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#thread online safety and what is basic #OSINT
#OSINT Techniques 

I don't personally endorse this because my style is different.
I have respect for the good #OSINT accounts I follow. 99% of the time they get the #BreakingNews long before you see it. I do too. I don't broadcast it if it's a dangerous situation.
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I've been doing this for six months now. SIX 😭

Tracking #OpEds of @IndianExpress, @htTweets and @the_hindu is painful and the results continue to be abysmal.

Of course everything #Covid is horrifying and demoralising, but certain things needn't be.

Those are the #OpEds. I'm convinced #Editors don't care about #representation.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122.

I haven't included #Sundays from the beginning of the study since they're reserved for the same old #columnists.

The quality of #writing overall could be better, but a part of me gets the constraints.
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Just finished this #book on the history of Bayes theorem and I highly recommend it.

In case you’re wondering what is it, keep reading.

(A thread on Bayes theorem)
1/ Statistics is all about calculating probabilities, and there are two camps who interpret probability differently.

Frequentists = frequency of events over multiple trials

Bayesians = subjective belief of outcome of events
2/ This philosophical divide informs what these two camps usually bother with.

Frequentists = probability of data, given a model (of how data could have been generated)

Bayesians = probability of model, given the data
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Few books related to trading / investment & the reviews

~ Trading in the zone
~ Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
~ SWAY The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior
~ The Art of Thinking Clearly
~ Market Wizards
~ The Investor's Quotient

#book #learning #investing #trading
Trading in the Zone

~ For anyone who is struggling to attain consistency in the market.

~ For overcoming many trading issues.

~ For addressing personal inclinations to seek short-cuts
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

~ This book follows the trading career of a life-long trader, providing insight into struggles you may have faced already, or have yet to encounter.
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So, wrote a #book:

#Managing (in) #Networks - Learning, Working and Leading Together.

What's in the book? #Thread
More info:

Here we go...
In the book I study:

What are networks?
What kind of networks are there?
What are the key elements of a vibrant network?
What kind of leadership is required?
What steps and tools will be beneficial?

Plus extras and a comprenesive framework for network appraisal.


I've studied networking and network management for the past 17 years, first as a PhD researcher, then as a post-doc, and now as a full time entrepreneur, trainer and developer.

These years have taught me the theory and practice of trusting cooperation.

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Notes from this classic #book on architecture that I read recently.

(A thread)
1/ This book is actually about design of anything and not just architecture.

More than a practical how-to manual, it’s really about the spirit and philosophy of good design.
2/ The central idea is that things - buildings, objects, interfaces - have a quality that’s hard to describe.

Terms like comfortable, whole, free, exact, eternal, egoless come close. The closest term to this quality without a name is “alive” but that still doesn’t capture it
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I'm exhausted, but then the study must go on. Here's month four of the state of #OpEds in @IndianExpress @htTweets & @the_hindu.

April has been rougher than March.

It's actually been really really awful. In general, and for #OpEds too.

Again, excluded Sundays since they're reserved for the usual columnists.

The quality of #writing has remained the same as the same writers have been writing here since time immemorial.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122. #BringInMoreWomen
Of the 130 in @IndianExpress, women got only 18 bylines. This includes four joint bylines.

Their 'The Editorial Page', gave top billing to women ONLY ONCE. Wow. Aruna Sundararajan wrote on the lockdown dilemma.
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#Book Thread - Corporate Rebels
Chipper Bro, one of Patagonia’s first employees. Patagonia is an American retail company founded in 1973 by fanatical mountaineer Yvon Chouinard.
The title of Yvon Chouinard’s autobiography speaks volumes: Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman.
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My notes and interpretation of the #book “Being Ecological” by @the_eco_thought

It’s a short book that I read back to back, twice. I highly recommend it.
1/ The first thing that struck me was the fact that we find photos of nature mesmerising and arresting.

But that’s only because we take the safety of civilisation (hospitals, food, phone service) for granted.

Imagine being thrown in nature naked. That’s terrifying.
2/ This suggests that “loving nature” is a bit vacuous and dishonest because it assumes that nature is that picturesque thing that can be observed and appreciated from a distance.

Nature, rather, is actually everything - including the hospitals, food, plastics and phones.
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THREAD: More from the #book of #Job.


QUESTION: Where is Jesus to be found in one of the darkest chapters in Scripture, namely Job 9?

For the previous instalment, see the link below.

Otherwise, scroll down for suggestions.


In chs. 9–10, Job responds to Bildad’s rather simplistic and callous theology.

Understandably, he doesn’t respond to it well.

In fact, in emotional terms, Job seems to be at his worst in chs. 9–10.

His accusations against God are at their most hostile and irreverent,
which is largely due to Bildad’s uncharitable claims. (A speech which slanders a man’s recently deceased children is unlikely to do him much good: 8.4.)
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THREAD: Job Chapter 8. Bildad’s response.

#TwitCom: Please join me in my walk through the #book of #Job.

TITLE: ‘If I understand all mysteries and have all knowledge…’

For the previous instalment (i.e., Job’s response to Eliphaz), see below:


In ch. 8, Bildad makes his first contribution to Job and his friends’ debate.

His speech consists of:

🔹 a criticism (8.2–4),

🔹 a challenge (8.5–7),

🔹 an appeal to authority (8.8–10),

🔹 a couple of illustrations of the wicked’s demise (8.11–19), and
🔹 a final challenge (8.20–22).
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#Thread 4
#AhmadShahDurrani wrote both prose & poetry mainly in Pashto, but also in Dari/Persian.
He regularly held Majlis-e ulama (“Assembly of the Learned/Scholars”) devoted to divinity, civil law & literature, even when on expeditions.
@DawoodAzami DA 1
@DawoodAzami Ishrat (who composed #AhmadShahDurrani’s Shahnamah in #Persian) says that the #Shah really likes the company of & discussions with the scholars/learned people.
He adds the #Shah doesn't have any other love "except the love of #book".
ندارد محبت بغیر از کتاب
@DawoodAzami DA 2
@DawoodAzami #AhmadShahDurrani regularly held Majlis-e ulama (Assembly of the Learned/Scholars) devoted to divinity & civil law & literature.
Raverty (1862) described the knowledge/education of the #Shah to be the equivalent of a "Doctor of Literature or Divinity” (p. 289). @DawoodAzami DA 3
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1/ The Phoenix Project #ebook is *free* today (Dec 19) on @amazon & other bookseller sites.

If there’s someone you think should read it, now’s your chance. Retweet + tag your friends, colleagues, bosses.


(A Thread) @RealGeneKim @kevinbehr @gspaff
2/ PS: The Phoenix Project ebook should be free for 24 hours across all ebook platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, etc…)

Keep reading for book & #DevOps history.
3/ Since 2013, The Phoenix Project has sold over 500,000 copies, and is constantly given by consultants as gifts to clients, by managers as training to employees, and by co-workers to peers as an example of a new way of working.

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1) Today marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the #VelvetRevolution. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, this moment triggered a chain of events that would indirectly affect me in a myriad of ways. This #story is a bit rambling, but please hear me out…
2) First, let’s back things up to 3/31/90 - the final day of the #NHL regular season. I listened to the @penguins v. @BuffaloSabres on @KDKA 1020, as usual. But this was no ordinary game.
3) The #Pens needed a tie or win to advance to the playoffs. Also, #MarioLemieux was back in action for the first time in months. The stakes were high. I was 14 years old. This game meant the world to me. .
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A tweetstorm on the book 'Bridgital Nation' by N Chandra

The book exudes positivism. Optimism, after all, is the fuel of audacious dreams. The book underlines India’s limitless potential for a spectacular digital India of tomorrow. (1/8)
Our potential is unmatched and our challenges are unique too.
It establishes 3 foundations of – vision, talent & tech – that need overhauling for digital India dream to be fulfilled. (2/8)
Vision - The book boldly advises breaking away from the western model overly dependent on automation aimed at replacing humans. Digitalisation & automation are scary if they are merely seen as replacing humans. (3/8)
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This is thread of few interesting free Kindle books on amazon spotted during long travel today. Kindle version available free currently on Amazon. #KindleUnlimited #books 1. Master Your Mind, Master Your Life: 15 Mindset Hacks
2.Bedtime Stories for Kids: Short Bedtime Stories For Children Ages 4-8 (Fun Bedtime Story Collection Book #KindleUnlimited #books
3.The Sherlock Holmes Collection
#KindleUnlimited #books
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Emperor Menelik and the Battle of Adwa
#Book The Battle of Adwa (Reflections on Ethiopia's Historic Victory Against European Colonialism)
The success at the battle of Adwa is a testimonial to the quality of leadership that existed at the time.
It is important to note that some individuals in Menelik’s leadership circle came from widely differing backgrounds. Among his close advisors and ministers were those from humble backgrounds as well as from outside of the Showan establishment.
To name a few, Ras Gobana Datche was an Oromo and one of the highest-ranking generals under Menelik; he was the governor of Wallaga region. When Menelik was absent from the capital, Gobana acted in his stead.
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The central message of this wonderful #book is that humans feel special and apart from animals when they’re also just another animal.

We preach morality and purpose but in reality we live, eat, fuck and die.
Because we’re aware of our mortality, we get attached to the idea of final salvation: moderns want it via infinite progress in science and tech, Christians want it via the second coming of Jesus and spiritualists want it by becoming one with the self.
The treadmill of progress exists only in our minds.

Nature moves on with or without us, and with or without humanity.

We’re special only in our own eyes.

We’re not the masters of the universe but universe is our master.
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Between 1960 and 1970 Penguin Books underwent several revolutions in cover layout, at a time when public tastes were rapidly changing. For today's #TuesdayThoughts I look back at 10 years that shook the Penguin.

This is the story of the art of the #book cover...
Allen Lane founded Penguin Books in 1935, aiming to bring high-quality paperbacks to the masses for the same price as a packet of cigarettes. Lane began by snapping up publishing rights for inexpensive mid-market novels and packaging them expertly for #booklovers.
From the start Penguins were consciously designed; Lane wanted to distinguish his paperbacks from pulp novels. Edward Young created the first cover grid, using three horizontal bands and the new-ish Gill Sans typeface for the text.
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Recently finished reading the excellent #book "The Soul of The Marionette" by John Gray.

It's is a short metaphorical essay on progress in human life.

(a thread with my notes on the book)
1/ First of all, what is a marionette?

It’s a puppet controlled by a human via strings from above. The reason it’s graceful in its movements is because it lacks self-awareness that it’s being controlled by someone else
2/ Humans, unlike a marionette, are self-aware and hence always remain doubtful.

The defining characteristic of humans is inner-conflict
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I recently finished The Enigma of Reason, written by @hugoreasoning and @dansperber. It's about how reasoning evolved in humans.

Here are my notes from the #book.
1/ Their main thesis is that reasoning evolved so that in low-trust social interactions between humans, co-operation could take place.

Social interactions are low trust because each party has an incentive to take the advantage of the unsuspecting one.
2/ So reasoning evolved in order to enable strangers to cooperate.

A person could produce reasons to satisfy his claim while the other could get convinced by it.

With reasons, you don't have to take people on face value. You can being trusting reasons, not them.
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Do you believe in 📈 progress? Here's why you're wrong.

(A thread)
1/ The world is more materially abundant than ever, we’ve eliminated several diseases, lifted millions out of poverty.

Yet, people aren’t reporting higher levels of meaning or happiness than before.
2/ Why is this happening? Rising income or material abundance does not automatically lead to a higher satisfaction.

And not just at a global level, but also at a personal level. Why?
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1/ Recently finished Menon’s translation of Bhagavad Gita, the holy #book of Hindus. There’s a lot to like about it, but it leaves a few issues unresolved.

Here are my notes on Gita.
2/ The story revolves around the warrior Arjuna who faces conflict during a war with his cousins.

He simply cannot bring himself to kill the people he grew up with. So he tells his charioteer, Krishna, that he’d rather die than go to war.
3/ This conflict is used as a backdrop by Krishna, who actually is an incarnation of God, to reveal the truth of the world to Arjuna.

The ideas and concepts in Gita are consistent with other Hindu philosophies and ideas
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#Pain is a #blessing in disguise!

Just look back at your life. When you were happy about something, did you ever wonder about the meaning of life? Did you look inwards to see who you are, what life is all about? Did you feel the need to deeply know about the ultimate Truth? No!
When things go smoothly you just blindly follow the same routine with barely any awareness or consciousness. There is nothing to jolt you into awareness from your routine so you continue without any awareness. But when #pain happens, it makes you look at life objectively.
It forces you to look deeper into life, to learn why you react the way you react and seek to uncover the real #mystery of life. #Pain is the key that can open the door to the world of #reality; the choice is yours to open the door or not.
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