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70/n Part-4 #ChineseVirus #Biowarfare

Till Part-3 I explained how SHI Zhengli & her team was busy extracting more sources for Corona-virus and methods to make it effective on Humans.

In this part, I take story further, telling story suing this paper by D Sohum.

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71/n As per the abstract,

A)12 facilities affiliated with the defense establishment, 30 facilities affiliated with the PLA, are involved in research, development, production, testing or storage of #Biowarfare .

B)China will persist as a paramount BW possessor."
72/n Dr Soham, explains that how with advanced Genome Study facilities China is capable of engineering #BioWeapons to affect particular "Ethnic Groups".

I had discussed about it in 1st part of this series as well.

He then begins explaining why China is so much into #BioWeapon
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Recd via WA
I'm not a Doctor & this is unverified but worth appreciating

#DRDO & their wonder drug for #COVID19

The Chemistry of Corona drug developed by DRDO is said to be a big game changer. It is 2-Deoxy-D+Glucose (2-DG) which is likely to be marketed very soon.

The hero behind this discovery is said to be Dr Anil Kumar Mishra who hails from Balia (UP), obtained his MSc (Chemsitry) degree from Gorakhpur University in 1984 & PhD in 1988 from Banaras Hindu University. His research is based on Molecular Biology & Organic synthesis.

After doing post doctoral research, he has worked as visiting Professor in different countries like France, California (USA) & Max Plank, Germany.

He joined DRDO as Sr Scientist in 1997.

2-DG is a mimic of D-Glucose prepared by replacing -OH group at C2 by H-atom.

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40/n So here is Part-3 of story of #Biowarfare by #CCPChina

Last I spoke about Shi Zhengli. In this part I'll elaborate about work of her team that caused confusion about #WuhanVirus too.

Please read on.
41/n 2003,SARS broke out. Scientists begin to find the source of the virus .

SHI Zhengli began extracting virus from the bat. Their research paper was published on Science magazine. claiming that they had extracted Corona Virus from the bat. Image
42/n 2008,Zhengli's team publishes new paper.

It found:first,both human SARS virus & 2019 #WuhanVirus use ACE-2 infect human cells.

The 3 major finds were:
1)Bat virus can't enter into human cells through ACE-2

2)Human SARS virus couldn't possibly be combined with bat’s ACE-2 Image
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1/n #COVID19 is a #Biowarfare crafted by #CCP.

In continuation to last year's thread (quoted tweet is last tweet of that thread) where I had exposed how @WHO was compromised by CCP, In this long thread I'll show how it was created by China.

In part-1 you will get basic dots. Image
2/n In 1980s China had realised urge to revamp Science & Technology.

In starting of 90s they realized lack of good Academic Leaders & in 1994, Hundred Talents Program" was initiated.

All details pulled from (few are untranslated) Image
3/n 14 people, including Zhu Rixiang, Cao Jianlin & Lu Ke, became the first group receiving the support of the program.

2 million yuan per talent fund was alloted.

It became one of the most imp project of CCP. ImageImage
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Another big expose on #ChineseVirus

Thread 1/3

Real Culprit of COVID is Ralph s Baric. He secured patent on #coronavirus in 2002 which was experimented on PIGS

Between 2010-13, Ralph worked to get #coronavirus in Bats to jump to humans

@AltNewsMedia @majorgauravarya

Why BATS? BATS r Mammals, same class as humans!

2009 @pfizer decided to set up R&D in Wuhan where Wuhan Institute of Virology is based. Now dots are getting connected very well.

Ralph who own patent for #coronavirus experimented to put virus in BATS & from Bats to humans

The whole thing funded by @pfizer to develop vaccine for business.

#CCPChina used these Bats to Human Corona to take control of world & develop its own vaccine.

Obama at lab with @melindagates in 2015!👇🏽

@arifaajakia @TarekFatah @ramnikmann @Shehzad_Ind @RatanSharda55
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इस महामारी के समय में भी #CentralVistaProject हमें क्यों चाहिए ? यह बड़ा प्रश्न है और @narendramodi सरकार इसे रोक क्यों नहीं देती ? इसका उत्तर सबको जानना चाहिए क्योंकि इसे लेकर सोनिया गांधी और @RahulGandhi की अगुआई विशुद्ध झूठ बोला जा रहा है। क्या भारत की नई संसद मोदी का महल है
सबसे बड़ा झूठ यही फैलाया जा रहा है। प्रशासनिक कार्यों को बेहतर तरीक़े से करने के लिए @PMOIndia और उपराष्ट्रपति के आवास @rashtrapatibhvn के साथ ही बनेंगे। केंद्रीय सचिवालय के कर्मचारियों को आधुनिक सुविधायुक्त कार्यालय मिलेगा। अभी दिल्ली के बाहरी क्षेत्रों तक कर्मचारी बैठते हैं
भारत की संसद क़रीब १०० वर्ष पुरानी हो चुकी है। इसके स्थान पर नई संसद बनाने का प्रस्ताव @INCIndia शासनकाल में ही आया था। लोकसभा अध्यक्ष मीरा कुमार, सुमित्रा महाजन दोनों ने इसे आगे बढ़ाया। संसद को तय समय सीमा में स्वतंत्रता के ७५ वर्ष होने तक तैयार करने का लक्ष्य है #CentralVista
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@RahulGandhi We are in receipt of your letter and appreciate that you expect a reply from @narendramodi . Dont you think your mom is seeking attn to trouble @PMOIndia to reply to your ill thought. Never mind let us take half an hour to reply.
1. #CoronaVaccine @PMOIndia is doing
Best to procure #Spuntik sans Chinese medicine as this is causing lot of post health issue but before that Did Gandy Vadra took medicine? #Covishield #Cowaxin #DRDO MEDICINE will reach target of 10 Cr PM wef Sep 2021. Then we can export also
2. #CoronaVaccination drive is on
3. You need to learn to expect a reply on Point No 3
4. @RahulGandhi please update your mom that @narendramodi has enough budget and they are buying medicine. Perhaps she need Signing Authority to transfer funds to RGF
5. #CentralVistaProject you need to study eco to expect reply
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The New India with its aspirations will care 2 hoots - for the Western Media as well as the knaves in the Indian media world. The current India, unlike some of the diplomatic corps and bureaucrats,
led by its EAM, @DrSJaishankar will call spade a spade instead of hemming and hawing. If the #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus can threaten brazenly, India is not going to blink.
This is the new self-assertive India that, in my view will form an alternate alliance, a workable one, with equal minded partners such as Israel, France, Brazil and other countries, who want to economically grow to pull out its population from various levels of poverty.
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1. #ChinaCOVIDReport Confirms that #ChineseVirus was a unrestricted bioweapon used to destroy Economy, gain Political and strategic advantage for China.

Political game - Is to remove Modi
Strategic - To enter India through Ladakh/Arunachal Pradesh
2. Corona is 'Artificial Human Infectious Virus'
In short - AHIV

Sounds familiar?? Yes, similar to HIV
I said this few days back.
3. So, all these articles against India, against Indian Vaccines and Modi did not emerge randomly.

Its a biological war from China, for which many shameless politicians and Chinese stooges are helping China in every way.
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Lauren Boebert Thread 2:

Lauren Boebert’s mom, Shawn Bentz, posted a racist “things we hate” video rant complaining about “Mexicans” blasting “that hat music” from “lowrider truck[s].”
Lauren Boebert’s mom (on the left) and a friend posted a racist rant about “Brown people” at Walmart “with their whole entire family,” with “their damn kids,” speaking “no English,” and having “80 different kids with 80 different daddies.”
Lauren Boebert’s mom ranted about how “Brown people come to the Walmart 7 inch heels ...trying to look good while they’re grocery shopping.”
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Considering what's happening in the world today, it causes me to look back on moments in history when the antichrist was publicly, visibly & obviously flaunting his demonic end time agenda as is happening now.

Think of when Yeshua headed toward Yerusalayim.
The demonic's attempt to bring about the destruction of salvation & hope for mankind was on full display. satan thought he had bested Yahweh (again ... silly fool) and that men could no longer be redeemed. But as an ex-employee who's no longer privy to the workings of El-ohim, he
he ended up looking as dumb as these lying, cheating demonrat children of his are about to look come January.

Look at what ushered in The Dark Ages. Again the antichrist spirit attempted to take everything foundational out of the way #Christians worship and relate to The Three.
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We have what we say and believe in our hearts - Mark 11:23-24.

We know the #enemyofthepeople want to steal this election so they can continue to destroy America. But we also know Yahweh is not done with this nation nor is it time for the #nwo according to His
2. Divine Timeline.

As the #Ekklesia, #Jesus' Governing Body on Earth we have authority and the final say as long as we agree with The LORD.

Governing Body, think about that. We're Jesus' hands to do good works and show strength, to uncover corruption and deliver justice.
3. We're His Feet to go into the halls of governments, schools, businesses, the media, nations and invite His Presence and Mind and Will to come. We are #essentialworkers like no others.

We love to say His Kingdom come and Will be done, but we have to believe that it will, that
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So the BBC showed this map of India on 19 Jul 2020 as part of a report on flooding in Assam.
#JustSaying ImageImage
Of course they were called out for being .. well .. BBC!
So they changed the map. Yet the clever ones could not bring themselves to hiding their blinkered glasses.
They shaded the correct limits of Indian territory, yet they couldn't bring themselves to acknowledge it all! Image
On a similar note, here is another map of India in "The Mirror" of UK some years ago.
Very subtle indeed!
They corrected it later, though. Image
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China is out with a new endorsement for #BeijingBiden and China makes a new threat to America.
.@PeterNavarro45 tells @MariaBartiromo The only president that’s responsible for the #ChineseVirus is China’s president Xi.
.@PeterNavarro45 Explains what China is doing with our stock market and what needs to be fixed.
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Federalism is a two way street. If the Federalism mean that the States have some autonomy and freedom, they also have to take the fiscal responsibility for it.

Union cant bankroll the States.
This #ChineseVirus is a force majeure. The Union cannot compensate the States for the revenue deficit, that is caused by this black swan event.
Some are saying that after GST, the States have no powers to increase taxes.

Do you know that tax on agriculture income is exclusively on the States' List. WIll any state dare to impose tax on agriculture income?
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#QUAD to #KillCCP

World - china =
World Peace, Prosperity, Health
#QUAD to #KillCCP to Save Humanity

chinese Hitlerian regime monitors all its citizens for conformity using modern tech & tortures minorities like Uighurs, Christians, any protestors, who deviate.

An in-depth report:

3 Million Uighurs in Concentration Camp in china!!!

2 Million Tibetians already killed and their country occupied !!!

Is 6 Million the magic Number we are waiting for until chinese regime can be officially declared as the Evil??? #KillCCP

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@ysjagan @AndhraPradeshCM did not give permission to celebrate #GaneshChaturthi publicly. But the #ConversionMafia is roaming around villages & distributing pamphlets to #Hindus telling them to convert into Christianity #ChineseVirus affects only

Hindus and spreads only during Hindu Festivals? #Muslims were given an hour permission to go to #masjid during #lockdown. #Evangelists r permitted to propagate and convert, but in Hindu majority country permission for Hindu festivals is denied. This is #Sickulasim
#HaindavaSainyam chased them away. కరోనా టైం లో. రాజమండ్రి నుండి. కోరుకొండ మండలం లో బుచ్చంపేట గ్రామం కు, 10 మంది గొర్రెలు వచ్చి, హిందువులు వుండే ఏరియాలో మతప్రచారం చేస్తుంటే, మన హైందవసైన్యం సభ్యులు, వాళ్ళని ఆపి వాళ్ళకి తగిన బుద్ది చెప్పడం జరిగింది. అలాగే ఆ సంఘం యొక్క పాస్టర్ తొ
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They said once we got a vaccine everything will be OK and go back to normal. Now we have a change of plans because the @who Said finding a vaccine wasn’t the goal. They says re-ordering society is the goal.
Only link between the #ChinaVirus And global warming is China China.
Another huge lesson is that the @WHO Is corrupt but it seems like no one’s learning these lessons.
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Watching @andrewcuomo brag about his handling of the #ChineseVirus It’s like watching Jeffrey Epstein brag about his internship program.
#BigMike speaking from her $11 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard is still a victim of racism.
Michelle Obama says half the country won’t hear her message. I’m sure she’s talking about the racist voters that voted for her husband and now support @realDonaldTrump Because they like having a job.
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Help India out ? We don't need your help. You need ours. Let me show you why :

We were the only country that did not attend the BRI meeting in 2019. And of course we refused to be part of CPEC. Why ? Because it does not add any value to us or to anyone else

Your ability to complete these projects is under serious doubt. Making cheap shirts by millions is one thing, managing a complex multi year project involving many countries is quite another. Needs humility, wisdom, openness, character - attributes you haven't demonstrated

The cancer of communism and #Xitler has destroyed any civilisational strengths you might have had. In that scenario, why should we join these projects which are bound to fail ? Which communist regime has ever delivered on such ambitious projects - without collapsing ?

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Kerala Model: Cry of privacy breach as Kerala cops tap call records of #ChineseVirus patients…
In case usual suspects start rudali on Health ID. This is their favourite Kerala model
Even Kerala HC has no issues with police grabbing call records of #ChineseVirus patients. Of course, Italian/Commie/Jehadi ecosystem is silent…
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#COVID19KE , The #ChineseVirus : A curious Case (1/a)
(1) From Where the Virus come from ?
(a) Bat- Not confirmed
(b) Snake- Not Confirmed
(c) Pangolins- Not Confirmed
(d) Domestic Animals- Not Confirmed
(e) Wild Animals- Not Confirmed
#COVID19KE , The #ChineseVirus : A curious Case (1/b)
(2) is it a Zoonotic?
- Likely
(3) Is it an Anthroponosis
- Less likely
(4) Where it detected first?
- In Human Beings at Wuhan, China (Only Known & Confirmed aspect)
#COVID19KE , The #ChineseVirus : A curious Case (1/c)
(5) How the Virus spreads?
(a) Airborne - Not confirmed
(b) Waterborne- Not Confirmed
(c) Contagious - Likely
(6) What is the Mode of transmission?
(a) Sporadic-Likely
(b) Cluster-Likely
(c) Community-Likely
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Vaccine for this #ChineseVirus will be prepared sooner or later, but, no vaccine can be prepared for this #MissionaryVirus spread all across the world, specially in Nepal and in North India these days.
Different Jesus can be found region wise on the globe.
1. Ladies are there soft target
2. Dalits are easy fishes to catch (Don't believe in this- Dalit term, we all are Sanatani, this virus was introduced by the foreign invaders, need to be removed)
3. They have started coming out to do miracle on stage, but, were hidden since 22nd Mar'20 due to fear of this #ChineseVirus
4. Refer the Aryan Invasion theory which is nothing but a lie
5. Selling dreams showing them in mirrors.
6. Mind wash the poor and give them a Bible.
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My athai, dad's eldest sister passed away yesterday late night due to age related issues.A lovely lady who socialised the max .On an ordinary day, my large extended family would have come almost in total min(abt 80 -100 ppl).Barely 15 ppl(others on call)
Thanks to #ChineseVirus
#ChineseVirus is really troubling ordinary people in all ways across the globe.
The ones who are affected by it and not.
Felt sad to see old people feeling helpless today, couldn't even come & see one last time.
Thank you all for your concern and condolences. 🙏 Such trying times for all of us.
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