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BREAKING #DidoHarding govt's Track & Trace czar is

• a #JockeyClub steward

& formerly
a director at Cheltenham Racecourse &
a director of Racecourse Holdings Trust

(ht @E91_Cowbridge)… Image
BREAKING from the govt that gave us #Brexit, #cummings #death & mindblowing conflicts of interest:

#DidoHarding , leading govt's Track & Trace effort is deeply enmeshed with UK racing industry… Image
First they kill us, then they take control of our data

#DidoHarding , leading govt's Track & Trace effort, is deeply enmeshed with UK racing industry

A JockeyClub Steward &ex-director Cheltenham Racecourse.
They made lethal decision to carry on racing…
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#SERCO #CrownGate “Coronavirus” is MAN MADE with a US Patent held by The Pirbright Institute, one of their MAJOR Stakeholders listed is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation▫️…
US Patent for Coronavirus Patent

(Patent # 10,130,701 issued November 20, 2018)

Justia Patents Search

“Researchers from The Pirbright Institute have been awarded US $5.5 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”

“The Coronavirus patent is owned by the Pirbright Institute

“Vaccine & Pharma Stocks Are Up”
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#SERCO Used Its Control Of U.S. Patent Office to Issue Its British Bio-Company, The Pirbright Institute, A Patent On #Coronavirus #COVID19 In Record Time Involved Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie▫️

@POTUS @HHSGov @USTMEX @freedomcaucus @gatewaypundit @GenFlynn…
Almost all the diseases in the last 50 years have been patented

Patented Viruses: Coronavirus Ebola HIV #FollowTheMoney

There Are 50+ Granted US #Vaccine Patents with #CDC Listed as an Assignee
#SERCO #CrownGate
#Coronavirus is MAN MADE with a US Patent held by The Pirbright Institute, one of their MAJOR Stakeholders listed is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation▫️
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1) IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since Blowing the Whistle on the Corruption matter of 'Cash For Visas', ppl following me know that i have been subjected to victimization, including Serious Assaults Death Threats, & Hon Minister @PeterDutton_MP releasing false information about me in public.
2) In Senate #Estimates, under questioning by @NickMcKim, @ACLEIGovAu: Michael Griffin AM advised that Publicly providing false information, may well also fall under the category of Victimization, which is an Offence under Section 220, carrying a sanction of Imprisonment of 2 Yrs
3) In my preliminary non legal view, it is very likely that Minister #Dutton has Committed a Criminal Offence, under Section 220, by publicly attacking me including by releasing false information about me, because I blew the whistle on Corruption.

As well as #Serco.

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1) There is never a minute of peace, when it comes down to copping Threats, Racist Abuse, & bullying from #Serco employees in Arbitrary Detention.

The compound i'm currently in, is made up of extremely medically unwell detainees, elderly, depressed, disabled, suicidal etc.
2) The detainees brought to the attention that they are absolutely terrified of an extremely Racist Serco Bully named: 'Bruce'. A middle aged white man, who works as "Welfare & Engagement Officer". He would regularly subject detainees to Racist Abuse, & derogatory racial slurs.
Annexure 1: A different #Serco guard abusing & using #Homophobic slurs against elderly detainees in a deifferent detention centre in #MITA.

In any other work place this person would have lost his job, but @AusBorderForce protected this guard:
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Old female #Serco officer just now tells me: "What are you doing in our country,u whinging queue jumper, you are getting fed,if we go to your country we will be shot,go back.."

Me: "Putting your racism aside,one i didn't come here on a boat, I probably have paid more Tax than u"
.. Me to the Racist #Serco guard 'Meryl' : "while you have made a derogatory racist speculation about my country of birth, Pakistan has been hosting Afghan refugees for decades without locking them up, & there are alot of Aussies who call Pakistan home,our culture of hospitality"
#Serco guard Meryl's word were so hurtful that I felt literal pain in my heart, but unfortunately like before I had to rise above it, & attempt to explain it to her that how factually incorrect her racist views are.Her coworker instead of calling out her racism,instead backed her
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“Dutton’s Secret Drug Cartel Connection: The William Betham Case” by ForLovenFreedom
My Dear Australians, Thank you for your kind messages of Support.
As you may know I write this from Detention, & i have taken a serious risk to my own safety by publishing this.
I write all these facts under oath,& will be happy to give evidence to any Court or Senate Committee.
& I know for a fact that now Dutton will come for me & target me real hard, a risk I'm willing to take to expose what Dutton doesn't want you to know & the Truth.

All I ask of u is call your local MP & @ShayneNeumannMP & DEMAND that they Question Dutton about this 'William' Case
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Sickening: if being 'deported in error' to Jamaica, a country you might not have visited in 50 years, UKgov advises:
Watch your wallet,
Put on a local accent,
'try to be "Jamaican"'
Of course brutal racist policy & practice at Home Office didn't start with #Windrush scandal.
Theresa May fought a legal battle to deport a kidney transplant patient to Nigeria regardless of urgent medical advice that this would kill her:
British children are routinely being bereaved of their parents by a Home Office bent on deportation at all costs @SHINEreports (didn't start with #Windrush )… letter to judge from British child whose father was deported
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Do you know the 8000 people who run things?
SES = Senior Executive Service
🐍Obama hired us - Trump can't fire us
IMPORTANT !! Download these files so u can search for names…
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