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Yesterday the @MiamiHerald published an article on Miami Lakes parent Daily Salinas who challenged several books such as The ABCs of Black History.

But what they didn’t report & we will reveal is Salinas’ ties to far-right groups like M4L & open support of the Proud Boys. 🧵 1/ Left: Image of the May 22, ...
While we are glad that @MiamiHerald is highlighting book censorship in schools locally, their coverage here shows an ongoing pattern of failing to do the most basic research & reporting on the players & politics behind local school board politics. 2/… Top left: Text from the Mia...
A quick look through the social media of Miami parent Daily Salinas who filed the book challenge would show she’s activist w far-right group Moms for Liberty.

But also her support for the Proud Boys + antisemitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” conspiracy content. 3/ Social media postings from ...
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Tengo down. Happy Jan 6th & Rest in Piss to Miami Proud Boy Chris Barcenas! #FAFO 💀🎉💀🎉💀 Image
LOL. Image
Just look at all the fascist tears the news of this Miami Proud Boy deleting himself brought.

#WakeUpWithLinda aka Linda Cuadros and #RedPillBabe Isabella Rodriguez of Mostly Peaceful Latinas podcast sudden advocates of mental health + crying rivers here. 😭🫡 Image
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A preview of today’s Fort Lauderdale “Protect the Children” anti-LGBTQ hate rally backed by a slew far-right usual suspects like Moms for Liberty, Gays Against Gr**mers & Proud Boys.

Let’s take a dive into who will be there, their ugly histories and the unfolding drama. 🔥 1/ Top left: Flyer for the 12/3 “Protect the Children” rall
Before we start, it should be mentioned that none of the featured speakers for the rally live in Broward County. They are being shipped in from across the country, Orlando, Miami and Palm Beach.

ALSO — Attend the counter protest today at 11am at A1A & Las Olas. 2/
The first featured speaker is Anthony Raimondi aka “Conservative Ant” who has previously worked with Illinois Proud Boys and celebrated a bakery being vandalized and windows being smashed by a far-right activist after hosting a drag show. 2/

Images of Anthony Raimondi “conservative ant”. He is a T
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How are Miami’s far-right reacting to Rubio canvasser, RNC staffer & white supremacist Christopher Monzon’s beating in Hialeah?

Always infighting of course. Here’s Miami QAnon figure Isabella Rodriguez blaming @MiamiDadeGOP for having “no backbone.” #RedPillBabe 1/ Image
Speaking of no loyalty among thieves, here’s Miami Proud Boy, J6 insurrectionist and @MiamiDadeGOP executive member Chris Barcenas openly talking about recruiting to the REC.

“King of the normies” … more like prince of the incels with receding hairlines. 🥴😂 2/ ImageImage
The “Group Guardian” account in the chat is of course another Proud Boy who uses the name “Alex Gonzalez.”

He’s a long time Proud Boy who appeared in the Vice documentary on them. 3/ ImageMiami Proud Boy “Alex Gonza...Miami Proud Boy gathering i...From the archives — “Alex G...
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🚨 Outside the Miami-Dade school board right now — a group of 10+ Miami Proud Boys and allies are huddled around intimidating community members from supporting a resolution to declare LGBTQ History Month for October.

We are going to name them too. Standby. ImageImage
Fortunately public comments overwhelmingly support LGBTQ History Month: 24 in favor, 12 opposed. 🥳🌈

Let’s meet the Proud Boys: This is Nowell Salgueiro, a Miami Proud Boy with a criminal record and an elected member of the Miami GOP executive committee. @MiamiDadeGOP ImageImage
This is Alexander Thomas Bermudez #Little1776 wearing a Floridians First shirt, the name of their defunct front group.

Alex has a long criminal rap sheet which includes armed robbery and even drug dealing on school property.

2nd pic is Alex in 2021.

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One of the groups behind the campaign against LGBTQ History Month at the Miami school board called CCDF (County Citizens Defending Freedom) will be hosting an event w KrisAnne Hall next week.

Let’s take a look at her ties to the militia movement & neo-confederate groups. ☕️ 1/
KrisAnne Hall is a former Suwannee Co, FL prosecutor who rebranded herself as a “constitutional lawyer” after her firing in 2010.

She’s documented as having deep ties to the militia movement and preaches that states and counties have supremacy over the federal government. 2/
Does the idea of “state supremacy” sound familiar?

If you thought of “state’s rights” now you’ll understand why her philosophy ties in well with neo-Confederate hate groups like League of the South which has featured her as a speaker. 3/… Flyer for a 2019 “Free Florida Conference” featuring Kri
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BREAKING - DeSantis campaign account @DeSantisWarRoom run by Christine Pushaw shares a video from a prominent Miami QAnon figure named Isabella Rodriguez aka #RedPillBabe attacking Charlie Crist’s new running mate and head of Miami teachers union.

The irony is that Isabella is not a parent as the DeSantis War Room tweet appears to claim but also that she pushes exactly the type of unhinged far-right conspiracy content talked about in the video.

In 2020 she organized a Pizzagate inspired “Save the children” rally.
We have also extensively documented Isabella Rodriguez’s connection to QAnon, far-right extremist politics and her attendance at Jan 6. See her hashtag #RedPillBabe for more.

In fact, she’s a contributor to “We The Media” — the largest QAnon associated channel on Telegram.
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Starving for attention as she languishes at home all day, Miami’s recently rendered unemployable QAnon Isabella Rodriguez concocted tonight yet another series of bong-rip inspired “who’s behind Miami Against Fascism” telegram posts.

You love to see it. 😘😂 #RedPillBabe
Isabella furiously posting till 3:30am last night:
@threadreaderapp unroll and make a wonderful permanent archive of this thread for Bella. 🥰
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Once again, flat earth promoting QAnon maven Isabella Rodriguez #RedPillBabe got her Instagram account nuked. 🚀💥

She confirmed that she’s lost her job due to our exposure of her. Who’s next? Screen shots of recent posts from the Truth Social account o
“200+ Flat Earth Bible Verses”

🌎🥴😂 #RedPillBabe
And we’ll do it again. 😂😂
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Good to know: Last year Miami QAnon influencer Isabella Rodriguez #RedPillBabe had an extramarital online relationship w another QAnon figure who boosts white supremacist, neo-Nazi content.

She’s now promoting local candidates Roberto Gonzalez and Sandra Mazieri. 1/🧵 Left: Posting by “graffanti...
Miami candidates Roberto Gonzalez @RobJGonzalezFL running for FL State Rep district 119 & Sandra Mazieri @sandramanzieri6 for Miami school board district 6 receiving glowing endorsement from the far-right, antisemetic, QAnon crowd should tell you everything you need to know. 2/ Left: Posting by Isabella R...
And just to be clear, this relationship between Isabella and this anti-Semitic white supremacist QAnon personality Graffanti19 absolutely happened.

She discussed it pretty openly in her own postings after everything predictably became a messy, public debacle. 3/ Left: Isabella Rodriguez po...
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“The world is run by the pedophile Illuminati baby eaters” and we are “LITERALLY” in a war against them.

The latest from Miami QAnon personality and Roberto “Rob” Gonzalez FL State Rep District 119 @RobJGonzalezFL campaign promoter Isabella Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe.
This clip is from an April 27, 2022 interview with another QAnon personality, Chaney Nash of the Chaney Project podcast, who we will detail below.

At apx 1 hour mark Isabella and Chaney discuss their Jan 6th experience as well. 🧐… Left: Chaney Project Instag...
Let’s meet QAnon and conspiracy promoter Chaney Nash / Chaney Jean who lives in the Vero Beach, FL area + associated with a soap shop. 👋

User names: @ProjectChaney, @ChaneyProject, project_chaney, skeptical_chicken.

Podcasts: Chaney Project, Idiocalypse, Lesbo and the Bean Photos and podcast & media ...Photos of Chaney Nash / Cha...
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Wanna meet Miami’s newest far-right candidate?

Let’s introduce Robert Gonzalez, Esq. with Peregonza law firm who’s running for Florida State Rep, District 119.

Connected to the Proud Boys & in bed with QAnon activists and Jan 6 insurrectionaries who work his campaign. ☕️🌴 Robert Gonzalez is an attorney and political candidate for F
Robert Gonzalez’s squeaky clean persona as a personal injury, labor and homeowner’s insurance attorney has helped him raise some hefty money so far in the race.

But we doubt donors are aware of his political history. 💰💰@PereGonzaLaw @RobJGonzalezFL Screen on left from from Florida Politics blog:  https://flo
Hard to argue “Law & Order” credentials when you have Jan 6 rioters knocking doors in Kendall for you this past weekend. 🤦🏻

Here’s disgraced GOP operative Barbara Balmaseda #PinkGaiterPBG who marched with the Proud Boys inside the Capitol on Jan 6 and soon facing arrest. Article screen shot from Miami New Times coverage of BarbaraImages documenting Barbara Balmaseda’s participation in th
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#QAnon is a dangerous conspiracy theory linked to acts of violence & the Jan 6 insurrection.

Today we will REVEAL the employer of major QAnon figure Isabella Oneida Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe

Knowingly supporting her is Chris Daley, Logitalent VP & Talent Acquisition Manager. Top left: Isabella Rodrigue...
For those not familiar, we wanted to establish Isabella Rodriguez’s role as a key influencer in the QAnon conspiracy world.

Her #RedPillBabe account has been reported on by Media Matters & identified as an admin of “We The Media,” the main + largest QAnon account on Telegram. Too left: Truth Social post...
Isabella has also been a local leader promoting QAnon not just online but IRL, radicalizing followers into dangerous & rabid conspiracy content such as her 2020 “Save the Children” rally where she promoted pizzagate.

(Be sure to read the alt text for additional details) Top left: Facebook posting ...
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Things are really heating up for Miami QAnon figure and “Mostly Peaceful Latinas” podcaster Isabell Rodriguez #RedPillBabe.

For months her fellow QAnons have been turning against her and now she’s convinced that a Hillary-Soros-NSA-honey pot-psyop is out to get her. 🐝🍯😂😂 Isabella Rodriguez #RedPill...Isabella Rodriguez #RedPill...
Isabella left her husband and the Anons are dragging personal dirt out on her … and it’s all Antifa’s fault!

She’s frantically tagging Lin Wood and believes that Anons have been infiltrated and hijacked by communists. 🤷🏻‍♀️

She should ditch recruiting and try fiction writing. Isabella Rodriguez #RedPill...Isabella Rodriguez #RedPill...
The replies are killing us:

“RedPillBabe had an affair with an antifa member” 😂😂

Isabella Rodriguez’s RedPillBabe platform has been previously covered by Media Matters and Rolling Stone.… Isabella Rodriguez #RedPill...Media Matters coverage of I...
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We continue our exposé on the extremist far-right who openly operate and have thoroughly infiltrated the Miami GOP — Proud Boys, QAnons, Moms 4 Liberty & more.

On Friday 4/15 the GOP hosted a voter registration event featuring “special guest” Scott Presler. Let’s dive in! 🔥 Flyer and photos from the 4...
We will detail how nearly every single attendee was connected to the far-right. #ProudBoys #QAnon #Moms4Liberty

Buckle up. We have some new reveals that you will not want to miss — including a SPECIAL LIST at the end. 🔥🔥☕️☕️

Referenced articles + threads posted at the end. Group picture of participan...
Let’s start with “special guest” far-right provocateur and issue hoper Scott Presler — he got his start with the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America, more recently a QAnon promoter and identified as a core Jan 6th Stop the Steal organizer. Top left: Scott Presler at ...
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Micheal Flynn is known for promoting utter nonsense conspiracies that align with the QAnon movement but what’s surprising is how enamored the wider far-right is with him — including elected officials like Miami’s FL Rep David Borrero (@DavidBorreroFL).

Read for more. 🧵👇
David Borrero is the Florida House of Representatives rep for District 105 in west Miami-Dade county. Living in Sweetwater, Borrero formerly worked as project and estimating coordinator with T&G Constructors.

He attended a Miami event organized by Flynn’s CCDF in Sept 2021. Photo showing FL District 1...Image from David Borrero’s ...
Watch for yourself. We clipped an excerpt in case the original video disappears.

In the original video Borrero appears at 1:11. Link:
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