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This is what our SECULAR people of Bharath do and preach !!!!!

Watch full video HINDUS!

#Secularism #Seculars #WakeUpHindus #HindusRaiseYourVoice #HinduEcosystem


They changed or History!

They changed or cities!!
RT and leave your comments!!

@KapilMishra_IND @HinduEcosystem_ @UshaNirmala @UdayMahurkar @LevinaNeythiri
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#DravidianPolitics #Thread : If not for #Periyar, a Dravidian leader who was the reason behind so much public knowledge of Casteist atrocities or who was the reason for upbringing of the rights of lower castes? (1/n)
If not for Anna or Karunanidhi’s #DMK who strongly opposed Hindi imposition in TN & still keep TN as kingdom of Tamil & its ethnicity? (2/n)
If not for MGR, who backed LTTE with supports & helped them in their crucial times & made them invincible once? (3/n)
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तुमचे विचार चांगले असतील तर तुम्हाला चांगल्या व्यक्तींची साथ सुद्धा मिळते,

LW किंवा RW करत बसण्यात काहीच अर्थ नसतो,
खेकड्यासारखं एकमेकांचे पाय ओढत बसून हिंदुत्वाचे विचार मांडताच येत नाही,
जातीपाती, राजकारण, याच्या दलदलीत अडकण्यापेक्षा हिंदुत्ववादी बनून विचार मांडले तरच योग्य व्यक्तींची साथ मिळते,

आपण राजकारनाच्या नादी लागून हिंदुद्वेष तर पसरवत नाही ना ?
हा प्रश्न स्वतःच्या मनाला विचारा आधी,

बाकी जय शिवराय 🙏🚩
हे वरच सर्व त्या लोकांसाठी होत ज्यांचा #Secularism धर्मनिरपेक्षता, नास्तिकता
#सर्वधम_समभाव या शब्दावर त्यांचा अधिक विश्वास आहे,

"जेवढे लोक टॅग केलेत त्यांचे विचार मला जास्त पटतात, म्हणून मी त्यांची साथ देणारच"

बाकी गुलाम, चमचे वगैरे लोकांनी मला आत्ता unfollow करावं 🙏
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On #WomensDay I came across this post on FB that speaks about Bible verse on #menstruation so I decided to Google and find more.

An ittu-sa thread. By God. (1/n)
The Book of Leviticus is the third book of the Torah and of the Old Testament. Followed by both Jews & Xtians (2/n)
Most of Leviticus' chapters (1–7, 11–27) consist of God's speeches to Moses, which God commands Moses to repeat to the Israelites. Here it's openly vomiting poison against menstruation & calling for #circumcision (3/n)
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Details of attacks on Hindu temples since 2019 in Andhra Pradesh
1. Guntur Durga Gudi - 14 Nov 2019
2. Pithapuram Anjaneya Swamy Gudi Destroyed - 21 Jan2020
3. Rompicherla Venugopal Swamy Temple - moorthis Destroyed - 11 Feb 2020

4.Undrajavara Mandal, Suryavupalam, front door of Ammavari Gudi Destroyed by thugs - 13 Feb 2020

5. Shri Prasanna Venkateswara temple chariot burnt at Kondabitragunta in Nellore district - 14 Feb 2020

6.Antarvedi Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Chariot Burnt - 6 Sept 2020

7.Vijayawada Durga Gudi Chariot Silver Lions Theft - 13 Sept 2020

8. Sai Baba moorthis Destroyed In Krishna District Nidamanur - 15 Sept 2020

9. Destruction of Anjaneya Swamy moorti at Eleshwaram Sri Sitaramanjaneya Temple - 16 Sept 2020

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2020 has been filled with many challenges and our community has had to adapt in unprecedented ways.

We invite you to take a moment to look back with us at what has been an unforgettable year, and what YOU made possible. (Thread)…
At the onset of the year, the coalition convened in January to plan the strategy for Secular America Votes - 2020, which was headed up this year by @SecularStudents who did an amazing job turning out the the vote of secular students this Nov!
In February (*way back* when we could be together in person) we hosted our annual Member's Meeting with key staff from our 19 member orgs. Attendees lobbied Congress and attend a meeting of the Congressional Freethought Caucus (CFC) where they present their priorities.
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Contributed to @Guardian Podcast 'Today In Focus': The murder of schoolteacher Samuel #Paty who had shown his class #cartoons of the prophet #Muhammad has rekindled a debate in #France over #secularism & the state’s role in regulating #FreeSpeech. (21'-29')
I emphasise that we can discuss the general problem of hateful #cartoons about the Prophet #Muhammad & his Muslim followers that spread collective guilt & humiliate often underprivileged #minority communities beyond acts of barbaric #terrorism. #Racism #Islamophobia #CharlieHebdo
I think that @EmmanuelMacron acted in a manner that was rash & unstatesmanlike following the vile murder of Samuel #Paty. He has effectively incorporated #cartoons mocking #Islam into its domestic policies. He defended them as part of French culture & #France’s global image.
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Today's secular crimes:

Delhi: 3 stabbed - 1 dead, 2 serious
Surat: 1 stabbed & dead
Alwar: attempted #Ekatvam

Anymore from other places? Please consolidate & post..
After #MUNGERMASSACRE, it's back to WB.
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1 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
2 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
To say that #Jinnah & #AIML wanted to make #Secular #Liberal #Pakistan not the Theocratic State is a Half Truth ! How would you explain #Islamic Speeches of Jinnah ? Reference:… ( cc @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad @omarali50 )

#TwoNationTheory #Islam #India #Partition ImageImageImage
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Let me clarify why is it next to impossible for #Hindus to win this ongoing Ideological/ civilizational war with us #Muslims:

If the #Hindu cause is +1, #Islamic cause is -1, and 0 is neutral, then we #Muslims are fighting hard for -1 while U Hindus R aiming for just 0!..(1/12)
..Let me explain:

V #Muslims attack #Hinduism.
U #Hindus attack only Traitors & Pakistan!

V fight for #Islamic cause.
U fight for #Nationalist cause!

We #Muslims want #Sharia state.
You #Hindus want #Secular state! ...(2/12)
... V R fighting #Religious war.
U just fighting political war!

V vote on Islamic grounds.
U vote on #SabkaSathSabkaVikas

V #Muslims never raise voice for #KashmiriPandits but burn cities for #Rohingyas!
U #Hindus speak for not only KP but also for Sufis & Balochis! ..(3/12)
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Let me clarify why is it next to impossible for #Hindus to win this ongoing Ideological/ civilizational war with us #Muslims:

We #Muslims attack #Hinduism.
You #Hindus attack only Traitors & Pakistan!

We fight for #Islamic cause.
You fight for #Nationalist cause! ...(1/12)
We #Muslims want #Sharia state.
You #Hindus want #Secular state!

We fight #Religious war.
You just fight political war!

We vote on religious grounds.
You vote on #SabkaSathSabkaVikas ...(2/12)
So, If the #Hindu cause is +1, the #Islamic cause is -1, and 0 is neutral, then we #Muslims are fighting for (-1) while you Hindus are aiming for 0!

Meaning: V Muslims R fighting for purely selfish motives and U Hindus R fighting for mutually beneficial/neutral outcomes!..(3/12)
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Mslm lost faith in Judicial system of India🇮🇳 when all accused in Babri demolitions get acquitted today.

But Hindus always have faith in Judiciary

A little THREAD Read

⬇️#Secularism in India is Green in Colour


➡️#Sabarimala - SC decides who will enter.

➡️ Masjids *Internal matter of Mslms.*

➡️Height of Dahi Handi - SC will give you an inch tape.

➡️Slow & painful Halal slaughter of animals - *Internal matter of Mslms.*
➡️DJ on Ganesh Visarjan - Lord Ganesh doesn't need DJ.

➡️ Loudspeakers from M@$jids 5 times a day x 365 days - Their God has h€@ ring issues and it is
*Internal matter of Mslms.*

➡️Crackers on Diwali - SC will decide decibel limit, pollution and finally ban it.
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If all citizens in India are same, why concessions 4 Muslim-UPSC-Candidates?

Shameful & Painful that @narendramodi @naqvimukhtar continuing with #UPSC_Jihad since 2014, even after UPA-I/II.

Wonder if this DISCRIMINATION against Hinds will stop, if ever?😎
#NoCountry4Hindus Image
How #UPSC_Jihad Works>#ZakatFoundation, which funds UPSC-Muslim-Candidates coaching, LINKED to various terror-organizations and Pakistan-ISI 👇

Wonder if @AmitShah @narendramodi DARE to INVESTIGATE this, or will keep quiet cause of SalmanJi & #Secularism?😎
#NoCountry4Hindus Image
Not just #ZakatFoundation but #HajCommittee also provide IAS-Coaching to Muslims. Not just free-coaching but free lodging/food as well👇

And Haj-Committees are fully-funded by state/center Govts.

Is there any Hindu-Committee which does it 4 Hindu-Candidates?🤔
#NoCountry4Hindu Image
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A look at some of the principles of critical thinking:

(A thread with video links)

The Burden of Proof: Makers of supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof.


A look at some of the flawed thinking that prompts people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts to advise others who don't to be more open-minded.

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#India's obsession with Hindu #victimhood is not confined to Hindutva politicians who, one can assume, spread the canard of "Hindus under attack" for their own political agenda of power, control and coercion. This @Youtube video was posted on a family #WhatsApp group.

It shows a certain 'holy man', by his own description, a #Sanyasi telling his cheering audience a story to illustrate a) the harm caused by #secularism and b) how minority religions are favoured by the state.
It's a cock and bull tale, of course, but worth recounting to show the duplicity, the lies, the latent misogyny, the vacuous logic, the sheer vile propaganda of it all. Apparently, he is visited by a Maulvi and a Padre (!) who start arguing with him and then start beating him up!
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#Islam divides the world in 3 types and advises #Muslims to behave differently according to the type of land they are in (1)Dar-al-Harb (i.e. Land for War) (2)Dar-al-Sulh / Dar-al-Ahd (i.e. Land for Treaty) (3)Dar-al-Islam (i.e. Land of Islam). Lemme explain the details ..(1/11)
1st type is Daar-al-Harb (i.e. land for war): Those areas/countries where #NonMuslims R majority or where #NonMuslims R ruling. Here #Muslims are advised to silently increase our numbers by all means: over-populating (#PopulationJihad), Converting NonMuslims (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
, reducing NonMuslim population by rioting and massacre (#DelhiAntiHinduRiots, #BengaluruRiots, #SwedenRiots), Inviting Refugees from Dar-al-Islam (#Rohingya). So now you know why No Muslim country accepts Muslim refugees as it will have no benefit. ..(3/11)
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Yesterday in Bhopal Johri Hotel
Hindu girls with M boys were in a freedom Hookah party!
Who is sponsoring these M boys for such parties?
See how young these Hindu Girls are!
Inspiration must be from #Bollywood as how to spoil life!
It's nothing but #Lovejihad
I m not sure whether this moral policing is good or bad considering the age of these girls & community of the Boyz
What do you say guys?
Some say it's privacy intrusion
But I say it's conspiracy unveiled
#Secularism #ThursdayMotivation
कल रात जोहरी होटल भोपाल पर चल रहे हुक्का लांच पर हिंदू संगठन ने बोला धावा, लव जिहाद को फ्रीडम हुक्का पार्टी का नया नाम देते हुए मुस्लिम लड़को सहित हिन्दू लड़किया थी मौजूद l
🚩🚩जय जय श्री राम 🚩🚩
#ThursdayThoughts #lovejihad
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Secular Mob Attacks #Hindu Houses while carrying #Muharram prossession in West Bengal. They Vandelised a Shiva Temple ,All this happened in presence of police which was busy escorting the mob.Twenty Hindus have been gravely injured in this one sided Clash!!
Not only this when these #hindus came on roads to protest against Isiamic imperealism. Instead of Consoling them the police did lathi Charge on them
These Hindus are asking is it crime to be a hindu in west bengal?Y Entire state machinery works only for the muslins?
Police neither protected them
Wen they tried to defend themselves they were nested too ?!
What country we are living in?
Is it completely taken over by Sharia ?
No one cares about Hindus or their lives
It's same from Kashmir to Kanyakumari !!
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HR&CE Officer stops Kumbabhishekam due to personal grudge!
Bagawan Shiva Temple at Patabhiram was getting ready for Kumbabhishekam for past 4 months.Wen "Pandhakal" celebrations along with Ganapathy Pooja r abt to begin on the previous day of Kumbabhishekam the
HR&CE officer came & stopped it Snatched the keys from the preist & sent him out of the temple saying he should not perform!
Who gave them the right to stop the auspicious event ?
Is TN heading to dooms day?
How can these guys interfere in temple rituals?
It's is entirely his personal grudge towards someone & taking it on this important event.
@CMOTamilNadu why are u just a mute spectator
All this preist are sent out of the temple & are protesting!!
They are doing this not for their house prosperity but for the prosperity of the
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A big babu confirmed that the scores were rigged to produce an IAS topper from #Kashmir
Only to create an icon who'd inspire the India-haters to become patriots.
That icon AOT called #India the 'Rapistan'
It seems, such idiocy is now rolled out nationally.…
Extra marks to the #Muslims in the interviews isn't enough and also out in the open.
So, #Urdu was added as a subject for the written exams.
When even that didn't help, #Kashmiri in Urdu's script was added to the subjects.
Why not try campus hiring directly from the madrasas now?
Earlier our adversaries used #secularism to deny n deprive #Hindus
Then came '#Muslims have the first right on resources' theory
When #India woke up to these perversions and delivered an unambiguous mandate, it is the hyper patriots now robbing us blind on #UPSC and #scholarships
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100s of people thronged the church in Samayanallur,Madurai Dst protesting against the forced conversion by missionaries
It seems the new Chruch is indulging in conversion activities by alluring locals with presents & various goodies 2 accept Christi@nity!
Police refused to accept any complaints lodged against these conversion mafias!
They are denying to even hear the people's grievances & Atrocities committed by these Conversion Mafias
So the people took to streets to protest
#secularism #noconversion
Why are the refusing to accept complaints
My doubt :
Is police an extended arm of Jih@dis & co@version mafias?
These Mafias has taken over all govt departments!
A converted person loses his SC/ST status & how come they have got jobs based on reservation?
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Thoothukudi, Ganesapuram, local
Jamath broke the fence,demolished the temple hall & occupied temple space
Police & Tasildhar, both are supporting the M perpetrators & are allowing to take over the temple land!
The fruit for allowing these scoundrels to stay back!
Hear these locals !!
She says - temple hall had been demolished where prayers were conducted for years..
Police are siding with Jamath guys & refusing to help !!
This is Hindu majority country ?!
Do u believe ?
#Secularism #TuesdayThoughts
She said three M guys came and destroyed the place & trying to take over the land which they were using & praying for 50 + years ..
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اسی لیئے شعراء کی قرآن و حدیث میں مذمت کی گئ ہے کہ ان میں مبالغہ آرائ، جھوٹ اور غلو ہوتا ہے ۔ #علامہ_اقبال تو رہے ایک طرف کسی کو بھی حق حاصل نہیں کہ تمام قوم کو ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دے (کلیات اقبال قدیمی) #پنجاب #پنجابی

@omarali50 @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad… ImageImage
اب اگر #علامہ_اقبال سے یہی پوچھ لیا جاوے کہ حضور آپ نے تو تمام #پنجاب کے #پنجابی مسلمانوں کو ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دیا تو پھر کیا فرماتے ہیں مولانا ثناء اللہ امرتسری (اہلحدیث عالم) مولانا ابراہیم سیالکوٹی (اہلحدیث عالم) غزنوی خاندان (پنجاب کا اہلحدیث خانوادہ) اور عبیداللہ سندھی پر
#علامہ_اقبال کو فسطائ مسولینی بہت پسند تھے اور ملاقات بھی تھی (ذکر اقبال از عبدالمجید سالک) اب علامہ اقبال کو مسولینی اور کارل مارکس پر ملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ ( کلیات اقبال قدیمی)

@Rafi_AAA @omarali50 @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad… ImageImageImage
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Why @Dev_Fadnavis not initiate any inquiry against #ParamBirSingh (now @CPMumbaiPolice) for his role in torture of @SadhviPragya_MP? Had DF taken any action in those 5 years, ParamBir wouldn’t have become commissioner now. What DF looked the other way?😎
Yes @myogiadityanath is the only saving-grace and hope from current BJP CMs. Hope he continues the way he's doing and don't fall for #Secularism stuff!
Per these details👇, @arbaazSkhan was caught red-handed in #IPL_Betting at a #Mumbai Hotel. He was let-go after intervention 4m #ParambirSingh. Did @Dev_Fadnavis know this? Did he do anything 2 EXPOSE the #IPL_Betting (run by @BeingSalmanKhan & others)?🤔
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