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John Lewis' funeral is on in every room in the hospital. #3LivingPresidents are there - all but one... guess who?
@GWBLibrary George W. Bush is speaking now. @BarackObama @POTUS44 will speak later. (Not sure about @BillClinton ) But President Bush is speaking beautifully (and told a funny story.)
President Bush is tying John Lewis to the past as well as the present, including @BarackObama, and he's talking about how "differences of opinion are the inevitable elements of democracy in action." BEAUTIFUL!
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When I was in 8th grade, we drove across the country for a field trip to DC.

Bunch of kids standing around the capital, no idea what was going on, more interested in their 8th grade crush than the fact we were standing next to the most powerful legislative body in the world.
While we were standing there an older gentleman in a suit walked out of one of the secure doors.

My history teacher saw him and gave a small gasp and nearly tripped running over to talk to him. We followed not sure what was going on.

The man in the suite saw us and stopped.
My teacher and the man in the suite had a brief conversation and he yelled for everyone to come over.

I remember sitting on the steps of the capital as this older man told stories of what it was like to march with MLK jr., to win a seat in Congress and fight for PEOPLE.
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Don't even try to share #JohnLewis' light after all of your #DuceyFails, @dougducey.

Less than a year ago (Dec 2019) Lewis remarked in the House on impeachment of @POTUS...
“When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something. To do something. Our children and their children will ask us, ‘What did you do? What did you say?’ For some, this vote may be hard...
But we have a mission and a mandate to be on the right side of history.”

Well, WE are the children of the #coronavirus #pandemic demanding answers from "leaders" like @dougducey, @GovRonDeSantis, @realDonaldTrump et al.
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@coreyandreasen @mraspinall Stop using the word attack- it’s not an attack

Breonna Taylor was attacked
Elijah McClain was attacked

This is a fragility narrative that is designed to promote an innocent quality and design a narrative that these women just accidentally made a choice they made consciously
@coreyandreasen @mraspinall Education is not about me centering women who know better and reconstructing a world where I project innocence on them to allow them to engage in fragility

I reject this narrative you are forming where education is centering their needs and priority
@coreyandreasen @mraspinall No one was “torn down” again that is another fragility narrative. They were told the truth

No one prioritized their growth and you all believe they should be centered while being problematic- a demand for free labor and if you don’t do it you aren’t committed to “education”
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You know that moment in epic stories where the Elder/Guide dies and their death propels the movement forward because it’s like their courage and wisdom are absorbed into the righteous cause? RIP @repjohnlewis #RIPJohnLewis
John Lewis’ death got to me this morning. Partially because he was an absolute inspiration and partially because I was largely ignorant of the the details of his life. A wonderful example.
Something important when we reflect on these titans of the Civil Rights Movement: these were ordinary men and women who became heroes because of their actions. When we over-mythologize them, they feel inaccessible and unrealistic. But, we CAN be like them.
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Tonight, the world grieves for the great John Lewis. In my 1st yr in the Senate, I had the privilege of traveling w/ John & much of the Congressional Black Caucus to Nelson Mandela’s funeral. The entire trip to Johannesburg, John regaled us w/ stories of being alongside Dr. King. Image
2/x One of the original Freedom Riders, John was a young man at the dawn of the Civil Rights movement & he survived a brutal beating on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

At age 23, he was a keynote speaker at the March on Washington, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
3/x To say he was an icon, to say he was a hero, understates it. He had a quiet grace, a passion for justice & an indomitable courage that helped transform this Nation.

I am blessed & humbled to have known John & to have heard his deep wisdom firsthand.
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Está morto o deputado americano John Lewis, símbolo dos que fizeram da política o campo de batalha pelas transformações raciais. Enquanto nossa geração chega a uma nova fase da luta antirracista, não deixaremos jamais de honrar os que vieram antes de nós.…
Todo homem e mulher negro é, de alguma forma, sobrevivente. Mas John Lewis ressignificou a palavra. Foi preso mais de 40 vezes, espancado, torturado, pressionado a recuar. Nunca deu um passo atrás, sempre convicto de que, sem luta, não há paz.
John Lewis era sim um homem de luta. Afinal, qual seria a alternativa? Mas ele também era uma fonte de esperança. No meio do despero, quando a força estrutural do racismo chamava à paralisação, era ele quem tinha uma palavra de conforto, quem nos lembrava dos motivos da batalha.
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