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The most common deathbed regrets:

Thread! 🧵

#reading #nonfiction #books The covers of The Denial of Death, On the Shortness of Life
Regret 1: ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.’
Regret 2: ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.’
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Here is a thread about the problems with borders and border walls. I don't think I've ever done a thread before and I'm guessing no one will read this but whatever, here goes. 1/
A few months before the pandemic, a publisher assigned me a short book based on this New Yorker article, "Do walls change how we think?"… 2/
the answer is yes, they sure can. years of research has shown that border walls can lead to anxiety, paranoia, depression, despair, even higher rates of poverty. 3/
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Sitting in the cramped high school library I sat a table chicken scratching a script outline for a Western style video game.

Hampsterdance plays endlessly on loop as a bunch of freshman giggle uncontrollably at the classic meme.
The principle big bellies up to my desk and asks me to explain what I was doing.

I tell him, “I’ve got this cool idea for a video game. These rough sketches are storyboarding the major plot points… I think there’s room for deeper storytelling in video games.”
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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/The Almanack of Naval Ravikant]] by [[Author/Eric Jorgenson]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 27th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Wealth #Happiness #Accountability #Priorities
1/To be taken seriously in today’ world we will have to question everything, we have to think from first principles, test things well, and be good at not fooling yourself.
2/If you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person that loves you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem.
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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/Storyworthy]] by [[Author/Matthew Dicks]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 24th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Storytelling #PersonalHacks #Writing
1/#Storytelling helps you realise that the biggest, scariest, most painful or regretful things in your head get small and surmountable when you share them with others.
2/#Storytelling is a favour to yourself because you are taking a moment to write your name in the wet cement of life before you head to whatever is next.
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Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?In this series of interview with Shirley,we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues
If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…

Watch the full interview on #YouTube at
#domesticviolence #mentalillness #healing #childabuse #memoir #cult #ptsd #author
#sexualharassment #cultmembership #hopelessness.
We believe there’s a story, a purpose and a reason behind why every author chose to write and we aspire to present them to readers, while helping authors brand themselves and find their unique tribe of readers!
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1/ Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?
2/ In this series of interview with Shirley, we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues. If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…
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Los amigos de @talenthubinst (asociación jovenes empresarios de @FomentTreball), me pidieron recomendaciones para #SantJordi (que al final quedó para el año que viene), y que comparto: #LecturasDeVerano #nonfiction #ensayo
Y una última video reseña de las que hemos venido haciendo desde el @IEF_org con algunos de los mejores títulos #economía/#finanzas. En esta ocasión Los señores de las finanzas, de L Ahmed (@EdicionesDeusto): Premio Pulitzer y librazo (ideal verano).
(*) Me disculpo, culpa mía, de que las letras de los libros se vean al revés. ¿Alguién sabe como corregir este efecto sin tener que grabar delante de un espejo? :)
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#ShelterInPlace #NonFiction #BookRecommendations !

Sharing takeaways and recs from recent reading blocks.

Who would I recommend this to?
👑 Everyone
🏆 Any interest in topic
🎖️ You often read on this topic
🍅 Nah

Michelin, not Amazon, style ratings = any non-🍅 is a good book.
Keynes Hayek by @NWapshott
Topic: 🌍💰
Layperson's history of JM Keynes' inventing #macroeconomics, and opposition by ppl who fear inflation > unemployment.

#Stimulus packages are <100y old
• They seem like magic, but aren't
• Fiscal policy goes beyond red vs blue Image
The Snowball by @aliceschroeder
Topic 💰📈
Great bio, but #Buffett's life is so consistent most ppl won't need 700 pages of it.

• "Take a simple idea, and take it very seriously"
• Learned early he loves making money, never stopped
• Wife surely made him a better human Image
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Just finished @jillheinerth ‘s book Into the Planet. If you’re looking for a good #nonfiction book for the holidays, give it a read! Image
@jillheinerth dives (pun intended 😉) into exploration, fear & courage, & pursuing what you love.

She also voices experiences familiar to many #WomenInSTEM & other minorities in #STEM like imposter syndrome, feeling that lack of representation, & precarious #fieldwork scenarios
1 thing I really liked about @jillheinerth ‘s book was hearing the drive & compassion in her voice.

She nails the message that fear means you’re doing something new, & the thing to do is just to take the next best step forward.

Thanks to @ItsUnladylike for the recommendation!
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The #Reads for the Rest of Us list for Dec is coming soon @MsMagazine! I'm also working on the mother of all "most anticipated" reads (by women, #TGNC, #queer, #fat, #immigrant, #neurodivergent, international, and otherwise underrepresented writers) of 2020 list.
It's a big job! I have over 300 titles that I am sifting thru; so many look fantastic. #Fiction, #nonfiction, #poetry, and more. Some I've already #read, others not yet. I've heard from or reached out to over 65 #publishers and #publicists, they are working hard for you!
Do I know about your #newbook? Message me, email me, Tweet me, if you're not sure. My goal is to help raise visibility of historically marginalized #writers. I'm so lucky to get to learn about and read your amazing work along the way!
#womenwriters #readwomen #tbr #diversebooks
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Day 3 is Restless Souls by @danpjsheehan. I reviewed this striking novel for @ElectricLit, hence the well-worn proof copy. Thanks @IrishWritersCtr for the #goread challenge. 7 days, 7 books, no reviews (I cheated), just covers. I nominate @danpjsheehan.… ImageImage
Day 4 is an old issue of @TheDublinReview featuring @mrkocnnll, @petergeoghegan, @karlwhitney, @NickHoldstock, Rob Doyle, @jacob_rita and @adrian_duncan_. All great writers to follow. Thanks @IrishWritersCtr for the #goread challenge. 7 days. 7 covers. Image
Day 5 is Mind on Fire by @arnoldtfanning. A powerful work of #nonfiction just shortlisted for the @wellcomebkprize. Thanks to @IrishWritersCtr for the #GoRead challenge. 7 books, 7 days, no reviews, just (random photoshoots of) covers. I nominate @orlatinsley next. Image
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The €10,000 #MichelDeonPrize for #NonFiction will be awarded at a ceremony on Mon 3 Dec - which one of the 6 shortlisted authors will win this inaugural prize? @ChattoBooks @AllenLaneBooks @NewIslandBooks @OxUniPress @CorkUP @TrampPress
#1 Introducing the first of our shortlisted authors #RuthFitzmaurice for 'I found my tribe' @ChattoBooks a well written story of the extreme challenges of life. Could Ruth be the winner of the Royal Irish Academy's #MichelDeonPrize for non-fiction funded by @dfatirl
#2 Second shortlisted author is #RobertGerwarth - 'The Vanquished: Why the First Word War Failed to End' @AllenLaneBooks a well written, engaging book on a fascinating topic. Could Robert be in the running for the RIA's #MichelDeonPrize for non-fiction funded by @dfatirl
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A thread of things I’ve been reading and watching recently that you may enjoy reading and watching yourself!

If you’re interested in space 🚀 then @skyponderer has written this lovely book packed with almost everything you need to know to live in space! 🛰

It’s also full of cool images (if you’re a pic person) and plenty of ace facts to impress friends & fam ☄️

2/n Image
More into #sport or #engineering? ⚽️ Prof @stevehaake‘s new book tells the story of 4000 years of evolving sports tech - from golf ⛳️ to tennis 🎾 to bobsleigh ❄️.

Super interesting and written by a leader in the sports technology field (pun intended 😉)

3/n Image
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प्रणाम - रघु राम की नगरी अयोध्या से।

#travel #Ayodhya
Journey of #Ayodhya begins with Litti Chokha at Guptaar Ghat #travel #vegetarian #incredibleindia
Sri Ram Paduka at Guptargarhi or Chakrahari Tirth at #Ayodhya #travel #indology
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Strap in, #amquerying and #amwriting Twitter! Time for some primo, uncut #writingtips from an agent.

Something I've been thinking about this week wrt a particular type of #nonfiction book proposal:

The one structured around Examples Of A Phenomenon.

For these, first proposal draft submitted to me is usually structrd such that 1 chapter = 1 example.

Intro: This book seeks to answer the eternal question "what is a sandwich"
Ch 1: Hot dogs
Ch 2: Burritos
Ch 3: Falafel pita
Ch 4. Choco taco

This is a dumb example on purpose, but you see what I mean--it's basically a listicle. The chapters could be anything: Countries Doing Austerity, Stolen Artwork In Museums, 10 X That Changed Y

And the form can work, but it's trickier than it looks because...

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#THREAD #ThereIsNoCivilWar #Antifa 1/ "What is actually happening on November 4? A protest is being launched by the activist group Refuse -
2/ Fascism, which is intended to stir a non-violent mass movement to remove Trump from office, according to Perry Hoberman, a professor at -
3/the University of Southern California who is a member of the group’s steering committee. The idea is to mobilize people to hit the streets
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