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The #LucisTrust, originally Lucifer Publishing in New York was founded by Alice Bailey - an occultist who believed Lucifer was the good guy. Lucis Trust is a #UnitedNations NGO and has been a major contributor at UN summits,
later Robert Mueller would credit his World Core Curriculum at the United Nations to be based on the teachings of Alice Bailey.

#Alice Bailey also had a group called World Goodwill, and their purpose was to “to cooperate in the world of the preparation of the re-appearance of
the Christ.” This is of course, the #AntiChrist.

In the #UN Security Council Room, there is a large mural that depicts a phoenix above not ashes but a skin, like a serpent.
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Was the story of #Jesus' #Resurrection inspired or based on the resurrection of the pagan god #Zalmoxis?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of Zalmoxis is used by Jesus Mythcists to show that either A. The Gospel writers were inspired by it to come up with the story Christ’s resurrection, or B. that there was a common “dying and rising” god motif in the ancient world, not solely a Jewish idea.
However…there are problems with this (stupid) theory.
Thrace was an ancient land that today would make up parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Zalmoxis, aka Salmoxis, aka Gebeleizis was a god of the Getae, a Thracian tribe. Indeed, he was the only god they worshipped, even
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The story I love of spring is the story of #resurrection. It's a gift we all possess, and spring reminds us we can each be reborn in seasons, an opportunity to bloom again, to remake ourselves, to be new again. It's a powerful thing to acknowledge and honor.
I'm reminded on one of my early holiday #SaturdaySchool discussions in 2012 when I discussed MLK and resurrection - his life and afterlife have shown the power I'm speaking of, and he started the resurrection of himself before he died. He was a man, a preacher -then reborn, MLK.
MLK knew he was being reborn, and that is was starting before he died. He knew that he was leaving a life of being whoever he was before. He was reborn as a leader, a symbol, an icon, reborn to something far bigger than himself. He laid down who he was to become who was needed.
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For those of us who are Christians, this is the day--THE day--that is both the evocation and commemoration of our faith. The sorrow of #HolyWeek is past and the joy of #Easter is here. #Alleluia alleluia.

On Easter we re-dedicate ourselves to Christ's selflessness and love.🌿
Jesus offers us a message of love that transcends death. On #Easter, as the gospel tells us, Mary Magdalene went to Christ's tomb & found he was not there. She is the one who announces the Resurrection. In her we see ourselves, opening our minds & hearts to Christ's teachings. 🌿
The #Resurrection that we celebrate on #Easter is our annual baptism and re-birth into our faith. It is the story of how much we are loved by Christ and how the one and only thing Christ asks of us in return is to love others as we are loved by him.

Can we do this?
We must.🌿
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