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🧵 Image Repair Analysis case study: former megachurch pastor Patrick Garcia.

The link to the story is in the QT.
"Since my fall happened two years ago, I’ve been able to determine what caused my crash...”

He is leading off with MINIMIZATION. How is this minimization?

In two cases--"since my fall happened..", "..what caused my crash" he is using PASSIVE VOICE.
Remember what I said: minimization can take MANY forms. When you state something in passive voice, you are weakening your statement. Lawyers coach clients to use passive voice on cross-examination. Some of you remember the Watergate hearings ("mistakes were made.")
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Hold onto your depositions, friends. This is amazing, beautiful, and so, so, satisfying. And I have some more backup. Read this extended tweet then come back to my thread for some deeper drives showing it’s all true. 🧵
Here’s the @PhillyInquirer story releasing more of the PA legislators’ emails. /2…
Here’s the confirmation for that extended tweet. Remember, it was the bûtthûrt Republicans who sued the local newspaper for criticizing them (correctly), and discovery is why this is coming out. #FAFO /3 Image
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Every bill in this article is good actually, and Senator Nesbitt again confuses what is good for his wealthy donors and what is good for the Michigan economy and its workers.

When he has to choose between the two, he'll pick his donors every time.
"California raised a national alarm when it adopted a narrow definition of who qualifies as an independent contractor."

The national alarm this raised was at Uber headquarters because they were exploiting their drivers. California is one of the largest economies in the world.
"Bills in both chambers (SB 334, HB 4550) would set firm nurse-to-patient ratios for hospitals."

Nolan claims this would lead to bed closures because of a nursing shortage. But you fix a shortage with training and higher pay, not by literally killing people which high ratios do.
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Literal Nazis currently are currently flag waving in front of Disney with the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

But we’ve infiltrated their communications! Find them tonight in Wildwood, FL and send them our best regards. 🔥😈 #FAFO Image
Always good to remember these people have names and addresses.

This one at the flag wave known as “Grandfather” is 74-year-old veteran David Howard Wydner.…
This scumbag Nazi at the Disney flag wave is Jason Brown.

Included in his long criminal rap sheet are charges following him getting fired in 1999 from his position as a corrections officer in Dillon County, South Carolina for forcing an inmate to perform oral sex on him. Image
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OK, maybe more than a few days. 😏

In all seriousness, there is a large group of accounts on this website that are not what they claim to be. They’ve done a great deal of damage to me and my friends, but more importantly, they’ve been involved in a massive cover up.
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Good morning to everyone who still believes in free speech and the rule of law. To everyone else, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Image
My stalkers are going to be very upset by the news that no one is giving up here. #FAFO #AMF Image
Think again, Lia.

You, Doug and your entire army of digital soldiers opened yourselves up to discovery and deposition. Your three year stalking and harassment campaign did not shut me up.

#FAFO Image
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Yesterday the @MiamiHerald published an article on Miami Lakes parent Daily Salinas who challenged several books such as The ABCs of Black History.

But what they didn’t report & we will reveal is Salinas’ ties to far-right groups like M4L & open support of the Proud Boys. 🧵 1/ Left: Image of the May 22, ...
While we are glad that @MiamiHerald is highlighting book censorship in schools locally, their coverage here shows an ongoing pattern of failing to do the most basic research & reporting on the players & politics behind local school board politics. 2/… Top left: Text from the Mia...
A quick look through the social media of Miami parent Daily Salinas who filed the book challenge would show she’s activist w far-right group Moms for Liberty.

But also her support for the Proud Boys + antisemitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” conspiracy content. 3/ Social media postings from ...
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Who is Sean Feucht @seanfeucht
White Supremacist
Evangelical Christian
Grifter taking in millions asking for donations everywhere
Bobos Lover?
Anti-LGBTQ, anti-vaccine, anti-Black Lives Matter
Forgiven Covid loan
He’s a fraud
#Anonymous #ExpectUs…
#FAFO mother fucker
Did we mention we are suing you for your documentary film, “SUPERSPREADER: THE RISE OF #LETUSWORHSIP
For misinformation leading to the deaths of many while stating it was a communist takeover
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This is a Nazi LARP. This is not a teacher. These two accounts were created to create rage and tweak libs.

I guarantee these are not middle aged ladies.

The pictures were stolen from other real people — e.g. @badmomselfies. Google image search exists. 🙄

Don’t fall for this. ImageImageImage
I will note that the Nazis behind these LARPs are not terribly creative. Apparently, when looking to set up their account, they literally typed in “Bad Mom Selfies” and picked the first picture they found.

The Nazis are not sending their best.
You know, it’s pretty interesting who is willingly setting everyone’s hair on fire about this account.

Yes, it’s horrifying, but no, it is not a 7th grade teacher.
If it had a frog profile pic, no one would pay a second of attention to this.
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Justin Jones reinstated — now 1000x more powerful than before. Thank you @tnhousegop for the best example of the #StreisandEffect I’ve seen in a long time. #FAFO Image
A bunch of old racists thought they were shutting up two Black men and revealed immensely talented Democratic rock stars.

Backfire AF. Image
Whoa. @Justinjpearson just got 10 seconds on TV and absolutely crushed it.

Oh lord, these old white guys have no idea what they’ve done. Image
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1/n 🧵

#Trump will be arrested tomorrow, an event that will get start the Great #American #MAGA #bankrun.

This is a thread of memes related to this topic. Image
2/n 🧵 Image
3/n 🧵 Image
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Oh look! A new lawsuit has been filed in NJ by a librarian against #parents who spoke up at a school board meeting.

Egregious 1A violation. Let's review the public records. A thread🧵.
Atty @tonycaivano1964, hubs of radical librarian @roxanacaivano, actually filed a lawsuit for defamation against #parents who exercised their 1A rights to petition their #localgov and criticize the very #govtjobs employee whose salary they they pay.

Let's learn more about……
So, Librarian Roxana Caivano @roxanacaivano flexes here with Just How Important She Is. Based on her white privilege?


It gets better though....
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If you have come to own this lib because you are a big fan of Matt Taibbi, welcome and good luck!

@mtaibbi and his partner @MarkAmesExiled admitted to sexually harassing underage employees while they were publishing an anti-American tabloid in Moscow.🇷🇺…
Taibbi not only blocked me, he’s trying to imply I’m part of a cOnsPiraCy because that’s what Kremlin assets do when they’re caught.

@mtaibbi is a traitor. He should go back to Moscow immediately.
I wrote this two months ago when I got brigaded by a bunch of Matt Taibbi and Jimmy Dore “fans.”

The left side of the horseshoe is real.
Bring it, tankies.
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Does anyone remember that #AnimeRight nazi guy "Zanting" who was an admin for Anime Right News?

Lets all meet Christopher Reinders (33) aka Zanting of Hubley, Nova Scotia!… Zanting's anime character p...
We had forgotten about him until he showed up a couple months ago with a hit list targeting over 100 researcher and anti-racist accounts. Not the brightest move in our opinion, but I guess he wanted some attention. List of names of various an...list continued
Before diving into the details on some of the awful things Chris Reinders was up to between 2015 until Twitter suspended him a few times, let's confirm...

Are we sure we have the right guy? Is this really Zanting?

Let's take a peek... Photo of Christopher Reinde...
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Last night we had a very productive conversation. If you didn’t get a chance to listen here is the recording. Over the last 2 years KHive has evolved into a larger collective of people supporting VP as well as the Biden Harris admin + other democrats. 🧵…
The original KHive was amazing, it brought many people together from all over the country organically, we then expanded in 2020 bringing other candidate supporters together after KDH dropped out @KHiveQueenB @chrislongview and myself were very integral in forming that collective.
The OG KHive and now those of us in the larger Collective who all work independently are known for our receipts, people dislike us because we are effective. Thank you to all who played a role from 2019-2022. We may have splinted a bit but we can form like Voltron. #FAFO
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Dalton Clodfelter, groyper and devout follower of Nick Fuentes, has been FIRED from the Stew Peters Network

Peters boasts over 500k Rumble subs

Clodfelter axed following many horrible shows filled with angry viewer comments
Clodfelter's firing from the Stew Peters Network comes 1 week after being named "anti-Semite of the week"
Clodfelter recently posted an unhinged tweetstorm at 3:30 AM, seething about recent negative media coverage of his virulent anti-Semitism & Holocaust denial. #FAFO ImageImage
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Japan to downgrade COVID-19 from a level 2 to level 5 pathogen (the same level as seasonal influenza) as of spring to unleash restrictions on escalating death rates…
Isolation periods will be abolished both for positive cases and close contacts. Masks to no longer be recommended indoors unless symptomatic or at risk. The downgrade to level 5 pathogen means the state no longer foots the medical bills
The reason for the shift is that Kishida has broken away from the neo-Keynesianism of his predecessors with its emphasis on investment in innovation and maximum employment. The ageing population and high population density will see death rates explode.
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You turned Twitter into a Nazi psyops cannon aimed at American citizens. #FAFO
Oh great, now Elmo’s fascist meme for “cultural marxism” is trending. Dear god. What a shithole platform.
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Looks like January 8 is turning into Brazil’s January 6 as Bolsonaro’s supporters are moving in on Brazil’s Congress.🚨
🚨They’re inside Congress and now moving on the Presidential Palace!🚨
Bolsonaro fascists have smashed the windows of the Brazilian Congress and are now inside.
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Tengo down. Happy Jan 6th & Rest in Piss to Miami Proud Boy Chris Barcenas! #FAFO 💀🎉💀🎉💀 Image
LOL. Image
Just look at all the fascist tears the news of this Miami Proud Boy deleting himself brought.

#WakeUpWithLinda aka Linda Cuadros and #RedPillBabe Isabella Rodriguez of Mostly Peaceful Latinas podcast sudden advocates of mental health + crying rivers here. 😭🫡 Image
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I retired at 43 yrs old. I’m 52 now and the best advice I can share is to appreciate the moment. So many people talk/write about living in the present and such. Hard to do but it’s a great goal. Constant challenges…
I read a lot about killing the ego and that presents great challenges. Climb a mountain to feel present? Accomplish the climb to feed the ego? Hard to decide what we do to tame the ego vs feed it vs silence the mind and be present
Well, as far as hiking goes… maintaining healthy balanced life is essential for general well-being. I find historic hiking of deep valleys therapeutic as I see the geology and note the passage of millions upon millions of years during a decent
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Ok I had alot to go in the report to find out what they said and couldnt wait to find out this info so i searched.... literally they said the trump motorcade sat on executive drive for 40 Mins while they were trying to clear his angry desire to go to #CapitolAttack as they
Are citing various concerns about all the weapons etc. So we are actually supposed to believe the pro trump ornato went against his furious demands this time? He did go to the capitol as evidenced in #proudboy Eddie block stream which the @fbi
Subsequently raided his house and confiscated all his livestream equipment I assume to close up this loophole but many people.have copies of this video so we know they are lying. Eddie block sees the motorcade arrive and knows to shut down the stream due to comms that happened
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Report back from 12/3 counter protest of the fascist hate rally. Out numbered, out organized, and oblivious to how costly this rally was, fascists lost big yesterday in South Florida!

#TheseQueersBashBack #Transtifa… These queers bash back! is painted on a large banner along w
Fascists too scared to attack the defensive position! #FAFO

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Miami Proud Boys showing us that graphic design is their passion!

They will be holding a “walk” for white supremacist canvasser and RNC staffer Christopher Monzon this Saturday at 11am claiming the attack on him was the work of the “Marxist left.” LOL. Left: Graphic posted in Pro...
Too scared to broadcast the location as always!
Just have a look at the true talents of western chauvinism on display by Miami’s Proud Boys.

A+ for effort guys! 🥇#POYB #FAFO Image
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