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“The world is run by the pedophile Illuminati baby eaters” and we are “LITERALLY” in a war against them.

The latest from Miami QAnon personality and Roberto “Rob” Gonzalez FL State Rep District 119 @RobJGonzalezFL campaign promoter Isabella Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe.
This clip is from an April 27, 2022 interview with another QAnon personality, Chaney Nash of the Chaney Project podcast, who we will detail below.

At apx 1 hour mark Isabella and Chaney discuss their Jan 6th experience as well. 🧐… Left: Chaney Project Instag...
Let’s meet QAnon and conspiracy promoter Chaney Nash / Chaney Jean who lives in the Vero Beach, FL area + associated with a soap shop. 👋

User names: @ProjectChaney, @ChaneyProject, project_chaney, skeptical_chicken.

Podcasts: Chaney Project, Idiocalypse, Lesbo and the Bean Photos and podcast & media ...Photos of Chaney Nash / Cha...
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#QAnon is a dangerous conspiracy theory linked to acts of violence & the Jan 6 insurrection.

Today we will REVEAL the employer of major QAnon figure Isabella Oneida Rodriguez, aka #RedPillBabe

Knowingly supporting her is Chris Daley, Logitalent VP & Talent Acquisition Manager. Top left: Isabella Rodrigue...
For those not familiar, we wanted to establish Isabella Rodriguez’s role as a key influencer in the QAnon conspiracy world.

Her #RedPillBabe account has been reported on by Media Matters & identified as an admin of “We The Media,” the main + largest QAnon account on Telegram. Too left: Truth Social post...
Isabella has also been a local leader promoting QAnon not just online but IRL, radicalizing followers into dangerous & rabid conspiracy content such as her 2020 “Save the Children” rally where she promoted pizzagate.

(Be sure to read the alt text for additional details) Top left: Facebook posting ...
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I read about Brian Ulrich today. He is a member of the "Oath Keepers". He admits to seditious conspiracy, to having weapons at the Mayflower Hotel, and wanting to overturn the results of the election by force. He was crying. Why do I bring this up? Well here we go:
Without accountability for the ringleader and the members of Congress that fanned the flames, it simply looks like the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, blah blah blah all woke up January 6th and decided all at the same time to attack the capitol with coordinated precision.
They cry at trial. They take plea frals, the agree to cooperate. I truly believe their tears come from the realization they were manipulated. They will go down as criminals for an attempted coup as their leader attempts to run for President again!? Who are we if we allow this!?
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[THREAD] Now that Enrique Tarrio has been indicted, this seems like a good time to reveal some *NEW DETAILS* on his previous snitching efforts 🐀 🧵 #ProudBoys #FAFO Image
As the Gavin McInnes (founder of the Proud Boys) said recently, "I told you that I have the paperwork on Enrique and it ain't good."
Back in 2011, over $4M worth of diabetes test strips were stolen from a semi truck in Louisville, KY. The shipment was intended for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.… ImageImage
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[BREAKING] Enrique Tarrio (leader of the Proud Boys) has been indicted on federal conspiracy charges. Read on for more details. 🧵 #ProudBoys #FAFO Image
Tarrio was previously arrested on Jan. 4, 2021 - two days before the #January6thInsurrection. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant related to the theft and destruction of a BLM flag which he stole from a black church in DC the previous month. Image
Tarrio later admitted that he knew about the warrant and that he had planned to turn himself in so that he would then be released in time for January 6. Image
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In a United States of America where the Law is now being interpreted based on political affiliation as opposed to sound precedents and principals it behooves us all to get #LegalAF!

@meiselasb and @mspopok break it down in the latest edition. @MeidasTouch
Among the many issues discussed in this edition ⬆️ of #LegalAF;
☑️The 5th Circuit ruling on Bidens powers as Commander in Chief
☑️A Federal Judge in Tampa prevents the deployment of a Navy war ship based on his anti-vax views
☑️Tucker Carlson's racist rant on the highly qualified
...Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, and HIS "qualifications"! 🙄
☑️Madison Cawthorn and his "cockamamie" counter action against his disqualification for office based on the insurrection act!
☑️The #SCOTUS takes a case on the power of the EPA to fight climate change based on the...
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Let’s talk about “elites”. When you see this word used by wealthy #Conservatives, you know a con is afoot.
Now let’s talk about wealthy conservatives who’re behind the #January6thInsurrection & how that same group is openly trying a similar op on 🇨🇦 & our Prime Minister #cdnpoli
The fact that a sitting US Senator from #Louisiana, goes on right wing disinformation media to attack 🇨🇦’s Prime Minister, ISN’T about messaging to Canadians. It is about manufacturing a bogeyman. One whose gov’t successfully steered a democracy through a global crisis. #cdnpoli
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is a multimillionaire, rabidly anti-choice, pro-gun, supported by white nationalist, who voted against every bill that benefited ordinary Americans. He’s also one of the growing list of 1/6 insurrectionists using Trudeau in their propaganda #cdnpoli
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Elmer Stewart Rhodes III is an ex-Army paratrooper; worked for Rep. Ron Paul in 2008; graduated from Yale Law School; and was an AZ SC law clerk.

These credentials (including full name) should be mentioned early in any story to show him as the privileged White guy that he is.
The Montana Supreme Court disbarred him after it “found that he'd abandoned clients in Arizona, a 2015 court order shows.”

So much for oaths and honor, right?…
Rhodes’ lawyers claim that the Oath Keepers (an extremist group, @splcenter) were waiting for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act to stop transfer of office.

Here’s Rhodes, reinforcing this legal claim in public statements:… ImageImage
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Looks like the new legal strategy of #January6thInsurrection defendants is pushing for changes of venue.

The legal team for Miami Proud Boy Gabriel Garcia released a report based on 400 “email surveys” of DC registered voters. Let’s take a look. 👀…
Leaving aside their questionable and potentially bogus survey methodology, they found that overwhelmingly people had bad opinions of January 6th rioters and through they should face consequences. No surprises there! Graphic chart of survey results. 78% were found to agree tha
68% of people had a very or somewhat unfavorable opinion of the Proud Boys and surprisingly 54% of respondents were familiar with Miami Proud Boy Gabriel Garcías - that seems pretty high for such a nobody like Garcia!
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Going to pull a few important threads together for everyone. re #FluTruxKlan.

#CPC like #GOP, has courted the far right for several years, however, at some point Frankenstein will always lose control of the monster.

#TruckersForFreedom is an op & grift unleashing extremism.
As of today, Tamara Lich added a new name & called “Freedom Convoy 2022” a “team” fundraiser. She added Benjamin Dichter (BJ Dichter).

She also once again increased the goal amount to $6M (talk about moving the goalposts).

Who is former #CPC candidate Dichter? #FluTruxKlan
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Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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On the anniversary of one of the most scary, bewildering things many of us have witnessed together, I implore you to consider how storming the capital was just the beginning.

Hospital systems, schools, groceries, & more are at threat for collapse bc of white nationalist violence
The destructive, desperate spirit embraced by the white masses in DC during the #January6thInsurrection didn't die, it was disbursed.

Having faced no consequences, those people went back home & have done all they could to destabilize life for us all.
Our public infrastructures were already a mess before Jan 6th but they are crumbling under the weight of the exercised hubris, selfishness, & desire for hoarded power by insecure people driven by their lust white cultural supremacy & Christian hegemony.
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On this somber #January6th anniversary, we officially launch the #InsurrectionIndex.

We hope it serves as a tool for voters, organizations, and media outlets to keep these individuals out of public office.

2/6: After the #CapitolRiot we went after receipts before they could be deleted.

TY to partners @AdvDemocracy @accountable_us @weareoversight, @TTP_Updates, @Accountable_Org + @mmfa. Public Wise added the Capitol Breach cases @TheJusticeDept.

3/6: The Insurrection Index tracks incumbents and candidates who were at the insurrection and/or support #TheBigLie. ​​Important, as the 2022 election cycle heats up.

Here’s who’s on our radar now ⬇️…
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The #January6thInsurrection made me angrier than I’ve been in a very long time. I was furious and it took me a long time just to calm down. My wife advised me to stop watching the news because of how much it was affecting me. ImageImageImageImage
I was angry that elected officials were trying to throw out our votes.

Including a number of Congressman and Senators who did it on just their fourth day in office. Even though they were elected on the same ballots and counted by the same machines and people.
And I saw the images of the violent mob who ransacked the Capitol. And who walked away, many to be arrested and a number of them to serve very mild sentences.

And I knew their fate would have been much, much different had they looked like me.
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The DOJ has rounded up 706 people who were involved in the #January6thInsurrection over the last 306 days. And these were just mainly the foot soldiers - the gullible thuggish slobs who believed a lie and committed crimes.
Now these 706 people were mostly a bunch of randos. They weren’t for the most part caught at the scene. They were tracked down all over the country, in every part of the country, and hauled in. At an average rate of two a day.

That’s sort of impressive, I think.
Now these are just average Joes. Most of them will have records for the rest of their lives. While the people who sent them are still sipping nice beverages in Florida and DC with little regard for the little guys who got busted doing what they encouraged them to do.
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@CawthornforNC Thanks for pointing out that America was always a racist and sexist country.

The Founding Fathers were mostly slavers. Our country was founded to protect the property rights of wealthy, white, men. Women/children/POC had no rights.

The electoral college was designed to give 1/
@CawthornforNC The slave owning, southern, states an outsized influence on the country.
The allocation of 2 Senators per state, in spite of population size, was to ensure minority rule. The House of Representatives was meant to give the illusion of democracy. These facts are why conservative 2/
@CawthornforNC Thinkers are quick to say we're a Republic, not a democracy. The minority, conservatives & wealthy men, have no desire to give up their power over the majority of Americans.

The electoral college was designed to prevent men, like trump, from becoming POTUS. It failed. It needs 3
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“the damage goes even deeper. Faith in democracy itself is slipping away. The stunningly muted response to the Jan. 6 attack offers no comfort.” -Joanne B. Freeman, @jbf1755 the Class of 1954 Professor of History and American Studies at Yale University…
“Accountability — the belief that political powerholders are responsible for their actions and that blatant violations will be addressed — is the lifeblood of democracy.” -@jbf1755… #American #Democracy #PeacefulTransitionofPower
“More than 700 alleged rioters have been arrested, but their fates have varied; too many complicating factors prevent clear rulings of right and wrong, and sentences have been short and few.” -@jbf1755… #January6th #January6thInsurrection
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🚨New court filings show what Trump is trying to keep secret from the @January6thCmte:

▶️Handwritten memos from his chief of staff @MarkMeadows about #January6thInsurrection
▶️Call logs of Trump and Mike Pence
▶️WH visitor records…
The records Trump is trying to hide include: working papers from then-White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the press secretary and a WH lawyer who had **notes and memos about Trump's efforts to undermine the election**.💥
🔥In the Meadows documents alone, there are **3 handwritten notes about the events of January 6 and 2 pages listing briefings and telephone calls about the Electoral College certification**.
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🔥Late-night court filing from @USNatArchives details what Trump is trying to hide from the @January6thCmte:

▶️Daily presidential diaries
▶️Drafts of his election-related speeches
▶️Records of his phone calls
▶️Handwritten notes and files of top aides…
Per the National Archives, Trump is trying to block ~750 of 1,600 pages relevant to the #January6th investigation, including hundreds of pages from “multiple binders of [Kayleigh McEnany] made up almost entirely of talking points & statements related to the 2020 election.”🧐
The National Archives indicated that many files were drawn from key Trump aides including former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, adviser Stephen Miller and deputy counsel Patrick Philbin.

If no one did anything wrong, WHY ARE THEY SO DESPERATE TO HIDE THEIR RECORDS?🤷🏼‍♀️
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‼️#Facebook programmed its algorithm that decides what people see in their news feeds to push content likely to make them ANGRY, treating ANGRY emoji reactions 5x more valuable than “likes.”

Anger kept users more engaged, making #Facebook more money.🤬…
#Facebook’s researchers warned that favoring “controversial” posts—including those making users angry—could open “the door to more spam/abuse/clickbait.”

2 yrs later, posts that sparked ANGRY reaction emoji were more likely to have disinformation, toxicity and low-quality news🙄
“Anger and hate is the easiest way to grow on #Facebook,” testified whistleblower @FrancesHaugen to British Parliament.
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