually related to oxygen. @OceanForecaster @JohnFBruno
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The Fourth National Climate Assessment makes it clear that we’re already experiencing the impacts of climate change in the United States. Here are four examples:…
1. The average length of the heat wave season across 50 cities in the US has roughly tripled since the 1960s. #NCA4 #ClimateScienceFacts
2. From 1984-2015, the total forest area burned by wildfires in the American West was twice what it would’ve been without climate change, which has dried out forests in the region, making them more vulnerable to catching fire. #NCA4 #ClimateScienceFacts
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I’ve been glad to see so much public discussion of #NCA4 over the last several days, with #ClimateFriday paralleling Black Friday. Since “Cyber Tuesday” is apparently now a thing, I’d like to declare today #CarbonTuesday. (THREAD 1 see part 2 next)
When the #NCA4 report was quietly released on Friday, it received MUCH more press than some of us expected. I’ve seen far less coverage about the closely related #SOCCR2 carbon budget report, also released on Friday and important!
I’ll highlight some #SOCCR2 findings from chapters I worked on and note some links between it and #NCA4. Would love to see colleagues from @NACP_Carbon join in to highlight interesting and important findings from your areas of research and expertise!
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In its latest attempt to diminish science, the Trump admin released the Fourth National Climate Assessment on a holiday weekend when they thought no one was paying attention. But make no mistake - we noticed, and will not let them stand in the way of real climate action. #NCA4
The National Climate Assessment is too important to ignore. Every day until @HouseDemocrats take back the Majority, I will be sharing findings from #NCA4. Please like and RT to amplify the significance of #ClimateChange and how it affects us all. #ClimateCrisisCountdown
As the top Democrat on the @SciCmteDems Environment Subcommittee, I take my responsibility seriously to #DefendScience and protect our environment. To start the #ClimateCrisisCountdown, I am going to share a few of the most staggering facts from the #NCA4
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Some interviews I did over the holiday weekend about the new #NationalClimateAssessment report and the science, impacts, politics, and way forward on climate change (thread):
My interview Friday with @CNN:…
My interview Friday with @KatyTurNBC:
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Water Thread from the new National Climate Assessment (#NCA4).

Explicit changes in water quantity & quality from human-caused climate change are already evident in the US.

Source: #NCA4, Chapter 3: Water.
Changes in the frequency & intensity of climate extremes are already underway. Climate change is already leading to changes in the frequency, duration, & geographic distribution of severe storms, floods, & droughts. #water #climate #NCA4
Variable precipitation & rising temperature are intensifying droughts, increasing heavy downpours, & reducing snowpack.
Reduced snow-to-rain ratios are affecting the timing of both water supply & demand.
#water #climate #NCA4
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The #NationalClimateAssessment, cynically released by Trump Admin on Black Friday, shows Americans are becoming aware of climate change and starting to tackle it — but too slowly to protect humanity from unimaginable dangers.

Key takeaways threaded here.
Three hints for journalists covering #NCA4:
1. Impacts are felt locally. Look at chapters 18 through 27 for main regional impacts.
2. Don’t let Trump rush you with a Black Friday release. Climate stories need to be told properly.
3. Science deniers are liars. Don’t publish lies.
"Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities. The impacts of global climate change are already being felt in the United States and are projected to intensify."
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The Trump Administration will release the climate science report of the Fourth National Climate Assessment today at 2pm Eastern. #NCA4
Climate Science Special Report of the Fourth National Climate Assessment. Written by scientists, released by the US.
The climate science report released today by the Trump Administration is unambiguous in blaming humans for warming.…
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