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"australia isn’t right-wing. it’s cautious."

"…labor’s narrative of fairness failed before the coalition’s story of aspiration…"

"…australia has not called time on neoliberalism…"

insightful election result analysis by waleed aly.… #ausvotes
so i was nodding the whole way through. aly's take makes sense — but it was missing at least a few points (in no order):
• the impact of clive palmer's massive spend
• shorten's unpopularity
• the new level of dirty tricks
• failure to "sell" a vision for post-coal queensland
…and the deep dissatisfaction that scandal (eg. watergate, paladin), lies (eg. everything on energy), inhumanity (eg. offshore detention) and incompetence (eg. energy and environment ministers) have been rewarded.
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Stickers from a violent neo-Nazi group were found on Greens posters in Sydney this morning. They warn of an “Islamic takeover”. The group, Combat 18, is linked to decades of hate speech and violence towards migrants, Muslims and people of colour #auspol #ausvotes19 Image
The terrifying frequency of incidents like this does not make them any less scary. I want to spend the last days of the campaign talking with the community about the issues that matter. Instead I’m worried about violent neo-Nazis targeting me and endangering Greens volunteers.
Neo-nazi, white supremacist and extreme right groups do not emerge or survive on their own. They feel encouraged to air their hateful views by those in positions of power who normalise hate speech. They are sustained by media coverage that serves to legitimise their vile views.
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Tax is front & centre in #AusVotes19, but what can we learn from other countries on this crucial topic? @TheAusInstitute's Nordic Policy Centre has taken a look at 'skatt', the Swedish word for tax which has another meaning: 'treasure'
Get the report here…
Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway are among the world's most highly ranked countries in terms of prosperity and innovation, consistently ranking well above Australia. They are also among the most equal in terms of income distribution – much more equal than Australia.
Australia is a low tax country, sitting in the bottom 6 of 33 OECD nations in terms of tax and other revenue, whereas the Nordic nations fill 4 of the top 6 positions. The experience of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway shows that revenue is integral to provision of services.
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Good morning Australia. Without further ado, I now present the #AusPoll2019 Minor-Party Cheat Sheet. We have a whopping 49 micro-parties contesting the Senate and Lower House this week - so here's a rough guide to help you know more about them. #auspol #ausvotes 1/35
2019 Minor Parties are rife with misleading names and vague policies wrapped up in fancy packaging. This guide was made to inform and is for my own reference, I am not a member of any party, my opinions here are purely my own and should be viewed as such. No LNP, ALP, GRNs. 2/35
For more Blatantly Partisan Party Reviews, head over to @DrDreHistorian. Alrighty then, here we go: Parties running for multiple states inc. VIC first, then we'll drill down into the smaller NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, WA and NT-only parties after. In ballot order: 3/35
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Alright folks, it's time for my thread on micro-parties contesting #AusVotes2019. First: I cannot do all parties at once because there are SO MANY. I will update this thread in batches. Second: these tweets are pithy takes from my election blog: 1/?
Usual disclaimer: I have never been a member of a political party. I write these comments to guide my #auspol vote. I share them in the hope they are useful to others. They reflect my green social democrat views; I make no claim to false objectivity. Take them how you will. 2/
One last thing before I get into the individual parties: I am not commenting on the ALP, Greens, or the Coalition parties. I figure if this thread appeals to you, you already have an opinion on those parties (also, spare me their diehards; I expect enough flak already). 3/
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#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes19 #ausvotes2019

1) A brief thread w a coupla relevant additions inre >>>…
2) Ref is freq made in media reportage to Erikson's SEP 2017 conviction (along w fellow UPF members Blair Cottrell & Chis Shortis for srs religious vilification -- rather less frequently, his FEB 2014 conviction for stalking/harassing a Melbourne rabbi.
3) In that case, 'Magistrate Donna Bakos said she had no doubt Erikson's calls were motivated by prejudice & found he had little remorse for his crime'.

This is critical to understanding his subsequent & future behaviour, yeah?…
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Here's our latest Honest Government Ad - and it’s a BIG one. The "Avengers EndGame" of Honest Government Ads. #auspol #AusVotes19

I was originally planning to make quick/fast videos about various election issues. But a couple of weeks ago I decided on a different approach... Coz there’s already enough “noise” in the pre-election media and we all get caught up in the minutiae and forget the bigger picture...
Well I’m no journalist. But as it so happens I’m a historian. And I <3 the bigger picture. So I decided instead to make a longer-format historical HGA to help refresh voters' memories ahead of this election. Partly for my own sanity...
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Ok Tweeps. There's a candidates forum tonight at the Samford Farmers hall

It starts at 7pm
I'm already here because I wanted to park my car right out the front. There's been plenty of chatter on the suburban Facebook groups about it

Stay tuned

The room is starting to fill.

Apparently the chap who moderates the forum does a very good job. Very fair, very unbiased.

#DicksonVotes #Auspol #AusVotes19
Standing room only at the #DicksonVotes🥔 candidates forum at the Samford farmers hall tonight.
Some nice greens are sitting beside me. And a nice bloke also called Ali.
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1/ This is a MEGATHREAD. 👇🏻

That's not a Jamaican Doom Metal band name. It's a list of LNP issues & scandals for:


I’d like to present evidence to show they’re voting against their interests.

Please Distribute & RT. #auspol #ausvotes19
2/ If you hate your internet, it’s entirely LNP fault. The Labor NBN fibre to the premise model was world class. It was hobbled by Turnbull to serve Rupert Murdoch. The lost productivity / opportunity cost for Australia is likely TRILLIONS. #NBNfail…
3/ If you are a woman LNP voter - Why? What the heck? LNP have a huge issue with women. Their best PM candidate was not considered for the role and that’s why Julie Bishop quit, among many others. Add your examples in comments. #auspol #ausvotes19…
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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💥 we're kicking off the #KooyongVotes candidates forum!


MC'd by #BarryJones

i'll be live-tweeting here… tune in below.

@LiteFootPrints #AusVotes19
the good people of @LiteFootPrints — the organisers — are live-streaming tonight's event on facebook live:…
questions will be taken using 'slido' — head over to and enter s916 to join in.

add a question, or up-vote others. (i've submitted 2 questions. hint hint!)
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