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मेरे २० वर्षीय ताऊजी नें अपनी माँ सहित परिवार के २६ सदस्यों का सर धड़ से अलग किया था, १५ और १९ वर्षीय २ बुआओं ने कुएँ में कूद कर प्राण त्याग दिए थे!
वो पंजाब के सारस्वत के आर्यों का लहू था जिसने मुसलमानों से अपने गौरव की रक्षा के लिए भीख नहीं माँगी!
No Major, your question should’ve been:
Are the Muslims not sent to the nation created for & by them in 1947 safe in 🇮🇳,
or are Hindu-Sikhs who stayed back in the islamic Pakistan safer?
इनका दर्द जिन्हें दिख रहा है उनके पास कुर्सी की ताक़त नहीं!
कुछ समय से मैं #PakHinduRefugees की भारतीय नागरिकता/वर्किंग वीसा के लिए कई दरवाज़े खटखटा रही हूँ,केवल निराशा हाथ लगी।
दो टूक के माध्यम से हिन्दु सिख परिवारों तक 🇮🇳 चले आने का सन्देश पहुँचाइए।
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Self #gharwapsi by lorry driver turned watchman. Trained as a pastor, vigorously defended his faith,fought,beat up those who opposed. But when hate Hindu preachings turned into hate India preachings, he began to ponder ! Why white man came to India, why he started conversions /2
Started reading Karunakar Sugguna books in Telugu and walked out of Xtianity. Had big fights with my church pastor,fellow faithfuls. My questions on Bible went unanswered. Now I am trying to learn the basics of Sanatan dharma. Also serious Q' raised /3…
1. No one is able to guide me on basics of Sanatana dharma 2. No serious work at ground level to take dharma to masses 3. Want a simple book in Telugu to know more abt dharma.
Throws up need for Hindu sants/ seers to go to masses,conduct commuity poojas, vratam etc., /4
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Thread. Malgudi Days, a highly popular 1986 TV series showed what life was like in a small Indian town just before independence. The characters are endearing, RK Narayan's brand of subtle humour is so appealing and the scenes of everyday life bring on a sense of nostalgia. (1)
In the 1st episode of Malgudi Days a deep statement was made about the state of India's colonized educational system. The schoolteacher in the Christian missionary school tells the kids that idol worship is nonsense. (2) #noconversion #ColonizedIndia
"Can your idols see? Can they bless you? No! When Mahmud Ghazni broke your idols & made lavatory stairs out of them, where was your God? Look at our Jesus. He eradicates diseases, saves lives & takes people to heaven. Not like your Krishna who dances with women." (3) #MalgudiDays
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