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🧶 Ce qu’a réalisé @MarvelStudios avec #WakandaForever sur le plan de la désinformation géopolitique est inédit. L’idéologie woke d’une giga-entreprise vient de frapper la réputation mondiale de la France en la représentant en train de coloniser le Mali.
Wakanda Forever a déjà réuni plus de 3 millions de spectateurs en France. Pb : c'est un film révisionniste, une fake-news MONUMENTALE. Sous couvert de fiction il fait directement écho à la guerre du Mali, dont il livre une interprétation ahurissante.
La 🇫🇷 y est représentée comme une puissance néocoloniale qui fait intervenir ses mercenaires au #Mali sur un motif fallacieux afin de pouvoir y piller un métal fictif rare, le vibranium. Comme si l'armée française était assimilable à #Wagner.
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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Talokan Concept Art Thread
#namor #attuma #namora #wakandaforever
#talokan #talokanil #art
Character design explorations for #WakandaForever
I was hugely inspired by my trip to Mexico and tried to do a kind of alternate reality version of ancient designs as if they developed by branching out hundreds of years ago. - Adi Granov

Art by Adi Granov
Sirens explorations for Black Panther - #WakandaForever

Talokan Sirens concept art by Karl Lindberg (1/2)
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Something I've been thinking about since watching #WakandaForever is how much of the film, whether intentionally or not, mirrors one of the greatest war epics ever written: Homer's Iliad.
Both stories feature a clash of two rival civilizations. And, more importantly, while featuring a large cast of main characters, both stories focus on a protagonist who has to grapple with the loss of everything they hold dear in life.
Achilles in the Iliad grapples with a prophecy that dooms him to die young. And he also faces a leader that publicly dishonors him (a big deal in Greek culture) along with the loss of his closest friend.
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Since my basic breakdown got popular (thank you all so much!), here’s a new thread to enjoy. The #Mesoamerica Influences in Costumes of #wakandaforever so spoliers ahead!! Fashion, my favorite 🤩🧵1/13 Image
Starting with #Shuri’s fit! Namora’s not wrong when she says someone of Shuri’s status wears highly decorated jade ornaments. Right pic of K’abal, Maya “warrior” queen of Wak, wearing lots of jade (that I highlighted) 🧵2/13 ImageImage
Layers of clothing & various color was also a sign of high status. So #Namora gets to really show it off! Her formal regalia reminds me of a cape from a Jaina Island (Campeche) figure & I even spotted her wearing a net top like one of my friend’s studies 🧵3/13 #wakandaforever ImageImageImage
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Watched @theblackpanther tonight. And you know what? This movie is about our #RussianUkrainianWar. And #UkraineIsWakanda. And here is why.

Danger: 🧵 :)

🎨: Olivia Odiwe
#Wakanda = #Ukraine.
We appeared to be stronger and more developed than the whole world expected.
And yes, we also fight pretty well.
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It is time! That’s right. Time to break down the #Mesoamerica Influences, not explained in detail at least, in #WakandaForever  so Spoilers in the THREAD and links to more info if I could fit it. Let’s Dive In, pun intended. 🧵… (1/17) Image
Firstly, gotta talk about the Talokanil themes. You hear Maya whistles and drums when we first meet the warriors! And that screech in Namor’s theme. It’s a jaguar whistle. It sounds like… well… a Jaguar! #wakandaforever 🧵 (2/17)
Another instrument was the Conchshell like the one in the film. It could also have been used just to summon a crowd. I go into a but more details about this particular conch in the film 🧵 (3/17)
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I haven’t watched #AncientApocolypse, but have read enough to be disappointed with @netflix giving a platform for the delusions of one man rather than the teams who have studied #Cholula for decades, led recently by Mexican women. Here’s some of their excellent work. 1/6 Image
Cholula’s great pyramid is very securely dated to the first millennium CE, generally contemporaneous with those of #Teotihuacan. Here, Uruñela and Plunket (2020) present it’s early construction phases in relation to Teo’s Moon Pyramid. 2/6 Image
The first monumental structure, known as Edificio de Los Chapulines, had a very different layout from Teotihuacan’s however, presenting an acropolis like form, expertly recreated here by @amparischen 3/6 Image
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Y’all look how Lupita trained for #WakandaForever
Her shape so damn BAD!! And she’s ALL NATURAL. 🥹🖤
For the weirdos saying I’m shaming women that have surgery done well I’m not. Those surgeries are literally life threatening and dangerous. You gotta be careful with those.
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Reflections on grief & #WakandaForever (spoiler free):

When someone you love deeply passes, it feels that it’s the end of the story or, at least, should be. We can’t picture life w/o that person; so when they’re gone, what is life? How is this supposed to work w/o them?
It all seems wrong. The story is supposed to end here. I’m not supposed to see beyond the pages of the last chapter.

One of the hardest things in mourning is how the world keeps turning. The nerve of the sun to shine when the world ends.
People shopping, laughing, eating, living life w/ no regard to the nuclear holocaust we’re walking through.

A seven-gun solute is insufficient.

Here’s what the movie got exceptionally correct regarding ⚫️ trauma: the feeling that we’re not allowed to mourn.
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🧵 Notre avis spoiler-free sur le nouveau film #BlackPanther

Vibrant, déchirant et spectaculaire : Wakanda Forever est largement à la hauteur de nos attentes 🔥

Déroulez, on vous explique pourquoi ⬇️ Poster ScreenX de Black Pan...
Après des chapitres plus fantastiques et comiques, Marvel propose avec #BlackPantherWakandaForever un récit grave qui sait faire vivre et évoluer ses protagonistes & antagonistes, et marque un tournant géopolitique pour la Terre-616.
Ouvertement politisé, Wakanda Forever fait référence à la fois à la colonisation espagnole (partie intégrante de l’origine tragique de Namor & de la Cité de Talokan) et à la révolution haïtienne.
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A few thoughts on #WakandaForever. This will include spoilers and some rambling thoughts so be prepared.

So let's get into it.
Part of the reason I went to see it was to get my mind off sports. I mean, I was always going to see it but I figured this was the best time. I wanted to avoid the rush of the premiere and see it late night preferably at an IMAX.

Mission accomplished.

First of all, I'mma comic book nerd. And what that means is I've seen comic book movies evolve from white men in leotards floating around on wires to real live movies with substantial budgets, diverse casting and developed characters.

Bast be praised.
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Doctor Doom: They tried to charge Doom 3.99 a pound for grapes!

Namor: You burned the store down, right?
Dr. Doom: Of course! *notices news* Wait, YOU FLOODED WAKANDA?

Namor: Heh, let's just say they goin have the change the salute from #WakandaForever to Wakanda sometimes. ImageImage
Doctor Doom: Don't get Doom wrong. Doom respects "doing some shit and being like what the fuck" on a Sunday but why?

Namor: My villain, I'm me. Fuck a reason. I walk around in a speedo just cause I don't give a shit.

Doom: Doom is leaving the call. The block is way too hot. ImageImage
Namor: *answers conch phone* Hello?

T'Challa: You fish fry feathered bitch...

Namor: T'Challaaaaaa. You're not mad about the flooding are you? I thought you'd appreciate getting wet since you're no longer on speaking terms with Storm. ImageImage
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Le film #WakandaForever contient plusieurs références à Haïti, qui marquent une rare apparition de la mémoire de la révolution haïtienne dans une œuvre commerciale grand public.
Petit décryptage en un thread (sans spoiler) 1/11
Une séquence du film se déroule à Cap-Haïtien. Aujourd’hui la 2ème ville de Haïti, Cap Haïtien a été fondée en 1670 par les Français.
Sous le nom de Cap-Français, elle a été la capitale de la colonie de Saint-Domingue au 18ème siècle. 2/11
Cap-Français fut la porte d’entrée des centaines de milliers de captifs qui furent déportés d’Afrique pour être réduits en esclavage à Saint-Domingue, mais aussi des idées nouvelles de la Révolution qui ébranlèrent la colonie à partir de 1789. 3/11
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Yo viendo #WakandaForever
Ayer vimos la película. Lo mejor definitivamente es Namor y todo alrededor. La neta sí pensaba que iba a salir mal, pero nop. Me encantó como lo manejaron. Su escena inicial es una chulada. El uso de la lengua maya me súper respetuoso. De hecho creo que es la película del mcu que
mejor retrata un mundo diverso a partir de las lenguas: hay maya yucateco, xhosa, francés, español, inglés, y no sé si creolé. Y también que dentro de las limitaciones propias de una franquicia así en una megacorporación como Disney y todo, se dijera explícitamente que las
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Can’t stop thinking about #Namor. A phenomenal debut for the character, & a thunderous performance from Tenoch Huerta Mejía. The humanity, the pain, the presence. A mythic hero AND a classic tragedy, delivering every shade of complexity. Thank you, @TenochHuerta. #WakandaForever
And Tenoch had to be everything that #Namor is all while conveying SO much world-building. It was a huge goal, and he & Ryan Coogler delivered in every way. The entirety of the history, plight, spirit, & love of this newly introduced people all rests on THIS character working.
And just consider how Coogler has now given us TWO locations on screen, with TWO cultures & TWO peoples, that feel so immensely real & fleshed out. To do it once with Wakanda was already masterful, but to do it again in a sequel? It’s wild. Talokan feels so rich. #WakandaForever
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Yeah, #WakandaForever is incredible. Still formulating my thoughts some more, but it’s absolutely one of Marvel’s best. It really is a beautiful, compelling, & worthy sequel to #BlackPanther. The explorations of grief, legacy, generational trauma, & cycles of pain are stunning.
It honestly would have been a MIRACLE to get even a “good” movie given the heartbreaking real life circumstances, but they managed to make an amazing movie. The way they handled the themes of loss are SO elegantly done. It’s so moving. #BlackPanther #WakandaForever
This being a script created by devastating necessity is just UNREAL to me, because it just feels like the next natural chapter for #BlackPanther. It’s both a clear tribute piece, and a navigation of circumstances, but it never feels like a panicked reaction. It’s SO confident.
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(1/4) Huge $28 million haul for Disney’s $DIS #WakandaForever Thursday previews. Surpassing the original Black Panther’s $25 million.
This is the third biggest preview of 2022, behind two other @Marvel films:
Doctor Strange 2 and Thor Love and Thunder.
(2/4) Like the original “Black Panther,” Wakanda Forever won’t be as front loaded as both Doc Strange MOM and Thor 4.
Thursday previews are typically for hardcore fans, which is why both Thor4 and DocStrange2 were heavily front loaded for their opening weekend.
(3/4) “Wakanda Forever” will draw Marvel super fans, but it will also draw a more diverse audience who is only interested in the Black Panther films, not the entire MCU.
This means the film will have more “legs” at the box office and not be so heavily front loaded.
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Spoiler free review of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It is everything it should be and everything fans want it to be. Director Ryan Coogler understands the genre, the audience, and the characters and as a result, the movie delivers on every level. 1/
Chadwick Boseman is honored appropriately and we take the journey with his family, friends, and to remember him while trying to find a way forward. 2/
Letiticia Write, Angela Bassett (who should be our Queen), Tenoch Huerta, Lupita N'yong'o, Danai Gurira, Mabel Cadena, Dominque Thorne, and Winston Duke.. matched each other's ability to carry every scene.
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El día de ayer vi Black Panther: Wakanda Forever y quisiera compartirles algunos detalles sobre las referencias mesoamericanas que pude observar.

(No spoilers). Image
Antes de continuar debo decir que esta puede considerarse la "parte dos" de un hilo que hice sobre el mismo tema pero en el trailer de la película.

Por esta razón, muchos detalles no los volveré a mencionar. Les recomiendo darse una vuelta por ese hilo.

Uno de las cosas más interesantes de la película es que Namor (@TenochHuerta), junto a los demás habitantes del Talocan, hablan maayatꞌaan, también conocido como "maya yucateco".

Esta es la lengua maya más hablada y también la más extendida. Image
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I believe @DrMichaelLBrown kindly spoke on this issue #PaleoHebrew #DoctrineofDevils

If you’re diligently seeking YahWeh and discovering you have Hebrew Israelite and Jew ancestry,You may be confused + Spreading Egyptian HERESIES. 🛑Full video:…
Beloved brothers and sisters 2/3 photo is not hebrew but just scribbles.not the language Jesus or even Patriarch Abraham spoke. the Holy language is ANCIENT HEBREW AND ARAMAIC. Maybe Akkadian but they are dead languages…learn ANCIENT HEBREW @DrMichaelLBrown
Scripture to share-I’m not coming at anyone personally or calling you a fake Jew I’m just saying study to show thineself approved BY GOD and not to be apart of a movement
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Pictures from the #WakandaForever premiere yesterday
Hermes and Sheggz
The Black Panther: #WakandaForever    cast at the African premiere of the film!
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Finally had the honor of watching #BlackPantherWakandaForever. Marvel Studios was never as political as this film, that has action scenes, of course, but much more. For example, probably the MVP, Angela Bassett is assured of an Oscar nomination, if not winning. 👇
What Ryan Coogler does with #BlackPanther is to reconstruct a whole mosaic of generational traumas that haunt ethnic communities around the planet. It goes deep, and not just for Namor, but for the care with plots and emotions that are truer than ever before in Marvel. 👇
So, for #BlackPantherWakandaForever, Ryan Coogler revisits decades of African filmography. There are scenes in this movie that could have only been crafted by someone who loves Med Hondo's "Sarraounia".
He might have even watched Mexican melodramas to make this. So good. 👇
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Congratulations to the team behind Black Panther 2, #WakandaForever
I hope the premier is fabulous and you get to soak up the adulation for your years of hard work.
This is an exciting time for Marvel, Disney, and the film exhibitors (theaters).
A lot of folks are about to have their talents shared with the world next month and I’m so happy for you.
Endless hours designing lighting, clothing, and makeup. Choreography, blocking, and building sets.
Writing and rewriting and rewriting.
The long promotional campaign led by the brilliant @asadayaz … a man who has my immense respect and adulation.
And thousands of other artists, craftsmen, actors, stunt techs, and executives that work together to make this happen.
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