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1/n #Secularism

This thread explains the history and idea about it.

But before we dwell deeper, we must understand that Secularism is about "Religion" not "Dharma".

And, Dharma ≠ Religion (explained in quoted tweet)
2/n It was Mr George Jacob Holyoake who used term "Secularism" in 1851 through his magazine "Reasoner".

He writes in his book"English Secularism: A Confession of Belief", that it was all about "rejection of few Christian Scriptural beliefs".
3/n In the Reasoner Edition of July, 1871, he tells Secular knowledge is manifestly that kind of knowledge which is founded in this life which relates to the conduct of this life conduces to the welfare of this life and is capable of being tested by the experience of this life.
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A look at some of the principles of critical thinking:

(A thread with video links)

The Burden of Proof: Makers of supernatural claims have an inescapable burden of proof.


A look at some of the flawed thinking that prompts people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts to advise others who don't to be more open-minded.

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#India's obsession with Hindu #victimhood is not confined to Hindutva politicians who, one can assume, spread the canard of "Hindus under attack" for their own political agenda of power, control and coercion. This @Youtube video was posted on a family #WhatsApp group.

It shows a certain 'holy man', by his own description, a #Sanyasi telling his cheering audience a story to illustrate a) the harm caused by #secularism and b) how minority religions are favoured by the state.
It's a cock and bull tale, of course, but worth recounting to show the duplicity, the lies, the latent misogyny, the vacuous logic, the sheer vile propaganda of it all. Apparently, he is visited by a Maulvi and a Padre (!) who start arguing with him and then start beating him up!
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#Islam divides the world in 3 types and advises #Muslims to behave differently according to the type of land they are in (1)Dar-al-Harb (i.e. Land for War) (2)Dar-al-Sulh / Dar-al-Ahd (i.e. Land for Treaty) (3)Dar-al-Islam (i.e. Land of Islam). Lemme explain the details ..(1/11)
1st type is Daar-al-Harb (i.e. land for war): Those areas/countries where #NonMuslims R majority or where #NonMuslims R ruling. Here #Muslims are advised to silently increase our numbers by all means: over-populating (#PopulationJihad), Converting NonMuslims (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
, reducing NonMuslim population by rioting and massacre (#DelhiAntiHinduRiots, #BengaluruRiots, #SwedenRiots), Inviting Refugees from Dar-al-Islam (#Rohingya). So now you know why No Muslim country accepts Muslim refugees as it will have no benefit. ..(3/11)
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A big babu confirmed that the scores were rigged to produce an IAS topper from #Kashmir
Only to create an icon who'd inspire the India-haters to become patriots.
That icon AOT called #India the 'Rapistan'
It seems, such idiocy is now rolled out nationally.…
Extra marks to the #Muslims in the interviews isn't enough and also out in the open.
So, #Urdu was added as a subject for the written exams.
When even that didn't help, #Kashmiri in Urdu's script was added to the subjects.
Why not try campus hiring directly from the madrasas now?
Earlier our adversaries used #secularism to deny n deprive #Hindus
Then came '#Muslims have the first right on resources' theory
When #India woke up to these perversions and delivered an unambiguous mandate, it is the hyper patriots now robbing us blind on #UPSC and #scholarships
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Thoothukudi, Ganesapuram, local
Jamath broke the fence,demolished the temple hall & occupied temple space
Police & Tasildhar, both are supporting the M perpetrators & are allowing to take over the temple land!
The fruit for allowing these scoundrels to stay back!
Hear these locals !!
She says - temple hall had been demolished where prayers were conducted for years..
Police are siding with Jamath guys & refusing to help !!
This is Hindu majority country ?!
Do u believe ?
#Secularism #TuesdayThoughts
She said three M guys came and destroyed the place & trying to take over the land which they were using & praying for 50 + years ..
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Hindus must stop mindlessly parroting #allreligionsarethesame Are all animals the same? Aren't we taught how to identify and distinguish one animal from another from childhood, so we know which one to avoid and which one to pet? #secularismismindcontrol
Ability to recognize a threat is part of #cognitiveevolution We apply that logic in every aspect of life on all things surrounding us, except religion. Hindus don't deconstruct and rationalize religion, instead we feel its easier to internalize delusion. #allreligionsarethesame
Think about it. We do not apply the sameness logic on anything else because we have evolved to recognize differences and make our judgements on this basis. #Politicalcorrectness has enforced #mindcontrol by mainstreaming the idea of sameness, example #allreligionsarethesame
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Read this Thread 👇

A well faught legal battle for #RamMandir for 100s of yrs which Hindus won peacefully right up to Supreme Court

Look at d response

Was this the ‘Ganga Jamuni Tehjeeb’ & #Secularism?

Mufti Gulam Rasool calls for a ‘United Platform’

Saif says all Muslim organisations come forward

Zia Ul Hasan says we need help of ‘Others’ so let’s unite ‘Our’ parties

Inamull says, let’s put pressure on all Muslim Poiticians to leave Congress first

Now they are heading towards AIMIM & PFI

Masroor says, it’s practically impossible

Uwaish Ahmed says it’s difficult but possible if that happens then we will succeed?

Abdul Salam says Holy Quran has been saying for 1400 years?

Ahsaana says let’s leave our differences of all sectarianism & come together. For what?
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This is the kind of mindset required for each & every TN youth
200 families together financed & built a small Sri Ganesha temple in their area & has been praying for yrs
But a Missionery school next to the ground has earmarked some parts for expansion of their school
ground & want to demolish the temple citing it as reason
It seems the school is built & maintained by a German
This youth is telling "if he has an audacity to come & build a school + Chruch in India & demands razing down of my temple- as an Indian
Hindu,belonging to the majority
religion I have every right to
protect my temple & the land!
Will not allow this missionary to demolish this temple at any cost"
Hope he succeeds in retaining the temple facilitating the people to continue to pray
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For Islamist and liberandus

#secularism is allowing

Kashmiris to buy property in

india(barring exceptions in some states

which is same for all Indians)

But not allowing same to rest of india

In kashmir .

This drama was ended on

August 5,6 2019.

Jai Hind.
Same for domicile certificates

Kashmiri can become domicile in any state.

But same was not for rest of Indians in

Kashmir before removal of 370,35a.

Valmikis..gorkhas..west pak refugees

Now getting domicile certificates after

Removal of 370,35a

No one uttered a word.
Communist, liberandus are

Islamists apologists.

I believe in mutual respect and

Two way #secularism.

Not one sided .

Calling others #kafirs and then saying

Secularism is in danger in india

Is just poor taqiyaaaaaa.
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وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب جب #پرویز_مشرف کی کابینہ سے فارغ ہوئے تھے تو انہوں نے یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۶ نومبر ۲۰۰۱ کو دی نیوز میں ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں

#AikNisab ImageImageImageImage
وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب نے محترم عمران خان صاحب کی سیاسی اہلیت پر یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۵ مئ ۲۰۰۹ کو دی نیوز میں “عمران خان کی عجیب سیاست ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں #AikNisab کی بات کرنیوالے کا اپنے لیڈر کے بارے میں عدم اعتماد👇… Image
Aurangzeb was asked to expel the #Hindus & #Shias from his administration, he said that religion & politics were two separate things & they should not be mixed with each other. (Historian & Teacher Dr Mubarak Ali )
@KumbharHafeez ! URL :
—— #AikNisab
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In india liberandus call themselves #liberal , same liberandus opposed the removal of triple talaq or remained silent

All #feminist , Bollywoodias aunties was silent on ttt

#pappu joker who wants women empowerment, opposed the bill to remove instant triple talaq in parliament.
Every one knows what bloc vote mindset is.

Bloc vote wants shariat but does taqiyaaaaaa of #seculaism.

Gazab he .

Wait for #ucc bill art 44 of constitution implementation.

All fake ambedkar lovers will say shariat>>>>{{ constitution}}}}
Another taqiyaaaaaa.

Want shariat in civil matters not In criminal matters.

In criminal matters following common criminal code from day 1 .

Dhimmi hindu dont know this fact .

He is eating #halal products with his promote #secularism
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Just finished listening to @bdaiwi_historia's interesting conversation with @WQuisay of the #politicaltheology of contemporary Sunni #neotraditionalism
@bdaiwi_historia pressed @WQuisay to locate the source of the "traditionalism" in today's "neotraditionalists". IMO, it is neither #kalam nor #fiqh both of which produce deep "activism", so deep in fact, they have engendered conflict, as a historical matter in #MuslimHistory
I would locate their discourse in the #tazkiyatalnafs (self-purification) tradition of sharia-minded #Sufism. This kind of discourse is highly-compatible with a certain kind of #secularism that promotes the #privatization and #depoliticization of religion.
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Soon after the #USRIOTS, #Islamists in #India have given a call for similar riots in India. They are trending #MuslimLivesMatter. Shame they didn’t say that #LivesMatter, & not the religion.
In this thread, I would like to prove that #Islamophobia_In_India is a MYTH.
India was partitioned on the grounds of religion twice. First in 1905 and second in 1947. But the 1947 Partition is significant to the current scenario. All of us know the demographical condition of India at that time. It was a #Hindu majority and it still is.
Despite this fact, #India has always been a secular country. The basics behind this #Secularism is in the ethics of #Hinduism. NO religious text in #Hinduism promotes hatred on religious backgrounds.
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In #india bigoted #halalanomics is not questioned by pseudo #secular jokers.

#halalonomics is 100 % pure communal where muslim say I will eat only #halal product. Kaffirs cant do #halal slaughter. Only muslims can and by reading kalma and direction of animal towards kabbah (1)
This #halalanomics business is going on from a long time and no supreme court ,any ngo gang speaks .

@nntaleb has called this halal business as intolerance of minority .

Where majority is sleeping and dont realise what is happening.

Goi org like air india also seels only halal
Many private chains like KFC, McDonald's only sell halal chicken ,bcz majority dont cares .

This #halalanomics is now in veg products also.

To export in #gcc u need halal certification.

Now chips are halal and many things .

Where is equality.
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The Evil #Brahmin.

Why the Evil #Brahmin is #Abused in Indian #society ?

The Evil #Brahmin used to give #education for #free!

The #Evil Brahmin used2provide

#medicine & #medical
care4 #free,
only what
the #patient
AFTER being #Healed
was accepted as payment!
The Evil #Hindu #Brahmin used2not
differentiate in
upper or lower class
eg #SriKrisna & poor #Sudhama
#studying in the same #Gurukulam (#school)
or being good #friends!

The #EvilBrahmin did not use #sword 2convert ppl !

The Evil #Brahmin advocates #vegetarian lifestyle!
The Evil #Brahmin is projected as being Godly or spiritual but he is only the holder of scriptural #knowledge for #Hindus & thus him,
being #ungodly
is only a #scam 2justify attacking him
2justify a #Brahmin #Genocide even today by #commies!

The "Evil Brahmin" #genocide is
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ज्या भूमीत जन्म घेतला त्या भूमीला मातेचा दर्जा देऊन तिच्या समोर नतमस्तक होण्याची हजारो वर्षांची कृतज्ञ #हिंदू भावना, या देशात 'बाहेरून आलेल्या धर्माच्या' विचारसरणीच्या डोळ्यात खुपत असेल, तर त्या धर्मियांनी त्यांच्या धर्माच्या उगमस्थानी निघून जावे असे म्हणणे यांत गैर काय आहे ?
#Secularism केवळ सनातन धर्माच्या विचारांवर, शिकवणुकीवर प्रहार करण्यासाठी वापरले जाणारे अस्त्र आहे आणि स्वार्थासाठी त्याचा उपयोग आप्तस्वकीयच करत आहेत.

हजारो वर्षांपासून हिंदू समाज झोपलेलाच आहे.
एवढी परकीय आक्रमणे झालीत, स्वकीयांनीही लुटले तरी आम्हांला जाग येत नाही !

हिंदू अस्मितेच्या रक्षणार्थ किती वीरांनी या भूमीत बलिदान दिले आहे,त्यांच्या कहाण्या ऐकूनही जर आपल्या धमन्यांमधून तप्त रक्त संचारत नसेल,मुठी आवळत नसतील; सवयीनुसार 'मला काय त्याचे' हीच विचारसरणी असेल तर आपण लक्षात ठेवलं पाहिजे- Sleeping Nations either die or wake up as Slaves !
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Only an insecure citizen will vilify a period of history, as rich and complex as #Mughal rule.

This demonstrates a vacuum of confidence and an inherent inadequacy in their own ability, to accept or understand the dynamics that created modern #India.

A #thread on the #Mughals:
1. The #Mughals, as they are erroneously called, were descended from Temur (aka Tamberlane, Tamerlane), in a direct patrilineal line and from Chengiz Khan in a direct matrilineal line.

They identified themselves with their Timurid heritage.
2. Babur, like all Mughals felt a legitimate claim on Hindustan after its conquest in 1398-99, by Temür, which effectively ended the already tottering Tughlaq Sultanate, following the fall of Delhi.
Not until 1451 and the rise of the Lodis (under Bahlul Khan), did Delhi recover.
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Why only blaming,harrashing and killing muslims during COVID-19 Pendamic?

There are many events , gatherings , meetings etc happened between COVID-19 threat and lockdown. Find , meet and test all those people. Please see the following details clicking the links #StopMediaVirus
1. More than 15 lakh people came to India from abroad from all religions in 2 months between 18th Jan 2020 to 23rd March 2020. Find, meet and test all 15 lakh people. We know corona virus entered india through air travellers……
2. Nearly 1.2 lakh people including foriegners gathered at Namasthe Trump event Feb 24-25. Find, meet and test all 1.2 lakh people.…

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The Parliament, on realising the threats and challenges being posed to the pluralist characteristic of the nation on the basis of religious identity, included secularism as a basic feature in the Preamble to the Constitution, vide forty-second constitutional amendment: Kerala HC
The objects of education include character building of the people as well. In a multi-religious and multi cultural society, the students need an educational system that equips them to acknowledge and accept diversity in society: Kerala HC
Multi cultural education must reflect upon coexistence for mutual benefit and the nation's benefit.
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BJP's failure in winning 'intellectual' debate became most apparent in #CAA. Reason lies with party. I worked in this space 4 too long to kno how long term agendas are set. Why intellectualism is equated to #Left leaning among a section in #WestBangal & #India. 1/n
I have been consistent in saying that #CAA is a major correction to the historic neglect to human tragedies from sustained flight of #Hindu & other minority from #EastPakistan/#Bangladesh. It's unfinished job of #Partition. 2/n
#Secularism will be threatened only when #India wil institutionally discriminate between two sets of citizens, as it happened in #Pakistan & #Bangladesh not by virtue of giving citizenship 2 d discriminated/persecuted in this 2 countries born out of discriminatory principles. 3/n
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Hindus are busy in celebrating "Secular New Year", while in Bengal, peacefuls are attacking Hindus.


2/n #WestBengal #Secularism

#WesBengal #Secularism

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The separation of #Religion and #State is the foundation of #Secularism.

Lets Explore ... "SECULARISM".

Read & ask yourself whether #India is actually a 'Secular' state.

Secularism ensures religious groups don't interfere in affairs of state, and the state doesn't interfere in religious affairs. Separation of religious institutions from state institutions and a public sphere where religion may participate, but not dominate.

Secularism seeks to defend the absolute freedom of religious and other belief, and protect the right to manifest religious belief insofar as it does not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others.

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