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Roughly 59% of the the mass has shifted to work from home than going to office.

Here are some tips on how you can stay productive working from home.


#productivity #workfromhome
🌍 WFH (Work From Home) eventually means working from coffee shops, parking lots, your car while driving, and basically anywhere you can connect to the internet or converse on your phone.
🐈 Working from home includes all the chaos of your home (pets, family members, children, and kitchen noises).

Self-Discipline, concentration and work ethic are needed to successfully navigate this process.
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Different people have different hobbies.

But I feel everybody should have a hobby under different buckets such as creativity, money making etc. that can help you grow while doing what you love.

Read more below 🧵👇

#productivity #growth
1. Hobby to keep you creative

Having a creative activity is essential for increasing brain function, focus, and emotional expression.

Writing, painting, doodling, journaling, stitching, crochet, DIY crafts etc are good hobbies to keep one creative.
2. Hobby to make you money

If you have turned your passion to profession, then it’s a different case but if not, try having a hobby that helps you make some extra money.

Examples for hobbies that can help you earn money are writing, singing, painting, coaching etc.
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Does music affect your productivity?

Learn more below.


#productivity #growth #music
🚀 Music between tasks may increase productivity.

Although listening to music while working may have negative consequences, listening to music in between tasks might improve your mental performance and capacity to concentrate for lengthy periods of time.
🎗️ Music familiarity is best for focus

When we listen to familiar music rather than unknown music, certain parts of our brain that elicit powerful emotions and boost focus become more active.
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I recently read "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" by our beloved Robin Sharma. Needless to say, it's a very well written book with lots of values.

Here are 5 life lessons from the above-mentioned book.


#productivity #growth #books #reading

In search of wisdom and happiness, the Protagonist, a seven-figure-earning lawyer, surrenders his possessions and traveled to the Himalayan foothills to study the wisdom of the Sages.

It is a story about materialistic success transforming into true prosperity.
1. Positive Thoughts

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. Mastering your mind means seeing setbacks as opportunities.
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Do you think your challenges will end once you travel abroad?

You lie!

The journey never ends.

Here's what I have found:

(read more)
It's interesting how many young professionals think all they need is to travel abroad and all their challenges will be resolved.

@SummerOkibe @Oludeewon
I am sorry to inform you that it will most likely be the beginning of your challenges.

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Companies are paying inflation busting #dividends at cost to the rest of the #economy, including their #employees
#ToryEconomics #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #Inflation…
/2 Richard Murphy: "We are continually being told by Tory politicians and the #bankofengland that #businesses must not give #employees #payrises that might match #inflation because this would create an inflationary spiral. But what about dividends?
/3 Aren’t they the real cause of the problem? A thread…
We researched 182 companies that had continuously been in the FTSE 100 from 2009 to 2019 to provide data for the research. Some of these are amongst the biggest companies you’ve heard of. Others are somewhat smaller.
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7 Best #YouTube channels for #personal_improvement, #learning, & #Productivity🌠🌟✨

*With links*🔗


All about intentional living, self-companionate productivity, intentional living, #self_discovery and #self_love.

This is my all-time favorite YouTube channel! I’ve been a subscriber for 4 years🤩.
🎥Favorite video types:

1. Anything about self-love.

2. Life Admin days.

3. Anything about processing #feelings and #journaling.

- @muchelleb
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5 Books you should definitely read for self-development 📖

A thread 🧵👇
1. Ikigai by Héctor García & Francesc Miralles Image
2. Deep Work by Cal Newport Image
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Genealogy + Organization geek alert!

If you are seeking ways to get even more organized with your genealogy, you may enjoy this video. 👇 #productivity #genealogy #organization #genealogyorganization #NotionApp
My friend Julie (@geneaJulie) and I chatted about Notion (@NotionHQ) & I shared how I use it to keep my life + my genealogy projects organized.

Check it out for it may give you ideas for how you can use Notion too!…
And, if you like the video, follow both @geneaJulie and to keep an eye out for future tweets related to Notion & genealogy!
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"The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande (@Atul_Gawande) makes a powerful case for developing and using checklists to avoid common mistakes.

Here are some of my takeaways:
@Atul_Gawande 📝 In the modern world we have incredible knowledge—so much that it is unmanageable. No one person can carry out the complexity of our work from memory alone. But it's possible if the necessary knowledge is translated into a simple, usable, systematic form: a checklist.
@Atul_Gawande 📝 Failure can occur because of ignorance (unknown unknowns) or ineptitude (unknown knowns). Ineptitude is when we have the knowledge but don't apply it—when skyscrapers are built wrong and fall down, for instance. Checklists can help us fix ineptitude.
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Here are 5 tips that can help you increase your productivity and focus more as a developer. 🧵👇 #developer #tips #focus #productivity
1️⃣. For many developers, the key to increased productivity and focus is to establish and maintain a regular routine. This can be difficult to do, especially if you work from home or have a flexible schedule.
2️⃣. Another helpful tip is to break down your work into smaller, more manageable tasks. Trying to tackle a large project all at once can be overwhelming and lead to lost focus.
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1) True learning is not about reading a lot of books, checking out many Tweetorials or listening to a lot of podcasts.

If that was so, everybody would have been 'successful' and not creating content about 'success'.
2) True learning is based on something I called the retention percentage --> the percentage of your knowledge that you can actually use in your day to day life.
3) I have applied this retention ratio to medicine since the day I started --> 10 years back in 2022.

Whatever you learn, until and unless you are comfortable with it --> that you can use it in day to day clinical practice --> you have not really learnt it.
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At @Portable, I’m one of our resident tools nerds and #productivity geeks. As someone with #ADHD (inattentive type), this is a crucial thing to be. I thought I’d share a recent path of discovery I’ve been on, including the tools I’m using and the calibration I’ve been working on.
It’s worth starting with context. I’m a manager in an agency. My time needs to be tracked. I have a lot of tasks flying at me. Prioritisation the most important things and making time for them are critical. And it needs to be easy to do, and relatively automated where possible.
It starts with my use of @reclaimai. It’s a clever, automated scheduling tool that weighs up relative priority, urgency and duration of my tasks and my regular habits and slots them around the meetings and set events in my calendar. I started out using it very granularly.
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Do you want to get more work done in less time?

And do you want to focus on more IMPORTANT work?

Here are three methods *I* use for that ⬇️

(You can apply them anywhere—but #ToolsforThought like @RoamResearch, @obsdmd, @amplenote, @logseq, etc., are where I like to work.)
Method 1: Clusters and Rhythm reduce Transitions

Transitions are where #Productivity goes to die. We get distracted, we follow tangents.

(1) Cluster related tasks

- Tasks that are related by location, project, co-worker, etc., are easier to tick off one right after the other
(2) Standardize work startups & shutdowns

- When every piece of work has a predictable starting and ending routine, your work finds its Rhythm. The routines shouldn’t be long or complicated, just consistent and reliable.

Once you’ve got your Rhythm going, transitions fade away
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Hard to find creative time?

Here's a #app that helps me reduce mental clutter and find hours each week. Wife and I use @basecamp to organize our daily lives.

Using it can change your life:
@basecamp Grocery list in To Dos:

- Build your To Do list and share it.
- When you run out of an item just open basecamp and add it
- Browse completed to do's to make restocking fast
- Add meals you love w/ ingredients. Make shopping even faster

Your grocery list is always ready
@basecamp Use the Message Board to think together about big decisions

- Don't try to remember an idea, type it out
- Improve thinking and express yourself well
- Like a structured email thread, you can review how the conversation progressed
- Remember HOW and WHY you reached a conclusion
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5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity And Get To Deep Work In 30 Minutes or Less.

1. Make your work blocks longer.

You've probably heard about the pomodoro technique, and it's excellent.

But it's better to make the work blocks longer, why?
To have a bigger chance of reaching flow.
I prefer 45 minutes of work and a 10 minutes break.
2. Keep a water bottle beside you.

Without good hydration, you can't focus.

And what if you get thirsty while working?
You'd have to leave your work to drink water...
So just keep a bottle beside you!
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14 Advantages And Disadvantages of #VoIP… via @realproscons
It is easy to understand what the advantage of #VoIP is in practice. The advantages of VoIP telephony are much more significant than the disadvantages. The main thing is to accurately assess the needs of your #enterprise and turn to #professionals.
From a strategic point of view, a user can use #VoIP telephony on a single technical platform due to the many advantages. It will combine solutions to improve #productivity and business development.
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"You have the feeling, when you ride, that this animal understands you and you understand this animal. You also have this feeling of mastering this big animal — it makes you feel powerful.” -- Ludovic Orlando @LudovicLorlando…
Genetic roots of three mitochondrial diseases identified via new approach…
#MitochondrialProteins, #CRISPRCas9, #GeneEditing, #MitochondrialFunction
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So I've been hearing some good things about @nextjs for some time, and seeing only enhanced it. Also I'm bored, and (arguably?) have some free time, so I'm going to try to remake my blog (with 1 whole post) in next.js just for fun. Let's #Frontend!
To give some context, my only exposure to frontend development is from developing a couple #AndroidDev apps 3 years ago, and I have no experience with JS and hardly any familiarity with HTML/CSS (except making my @firefox look sexier with custom CSS) #BackendDevFrontends
HMB while I spend the next 4 hours setting up and customizing the Ultimate Development Environment™️ for Next.js for 10X productivity™️ #Developer #productivity
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A list of productivity tools that I use every single day without fail and really like. A lot of these cost money but I genuinely think these are some of my better software investments. I'm very bad at organisation so without these tools I would be lost

#Software #Productivity
Note: I am a full time academic, so my job involves reading new research, developing ideas for research, running experiments, teaching students etc. I also need something that supports my hobbies (video making + bug bounty, which requires project management+note taking)
Plan ( - Is it buggy, yes. But imo this is the best organisation app I've ever used. It combines a planner with multiple todo lists with project management. You can then drag individual items from your todo list and put them on your calendar.
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I tried 37 #productivity "hacks" so you don't have to.

Here are the top 5 that help me run my 8 figure ecom biz (#4 is my personal fav)

Before I give you the good stuff, understand that hacks are just 1% improvements.

The secret to real productivity is the boring stuff:

Solid diet.

Blah blah blah who cares let's get to the fun stuff though
Hack #1 - Standing desk

I use the uplift desk and probably spend 30-50% of my time working standing up.

Sitting all day just makes me feel so damn lazy so said fuck it and got me one
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Science says that the most successful people on earth follow some of the below mentioned things if not for all.

You could implement some of the things below to make you successful as well.

// Building a routine

Having no routine or structure is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally than any routine could ever be.
Once you build a routine :

- You impose a certain structure which builds progressive habits and creates momentum that will carry you on the days even when you don't have the strength to.

- Your resilience on motivation and willpower will be reduced.
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Do you feel that despite the huge amount of work that you put, you still are losing a lot of time and don't feel productive ?

Here's a morning route that which if followed can guarantee to save atleast 15 hours per week.

Thread below.🧵👇
// Meaningful productivity

Your best thinking  will actually happen while you’re away from your work, “recovering.” By taking your mind off work and actually recovering, you’ll get creative breakthroughs related to your work.
// The first 3 hours of your day

The first 3 hours of your day are the most precious ones where you'll have the potential to be highly productive.

Your brain is most attuned to the first thing in morning alongside high energy levels.
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Higher #import duties to tackle the #BOP problem is the wrong advice. It won't deliver on the intended objective. Why? 🧵👇…
1\ The #CAD is the result of a Saving/Investment imbalance. The sustainable solution to the #CAD entails policies that increase #saving.
2\ #Import duties might be a patch that in the short run curbs imports, but they will curb #exports too. Why? B/C they increase the profitability to sell at home, so firms shift from export to domestic markets. Import duties are implicit #export taxes. They won't reduce the CAD. Image
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