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A THREAD #PValley SEASON FINALE: Tonight’s episode “Mississippi Rule” was written and directed by yuh guh @katorihall, cinematography by Rodney Taylor ASC. Endings and beginnings abound in Chucalissa. In this last breakdown, I’ll kiki about both writing and directing. Enjoy!
Murda’s new track underscores the finale opener, a surreal slo-mo moment more at home in music video land than in drama. Embedded in LaKieshaAutumnHaileyNightColtonSavage’s POV, we see her enjoying the drama she’s caused between Andre and his wife Britney.
🎬 CHAIR - I love giving actors freedom and Parker Sawyers + Ashani Roberts fueled the beginning of this tense moment with the appropriate amount of rage through improv.
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Ikuti saran desain #logo kami, apakah Anda seorang pemula atau hanya perlu penyegaran, untuk mengembangkan logo #design yang benar-benar hebat #PValley.

Logo sangat penting kata Mereka mungkin menantang untuk dikembangkan #UFCVegas59.
Tetapi mereka sangat penting untuk perusahaan mana pun dan fondasi merek perusahaan atau bahkan pribadi yang kuat. Jelaskan siapa Anda, apa yang Anda lakukan, mengapa Anda melakukannya, dan bagaimana Anda melakukannya di logo Anda.
Anda akan meletakkannya di postingan media sosial, tayangan slide, barang promosi, kartu nama, dan banyak lagi. Satu gambar kecil tidak mungkin membawa semua beban berat itu, benar?
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A huge brick drops from a nearby building and strikes your friend #ESSENCEFest in the head. He had bad luck, but you were fortunate to avoid being hit because of it #PValley. Or he didn't get hit, but you did. Luck is not preplanned.
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A THREAD: #PVALLEY “ACCENTS” - The “slanguage” of the show continues to irk many of the #PynkPosse esp from Da Sip calling it “too country” or “slave talk.” I think we should kiki as I know fa’ sho’ we don’t speak like slaves👇🏿, but the descendants of them
ACCENT is the pronunciation of words. For example, Southerners often sound like they are sayin PIN when they are saying PEN. Memphis —> Mimphis. It can include cadence as well.
DIALECT is not only pronunciation, but also grammar construction, vocab and lingo. In #PValley “I’m about to go to the store.” Can come out as “I’m finna go to the sto’.” “He’s sick.” becomes “He down bad.”
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In #PValley John Clarence Stewart @stewart_iii stunningly portrays the despair so many of us have felt in regards to the worth of black lives in today’s America. @pvalleywriters found it necessary to have Big Teak articulate this rage and frustration of a people.
After this purge of emotion, Lil’ Murda reaches out towards his former lover Big Teak as the world seemingly burns down around them. By design, the love scene between Lil’ Murda and Big Teak centers on INTIMACY rather than SEX. #PValley
From the moment of consent, care, to consummation it was important to visually articulate a deep tenderness that can be rare in sex scenes of black folx but esp. between 2 “masculine” presenting men. #PValley
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Gidget driving a group of black folx in a golden hearse is heavy with symbolism. Whiteness has been taking black bodies to an early grave ever since we stepped on American soil in 1619. @pvalleywriters initially had Teak as the driver, but felt this choice spoke volumes #PValley
Gidget playing “Killer” in the midst of another police killing of a black man drives home the horror. Not too long ago a black man could be lynched for just looking at a white woman, but in our alt reality of 2020 Gidget’s winking at Lil’ Murda in jest is an unsettling…
…commentary on how dangerous looks between black men and white women have been. This week’s unserved arrest warrant being found in MS for Carolyn Bryant whose lies sent 14 yr old Emmett Till to an early grave is a reminder the power white women have had over black men’s bodies.
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A THREAD: #HOODOO - One of the most shocking moments in #PValley has been the realization that Diamond is a rootworker. His removal of trauma from Mercedes’ right shoulder in 202 “7lbs of pressure” has caused quite the stir — but there have been signs from jump.
In 103 Diamond grandaddy’s old-school remedy of crushed pepper and alcohol to take out muscle soreness is straight from Zora Neale Hurston’s seminal work Mules and Men. #PValley #hoodoo
Diamond’s carnelian necklace was made from the stone of a friend who died in Iraq. A bomb killed his friend, he survived. A PTSD victim, he wore this lucky charm until he gave it to Keyshawn for strength. #Hoodoo 101 - the objects of the dead are EXTREMELY powerful… #PValley
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Let’s dig into Episode 202 of @PValleySTARZ! ‘Seven Pounds of Pressure,’ is written by @KatoriHall and directed by Barbara Brown. #pvalley
Thank you to @DJCHOSE & @kayykilofor this P-VALLEY Remix of Thick! Y’all hear some soon-to-be-familiar names in the lyrics? #pvalley…
These auditions were WILD! We had the best time finding all of these amazing dancers from across the country and bringing them down to Georgia to film! #pvalley
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Alright y'all. We're finally ready to break down Episode 201 of @PValleySTARZ. Written by @KatoriHall and directed by Barbara Brown. #pvalley
201 takes us back to Chucalissa five months after the chaotic events of Murda Night and into a battle with Miss Rona. It was important to start from the POV of Julian (yes, that's Rolando Boyce from #TheChi), a regular-degular customer struggling through the pandemy. #pvalley
Did y'all catch this cameo from @KatoriHall's alter-ego, Lil' Bad Cuzzin? #pvalley
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