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short thread on books I have read, starting with sometime late 2017...
1. The Asshole Survival Guide. @work_matters's sequel to his blockbuster bestseller, "The No Asshole Rule". A depressing read when you realize how toxic some workplaces can be.
2."Black Money and Tax Havens", by Prof @rvaidya2000 - a short, breezy window into the world of black money. Again, a somewhat depressing read when you realize how weak the intent and how inconsequential the efforts into rooting out black money have been.
#books #ReviewInATweet
3. "Aadhaar: A Biometric History of India's 12-digit Revolution", by @ShankkarAiyar
Perhaps the first comprehensive account of Aadhaar's birth & its midwives. Insightful a/c into how the world's largest & most intrusive, privacy-destroying scheme came to life.
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#Pain is a #blessing in disguise!

Just look back at your life. When you were happy about something, did you ever wonder about the meaning of life? Did you look inwards to see who you are, what life is all about? Did you feel the need to deeply know about the ultimate Truth? No!
When things go smoothly you just blindly follow the same routine with barely any awareness or consciousness. There is nothing to jolt you into awareness from your routine so you continue without any awareness. But when #pain happens, it makes you look at life objectively.
It forces you to look deeper into life, to learn why you react the way you react and seek to uncover the real #mystery of life. #Pain is the key that can open the door to the world of #reality; the choice is yours to open the door or not.
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Here comes #SantaClaus, Here comes #SantaClaus #naas @GardaTraffic @kfmradio @moattheatre @NaasBall
Our neighbours @DrossEvolution gave out this little #snowmen to kids in #Naas to be decorated. Aren’t they amazing? ⛄️
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You've raised a valid Point @lesoi_ndoka - #CONservationists force #LOCALS pay to see Kenyan #wildlife.. #Business as usual?? Yet, @DSWT raises vasts amount of money through FUNDING and have branches of @DSWT throughout the world.
@MwangP01 @JamesOhayo @gathara @alaminkimathi
Take a look at this page for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund: - "You can foster an elephant for a Minimum annual donation of US$50 (GBP£35)" or 4515.35. They have millions of donations across the world..…
Charging our children 500/- or any Kenyan to touch and see Wild Life in Funded sanctuaries is plain wrong - #CONservation is about care - but unfortunately the truth is that it's big MONEY and locals are locked out..
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If this is not an example of a quid pro quo, I do not know what is.
You DO NOT have to an explicit agreement or exchange of money for it to be an ethical breach.
In many cases, even the appearance of impropriety is enough.
Disappointing, to say the least.
"a corruption practiced by decent people, people we should respect, people working extremely hard to do what they believe is right, yet decent people working with a system that has evolved the most elaborate and costly bending of democratic government in our history." #book
"This corruption has two elements, each of which feeds the other.
The first element is bad governance, which means simply that our government doesn’t track the expressed will of the people, whether on the Left or on the Right. Instead, the government tracks a different interest"
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To all book lovers, WATCH THIS SPACE! This thread can help you to get fabulously started on BOOKSTAGRAM. ✨✨✨ #bookstagram
I am so excited to share this with all of you. I've prepared some tips for you to read. So let's get this party started!! So what is Bookstagram?

Bookstagram = Instagram for books. Duhhh..
Most people with Instagram accounts like to post pictures of their food, their selfies, their children, engagement day, wedding day.. BASICALLY THEIR LIFE. When it comes to bookstagram, we bookworms are also posting about our lives. It just happens to be 100% books. Right? 😄
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1/ I finished @nntaleb's new #book Skin in the game, and here are my learnings, insights and notes.

Warning: this thread is going to be huge.
2/ Human systems are systems within systems, interacting in complex ways. No article / paper / logic can capture all interactions of such systems and their evolution over a non-trivial amount of time.

So fear one shot, large scale interventions (such as invasions, UBI, CRISPR)
3/ People with fuck you money should call out famous or powerful people when they are wrong
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(1/n) This thread is a #summary of the #book "Write it down and make it happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser

#habits #productivity #motivation #neuroplasticity
(2/n) A lot of people only have vague ideas about what they really want. They desire more money, a better job, someone to love or the chance to travel somewhere exotic.
You may have similar desires of your own. But if you want to make them a reality, you need to be precise.
3/n So rather than saying “I want money,” say, “I want exactly enough money to open a restaurant.” And when it comes to love, figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s someone who is funny, kind and doesn’t mind that you don’t want to have kids.
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