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BREAKING: House GOP and @NMSenateGOP call on Biden and Haaland to oppose a shutdown of the NM energy industry. 24 "progressive" politicians recently asked Biden to cut the majority of NM school funding with his destructive pause on O&G leases. #nmpol #nmleg
/2 Here is the letter from both House and Senate GOP caucuses (signatures cont on two more pages):
/3 letter cont.
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Actually, Wasserman called it earlier.
Now it's jut to see what the margin looks like.

2020: D+19.4
2018: D+22.6
2016: D+30.3
2014: D+17.2
2012: D+18.3
2010: D+7.8
2008: D+11.3
2006: R+0.4
2004: R+8.9

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Election results will go up here after 7 pm:…

Also here, just for Bernalillo County (will be >90% of total votes): #nmpol
Polls closed at 7, and I am currently incessantly refreshing results pages.
First results are from the tiny sliver of Santa Fe County that is in #nm01:
Moores: 540
Stansbury: 342
Dunn: 43
Manning: 6
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I'm coming to you live from the "Uncensored Truth Tour" at the Legacy Church on Wyoming, featuring Dr. Simone Gold, a COVID truther and Capitol insurrectionist. I'm not wearing a mask, the better to blend in with the estimated 300+ crowd here to see the doctor speak.
The line is spilling out the door for the greater Albuquerque populace to listen to Dr. Gold, who was arrested for her involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Shoutout to @161ABQ and @Spicey22997574 for the intel.
Simone Gold, who gained her notoriety as an anti-vaxxer activist during the pandemic, is the founder of the extremist right wing organization America's Frontline Doctors and was arrested for her actions on Jan. 6. She has done her best to spread misinformation regarding COVID-19.
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New Mexico Gov. signs legislation to create a 7-member committee for redistricting.

The seven-member committee, according to a press release by @NMHouseDems will be made up of no more then three members of the same political party. #nmpol #nmleg
Members will hold public hearings to create new district maps based on 2020 census data.

Committee will propose three district maps to be voted on during a special session on redistricting later this year. #nmleg #nmpol
Committee will be tasked with drawing new U.S. House districts as well as districts for New Mexico House and Senate seats and the Public Education Commission. #nmleg #nmpol
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#nmpol. Urgent problem has developed over election integrity issues. SB 48 just came out of Senate Judiciary with a Do Pass with amendments. It is a bad bill. R's caused this problem last special session and now they are making the mistake permanent.
Ok. The time has come. SB 48 went from 23 pages to a new bill with... wait for it... 146 pages now called SB 454. It codifies portions of the SB 04. Bad bills building on more bad bills. It now cloaks a portion of the election code. Really. Call ALL the Senators now.
Tell them to VOTE AGAINST SB 454. Cloaking devices? In the election code? Uh...yeah. How about clear language guaranteeing transparency? Umm....not here. What about the needs to make decisions at the lowest possible level? Ummm...nope. This bill puts more power
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ICYMI: @GovMLG's spending spree with your tax dollars is even worse than we thought! The NM Auditor has opened an investigation into the misuse of public dollars. #nmpol #nmleg…
Last night @LeaderTownsend called on #nmleg to reopen schools and let #ThePeople live, just as @GovMLG has been living while spending thousands from discretionary fund while YOU were told to isolate. #NMPOL
House GOP Leadership today called on @GovMLG to do the right thing and release her mansion visitor logs from March 15, 2020 to present. NM families were told to skip Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas, and a public official should be held accountable to her own freedom restrictions
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HAPPENING NOW: HB 291, NM Tax Changes, is up for debate. We just heard from @JasonHarperNM, questioning the sponsor. He outlined several issues and pointed out that these proposed changes will burden NM small businesses already struggling. #nmpol #nmleg…
HB 291, NM Tax Changes, sponsor now talking about economic fallout one year ago with COVID. Democrats spent down reserves and the $2 billion surpluses before the crisis. House GOP called for responsible spending and shoring up reserves for two years before crisis. #nmpol #nmleg
Rep. Small lamenting the special session in June 2020, when lawmakers were forced to return to balance Democrats overspent budget for NM government. #nmpol #nmleg
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New Mexico governor spent thousands in taxypayer money on groceries, liquor, and dry cleaning: Report. Didn't Diana Duran go to jail for a month for behavior just like this? Wasn't it about this same amount of money? @HectorBalderas @pgessing #nmpol…
@koat7news @KOB4 @krqe Seems like there is a much bigger news story here. Why would @HectorBalderas prosecute Diana Duran for about $14k in misuse of donor and NOT prosecute @GovMLG for misuse of taxpayer money of about $13,500? Is it because of the source of the money?
Perhaps it's ok to misuse taxpayer money, but not donor money. Wait. No. It must be the $500 difference. At $13,500 you're ok, but at $14,000 you're over the line. Mmmm. Wait. Maybe it's because @GovMLG is the governor and Diana Duran was only the Secretary of State. Yeah.
Read 5 tweets… This post lays out a process. It does not follow that process to it's own logical conclusion. We need hand counts. That's how these other counties in MI, AZ and now GA have found issues. @NMSOSMaggie says she has no evidence of fraud.
Well, duh. She hasn't looked for it either. Watching a selected county's Canvass Board is more evidence that there has not been any serious efforts to examine what has happened in NM. It was embarrassing to see these folks ask questions. What I saw were leading questions.
As if there were efforts to NOT embarrass election officials. I watched a seasoned County Clerk attack the integrity of veteran. She literally said that this poll challenger had not read SB 04. @JohnforNM references SB 04 in the above article. And he is right about
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1/3 Full statement from @LeaderTownsend re: @GovMLG press conference: "I cannot commit to any session that excludes the public. That is why I believe we should postpone the 2021 session, until public participation is guaranteed and satisfactory." #nmpol #nmleg
2/3 "I learned of a possible special session at the same time everyone else did, during the Governor's press conference this afternoon. Right now the House Republicans are focused on the needs of our communities because the Governor has shut down our economy again." #nmpol #nmleg
3/3 "Until we are brought to the table for real and tangible economic relief, we will continue to work with our communities on dealing with the virus that the Lujan Grisham administration cannot seem to get a handle on." #nmpol #nmleg
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There's a saying in finance "Take care of the pennies and dollars will take care of themselves." That should be applied here. The group that should do the investigation is the local board of elections & the challengers on that board. But, as you know, challengers are excluded.
#nmpol @NMSOSMaggie Excluding challengers is a breach in electoral process. You failed us. You kept us from seeing where the real decisions were being made. The NM Supreme Court is equally guilty in their decision to support this intensely weak position. There is no redress of
of grievances. The CANVASS BOARDS need to be the place where we go to handle these problems. Sandoval County has a canvass board meeting Friday. Who's in? #nmpol @MMarcie2012 @ElectJayCBlock @abq_united @republibrarian @p_anaya75 @andstillkool @ABDforNM @JohnforNM @Rbaker4NM36
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Election 2020 protests: Donald Trump supporters gather in Phoenix, Las Vegas; National Guard activated in Portland; 4 arrested in Denver. Watch where the challengers show up in this story. Same conditions of keeping challengers out by Maggie…
here in NM. We did not riot. Not really sure how to end this tweet because we do not seek a civil war. Our Supreme Court in NM sided with Maggie. Keeping the electorate out of the decision making is a SERIOUS breach in transparency. The Judicial System in NM failed to allow
for redress of grievances against the government. The RNC failed by not allowing these separate case to be properly developed in Sandoval County and Dona Ana County. State Party failed by restricting access to the press by county leaders. The government in NM is failing. #nmpol
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Statistics show that Operation Legend, the federal initiative aimed at cracking down on violent crime in a handful of cities, is working. Authorities say since July federal agents have made more than 2,000 arrests in the program. Albuquerque is among eight targeted
crime-infested cities.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has called Operation Legend “a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative in which federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials to fight
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Today at noon, the Legislative Council will meet to discuss the findings of and determine next steps regarding the bipartisan investigation into @GovMLG's illegal emergency spending. Meeting will be live-streamed at
#nmpol #nmleg
ICYMI here is @LeaderTownsend's statement: “The Governor and her administration might think that a bipartisan investigation to protect taxpayers is a minor detail, but I can assure them that they work for the people and not the other way around" #nmpol #nmleg
More from @LeaderTownsend "I surely hope Speaker Egolf and Senate Pro Tempore Papen take as much offense as we do in regards to this administration’s self-serving behavior and complete disregard for New Mexico’s constitution." #nmpol #nmleg
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So.... I found this. Is this what we voted for?… @GovMLG Where is James Jimenez now? Is this what Voices for Children wants for the parents of the children? What happened to the leadership promised when MLG said "New Mexico is open for business."?
Not sure how to head this one off. Businesses cannot ignore these increases. I have seen way too many critiques of CPI and PPI to not look at indexes like the one above. Just thinking about how much we need to dig into economics of MLG. @pgessing @ABQJournal
The economic "press" in NM is just so disappointing. First, there were no serious efforts to ask questions about the impact of policy position in the gubernatorial race. None. And yes, that means you NAIOP and Mortgage Brokers and Bankers Associations.
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As New Mexicans continue to see massive impacts on our economy due to Covid-19, I believe there are a lot of unanswered questions out of Santa Fe.

Here are a few. Some of these I've asked before, but haven't found the answers.

#nmpol #nmleg
1. Santa Fe's leaders often promote our efforts behind contact tracing.

What are the most common situations in which New Mexicans are contracting Covid-19? At home? At work? Group Settings?

Do our public health orders reflect the places most at risk?
2. The American Academy of Pediatrics is strongly recommending school children be "physically present in school." -…

Why has NM adopted a hybrid model? Any concerns about the impact of parents who have to now deal with staying at home again?
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Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque protest. Kudos to APD. No deaths at the hands of officers. No militia resisted detainment, which is a credit to the militia.This story is missing the arrest of the man with a skateboard…
The statements by Keller, Heinrich and Lujan-Grisham are predictable and lack credibility because they are so one-sided. Antifa's presence must be confirmed,
but the fact that a portion of the crowd attacked an individual is Also not acceptable. Where is the condemnation from officials for that. Weak leaders. @dbongino @SteveDeaceShow
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The longest Twitter thread I've ever posted. Re: #AlbuquerqueProtest tonight & the fact that known terrorists who threatened me 2 weeks ago were allowed to continue to operate & shoot someone tonight because #NMpol can't seem to grasp the meaning behind #DefundThePolice #BLM
Tonight, a fasicst, white supremacist shot live rounds at peaceful protesters in Albuquerque attempting to bring down the memorial to racist colonizer Juan de Onate. At the time of this writing, we know that one protestor was hit and wounded severely and taken to the hospital.
My sincerest best wishes to them and their people are not enough, especially considering we’ve known about this extremist group for weeks. How do we know?
They threatened me.
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These disgusting smears of @ValeriePlame must immediately come down, and we’re calling on @TeresaForNM to join our call for them to be taken down, and to apologize to Plame for them. Image
This is the disgusting attack that allies of @TeresaForNM are running against @ValeriePlame. She has not yet called on them to be taken down.
.@TeresaForNM has not yet called on her supporters to take this disgusting ad attacking @ValeriePlame off the air. #nmpol Image
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NMGOP Press Conference 4/13/20

Opening statements by Chairman Steve Pearce:
The state should be addressing the Coronavirus situation with more urgency and agility.
The state government needs to pay attention to small business.
The Governor has shown a preference for corporate giants, big box business over small Mom and Pop small business.
The social distancing practices can be followed by small business as well or better than the large business.
150,000 small businesses in New Mexico
331,000 are employed by small business, 56% of the New Mexico Workforce.
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•A Mail In ballot is mailed to everyone who is on the list.
•An Absentee ballot is mailed only to those who have requested a ballot.

We are often left without explanations for how the government does what it does.
This could not be truer than in the case of the upcoming elections. There have been some who have asked what the difference between the mail in ballot and the absentee ballot. This is an excellent question. The mail in ballot is simply a process where every person on the list
who has registered to vote is sent a ballot. An absentee ballot process is where only those people who request a ballot are sent a ballot. It’s all about the request.
The technical difference is a very important point. When you mail everyone on the list, many people have
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Are you following the developing controversy of the Imperial College model? Daily Wire runs a story with a critic of Neil Ferguson. Who would have thought that the intellectually elite would have chosen a model that was not peer reviewed? I can't find evidence of a peer review.
#nmpol @DanBoydNM @mckaydan We have asked about this before. I wonder if the governor's office knows that we can still see news sources other than her office. When some ask for the science behind decisions, it's about understanding why and how decisions are made. But then
such a requirement is not what she thinks is necessary. Some are asking because we want to help shape good decisions. It is clear that public input is only a check box on form that relates to statutes for this governor. Sure wish our news outlets asked these questions. #nmpol
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Former Navajo Nation Attorney General Ethel Branch has created a ⁦@gofundme⁩ fundraiser to help Navajo & Hopi Families amid #COVID19.…
The Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation are extreme food deserts with only 9 grocery stores on Navajo to serve some 180,000 people and only 1 grocery store on Hopi to serve some 3,000 people.
These communities also have high numbers of elderly, diabetic, and cancer-afflicted (i.e., high risk) individuals. These communities could be devastated by coronavirus and COVID-19.
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