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Where is the media narrative linking multiple Liberal National govt scandals into a wholistic story of a rotten government doing dirty deals, wasting public funds, enriching their mates and failing the public interest test? Where is this storyline in election coverage? A thread👇🏻
My research interest is in political narratives. I’ve found once someone or a group of people is framed by the media as a particular archetype - hero, villain or victim - this characterisation is sticky and tends to influence how they are framed subsequently.
You all remember when Gillard was framed as a ‘liar’ for bringing in carbon price (it wasn’t a tax)? That villainous characterisation was impossible for Gillard to escape. It ultimately cost her the Prime Ministership and political career.
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1/ This is a MEGATHREAD. 👇🏻

That's not a Jamaican Doom Metal band name. It's a list of LNP issues & scandals for:


I’d like to present evidence to show they’re voting against their interests.

Please Distribute & RT. #auspol #ausvotes19
2/ If you hate your internet, it’s entirely LNP fault. The Labor NBN fibre to the premise model was world class. It was hobbled by Turnbull to serve Rupert Murdoch. The lost productivity / opportunity cost for Australia is likely TRILLIONS. #NBNfail…
3/ If you are a woman LNP voter - Why? What the heck? LNP have a huge issue with women. Their best PM candidate was not considered for the role and that’s why Julie Bishop quit, among many others. Add your examples in comments. #auspol #ausvotes19…
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The day before @DVAAus announces a program to treat veterans poisoned by tafenoquine (known to be more neurotoxic than mefloquine), the distributor @BiointelectInfo boasts about the arrival of the first tafenoquine shipment in Sydney.
#TafenoquineRC #OzVeteransVote
@DVAAus @BiointelectInfo The Managing Director of Biocelect (Australian distributor of tafenoquine) appears to have removed his LinkedIn profile. Please see below contact details for inquiries regarding the tafenoquine story.
#TafenoquineRC #OzVeteransVote…
@DVAAus @BiointelectInfo During the recent Senate inquiry, the MD of Biocelect stated tafenoquine:

"is a specialist product, in the sense that it is for, initially, the corporate travel market and Defence"

The same drug at the same doses, tested on 1 RAR in East Timor 2000-01.
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Journalists have been taught they will appear biased if they’re too critical of just one side of politics. So what they do is say ‘Liberals did XYZ wrong and Labor also did XYZ wrong’. But what if Liberals did 100 times more ‘wrong’ than Labor? False balance. A thread👇🏻
The most famous and damaging example of this false balance in recent times has been the US election coverage of Trump’s numerous scandals given equal and often less coverage than the only scandal Clinton was responsible for - private emails.
What this false balance does is make the private emails scandal appear more important than all the Trump scandals put together - it means the reality of he Trump scandals is misrepresented in order for journalists to maintain the appearance of ‘balanced’ coverage.
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@CatPurry9 @DrRachelHeath @Forthleft2 @vogrady2132 @PeterDutton_MP @AFP The address for service is 117 Esplanade Nepean Bay SA which Google interprets as 117 Nepean Esplanade Nepean Bay SA
@CatPurry9 @DrRachelHeath @Forthleft2 @vogrady2132 @PeterDutton_MP @AFP I have put in a request for a link to both parties to see if they can provide me with more update information, we are "Pending" I'll keep you posted
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The curious case of #Paladin ⁦the company that won a $423M Home Affairs contract.
ABN details:
High Risk Security Group (Asia-Pacific) Pty Ltd 1 Jun - 4 Oct 2010
PALADIN GROUP PTY LTD 4 Oct 2010 - 14 Nov 2018
PALADIN AUS PTY LTD 14 Nov 2018 - current…
The curious case of #Paladin ⁦the company that won a $423M Home Affairs contract.
High Risk Security Group (Asia-Pacific) (“HRSG”), is a highly respected and professional safety and security consultancy company. ...…
It specialises in enabling commercial, government and non-governmental organisations to operate successfully in remote, austere and hostile environments. The group was founded in 2008 and brings together a dynamic group of ex law enforcement and military specialist ...
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LETS GET THIS BALL ROLLING. List any current LNP MP's and their scams. I'll start:
Peter Dutton: #paladinaffair, William Betham
Barnaby Joyce: Murray Darling mismanagement
Michaelia Cash / Michael Keenan: police tip off of raids
Tim Wilson: sharing voter details / vested interest
You'd need a novel to write a list of Abbott's various scams, corruptionsm favouritisms, and controversy
Throw Barnaby's rent free place in Armidale on the list too, after he went at the hired help rather than his wife.
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